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Editor's Corner

Have you heard of Bitcoin? If you haven't or are not entirely sure of what it is, you can read about it on the Bitcoin Wiki: Click here. Apparently "If bitcoin were a company, its market cap puts it in the same league as some of the world's biggest corporations." Click here

As our civilization continues advancing technology, some things are becoming more automated and many people seem to fear losing their jobs to a machine. While this is understandable, David Lee points out in a wonderful TED Talk that this will actually free people up to focus on more interesting things. Click here

On a different subject, you may have heard that Northern California is currently dealing with massive wildfires, but did you know that on Friday October 13th, they also got hit with a 4.0 magnitude earthquake? Click here

There's more but that's it from me for this week. Enjoy this newsletter and have a wonderful week.

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In The News

Washington pharmacist claims members of Congress have Alzheimer’s disease
A pharmacist who fills prescriptions for some members of Congress told reporters that a few suffer from “pretty serious health problems,” including Alzheimer’s disease. He added that certain lawmakers “might not even remember what happened yesterday.” Mike Kim, the owner of Grubb's Pharmacy, told STAT News on Wednesday that he has prepared medication for members of Congress to treat conditions such as diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. “At first it’s cool, and then you realize, I’m filling some drugs that are for some pretty serious health problems as well. And these are the people that are running the country,” Kim said. “It makes you kind of sit back and say, ‘Wow, they’re making the highest laws of the land and they might not even remember what happened yesterday.’” Founded in 1867, Grubb’s is the oldest community pharmacy in Washington, DC. Employing five drivers, the drugstore delivers as many as 100 prescriptions a day to lawmakers on Capitol Hill, which is less than four blocks away.

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Mysterious spike in radioactive particles across Europe baffles scientists
Germany’s Office for Radiation Protection reported increased radioactivity in parts of central and western Europe over the past week. The heightened levels were detected at several trace measuring stations in Europe, and at six locations in Germany. The particles are ruthenium-106, an isotope used in radiotherapy for eye tumors, and at times in radioisotope thermoelectric generators (RTGs) which provide power to satellites. An increase of ruthenium-106 has been detected in the air in Austria, France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. While officials say there is no need to panic, they don’t know where the material has come from. The elevated radiation levels do not present a threat to human health. “New analyses of the source of the radioactive material are likely to indicate a release in the southern Ural,” the Office for Radiation Protection said, “but other regions in Southern Russia can not be excluded.” It said that because only ruthenium-106 has been detected, a nuclear power plant accident can be ruled out.

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On The Lighter Side

Why jobs of the future won't feel like work

Earth Watch

Earthquake rocks N. California, as burning wildfires kill at least 34
An earthquake has hit Northern California, where wildfires continue to affect the region, bringing the death toll to at least 34. An estimated 5,700 structures have also succumbed to the fast-moving flames. On Friday afternoon, a 4.0 magnitude earthquake struck California’s Mendocino County, north of Napa County, according to the US Geological Survey. The quake occurred near Mendocino County's Redwood Valley, an area in the northwest section of the state, where 34,000 acres have burned up since Sunday, due to the 17 wildfires in the region. The earthquake was shallow, and was recorded as reaching less than a third of a mile, leading to a reduced impact. The tremor was likely felt from Fort Bragg on the coast of the state, to the Central Valley and down to Cloverdale in Sonoma County, the USGS reported. The Redwood Valley fire is 10 percent contained as of Friday. This fire alone has killed nine people, and, along with the 25,000-acre Sulphur fire in Lake County, it has led to the evacuation of a total of  8,000 people, according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CalFire).

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Volcano eruption raises threat level in southwestern Japan (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)
Japan's Meteorological Agency has raised the alert level for the Kyushu region to three on a five-grade scale, after a volcano on Mount Shinmoe in the Kirishima mountain range erupted for the first time in six years early Wednesday morning. No injuries or damage have been reported so far, according to local police, following the 5:34am eruption at Shinmoe which sent plumes of smoke some 300 meters into the air and covered the town of Takaharusent in ash.  The volcano, which continues to show signs of increased activity, prompted Japan's Meteorological Agency to raise the alert level to three, advising people to stay away from the active crater. The highest level 5 would require people to vacate the area. The eruption continued after the initial blast, with the amount of plume steadily increasing. In addition, volcanic tremors are also continuing with the amplitude gradually increasing, the agency said. It warned people to watch out for “large burning stones and pyroclastic flow” within a two-kilometer range from the crater.

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Hypnotic ‘fire devil’ captured on video as Portugal battles raging infernos
October 9th, 2017
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Dozens of firefighters battle market blaze in southern Russian city (VIDEOS)
October 8th, 2017
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Space Watch

Major gravitational waves announcement expected – but what will it be? (POLL)
The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) said it would unveil new developments in the ongoing search for gravitational waves alongside partner scientists from some 70 observatories, but gave no hints as to what these could be. The event will be live streamed from the National Press Club in Washington, DC at 10am EDT. In February 2016, LIGO announced that it had confirmed the first-ever direct observation of Albert Einstein’s gravitational waves. The news came 100 years after Einstein first mentioned gravitational waves in his General Theory of Relativity. Gravitational waves are extremely faint ripples in space, generated by some of the most violent events in the universe These waves come from the collision of two black holes 1.3 billion light years away. The discovery shed light on one of physics’ biggest mysteries and earned three US-based scientists involved a Nobel Prize. In June 2016, LIGO revealed that scientists detected gravitational waves from a pair of colliding black holes for the second time, thus backing up the theory of general relativity. A third detection was announced in June of this year, once again from two black holes colliding to form a larger black hole.

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Currency Watch

Bitcoin now bigger than Bayer, Goldman Sachs & Nike
The value of the world’s largest cryptocurrency bitcoin has broken the $5,800 mark, hitting another all-time high before retreating to the $5,600-$5,700 level, still close to the maximum. Its market capitalization is approaching $97 billion. If bitcoin were a company, its market cap puts it in the same league as some of the world's biggest corporations. The cryptocurrency would be in 77th in PwC's list of the top 100 corporations, bigger than Bayer, Goldman Sachs, UPS, Nike, and Mitsubishi. Bitcoin is up over 480 percent year-to-date. The reason behind the rally is talk China may reverse the ban it imposed on cryptocurrency exchanges last month. The Chinese central bank also declared initial coin offerings (ICOs) illegal and banned fundraising through ICOs. After the Chinese ban, the Japanese yen consolidated the global trade volume, with 57 percent of bitcoin’s fiat exchange volume. The US dollar and South Korean won follow. Some investors say bitcoin bulls could test a new ceiling of $6,500. They are also buoyant that banking giant Goldman Sachs is likely to start trading bitcoin.

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European Central Bank made almost €8bn from Greece’s financial crisis
The European Central Bank (ECB) has profited handsomely from its holdings of Greek government debt, according to a document seen by the Financial Times. A written response to a request from a Greek MEP showed the bank collected €7.8 billion in interest payments between 2012-2016 on Greek sovereign bonds acquired under its Securities and Markets bond-buying program (SMP). Profits are usually redistributed among the 19 eurozone central banks. In 2016, the ECB collected more than €1.1 billion in interest payments on the nearly €20 billion worth of Greek bonds it holds, according to German daily Suddeutsche Zeitung. An analysis from the Jubilee Debt Campaign estimated Greece’s other creditor, the International Monetary Fund, had made €2.5 billion from its loans to the country. According to Leo Hoffmann-Axthelm from Transparency International, the ECB’s participation in Greece’s bailout had led to a “conflict of interest.” “The ECB expects repayments on its Greek bonds with one hand while approving Greece’s reform progress with the other. The Bank is literally sitting on all sides of the table,” said Hoffmann-Axthelm.

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Weather Watch

Catastrophic flooding affects thousands of families in conflict-ridden Pibor, South Sudan
October 14th, 2017
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Record-breaking Hurricane "Ophelia" to pass SE of Azores before hitting Ireland and UK
October 14th, 2017
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Heavy flooding leaves more than 500 000 people without drinking water, Costa Rica
October 13th, 2017
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Worst floods in years hit Vietnam, death toll rises to 54 as another storm approaches
October 13th, 2017
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Ophelia is 10th consecutive Atlantic hurricane - tying the all-time record set in 1878
October 12th, 2017
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Tropical Storm "Khanun" passing over Philippines, heading toward Hainan and flood-ravaged Vietnam
October 12th, 2017
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Puerto Rico death toll rises to 45, 113 still missing, 85% without power
October 12th, 2017
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40 killed, 22 missing after heavy rain, floods and landslides hit Vietnam
October 12th, 2017
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