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Editors Corner

Are you aware that Google & Facebook together control one-fifth of global ad revenue? I knew these companies were big, but that's quite a lot. Click here

Speaking of things related to technology, have you heard that Wi-Fi can be used to see inside a closed room? Apparently scientists have shown that a computer can use Wi-Fi signals to make a holographic picture of what's inside of a room. Click here

On a different subject, did you know that just a whiff of rosemary helps you score better in exams? This is according to a new study, and would seem to "confirm long standing myths about the memory-boosting properties of the herb". Click here

That's about it from me for this week. Enjoy this newsletter and have a wonderful week.

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Something Worth Knowing

Whiff of rosemary helps you score better in exams – study
With exam season fast approaching for many students worldwide, British researchers have a new tip for those in need of a little extra boost – a sniff of rosemary could help stressed out bookworms grappling with long hours of study. Usually left gathering dust in cupboards the world over until it’s time to season the Thanksgiving or Christmas turkey, researchers now believe that the rosemary herb may have significant memory boosting properties. A study of 40 children, by Northumbria University academics, showed that 10 and 11-year-old pupils working in a room that had been sprayed with rosemary oil scored 5-7 percent better in memory tests than their non-herb smelling counterparts. These results seemingly confirm long standing myths about the memory-boosting properties of the herb. Ancient Greek students wore necklaces made from rosemary during exam time and even Shakespeare alluded to its cognitive power in ‘Hamlet’ when Ophelia says “there’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance.”

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GMO Watch

Monsanto accused of hiring army of trolls to silence online dissent – court papers
Biotech giant Monsanto is being accused of hiring, through third parties, an army of Internet trolls to counter negative comments, while citing positive “ghost-written” pseudo-scientific reports which downplay the potential risks of their products. The documents emerged during pre-trials on 50 lawsuits against Monsanto which were pending in the US District Court in San Francisco. The plaintiffs allege that exposure to the biotech giant’s flagship product, the herbicide Roundup, caused them or their relatives to develop non-Hodgkin lymphoma, while Monsanto concealed the potential risks. In March, a judge ruled, despite Monsanto’s objections, that the documents obtained by the plaintiffs could be released. The court papers are being gathered at the website of food-safety whistleblower organization US Right to Know. The plaintiffs alleged that Monsanto targeted all online materials and even social media comments that indicate potential dangers of its products, according to one document released late in April.

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In The News

‘Breaking point’: Puerto Rico files for historic $70bn bankruptcy
The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is seeking the largest municipal bankruptcy filing in US history, after failed negotiations with creditors over its $70 billion debt crisis. That’s more than four times the debt Detroit collapsed under. On Wednesday, the Financial Oversight and Management Board for Puerto Rico announced they had moved to place the US territory into federal bankruptcy court, making it the largest entity of the US government to seek refuge from creditors in the courts in history. Chairman of the Oversight Board José Carrión said the filing was made to “provide a method for the Commonwealth and its instrumentalities to achieve fiscal responsibility and access to the capital markets,” according to a press release. US territories are barred from filing for a traditional bankruptcy like most US cities or states. Last year, Congress approved the Puerto Rico Oversight, Management and Economic Stability Act (PROMESA) to address the impending financial crisis Puerto Rico was already facing.

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Sandstorm leaves Beijing with yellow skies & ‘beyond index’ pollution (PHOTOS)
A sandstorm blowing into China has shrouded Beijing in smog and pushed its pollution to even more dangerous levels than usual. Children and elderly people have been advised to stay indoors, and dozens of flights have been canceled. Sand and dust began blowing into Beijing from Mongolia and Inner Mongolia on Wednesday afternoon. It has since affected an area of up to 1.63 million sq km, according to China's National Meteorological Center. By Thursday afternoon, the city's air quality index (AQI) jumped from under 100 to 621 – from "moderate" to "beyond index." It went down slightly in the evening, but remained at "beyond index" levels. Beijing government data showed that the average readings of PM2.5 – the smallest and most harmful particles in the air – had risen to 684 micrograms per cubic meter in parts of the city by Thursday afternoon – more than 27 times the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommended exposure level over 24 hours.

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Garden Watch

25+ Beneficial Plants That Ward Off Pests and Protect Your Garden
Everybody agrees that good neighbors are so much better than bad ones. This is true not only at home and at work, but also in the garden. There are good plants — companion plants — that do a lot for their plant neighbors and your garden overall. They help each other grow, they can increase the yield that each neighbor produces, and some even provide added nutrients to the soil. One of the things that make companion plants great neighbors is that they offer pest control benefits. They mask or hide a crop from pests, produce odors that confuse pests, and act like trap crops that draw pests away from other plants. Not all plant visitors are bad. In fact, some are so good that we actually want to encourage them to come into our gardens. Unfortunately, we tend to think that any bug we see is bad; when we focus so much on removing any and all pests, we can wind up killing off the “good” guys in the process.

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How to grow blueberries in pots this summer
You can easily grow this blue superfood in your home. Yes, you read that right. The highly-touted “happy food” can find its own happy place inside a pot. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about cultivating this super fruit.

Acid is your best friend
The most important factor to consider is acidity levels. Blueberries thrive in acidic environments. Ensure that the soil you use is acidic. Aim for a pH zone of around 4.5 to 5.5. You can use acidic potting soil or feed existing batches with acid fertilizer. Look for potting mixes that are designed for acid-loving plants like azaleas and camellias. Experienced gardeners say that acidic soil levels tend to diminish over time, so regularly feed soil with acid fertilizer. To prevent an overdose, do a half feed at the start and then give lower doses throughout the growing season. Take note that blueberries do not like lots of nitrogen, so avoid general fertilizers. When you amend soil with these varieties, you will have very lush blueberry bushes that bear no fruit, which defeats the purpose of planting these in the first place.

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Technology Watch

Stray Wi-Fi signals could let spies see inside closed rooms
Your wireless router may be giving you away in manner you never dreamed of. For the first time, physicists have used radio waves from a Wi-Fi transmitter to encode a 3D image of a real object in a hologram similar to the image of Princess Leia projected by R2D2 in the movie Star Wars. In principle, the technique could enable outsiders to “see” the inside of a room using only the Wi-Fi signals leaking out of it, although some researchers say such spying may be easier said than done. The idea came about a few years ago, says Friedemann Reinhard, an expert on quantum sensors at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) in Germany. “At lunch we had a discussion about what the world would look through Wi-Fi eyes,” he says, “and it became clear that if you want to see the world through Wi-Fi, you could make a hologram.”

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Google & Facebook control one-fifth of global ad revenue
Silicon Valley internet giants Google and Facebook have raked in over $100 billion in global advertising spending, a recent report says. The two companies have grown their share of global ad revenue from about a tenth in 2012 to a fifth in 2016, according to an annual ranking presented by data and analysis agency Zenith. Last year, Google and Facebook reached $79.4 billion and $26.9 billion in advertising revenues respectively. They were followed by US-based telecoms firm Comcast, which brought in $12.9 billion. According to the agency, online advertising has overtaken television to become the world’s largest ad medium. “Digital platforms that are funded by internet advertising dominate our top 30 ranking. As well as [Google parent company] Alphabet and Facebook, there are five more pure-internet media owners in the top 30: Baidu, Microsoft, Yahoo, Verizon and Twitter,” the report says.

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Ice Watch

Unprecedented hailstorm hits the city of Sanandaj, Iran

A ferocious and unprecedented spring hailstorm hit the city of Sanandaj, northwestern Iran on Wednesday morning, May 3, 2017, damaging vehicles, disrupting traffic and causing flash floods.

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Worst hailstorm in 30 years hits Thailand's Nakhon Phanom province

What is described as the worst hailstorm in 30 years hit NE Thailand's Renoo Nakhon district of Nakhon Phanom province on Wednesday, May 3, 2017. The storm brought heavy rain and ping-pong sized hail for several hours, forcing residents to run for cover.

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On The Lighter Side

2017 Noctilucent cloud chasing season teaser
4K (UHD) time-lapse

Earth Watch

Strongest eruption since 2012 at Fuego, alert raised, pyroclastic flows, ashfall reported
Guatemala's Fuego volcano erupted at 13:15 UTC on May 5, 2017, producing pyroclastic flows and ejecting thick volcanic ash cloud to an estimated altitude of 5 km (16 405 feet) above sea level. INSIVUMEH is describing it as one of the strongest eruptions in recent years, recommending CONRED to raise the alert level to Orange. In a special bulletin released 17:00 UTC on May 5, INSIVUMEH said volcanic ash cloud is moving more than 50 km (31 miles) to the south, southwest and west, generating ashfall in San Pedro Yepocapa, Morelia, Santa Sofía, El Porvenir, Palo Verde and others on this side, like Santa Lucia Cotzumalguapa, Siquinala, San Andres Osuna, Chuchu and La Reunión.  Ash is being produced by pyroclastic flows down the Trinidad, Las Lajas, Ceniza and Santa Teresa drainages. This is the strongest eruption since 2012, INSIVUMEH said and added it forced the evacuation of the village of Sangre de Cristo (population 300), located on the west flank.

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