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Editors Corner

Did you know researchers have figured out how to make a super thin material they can use to create holograms? This is apparently a step towards having 3D holograms in everyday electronics. Click here

On a different subject, are you aware that the UK has files believed to contain evidence of UFO sightings and cover-ups spanning almost 50 years, scheduled to be released after the election? "The secret papers were meant to be released in 2013, but 18 documents were withheld. The latest publication date was set for March this year, but that date passed with no information given." Click here

Here's something I hadn't thought about until recently; As many may know, silver has natural antibacterial properties and, as a recent article pointed out, paper money can potentially harbor lots of not-so-good bacteria. This means, just looking at it that way, silver as currency is healthier then paper. Click here

That's it from me for this week. Enjoy this newsletter and have a wonderful week.

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Technology Watch

World’s Thinnest Hologram Has Been Created
It’s 1,000 [Times] Thinner Than A Human Hair!

It’s just a matter of time before 3D holograms will be just as common as cell phones, computers and tablets. Those who watch sci-fi movies like Star trek and Star Wars are familiar with holographic technology, but make no mistake about it, this cutting-edge technology advances faster than many expected. Scientists have created the world’s thinnest hologram leading the way towards the integration of 3D holography into everyday electronics like smart phones, computers and TVs.

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Plasma jet engine breakthrough heralds beginning of new era in space travel - study
A major new breakthrough in jet propulsion technology could revolutionize the aerospace industry, paving the way for plasma jet engines that could carry a craft to the edge of space using only air and electricity. Berkant Göksel, the lead researcher in a new study by the Technical University of Berlin, says his team have successfully completed tests on plasma engines that could take future aircraft to altitudes of 30 miles (50km) and beyond.   While studies into plasma jet engines has largely focused on their ability to manoeuvre small satellites in the vacuum of space, Göksel told the New Scientist that his research concentrated on testing the engine in a normal atmosphere. “We are the first to produce fast and powerful plasma jets at ground level. These jets of plasma can reach speeds of up to 20 kilometers a second,” he said. A real flight demonstration is the next milestone goal for the project.

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Something Worth Knowing

Fiat currency found to harbor dangerous bacteria, but SILVER has natural antibacterial properties
So, do you know just how sanitary — and sound — that paper money in your pocket really is? According to new research, not very sanitary at all. Oh, and it’s likely not going to be worth much in the future, either. As reported by the UK’s Daily Mail, paper money is rife with often deadly bacteria, while coins aren’t much better. And frankly, when you think about how far and wide money travels, and how often it exchanges hands, you can begin to appreciate the fact that yeah, it’s not very clean. The paper noted that scientists who analyzed banknotes found they are breeding grounds for all sorts of bacteria, more than one-third of which can cause infections that can kill, including E. coli, the superbug that causes food poisoning. “Cash even harbors more bacteria than people’s hands and metro station air, the research adds. The Researchers believe banknotes act as a ‘medium’ that absorbs bacteria from other environments,” the Daily Mail reported.

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Digging in the Dirt Makes You Happy — Here’s Why
It came to me while picking beans, the secret of happiness. I was hunting among the spiraling vines that envelop my teepees of pole beans, lifting the dark-green leaves to find handfuls of pods, long and green, firm and furred with tender fuzz. I snapped them off where they hung in slender twosomes, bit into one, and tasted nothing but August…” ~ from Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge and the Teachings of Plants

For anyone who has spent time cultivating a garden — vegetable, landscaping with ornamentals or a bit of both — there’s no question about it’s mood-boosting quality. Even a potted plant or two can have an uplifting effect. During my most bleak times in dealing with depression and bone-crushing fatigue, the simple act of caring for an outdoor plant by watering and plucking the dead bits has had a near miraculous effect, with a tangible boost in energy and overall brighter outlook.

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In The News

Facebook & Google lobbyists fight latest user privacy bill
Google and Facebook lobbyists are fighting tooth and nail against the latest proposed law to strengthen privacy online. The BROWSER (Balancing the Rights of Web Surfers Equally and Responsibly) Act bill proposed last week would require broadband providers and websites to get users’ consent before sharing their sensitive information, including browsing history and location. Tech giants aren’t happy and are fighting back.  The Internet Association – an organization made up of founding members Google and Facebook, along with Amazon, eBay, Microsoft, Netflix, PayPal, Reddit, Twitter and others – issued a statement saying the bill could “upend the consumer experience online and stifle innovation.”  The group said it would continue to track the proposed bill. “Policymakers must recognize that websites and apps continue to be under strict FTC privacy enforcement and are not in an enforcement gap, unlike other stakeholders in the ecosystem,” it said. The BROWSER Act is similar to the ISP (Internet Service Providers) privacy rules introduced under Barack Obama and then voted down by Congress in April.

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FISA court finds NSA violated search restrictions, spied on Americans
Intelligence agencies under former President Barack Obama routinely violated privacy rights, conducted illegal searches and gathered information on US citizens, according to a FISA court that called their conduct “a very serious Fourth Amendment issue.” Earlier this month, the Director of National Intelligence released a court order from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court that found illegal searches of American citizens conducted by the National Security Agency (NSA) may have violated privacy rights. The court order came from a hearing on October 26, just before former President Barack Obama left office. Under section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), the intelligence community is authorized to target the communications of non-citizens located outside the US for foreign intelligence purposes. However, the agency is supposed to be kept in check by multiple layers of oversight. In 2011, the court placed further restricted on the NSA by instating minimization procedures that prohibit the agency from targeting American citizens in their searches.

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Secret dossier on UFO sightings in Britain to be released after the election
A dossier of secret government files believed to contain evidence of UFO sightings and cover-ups, which has been kept secret for almost 50 years, is set to be released after June’s general election. According to German paranormal news website Grenzwissenschaft-aktuell, the documents will reveal sightings of UFOs over almost five decades, from the 1970s, and be published by the National Archives.  Alien hunters hope the files will show a number of high-profile incidents have been covered up, including an alleged UFO sighting in Rendlesham Forest in 1980, dubbed ‘Britain’s Roswell.’ A number of servicemen reported seeing lights in the forest near RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge. The disputed sightings, which are said to have lasted for three nights in December of that year, occurred when Britain was on high alert during the Cold War. At the time, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) said the event posed no threat to national security, and it was therefore not investigated.

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Currency Watch

Roads & pensions swept up in Puerto Rico’s $123bn bankruptcy
Puerto Rico’s bankruptcy process has spread to the territory’s pension system and highway authority, bringing the amount involved to over $120 billion and far exceeding the previous municipal bankruptcy record. The Employees Retirement System (ERS) and the Highways and Transportation Authority (HTA) were added to the proceedings already involving the territory’s government and the island’s sales tax financing corporation (COFINA). Puerto Rico and its agencies are roughly $74 billion in debt. While there are conflicting estimates about the gap between the ERS assets and promises, Puerto Rico officials estimated the pension fund’s unfunded liabilities at around $45 billion, with another $3 billion owed to bond-holders. The highway agency is another $6.3 billion in debt, $1.8 billion of which is owed to Puerto Rico’s industrial development bank which is itself insolvent. The amounts involved are far greater than the previous record for municipal bankruptcy in the US, set by the $18 billion Chapter 9 claim by Detroit, Michigan in 2013.

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Greece fails to reach bailout deal with eurozone finance ministers
The International Monetary Fund, European finance ministers, and Greek authorities have fallen short of securing more debt relief for Greece, according to EU officials. The parties postponed a final decision on a release of further bailout funds for Athens until their next meeting, scheduled for June 15. “At this point, we have not reached an overall agreement. It looks like the formal conclusion of the second review is very close,” said Eurogroup chairman Jeroen Dijsselbloem after Monday's meeting. Greece needs more emergency cash to avoid a default in July when the country faces debt repayments of nearly €7.3 billion. To get a new installment of bailout funds, Athens has already approved tax rises and additional pension cuts. However, the EU ministers concluded that the country has not made enough progress on that front and still needs to take further measures. Last Thursday, Greek lawmakers passed new legislation with over four billion euros ($4.48 billion) in new austerity measures.

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