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Editors Corner

Did you know that spiders eat almost twice as much as humans? At least that's the conclusion a team of researchers have come to. Click here

While we're on the subject of nature, about a month ago we published an article on "Seas that glow like stars" which discussed the phenomenon of glowing water. Well last week, Tasmanians had the pleasure of seeing this first-hand. Click here

Speaking of water, are you aware that as of March 17th, Peru has gotten ten times more rainfall then it would have gotten normally for this time of year? Apparently tens-of-thousands of people have been left homeless and, while there is an over abundance of water around, there is a shortage of drinkable water. Click here

There's more, but that's it from me for this week. Enjoy this newsletter and have a wonderful week.

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Nature Watch

Neon blue ‘vacuum cleaner’ algae lights up ocean in stunning display (PHOTOS)

Tasmanians were treated to a visual treat from nature this week, as the Australian island’s waters glowed a magical bright blue. The natural phenomenon has a darker side, however.

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Ravenous spiders eat almost twice as much as humans & more than whales – study
A new study has revealed that spiders eat an estimated twice as much as humans and even devour more than whales. A team of researchers from Switzerland, Sweden and Germany used data from 65 previous studies to come to the conclusion that spiders rank among the world’s deadliest killers. Spiders can devour between 400 and 800 million tons (metric) of prey each year. Combined, every species of spider in the world –  roughly 45,000 –  weighs about 25 million tons. The study, published in The Science of Nature journal, revealed that the majority of the arachnids’ victims are insects but some of the more frightening creepy crawlies have been known to feast on vertebrates such as lizards, frogs, fish and small mammals. Humans collectively consume an estimated 400 million tons of fish and meat per annum according to a 2014 study by United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation, while whales chomp down between 280 to 500 million tons of seafood.

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Weather Watch

Catastrophic floods devastate Peru, raising death toll to 67
Heavy rain has been affecting several areas of Peru over the past four days, particularly its northern regions, causing deadly floods and wreaking havoc on the country's infrastructure. Authorities are describing the floods as the worst since 1998. By the end of Friday, March 17, 2017, the death toll since the start of the wet season has climbed to at least 67. More than 70 000 people have been left homeless and 500 000 affected as intense rains unleashed more than 10 times as much rainfall as normal, even for Peru's wet season. Authorities have declared a state of emergency in about half of the country, particularly in the north. According to local media, as of early March 17, 12 people have died in the region of Lima due to floods and landslides. Drinking water is suspended in the capital Lima, whose desert climate rarely leads to rain, triggering a shortage of bottled water.

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Extreme winds wreak havoc in Newfoundland and Labrador
Hurricane-force winds wreaked havoc in the Canadian most easterly province of Newfoundland and Labrador on Saturday, March 11, 2017, downing power lines, damaging homes and tipping over cars. It was the fiercest storm the province has seen in more than 10 years, officials said. The storm produced wind speeds of up to 180 km/h (112 mph) at its peak, causing significant power outages and damage to property. The authorities urged drivers to avoid all non-emergency travel and to clear off the roads while emergency crews deal with the damage. Environment Canada meteorologist Wanda Batten said peak wind speeds in some areas broke records previously held by hurricane Igor in 2010. "It was the strongest storm we've seen in more than a decade," she said Saturday. "It blew through three-quarters of the island."

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Ice Watch

Powerful nor'easter leaves 16 dead across the US Northeast
A major cleanup is underway after a powerful, late-season winter storm dumped heavy snow to much of the Northeast this week. Although anticipated snowfall in several major cities fell short of estimates, much of the region was left paralyzed. As of Wednesday, March 15, 2017, the storm is blamed for at least 16 deaths. The storm, named Stella by The Weather Channel (TWC), dumped between 30 and 106 cm (1 and 3.5 feet) of snow in places. More than 30 cm (1 foot) was measured in Portland, Maine, about 56 cm (22 inches) in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and as much as 104 cm (41 inches) in Bridgewater and 106.6 cm (42 inches) in West Winfield, New York. Stella grounded more than 6 000 flights, knocked out power to nearly 500 000 customers and by the time it reached Massachusetts, turned into a hurricane-force blizzard. In Wellfleet, Massachusetts, wind gusts of 127 km/h (79 mph) were recorded.

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Ice, ice baby: NY house encased in ice following storm (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Footage of a house left completely encased in ice after being battered by water during freezing winds gripping New York state has gone viral. Local photographer John Kucko captured the stunning footage and photographs of the house completely frozen over on the shores of Lake Ontario.

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In The News

10 injured after phreatic-magmatic explosion at Mount Etna
10 people, including BBC crew, scientists and tourists have been injured Thursday, March 16, 2017, after being caught in the middle of a phreatic-magmatic explosion at Mount Etna, Italy. The explosion took place at 11:43 UTC. "The material thrown into the air fell back down, striking the heads and bodies of people who were the closest," the president of the Italian Alpine Club chapter in Catania, Umberto Marino told reporters.  Italian news agency ANSA said six people were hospitalized, mostly with head injuries, but none of them are in serious condition. INGV volcanologist Boris Behncke was also among the injured. Luckily, he suffered only minor bruises. According to the BBC, their team of journalists and several tourists had to run for cover after they were caught in the middle of erupting Mount Etna volcano.

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This supermarket is using food waste to power its delivery trucks
U.K. supermarket giant Waitrose has been walking the walk when it comes to environmental issues for at least the past five years. In that time, it stopped sending waste to landfills, started selling “ugly,” less than perfect-looking produce, and began turning any food that could not be donated into electricity. That’s already a pretty impressive track record, but the company wanted to take it a step further by reducing the environmental impact of its delivery trucks. Biodiesel fuel was considered and rejected because of its exorbitant cost, and electric trucks were found to be impractical because they make use of heavy batteries that are time-consuming to recharge. Then they hit on the perfect solution: trucks that are powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) made from food waste. Waitrose has become the first European retailer to use these innovative trucks, but other companies are likely to follow suit because of the enormous benefits involved.

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Triad Theater
Calendar of Events

Every Weekend in March: Agatha Christie's "The Mousetrap"
SPECIAL PRICE!! Teachers plus All Students 10-18 years old will receive $10 tickets for the last two weekends!
Director Christopher Cantrell’s Comments on Standing Room Only's production of Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap. This play was originally produced in 1952 and has been in production ever since. Christie, master of the murder mystery in other plays such as Ten Little Indians and Witness for the Prosecution gives us another classic who-done-it in "The Mousetrap". Why this play is so interesting to me is the idea that everyone is not who you think them to be.

March 21st & 28th @ 7pm: Miracles & Inspiration - Lots to talk about with Scott Mowry!!
Just added another night (March 28th) in addition to his regular First and Third (March 21st) Tuesday of the Month updates as he fills us in on news here and around the globe!! Cost is $10.

March 25th, 10am to 3pm: Yelm Alternative Health Fair
ATTENTION Health Vendors & Health Conscious Attendees --- The Triad is having A Health Fair. Regular $25 (VIP locations are sold out). Additional $5 for advertising all day on our big screen. FREE Admission to ALL Attendee's.
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Apis Cor: first residential house has been printed!

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