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Did you know that Google will no longer read Gmail users' emails to gain an advertising edge? However, "Google says there will still be ads provided, but not from the content of the user’s email account if they switch it off in their personal settings". Click here

Technology is advancing every day, and the science behind it is also. For example, are you aware that there has been a new form of carbon discovered that is harder then diamond but as flexible as rubber? Click here

On a slightly different subject, have you heard that there are millions of luminous creatures known as pyrosomes have appeared on the coast of the Pacific Northwest and Alaska? This is puzzling scientists as these creatures are normally found in the tropics. Click here

There's more but I will leave the rest for you to discover and enjoy. Have a wonderful week.

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Technology Watch

Google ends Gmail snooping, has all the personalized data needed for ads
Google has unexpectedly announced that it will no longer read Gmail users’ messages to gain an advertising edge. And it appears the internet giant’s sudden change of heart may have been motivated by plans to better serve their most important clients. Google is referring people to its paid business email model, titled ‘G Suite,’ as a reference point for how Gmail will provide ads to its users from now on. “This decision brings Gmail ads in line with how we personalize ads for other google products,” Google’s Senior VP for Google Cloud, Diane Greene, said in a blog post Friday. Google says there will still be ads provided, but not from the content of the user’s email account if they switch it off in their personal settings, according to a blog post on Google’s website.

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Science Watch

New form of carbon discovered that is harder than diamond but flexible as rubber
Scientists have found a way to make carbon both very hard and very stretchy by heating it under high pressure. This “compressed glassy carbon”, developed by researchers in China and the US, is also lightweight and could potentially be made in very large quantities. This means it might be a good fit for several sorts of applications, from bulletproof vests to new kinds of electronic devices. Carbon is a special element because of the way its atoms can form different types of bonds with each other and so form different structures. For example, carbon atoms joined entirely by “sp³” bonds produce diamond, and those joined entirely by “sp²” bonds produce graphite, which can also be separated into single layers of atoms known as graphene. Another form of carbon, known as glassy carbon, is also made from sp² and has properties of both graphite and ceramics. But the new compressed glassy carbon has a mix of sp³ and sp² bonds, which is what gives it its unusual properties.

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Earth Watch

Earthquake & tsunami cause major flooding in Greenland (VIDEO)
The western coast of Greenland has been struck with a 4.0 magnitude earthquake, triggering a tsunami that swept away several houses in coastal villages. At least four people are feared missing, as a rescue mission in the village hardest hit by waves is under way, local police reports. The settlement of Nuugaatsiaq suffered the most, with 11 houses being washed away and the community being left with no electricity. With a registered population of 101, 78 people have been evacuated to the town of Uummannaq, the Greenlandic Broadcasting Corporation (KNR) reported, citing police officials. Two people sustained serious injuries, and seven others less serious injuries, police said. The remaining 23 people may be on vacation, or have gone fishing or hunting, police chief Bjørn Tegner Bay said, adding he couldn’t confirm whether there have been any fatalities.

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Millions Of Bizarre Luminous Creatures Invade The West Coast In U.S And No-One Knows Why
For some unknown reason millions of bizarre, luminous jelly-like creatures have suddenly appeared off the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. Scientists are puzzled and currently no-one knows why these creatures have showed up. Water along the western coast of the USA has been extremely warm for the last three years, but temperatures dropped in this year. These animals are called pyrosomes  and they are truly extraordinary. One long pyrosomes is actually a collection of thousands of clones, with each individual capable of copying itself and adding to the colony. They are usually found in the tropics, but they are spotted once in a while as far north as British Columbia. This spring they started swarming the eastern Pacific in masses never before recorded, stretching from Oregon to the Gulf of Alaska. “It’s really weird,” says Jennifer Fisher, a faculty research assistant with Oregon State University’s Hatfield Marine Science Center. “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

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Yellowstone earthquake swarm continues, causing panic
An energetic earthquake swarm that started on June 12, 2017 on the western edge of Yellowstone National Park continues, leading many people into panic mode. However, there is no indication that this supervolcano will experience a catastrophic eruption in the foreseeable future which makes panicking about it a perfect waste of time and energy. Earthquake swarms are common in Yellowstone and, on average, comprise about 50% of the total seismicity in the Yellowstone region. The University of Utah Seismograph Stations (UUSS) is monitoring an earthquake swarm which is currently active on the western edge of Yellowstone National Park. The swarm began on June 12, 2017 and, as of 19:30 UTC (13:30 MDT on June 19) is composed of 464 events with the largest magnitude of ML 4.4 (MW 4.4), UUSS said.

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Weather Watch

It’s so hot in Phoenix that airplanes can’t fly
There are certain truths that accompany summer in Phoenix: Triple-digit temperatures persist well past sundown. It’s not considered abnormal to drive with oven mitts or ice packs in the car. And after a certain threshold, even the “it’s a dry heat” jokes cease being funny. Usually, the hot season is met with a certain amount of pearl-clutching disbelief by people outside of Arizona. Meanwhile, locals shrug, knowing simply to stay indoors as much as possible or escape to the cooler climes of Northern Arizona. But this week has felt different, even for seasoned desert-dwellers. As the Capital Weather Gang reported, the Southwest is experiencing its worst heat wave in decades. Excessive heat warnings have been in effect from Arizona to California and will be for the remainder of the week.

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Tornado tears through Hamburg after extreme heat wave (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)
A rare tornado ripped through Hamburg on Thursday, causing travel chaos as many regional and long-distance train services were canceled. German rail operator Deutsche Bahn had to shut down several lines in the north of the country, including its well-traveled lines from Hamburg to Berlin and Hannover, after strong winds blew trees and branches onto the tracks. Regional train provider Metronom also said several of its services were facing similar disruptions while they worked to clear the tracks of trees and other debris. A tornado was first spotted about 10 kilometers from Hamburg Airport at about 11:30am local time on Thursday, according to the German Weather Service (DWD). The storm was spotted hitting land by German weather service provider Kachelmannwetter shortly afterwards. Many locals posted footage of the violent storm as it swept through the city.

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Barrage of golf ball-sized hail pummels southeastern Siberia (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)
A severe hailstorm has hit the Republic of Khakassia in southeast Siberia, Russia, with golf ball-sized hailstones piercing windows and roofs and damaging property. Terrified residents have posted photos of the icy onslaught from the sky on social media. The hail struck near the Bele Lake in the village of Shira on Thursday, local media reported.  Some of the hailstones were truly immense. One person uploaded a photo showing a ball fitting in her palm. She explains to her friends on Instagram this was a “medium-sized” hailstone, leaving social media to wonder what the big ones looked like. “How did you survive?” one person logically asked under the photo. Many people on social media mourned the crops killed by the pummeling. “It all happened in an hour. And soon [the meteorologists] predict sun and heat later,” one person wrote.

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Space Watch

Mysterious ‘unseen planetary mass’ lurking at edge of solar system
A mysterious, unseen, planetary object with a mass somewhere between that of Mars and Earth may be lurking in the outer reaches of our solar system, according to new research. Scientists at the University of Arizona's Lunar and Planetary Laboratory (LPL) put forward evidence that this unknown “planetary mass object” may explain why the plane of the solar system is warped in the outer reaches of the Kuiper Belt. The Kuiper Belt lies beyond the orbit of Neptune and hosts a vast number of minor planets, mostly small, icy bodies and a few dwarf planets. All planets in our solar system orbit around the sun on the same plane but, according to the measurements made by the research team, the most distant Kuiper Belt objects (KBOs) appear to be tilted away from this by about eight degrees. This indicates that something unknown is warping the average orbital plane of the outer solar system.

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Cosmic Mystery - What Huge Object Caused The Hole In One Of Saturn's Rings? |
In 1610 astronomer named Galileo Galilei (1564–1642) watched the night skies with his telescope and saw the beautiful rings of Saturn. While observing the rings of this magnificent planet he became curious and wanted to know more about their nature. Unfortunately, the simplicity of his telescope prevented him to determine what the rings were. That was over 400 years ago and today, but our sophisticated telescopes, spacecraft Pioneer 11, Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 have provided us with valuable and interesting information about Saturn, the sixth planet from the Sun.

Saturn’s Beautiful Rings
Named after named after the elder god and powerful Titan of Roman mythology (Cronus in Greek mythology), who ruled supreme until he was dethroned by his son Jupiter (Zeus to the ancient Greeks), to many Saturn is one of the most beautiful celestial objects in our Solar System.

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