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Are you aware that Spain's 6th largest bank, Banco Popular, was bought by Spain's largest bank for just 1 euro? Apparently Banco Popular had a lot of debt which has now shifted to Popular's shareholders and creditors. Click here

Speaking of things shifting, did you know that there is an iceberg 1,930 square miles in size, or roughly the size of Delaware, which is expected to split from Antarctica any day now? Click here

While we're on the subject of ice, have you heard that there is one upside to all the precipitation California has received, other then lifting their drought? The mountains are expected to be packed with snow all summer long. Click here

There's more, but I will leave the rest for you to discover and enjoy. Have a wonderful week.

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Please HELP My Daughter!

I am Sharon H. and moved to Yelm, Washington 20 years ago to become a student of RSE. Susan is my only child and still lives in Utah.  In May she arrived home from work to find that her drug addicted husband of 23 years had taken her children and filed a restraining order against her which prevented her from seeing them. He also cleaned out her bank account.  Three weeks later the court found that her husband's claims were without merit and she got her children back.  However, this has turned into a mean-spirited divorce and child custody battle.  Although Susan works full time, she has limited resources, while her husband has unlimited funds to pay for attorney fees.  At this point she has not received any financial help from the court proceedings. I live on Social Security and even together we do not have the ability to cover her legal fees.  I have started the Go Fund Me program to help with these costs. We desperately need and appreciate any financial support you can give to help her keep her children.

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Nature Watch

Plants Are Intelligent And Decide When To Grow And Not
Have you ever complained that you don’t have green fingers and your plants don’t grow? Before you judge yourself too harsh, make sure you don’t underestimate plants’ intelligence.  Yes, plants have exhibited traits of intelligence on several occasions. Plants can sing, dance, make music, smell and much more. A study shows plants are also intelligent enough to know when to grow and not. They make careful decisions based on several significant factors. To decide when to grow is one of the most important decisions a plant makes during its life. Too soon, and the plant may be damaged by harsh winter conditions; too late, and it may be out-competed by other, more precocious plants. Scientists at the University of Birmingham have shown that this trade-off between speed and accuracy is controlled by a small group of cells within the plant embryo that operate in similar way to the human brain.

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Ice Watch

New Satellite Images Show Giant Iceberg Will Split From Antarctica Anytime Now
The effects of climate change are most apparent in the Earth’s north and south poles, which one of the reasons why scientists monitor changes on Antarctica very closely. New satellite images show a giant iceberg will split from Antarctica anytime now.  The iceberg is estimated to be 5,000 square kilometers (1,930 square miles). Leading scientists say the iceberg is more than 300,000 times the size of the one that sunk the Titanic or roughly the size of Delaware! According to experts, there appears to be very little to prevent the iceberg from breaking away completely. The crack in the Larsen C Ice Shelf has been monitored for quite some time now. It has expanded 80 miles in length and 300 feet in width from 2010 to November 2016. Now, aerial observations reveal the crack in the Larsen C Ice Shelf has grown an additional 17 km (11 miles) between May 25 and May 31 2017.

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California ski season to last entire summer, mountains still packed with loads of snow
What is becoming one the West's wettest years on record has stretched winter season for most California and Nevada ski resorts well into spring and, with 2.4 m (8 feet) of snow still on most of the mountains, some resorts now say they will stay open during the entire summer and into the next winter season. For skiers and snowboarders, this is a dream come true as this summer, they'll be able to both ski and surf. As reported in April, California has spectacularly emerged from one of its driest periods on record and ended its five-year drought by enduring one of its wettest periods on record. Its reservoirs, lakes, and mountainsides are now brimming with water and snow. Between October 2016 and April 2017, California saw a 175% of the long-term average of rain, courtesy of numerous atmospheric river events. For both scientists and public, this was an unexpected turn of events which led the state to end the official drought emergency in all but four of its counties.

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Weather Watch

Worst winter storm in 30 years hits Cape Town, causing at least 8 deaths
A major winter storm hit South Africa's province of Western Cape and the Cape Town metropolitan area around 23:00 SAST (21:00 UTC) on Tuesday, June 6, 2017, and intensified on Wednesday morning. It brought powerful winds, huge waves and coastal flooding, frequent lightning, heavy rain and snow at higher elevations. By 16:00 UTC, it claimed the lives of at least 8 people. Gale force winds and heavy rain associated with the worst storm to hit the region in 30 years brought Cape Town and neighboring cities to a standstill on Wednesday morning. Local media dubbed it 'the mother of all storms,' while South African Weather Service forecasters are unofficially calling it 'one hell of a storm.' Take a look at the image below and you'll see why. Wind gusts in excess of 80 km/h (50 mph) brought destruction throughout the region, leaving thousands of people homeless. According to the City of Cape Town Disaster Management, around 700 structures in the city have been affected by flooding.

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'Mother of all storms' fuels Western Cape's largest and most destructive fire in recent memory
The worst winter storm to hit South Africa's drought-stricken province of Western Cape fueled a massive wildfire near the city of Knysna (population 77 000). The fire has so far destroyed at least 150 structures, caused deaths of 3 people and forced 10 000 Knysna residents to evacuate. Provincial fire officials are describing the fire as the largest and most destructive in a built-up area in recent memory. The region is suffering its worst drought in more than 100 years. Strong winds produced by a massive winter storm, 'mother of all storms' as it's been named by South African media, turned wildfire that started near Knysna on June 6 into a massive blaze on June 7, 2017. According to Situation Report released by the Western Cape Government at 23:50 UTC, 8 000 - 10 000 evacuations have taken place.

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Earth Watch

Massive earth crack forms in Manipur, destroying villages
A massive earth crack that developed Sunday morning, June 4, 2017 in the Indian state of Manipur is widening with every passing hour, threatening several villages in the Kangpokpi district to be completely destroyed. More than 250 people have been evacuated to a temporary relief camp and are now facing water and power shortage. By June 5, the fissure destroyed at least 11 houses, while 19 more were on the verge of falling apart. More than 20 paddy fields have been damaged, numerous huge trees have caved in and more land has slid down. In addition, two huge water bodies have 'formed near Kalikhola village today while one electric post was also badly damaged,' The Sangai Express reported June 5.  "The origin of the earth fissure is below J Songtun village and it slid down towards Kalikhola village developing larger fissure in the areas and has expanded to a radius of 5 km (3.1 km) approximately now.

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Health Watch

Barnyard Dust Offers a Clue to Stopping Asthma in Children
Scientists say they may have found a sort of magic ingredient to prevent asthma in children: microbes from farm animals, carried into the home in dust. The results of their research, published on Wednesday in The New England Journal of Medicine, were so convincing that they raised the possibility of developing a spray to do the same thing for children who do not have regular contact with cows and horses. It is a pressing problem because as many as 10.6 percent of grade-school children have asthma, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And there is no cure for this chronic and frightening disease. The discovery originated with an idea that has been around for years: that a growing number of children were developing asthma because their daily environments were simply too clean.

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Currency Watch

Failing Spanish bank sold for €1
Spain's largest bank Santander bought its rival Banco Popular for a symbolic €1 on Wednesday after the EU had warned the lender was on the verge of collapse. Banco Popular had accumulated €37 billion in toxic real estate loans. In a statement to the Spanish regulator, Santander said that it was planning to raise €7 billion in fresh capital to rebuild Popular's balance sheet, the country’s sixth-biggest bank. The sale was organized in less than 24 hours and followed an acceleration in deposit withdrawals. Reuters sources say it had hit €18 billion euro, equivalent to almost one-quarter of the total. "This deal is good for Spain, and it's good for Europe," Santander chairman Ana Botin said of the agreement. The deal means that Popular’s losses will now be taken on by shareholders and creditors, not taxpayers. The European Central Bank said there was a "significant deterioration of the liquidity situation of the bank in recent days," and that shortly Popular would have been "unable to pay its debts."

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