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Editor's Corner

Did you know that western Montana experienced a shallow 5.8 earthquake on Thursday July 6th that was felt for hundreds of miles around? Apparently it's the strongest earthquake felt in that area in 20 years. Click here
The Philippines got hit by a fairly large earthquake too. Macedonia got hit with an intense earthquake swarm and even Yellowstone has seen an uptick in earthquake activity. Click here

On a lighter note, the Noctilucent clouds are back in full effect. If you are not sure what we're talking about, well, a few issues ago we ran an article saying that the Noctilucent or “night-shining” clouds had vanished. Click here. They are a special type of high-altitude clouds seen at high latitudes lighting up the night sky, and are usually observed between mid-May and the end of August. This year they were briefly seen around the end of May, then disappeared until about the beginning of July when they came back to light up the night sky once more. Click here

From clouds in the sky to water here on earth, are you aware that human contraceptives, among other chemicals, are finding their way in to rivers and are bending the gender of some male fish to the point where they grow eggs? Apparently "research identified more than 200 chemicals in river water which had characteristics similar to estrogen and antidepressants". Click here

That's about it from me for this week. Enjoy this newsletter and have a wonderful week.

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Celebration of Life
Joe Duffield

There will be a celebration of life held for Joe Duffield on Wednesday, July 12th from 5pm to 7pm at the Yelm Senior Center, 16530 103rd Ave SE, Yelm. Please stop by to share and enjoy conversation and stories of our beloved Joe D, "Master Comings-and-Goings." Be sure to tell your friends of this celebration gathering. Soft drinks and snacks will be provided. Looking forward to seeing you there with smiles and stories.

Earth Watch

Montana Earthquake Is Felt For Hundreds Of Miles Early Thursday
An earthquake with a magnitude of 5.8 startled many people out of their sleep in western Montana early Thursday. The shallow quake was felt for hundreds of miles from its epicenter southeast of Lincoln, including in parts of neighboring states and in Canada. "We have no reports of injuries due to the earthquake at this time," member station Montana Public Radio reports. "Shockwaves are still being felt with decreasing intensity in parts of western Montana." Thursday's earthquake was the strongest to hit western Montana in years; it was slightly stronger than a 5.6 magnitude quake that hit a nearby area in July 2005, the U.S. Geological Survey says. Some alarmed residents said via Twitter that they woke to fears that an intruder was in their house; others said their dogs had seemed to sense the oncoming quake — and jumped on their owners to seek safety.

Click here to read full article

Extremely dangerous M6.5 earthquake hits the Philippines
July 6th, 2017
Click here to read article

Intense earthquake swarm near Ohrid, Macedonia
July 3rd, 2017
Click here to read article

Eruptions at Mexico's Popocatépetl volcano cover nearby towns in ash
July 3rd, 2017
Click here to read article

Yellowstone volcano: Elevated earthquake activity during June 2017
July 2nd, 2017
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Technology Watch

Facebook tests drone to beam internet to everyone in the world
Solar-powered drones could one day provide 4 billion people in poorer parts of the world access to the internet, Facebook said after a “successful” test of its drone, Aquila. The internet company intends to share the blueprints for the technology. Facebook co-founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, posted video of the drone which landed in Arizona after flying for an hour and 46 minutes over the desert. The previous test of Aquila in December resulted in a crash. “We successfully gathered a lot of data to help us optimize Aquila's efficiency. No one has ever built an unmanned airplane that will fly for months at a time, so we need to tune every detail to get this right,” wrote Zuckerberg on Facebook. “When Aquila is ready, it will be a fleet of solar-powered planes that will beam internet connectivity across the world,” he added.

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Self-teaching neural networks help find mysterious stars tearing through the Milky Way (VIDEO)
Astronomers at the European Space Agency (ESA) combined an “artificial brain” with observations from the advanced Gaia space satellite to discover six stars darting across our galaxy following as-yet-poorly-understood encounters with Milky Way’s supermassive black hole. “These hypervelocity stars are extremely important to study the overall structure of our Milky Way,” said Elena Maria Rossi, from Leiden University in the Netherlands, who announced the discovery at the European Week of Astronomy and Space Science in Prague last week. “These are stars that have traveled great distances through the Galaxy but can be traced back to its core – an area so dense and obscured by interstellar gas and dust that it is normally very difficult to observe – so they yield crucial information about the gravitational field of the Milky Way from the center to its outskirts.”

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Back in the day...

Now this is what I call First Class & High Class......Take note.....AIRLINES.....This was the late 30s! I have to wonder how much a trip with these amenities would cost on today's airlines.............

What It Was Like Aboard A Pan-Am Clipper…

Clipper passengers took their meals at real tables, not their seats.

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Nature Watch

After delayed start, magnificent noctilucent clouds are back in full effect
Following a delayed start to the northern hemisphere's 2017 Noctilucent clouds season, the magnificent, electric-blue clouds are now back in full effect. Noctilucent, or night-shining, clouds are a seasonal phenomenon, occurring most often in late spring and summer. They are composed of tiny cristals of water up to 100 nm in diameter and are formed at a height of about 85 km (54 miles), higher than any other clouds. In the northern hemisphere, the best time to observe them would be during local summer, between mid-May and the end of August.  This year, they were briefly spotted late May over Denmark, Germany and UK, but that's when something happened and they mysteriously disappeared. "As I am following closely reports and pictures of NLC appearances, very few have been claimed on NLC network and in my network. Very dim and low on the horizon clouds have been spotted mainly from Germany and the UK, but the polar mesospheric clouds had somehow come to a standstill, whereas they would generally be fully on-going by now," photographer Adrien Mauduit said June 15.

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Feminized fish: Human contraceptives in water supply causing males to grow eggs
A leading eco-toxicologist has warned that the quantity of synthetic chemicals entering our watershed is feminizing fish populations to such a degree that several species now boast transgender and intersex fish, with eggs in their testicles. “If you look in terms of what gets into a fish’s liver or gonad, the analysis of the chemicals it contains is a bit of a blueprint in terms of what’s flushed down the toilet,” Professor Charles Tyler, of the University of Exeter said, speaking to The Independent. “We’re starting to establish not just effects on gender, but that they can also affect other physiological processes in the fish as well,” he added. Tyler will give a keynote speech on the topic of 'transgender' or 'intersex' fish at the 50th Anniversary Symposium of the Fisheries Society in the British Isles at Exeter University from July 3 to 7.

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Something Worth Knowing

How To Locate Cell Towers And Antennas Anywhere In The USA
One of the things I value about networking is the sharing of information and ideas. Recently, a young woman in western Pennsylvania contacted me requesting information about AMI Smart Meters. As the researcher for Pennsylvania Smart Meter Awareness (PASMA), I emailed back PASMA’s Smart Meter Information Kit, which she found most helpful, according to her follow-up email. However, she enclosed a real “gem” of information for me, which I want to share with my readers. It’s the Internet site “Welcome to Antenna!”, which contains a ‘boatload’ of resources regarding cell towers (existing and future) and Antennas within 4 miles of the address you type into the site’s search engine. Here’s what that site states as of June 18, 2017: “2,533,670 Towers and Antennas Online”!

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Turmeric Curcumin for Prediabetes
“Curcumin extract for prevention of type 2 diabetes” is an extraordinary study published in the journal of the American Diabetes Association. In this randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of folks diagnosed with prediabetes, half of the subjects got supplements of curcumin, the yellow pigment in the spice turmeric and curry powder, while the other half got identical-looking placebos, and the researchers just followed them for nine months to see who ended up with diabetes. After nine months of treatment, 16 percent of subjects in the placebo group went on to get full-blown diabetes. How many in the curcumin group? None. The curcumin group saw a significant improvement in fasting blood sugars, glucose tolerance, hemoglobin A1C, insulin sensitivity, pancreatic insulin-producing beta cell function (measured two different ways), and insulin sensitivity.

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In The News

Towns, homes evacuated in B.C. as wildfires burn out of control
The province of British Columbia has declared a state of emergency, as wildfires burn out of control throughout most of the Interior.  "​The extended weather forecast is calling for continued hot, dry weather, with risks of thunderstorms in many parts of the province," the province said in a written statement Friday. The declaration gives emergency resources special authority to deal with the fires. Wildfires burning out of control across the Interior have prompted the evacuation of at least one airport, two hospitals, an entire town and hundreds more homes throughout the region.  The B.C. Wildfire Service said 138 new fires started throughout the province on Friday, many of them started by lightning.

Fire near Ashcroft
One of the largest fires is near Ashcroft, a town in a dry grasslands area about 120 kilometres west of Kamloops.

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Monsanto’s Glyphosate to Be Listed on California’s Cancer-Causing Substances List
It is a victory for environmental and health activists everywhere: glyphosate, the main ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup and other pesticide products, will officially be on California’s list of cancer-causing substances, beginning July 7, according to the state’s Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA). Known as Proposition 65, Monsanto already unsuccessfully tried to block the listing but was denied by a state appeals court and California’s Supreme Court. Still, the company vows to continue to fight the state. California’s listing will require Monsanto and other companies that manufacture glyphosate-containing products to label them as cancer-causing or remove them from the market altogether within one year. Glyphosate is the most widely used herbicide in the world, with agriculture as the primary application. Agricultural use of the toxin has sharply increased since the genetic engineering of crops that were made to withstand the chemical.

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Arkansas just banned the weedkiller that damaged hundreds of farmers’ crops this year
Over the past year, farmers have been using more of the herbicide dicamba, because Monsanto recently started selling soybean and cotton that tolerate it. But high temperatures can turn dicamba into a gas that threatens to drift into neighboring fields. If that neighbor didn’t buy herbicide-tolerant soybeans — or if they grow something else, like peaches — their crop takes a beating. Farmers are only supposed to use a pricier kind of dicamba that doesn’t evaporate, but the low maximum fine of $1,000 encourages scofflaws. Over 550 farmers have reported damages in Arkansas alone, and an estimated total of 2 million acres of soybeans have been hurt this year, reports NPR’s Dan Charles. A fight over dicamba drift is even responsible for one murder in the state. In response, the government imposed a temporary dicamba ban and boosted fines up to $25,000.

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Weather Watch

Overnight storms leave 156 000 Michigan homes without power
July 7th, 2017
Click here to read article

400 000 affected by widespread flooding in India's state of Assam
July 6th, 2017
Click here to read article

Extremely heavy rainfall hits Japan, 398 mm (15.6 inches) within 4 hours
July 5th, 2017
Click here to read article

56 dead, 22 missing as massive floods hit China, 11 million affected
July 3rd, 2017
Click here to read article

Rare landspout observed in Tibet, the first since 1961
July 3rd, 2017
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July 7th then remaining Tuesday's in July @ 7pm: Miracles & Inspiration - A Triad Regular Event
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July 8th & 9th: 3rd Annual Summer Fest Bazaar
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July 13th @ 7pm: Poetry & Songwriters for July's "Second Thursday of the Month" Open Mic night
Bring your writings or songs to share with the group or enjoy the show from the audience. Cost is $5.

July 15th @ 8pm: Comedy Night
Cost is $10. Details will be listed on our website VERY soon...

The Grand Re-Opening of The Triad Art Gallery "We Heart Art"
Show is shown by appointment and during select hours. Click HERE for details on the show.

July 28th-30th: Yelm's UFO Festival & Cosmic Symposium
Located outdoors by Yelm Cinemas with FREE ADMISSION to the public. Some highlights: "Area 51 Kids Zone"; Live music & entertainment on the festival stage - with an 8'x15' hi-resolution LED Jumbo Tron; And Nationally acclaimed UFO guest speakers at The Triad - Tickets on sale soon!! From UFO Enthusiasts to Skeptics... Fun and Educational for all ages and beliefs!! Both Food and Non-Food Vendor sites available NOW. Go to and follow prompts for Vendors. More News from The Mothership coming soon!!
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