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Editor's Corner

Did you know that the crack in the Larsen C ice shelf has gone all the way through now and a chunk has broken off to form a 1 trillion metric ton iceberg? Apparently "the volume of water comprising the iceberg is twice that of Lake Erie, one of North America’s five Great Lakes". Click here

Speaking of big things, are you aware that the UN has passed what is apparently the first nuclear treaty banning nuclear weapons worldwide? Click here

Something a little more local, have you heard that on August 21st, if you are in curtain parts of the U.S. you may be able to see a total solar eclipse? Click here

If you do happen to be somewhere where you should be able to see the total solar eclipse, and also happen to be near something called a Foucault Pendulum, you may be able to witness an anomaly. Click here
If you are not even sure what the Foucault Pendulum is, it's "a simple device conceived as an experiment to demonstrate the rotation of the Earth". Click here

There's more, but I will leave the rest for you to discover and enjoy. Have a wonderful week.

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Technology Watch

For Google, the Pixels Just Hit the Fan
The pixels have hit the fan. The EU just fined Google $2.7 billion for favoring its online comparative shopping service in its search results. Google officials knew this fine was coming and that much worse is possible, so in August 2015, they reorganized the company so that it is now part of a holding company called Alphabet.  This was not done, as Larry Page, one of the company's co-founders, rapped at the time, to make the company "cleaner and more accountable" (what on earth does that mean?). It was likely done to try to protect the value of the stock held by the company's major stockholders.  The EU's antitrust action against Google had been filed in April, 2015, and that got Google officials thinking. When the US Department of Justice broke up AT&T in the 1980s, the stock value dropped by 70 percent. Google officials are nervous because they know exactly how many questionable practices they engage in every day, along with how many have been uncovered so far and how many are still unknown to authorities.

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Please HELP My Daughter!

My name is Sharon H., and I moved to Yelm, Washington 20 years ago to become a student of RSE. I left my only child, Susan, happily married for 2 years in Utah. On May 5, 2017, she arrived home from working at Walmart to find that her husband of 23 years had taken her 3 children and filed a restraining order against her. He said he feared she was taking the children to live in Washington where her mother lived and he would never see them again. Three weeks later the court found that her husband's claims were without merit and she got her children back. However, as of July 9, this has turned into a mean-spirited divorce with her husband's attorney slow walking the process leaving her without any child support to this date. Although Susan works full time she has limited resources to pay for attorney fees. I live on Social Security and even together we do not have the ability to cover her legal fees. I have started the Go Fund Me program to help with these coasts. The next court is July 26th at which time there will be at least the resolution of child support. Susan appreciates and desperately needs any financial help you can give which will allow her to pay her attorney for the fight he is waging on her and her children's behalf.

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Earth Watch

1 trillion ton iceberg breaks free from Antarctica (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)
One of the largest icebergs ever recorded has been created after breaking free from an ice shelf in Antarctica. The more than 1 trillion metric ton mass of ice calved sometime between July 10-12 and is now adrift off the coast. Larsen C – first an ice shelf and now an iceberg – is the third largest such structure in history, some 5,800 sq km in size, making it twice the size of Luxembourg and almost four times larger than the Greater London area. The volume of water comprising the iceberg is twice that of Lake Erie, one of North America’s five Great Lakes. The calving comes one week after Project Midas, a group of scientists from Welsh universities in Swansea and Aberystwyth charged with studying the shelf using EU and NASA satellites, reported that the separation of soon-to-be A68 iceberg was imminent. The crack in Larsen C, which eventually created the massive iceberg, has been visible on the continent since the 1980s. However, it was breaking free by January 2017, as described in a series of tweets by Project Midas and the European Space Agency.

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Growing sinkhole swallows 2 homes near Tampa, Florida
July 14th, 2017
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Strong and shallow M6.4 earthquake hits near the coast of New Ireland, P.N.G.
July 13th, 2017
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Dramatic escape from terrifying British Columbia wildfires caught on camera (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
July 11th, 2017
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‘Terrifying’ wildfires force nearly 8,000 to evacuate in California
July 10th, 2017
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In The News

The UN Passes The First-Ever Treaty Banning Nuclear Weapons Worldwide
On Friday, the United Nations passed the first-ever treaty imposing a total nuclear weapons ban. With North Korea openly continuing to test its arsenal of intercontinental ballistic missiles, each capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, the decision couldn't be more timely. In a press briefing Thursday, UN conference president Elayne Whyte Gomez said that "we are on the verge of adopting the treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons".  "This will be a historic moment and it will be the first multilateral nuclear disarmament treaty to be concluded in more than 20 years," Gomez added, according to Time. "The world has been waiting for this legal norm for 70 years." The decision to pass this treaty is a historic one: the UN recently reopened discussions of a global nuclear ban back in March, after more than 2,500 scientists from 70 countries signed a petition in favor of total nuclear disarmament. "I am really confident that the final draft has captured the aspirations of the overwhelming majority of those participating in the conference, including civil society," Gomez said, referring to the final review of the draft last Wednesday.

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Science Watch

Foucault Pendulum Anomaly Could Re-Write Laws Of Physics During The Total Solar Eclipse In USA
On August 21, 2017 people in USA will be able to enjoy a spectacular total solar eclipse. During this amazing and much anticipated event that has been nicknamed the Great American Eclipse, the Moon’s shadow will race across the continental United States from Oregon to South Carolina. What many do not know is that scientists will observe something entirely different that has the potential to re-write the laws of physics – namely the Foucault Pendulum anomaly. The Foucault Pendulum is a device that you can see hanging in many science museums, universities and planetariums today. The United Nations headquarters in New York City has one, while the largest Foucault pendulum in the world, Principia, is housed at the Oregon Convention Center. It was invented by French physicist Léon Foucault in 1851 to demonstrate the rotation of the Earth. Of course, the concept that the Earth revolves was nothing new or radical, but the pendulum was the first simple proof of the rotation.

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Currency Watch

Russian central bank shutting down major lender
The Central Bank of Russia (CBR) has begun closure procedures against Jugra, the country's 30th largest bank by assets. The regulator has put Jugra under provisional administration for six months to avoid Russia's biggest banking collapse in recent years. Under the regulator's "financial rehabilitation program" banks under temporary administration are either absorbed by larger banks or liquidated because of their massive debt. “The powers of shareholders connected with participation in the authorized capital and the powers of the managing bodies of PJSC BANK JUGRA are suspended for the period of provisional administration activities. The key objective of the provisional administration is to carry out an inspection of the bank’s financial situation,” said the CBR in a statement. The central bank referred to the federal law on insolvency. Deposits are insured up to 1.4 million rubles ($23,000) and will be available in two weeks, according to the central bank. With $3 billion in deposits, the payouts could possibly be the largest in Russian history.

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Weather Watch

Flooding affects more than 1 million people in Bangladesh
July 15th, 2017
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Significant flooding in the US Midwest
July 15th, 2017
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‘Flying trampoline’ warning issued in NZ as storm causes havoc
July 13th, 2017
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Massive floods leave at least 20 dead in capital Lagos, Nigeria
July 11th, 2017
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5-story building washed into river by downpour in Tibet
July 10th, 2017
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Fist-sized hailstones, large tornado near Vienna airport, Austria
July 10th, 2017
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Space Watch

Total Solar Eclipse 2017: When, Where and How to See It (Safely)
On Aug. 21, 2017, people across the United States will see the sun disappear behind the moon, turning daylight into twilight, causing the temperature drop rapidly and revealing massive streamers of light streaking through the sky around the silhouette of the moon. On that day, America will fall under the path of a total solar eclipse.  The so-called Great American Total Solar Eclipse will darken skies all the way from Oregon to South Carolina, along a stretch of land about 70 miles (113 kilometers) wide. People who descend upon this "path of totality" for the big event are in for an unforgettable experience. Here is's complete guide to the 2017 total solar eclipse. It includes information about where and when to see it, how long it lasts, what you can expect to see, and how to plan ahead to ensure you get the most out of this incredible experience.

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Health Watch

‘Serial killers’: FDA panel recommends approving 1st gene-altering leukemia treatment
A Food and Drug Administration panel has approved the first-ever gene therapy to treat Leukemia. The immunotherapy works by genetically alters a patient’s own cells to fight cancer and bolsters the immune system to shut down the disease. A panel of cancer experts unanimously endorsed the leukemia treatment on Wednesday in a 10-0 vote, according to AP. The FDA is not required to follow the panel’s recommendation, but often does. “This is a major advance,” said panel member Dr. Malcolm A. Smith of the National Cancer Institute. He added that the treatment is “ushering in a new era.” Called CART-T, and devised by the University of Pennsylvania and Novartis Corp, it works by creating a separate treatment for each patient. Millions T-cells (a type of immune cell) are from removed the patient’s blood. The technique employs a disabled form of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, to carry new genetic material into the T-cells to reprogram them. The process turbocharges the T-cells to attack B-cells, a normal part of the immune system that turn malignant in leukemia. The T-cells hone in on a protein called CD-19 that is found on the surface of most B-cells.

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Strange Case Of A Woman Who Slipped Into A Parallel Universe That Is Slightly Different From Her ‘Home Universe’
Scientists are working hard to find solid evidence supporting the many-worlds theory. Not long ago, physicists announced they are investing intriguing ripples in space-time that could offer evidence of parallel universes. While the scientific quest for other dimensions and parallel universe continues, we can use the opportunity to learn about curious cases of people who by mistake entered invisible worlds existing next to our own. There are many interesting stories about people who vanish into thin air. Did these people slip into a parallel universe? What is unusual and almost unheard of is that someone who lives in unknown realms suddenly enters our universe. To them, and their ‘universe of origin’ our world would be the parallel universe. This is exactly what happened to Lenia Barcía, a woman from Spain who suddenly felt everything around her was wrong. Her story is so bizarre that many people who heard it had a difficult time to take it seriously. Was Lenia Barcía delusional or did she suffer from mental illness? It’s easy to dismiss her story as fantasies, but what if her experience is real? Could she be a true visitor from another world? Did she fall into our universe by mistake?

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