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Editors Corner

Did you know that someone has invented something equivalent to snow chains that can be switched on and off from inside your vehicle? Apparently, at this point, this invention will mainly be aimed at use on trucks and buses as these vehicles usually only have summer tires. Click here

While we're on the subject of cold weather, are you aware that an area in Canada has been hit hard enough by an ice storm this last weekend that they sent Canadian Armed Forces in to help with the cleanup? Apparently the damage to the power infrastructure was much greater than anticipated and "[Between] about 350 and 400 poles will need to be replaced in hardest-hit areas". Click here

Speaking of storms, have you heard that UK's supply of salad and vegetables was decimated by storms across the Med? This has led to rationing of salad and vegetables by UK supermarkets which in turn has led to the emergence of a 'black market' for these items. Click here

That's about it from me for this week. Enjoy this newsletter and have a wonderful week.

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Introducing Mari’s Farm
Fresh locally grown produce, locally available
Yelm Community Blog post by Steve Klein

– From Mari’s Farm to Yelm Community Blog readers:
For several years now, we have provided limited quantities of [locally grown] veggies to several outlets including: Yelm Co-op, Yummy Local Foods, several people buying directly along with Ricardo’s restaurant and Yelm Farmers Market. This year we have started a GoFundMe campaign to help kick us off into our new adventure. Click here to contribute.

We currently have under cultivation 0.04 acre including our greenhouse. For this year’s growing season, we have made an arrangement to hire two acres from Glenn Schorno in which we will be able to grow for the large demand we have had and maybe even reach out to other outlets – 50X more area to grow in! wow.
Click here for Maris’ Farm on Facebook.

Click here to read full blog post

The Mountain News

Lessons I’ve learned as a beachcleaner
By Bruce A. Smith
[The Mountain News] Editor’s Note:  The following is a chapter from the forthcoming book: Retreat from the Sea, which explores how mankind is currently dealing with sea level rise and examines options for the future.

I was once a beachcleaner.

During the 1980s, I owned and operated a couple of beachcleaning machines that sifted beach sand, removing trash and debris. My business was called Sandsifter, and the machines were modified potato-harvesters with balloon-sized wheels. The machines had solid screening plates that dropped into the sand, and conveyor blades would draw a bit of sand over the plates as they oscillated, shaking the grains of sand back on to the beach and sweeping the garbage into a rear hopper. I did this for eight seasons, from 1982 through the summer of 1989.

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Science Watch

Scientists Create A New Kind Of Matter: Time Crystals
Crystals are structures in which a pattern of atoms or molecules repeats in space. Now, two teams of researchers have figured out that crystals' repeating patterns can also exist through time. These "time crystals," detailed in a new paper in Physical Review Letter, are an entirely new kind of matter, one that can never reach equilibrium. To create the time crystals, researchers at University of Maryland hooked together 10 ytterbium atoms and hit them with two lasers multiple times to keep them out of equilibrium. Though the atoms did settle into a pattern, they could not reach equilibrium, meaning that the crystals perpetually remain in motion, though they don't contain any energy. Almost all of physics is based in studying matter that is at equilibrium, so the ability to create these non-equilibrium crystals is a huge deal for the future of physics. "This is a new phase of matter, period, but it is also really cool because it is one of the first examples of non-equilibrium matter," lead researcher Norman Yao from the University of California, Berkeley told EurekaAlert!.

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We Have Substantial Evidence Our Universe Is A Big 2D Hologram And We Are An Illusion – Scientists Say
Scientists say they have found substantial evidence that our universe is a big 2D hologram and everything around us, including ourselves is nothing more than an illusion. ‘ The Holographic Universe theory, one of the most remarkable theories of 20th century has been debated for decades and there are several prominent scientists who support this theory. A holographic universe, an idea first suggested in the 1990s, is one where all the information that makes up our 3-D ‘reality’ (plus time) is contained in a 2-D surface on its boundaries. Over the years many intriguing theories have been presented. For example, Laura D’Olimpio, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Notre Dame Australia has put forward an intriguing theory suggesting that that our brains are being kept alive in vat of nutrients in a laboratory. The nerve endings of our brain are connected to a supercomputer that feeds all the sensations of everyday life. All our emotions, decisions, impulses and reactions are being monitored by an evil genius who created this experiment.

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Technology Watch

Snow chains for your car that switch on and off

Behold Bat Bot, the First Flying Robot Bat
A team of scientists has just built the first robot that looks and flies like a bat. They named it, of course, Bat Bot. Bat Bot is nothing short of an engineering marvel. It weighs in at only 3.3 ounces—about as heavy of two golf balls. With a silicone membrane stretched over its carbon-fiber skeleton, a head crammed with an on-board computer and sensors, and five micro-sized motors strung along its backbone, Bat Bot is capable of autonomous, flapping flight. Designed by trio of roboticists led by Soon-Jo Chung at Caltech, it was unveiled today in the journal Science Robotics. What makes Bat Bot so remarkable is just how damn hard it was to mimic a bat's natural flight. If flying was an art form, bats would make fixed wing-pilots looks like they're finger painting. That's because with each flap of their wings, "bats use more than 40 active and passive joints, [alongside] the flexible membranes of their wings," says Chung. In addition, bats take advantage of a whole suite of other hard-to-imitate biological tricks, such as bones that adaptively deform each wing-beat.

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In The News

Lettuce 'black market' emerges amid national [UK] salad shortage
Supermarkets rationing salad and vegetables has led to the emergence of a new "black market", as experts urge shoppers to buy more seasonal British produce. It comes after the UK's supply of salad and vegetables was decimated by storms across the Med, leaving supermarket shelves empty as they struggled to meet demand.  On Thursday Tesco and Morrisons launched a crackdown to prevent customers from buying more than three Spanish-grown iceberg lettuces at a time in a bid to preserve stock. But the ban has led to markets and causal sellers taking advantage of desperate salad fans by flogging them salad and vegetables for up to 10 times the usual price.  Yesterday a man was found offering a box of lettuce which would usually cost £5, for £50 on Gumtree. The lettuces worked out at £4.16 each with the seller's post reading: "A box of a dozen Iceberg lettuce, freshly picked this morning. There is a national shortage of these beauties so the price is a little higher due to supply and demand."

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Ice Watch

Snow, sandstorms and freezing temperatures hit UAE
The United Arab Emirates is currently under the influence of a deep low pressure associated with cold air mass which is causing unstable conditions throughout the country. Snow is falling in the country's north while the rest of the country is experiencing strong winds, sandstorms and scattered rain. Afer heavy showers on Thursday, February 2, 2017, snow has fallen on Ras Al Khaimah's popular Jebel Jais mountain on Friday and more is forecast into Saturday. UAE's National Center of Meteorology & Seismology (NCMS) Jebel Jais Mountain weather station has recorded -2.2 °C (28 °F) at 05:00 UTC (09:00 GST) today. By 18:10 GST, the temperature there dipped to -5 °C (23 °F).  Up to 10 cm (3.9 inches) of snow was reported. Local authorities are no longer allowing motorists and residents up Jebel Jais which is causing traffic jams, the Khaleej Times reported.

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Severe snowstorms hit Iran, at least 9 killed in avalanches
A raging blizzard affecting much of Iran over the past couple of days has claimed lives of at least 9 people by February 1. Fatal avalanches started on Sunday, January 26, 2017. According to Tehran Times, snowstorms are affecting 24 Iranian provinces since January 25. Some 29 000 individuals received rescue and relief services in 241 cities, towns and villages and 2 010 were accommodated. Fatal avalanches claimed lives of at least 9 people by February 1. IRNA said at least 4 died when an avalanche hit porters smuggling goods across Iran-Iraq border near Sardasht on Sunday, January 26. Eyewitnesses told AlSumaria that the avalanche hit a convoy of 35 people, of which 11 died. The area was reportedly under 2 to 3 meters (6.5 - 10 feet) of snow. Two mountain climbers were killed by an avalanche in Baneh and another one in a village in West Azerbaijan Province. Tehran Times reported two more deaths due to an avalanche in Kordestan Province.

Click here to read full article

Military helps New Brunswick after devastating ice storm
A devastating ice storm hit Canada's New Brunswick province last week leaving at least 2 people dead and 133 000 households without power. As of Monday afternoon, January 30, there are still 18 000 homes without power, including 15 635 in northeastern New Brunswick. About 200 members of the Canadian Armed Forces were sent to Acadian Peninsula today as part of the emergency response. The storm started late Tuesday, January 24, 2017, over southwestern areas and spread northeastward during Wednesday, wreaking havoc on the roads, trees and power poles. The Moncton area and Acadian Peninsula were hardest hit. N.B. Power said yesterday that the damage to the power infrastructure is much greater than anticipated. "About 350 and 400 poles will need to be replaced in hardest-hit areas, and this is a slow and arduous job in these conditions," they said in a statement. 46 warming centers have been set up for residents without power across the province. For some, power outages lasted for days.

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