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Did you know that NASA is looking for a 'planetary protection officer'? Apparently whoever fills this position will be responsible for protecting Earth against aliens as well as other planets against humans. This job would pay between about $124k and $187k, and may also require "frequent travel". Click here

Speaking of strange things, have you ever heard of "electric fossilization"? According to conventional theory, the process of fossilization takes at least 10,000 years. Peter Mungo Jupp discusses an alternative to this that shows fossilization can happen instantaneously. Click here

On a different subject, are you aware that the same scent detectors that are in your nose are also present throughout your body? Apparently these and similar sensors are used to keep track of the concentrations of hormones, metabolites, and other molecules. Click here

That's about it from me for this week. Enjoy this newsletter and have a wonderful week.

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Science Watch

You smell with your body, not just your nose

Gene-editing breakthrough could spell end of hereditary disease
Scientists could soon stop genetic diseases in humans before they are even born, according to an international research team that has successfully repaired faulty DNA in a live embryo. In the study, teams from Oregon Health and Science University and the Institute of Basic Science in South Korea injected sperm carrying the gene for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a common heart disease, into healthy eggs. They then applied the genome editing technique of CRISPR to successfully eliminate the faulty gene. "Every generation on would carry this repair because we've removed the disease-causing gene variant from that family's lineage,” Dr Shoukhrat Mitalipov, a key member of the team, said. "By using this technique, it's possible to reduce the burden of this heritable disease on the family and eventually the human population." News of the study, published in the journal Nature, has already excited those hoping the development could open the door to banishing thousands of hereditary disorders for good. Others, however, believe it threatens to ignite fresh debate over the morality of gene-editing.

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Space Watch

Save Earth from aliens & NASA will pay you $187,000
US space agency NASA has a job opening for a ‘planetary protection officer’, who will be responsible for protecting Earth against aliens – and every other planet from humans. And if natural-born guardians of the galaxy aren’t motivated enough by simply fulfilling their calling, the position also carries a substantial salary of between $124,406 and $187,000. The job listing says the permanent position may require “frequent travel” and is “concerned with the avoidance of organic constituent and biological contamination in human and robotic space exploration.”  The position’s tenure is for three years, with the chance of extending to five. It stems from the international Outer Space Treaty of 1967, which pledged to pursue studies of outer space and explore other planets while avoiding “their harmful contamination” and any “adverse changes in the environment of Earth resulting from the introduction of extraterrestrial matter.”

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Spectacular Never-Before Extremely Large Bright Storm Seen On Neptune
Astronomers have taken striking images of a spectacular, never-before extremely large bright storm on Neptune. The incredible storm system spotted near Neptune’s equator is nearly the size of Earth! The center of the storm complex is ~9,000 km across, about 3/4 the size of Earth, or 1/3 of Neptune’s radius. This massive storm system, which was found in a region where no bright cloud has ever been seen before, is about 9,000 kilometers in length, or one-third the size of Neptune’s radius, spanning at least 30 degrees in both latitude and longitude. Using the Keck telescope astronomers could see this massive storm system in a region where no bright cloud has ever been seen before. The storm brightened considerably between June 26 and July 2. Images of Neptune taken during twilight observing revealed an extremely large bright storm system near Neptune’s equator (labeled ‘cloud complex’ in the upper figure), a region where astronomers have never seen a bright cloud. The center of the storm complex is ~9,000 km across, about 3/4 the size of Earth, or 1/3 of Neptune’s radius.

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Earth Watch

Volcanic ash cloud sparks ‘doomsday’ scenes on Indonesian island (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)
The Indonesian island of Sumatra is reeling after being struck by one of Mount Sinabung’s biggest eruptions of the year. Villagers were pictured running for cover, as volcanic ash as high as 4.2km into the sky came raining down from the skies above. On Wednesday, the volcano erupted at least 19 times between 8am and noon local time causing heavy lava flows, volcano monitoring expert Isya Nurrahmat Dana told the AP. The immense array of blasts makes it one of the largest eruptions in a string of movements from the highly active volcano. Hot ash ran down a 4.5km area surrounding the mountain, however there were no reported casualties. Thousands of residents from 10 villages in the region were directly affected by the falling ash, according to the National Disaster Mitigation Agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho. The agency warned residents to steer clear of the 7km “danger zone” surrounding the volcano.

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Satellite captures dramatic scale of North American wildfires (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
As Montana continues to be hit by some of the most intense wildfires in the state’s history, satellite images released by the US government show the true scale of blazes. A number of ‘extreme’ fire warnings have been issued in the state since late June, with an estimated 578 square miles of land destroyed in areas around Missoula City, Garfield and Montana’s Petroleum County, reports ABC News. The largest fire has spread across western Montana in an area known as the Lodgepole Complex, and is the worst in the state since 1910, according to the National Interagency Fire Center. Hazardous conditions experienced on the ground prompted Montana Governor Steve Bullock to declare an emergency on July 23, in an effort to acquire additional state resources to fight the fires. Funds to tackle the problem appear to be dwindling, however, with Montana’s Department of Natural Resources and Conservation reporting that it has already spent the bulk of its $63 million firefighting budget.

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You Decide

Electric Fossilization
Peter Mungo Jupp | Space News

Study provides evidence for externally powered Sun
A new study published in the International Journal of Current Research provides evidence for externally powered Sun, challenging the concepts of the Standard Solar Model (SSM). The study suggests our star is not an isolated celestial body, but rather it is linked permanently to the Universe, not only to our galaxy. The external energy supply to the Sun is overwhelmingly obvious even before space probes (Voyagers and IBEX) have detected it. The sunspot cycle, the surface temperature, the reverse temperature gradient and the existence of the corona in itself, are some of the outstanding evidence that point to the external energy supply that our star receives. In fact, all the basic features of the Sun are in complete disagreements (or in direct contradictions) with the concepts of the Standard Solar Model (SSM). In physical reality, our star is not an isolated celestial body, but rather it is linked permanently to the Universe - not only to our galaxy - since magnetic fields are permanently present in the building blocks of matter.

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In The News

Canada’s housing boom may soon go bust along with economy
The tightening in Canada's booming housing market, which has long been the leading driver for employment and growth, could wipe out economic gains, experts warn. The real estate boom has attracted thousands of workers into the sector, from realtors and home stagers to construction workers. According to analysts, a drop in home sales has already started to weigh on the economy, and if prices start to decline, consumer spending and jobs will suffer. Canada’s home construction jobs accounted for the bulk of the economic growth last year. Recent data showed nationwide home resales fell 6.7 percent in June, the largest monthly drop since 2010 and the third straight monthly decline. That was a result of tumbling sales in Canada’s hottest housing market, Toronto. Realtors' ranks in Toronto have surged 77 percent since 2008 to more than 48,000 which is nearly ten times the pace of Canadian job growth. Nationwide, the number has risen almost 27 percent.

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‘Chip party’: US company celebrates implanting microchips in employees (VIDEO)
A Wisconsin company has implanted microchips into its employees at a symbolic ‘chip party’, a first for the US. Now the ‘chipped’ employees can open doors, login to computers, use copy machines and even buy chocolate bars with a wave of their hands. Three Square Market used this ‘upgrading’ technology on its employees on Tuesday. The procedure, which included implanting a Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) microchip between the thumb and forefinger underneath the skin, was voluntary.  At least 41 of the 85 employees received the devices, at the company’s HQ in the city of River Falls, AP cited the group.  According to the company’s statement, the RFID uses “electromagnetic fields to identify electronically-stored information.”  “I think it can control everything. I gave an example earlier, [that] when you get pulled over, you just stick out your hand and he'll [a police officer, asking for license and registration, for example] scan your hand. You don't have to carry anything,” software engineer Sam Bangston told Ruptly.

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On The Lighter Side

Asperatus Clouds
Intriguing, Spectacular And Ominous-Looking Cloud Formation That Gives Dramatic Visual Effects

There is a new, very spectacular cloud formation, which remains relatively unstudied, and is not yet entirely explained.

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