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Editor's Corner

Did you know there was a tanker that sailed through the Arctic for the first time without an icebreaker escort? Apparently it made the voyage from Norway to South Korea in just 19 days which is 30% faster then using the conventional southern shipping route. Click here

While we're on the subject of sea-related things, are you aware that an abnormal tide warning has been issued for the entire coast of Chile for August 22nd through 27th? Apparently, "this is the ninth such categorized event so far this year". Click here

In a slightly different subject, have you heard about the tropical storm Harvey that came ashore in Texas as a category 4 hurricane, and devastated the town of Rockport? Apparently the winds were around 130 mph but fortunately most people had evacuated before the storm hit. Click here

That's about it from me for this week. Enjoy this newsletter and have a wonderful week.

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Currency Watch

Pound worth less than euro in British airports as it plummets to 8-yr lows
The official exchange rate of the British pound has fallen to €1.085, the lowest since 2009. But at British airports, one Sterling buys far less than €1. Travelers exchanging cash at Southampton Airport’s Moneycorp branch on Thursday were getting only 87 euro cents for every pound. This is the worst rate since the financial crisis. At the desk, travelers get just €439 from £500. Moneycorp sold euros at a better rate in Southend and Stansted airports but also estimated the European currency higher than Sterling. Other currency bureaus like Travelex did the same. The companies say that maintaining desks at airports is expensive, and if clients order cash 24 hours ahead, the rates would be better. "The reason for our higher airport rates is the significant cost associated with operating there – from ground rent and additional security to the cost of staffing the bureaus for customers on early and late flights," Pauline Maguire, retail director at Moneycorp told the Sun.

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Weather Watch

Tropical Storm Harvey Shreds Texas Coast

Typhoon Hato hits Macau & Hong Kong, leaves 12 dead (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
Typhoon Hato killed at least 12 people and left a wave of destruction in Macau and Hong Kong on Wednesday. A man died in Macau when he was swept into a wall, while another man was hit by a truck and another fell from the 11th floor in Macau, the Macau Daily Times reports. A man and a woman died after water flooded an underground car park in Macau, the South China Morning Post reports. More than 150 people were treated for injuries in Macau hospitals, the South China Morning Post reported. Two people have been reported missing. No deaths have been reported in Hong Kong. The level 10 warning typhoon Hato headed towards Hong Kong Wednesday morning, coming within 37 miles of land before heading west towards China, where it lost some of its strength. Schools, businesses and the stock market were forced to close in Hong Kong, and flights were canceled.

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History Watch

Sine of the times: Mysterious 3,700yo tablet reveals ancient Babylonian trigonometry (VIDEO)
The mystery of a numerically-coded Babylonian tablet has been cracked, with scientists in Australia revealing the 3,700-year-old clay artifact is the world’s oldest trigonometry table. Discovered by 20th century archaeologist Edgar Banks, the ancient clay fragment, known as Plimpton 322, has puzzled scientists for decades. Now researchers from University of New South Wales, Australia, say the tablet is actually the earliest known trigonometric table, predating Hellenistic models by 1,000 years. Consisting of four columns, the palm-sized ancestor to the familiar Sine, Cosine and Tangent trigonometry functions displays 15 rows of inscribed numbers and uses a sexagesimal numeral system. Normally held at Columbia University in New York, the tablet’s uses are detailed in a Historia Mathematica journal study.

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Earth Watch

Russian tanker sails through Arctic without icebreaker for first time
A Russian tanker has travelled through the northern sea route in record speed and without an icebreaker escort for the first time, highlighting how climate change is opening up the high Arctic. The $300m Christophe de Margerie carried a cargo of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Hammerfest in Norway to Boryeong in South Korea in 19 days, about 30% quicker than the conventional southern shipping route through the Suez Canal. The tanker was built to take advantage of the diminishing Arctic sea ice and deliver gas from a new $27m facility on the Yamal Peninsula, the biggest Arctic LNG project so far which has been championed by the Russian president, Vladimir Putin. On its maiden voyage, the innovative tanker used its integral icebreaker to cross ice fields 1.2m thick, passing along the northern sea section of the route in the Russian Arctic in a record six-and-a-half days.

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Abnormal tide warning issued for the entire coast of Chile
The Marine Meteorological Center of Valparaiso has issued an abnormal tide warning for the entire coast of Chile, from the Gulf of Penas in the country's south to the northern city of Arica. It is expected that these conditions will begin to manifest on Tuesday, August 22, 2017 and last until Sunday, August 27, reaching its greatest development at the respective high tide hours and according to local wind forecast. This is the ninth such categorized event so far this year, the agency reports in a warning issued August 21. "We have categorized this event as abnormal due to the height of the wave, which could reach 5 meters (16.4 feet) during high tides," said Lieutenant Felipe Rifo Esposito, Head of the Maritime Meteorological Center of Valparaiso. "One of the factors for this categorization is the New Moon on August 21, aligning with the Sun and Earth and generating the highest tides of the month."

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On The Lighter Side

2017 Solar eclipse
Best social media pictures & videos

The August 21 solar eclipse has left millions of Americans with a cosmic memory which will last a lifetime. A seemingly unending stream of photos and videos have been uploaded to social media throughout the day. RT takes a look at some of the best.

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Triad Theater
Calendar of Events

September 1st @ 7pm: Miracles & Inspirations with Scott Mowry
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Tickets available at "The Unholy See" hosted by Miceal On-line price $20 or at the door for $25.

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In The News

US & Canadian diplomats in Cuba diagnosed with brain injuries, nerve damage – reports
Diplomats stationed in Havana, Cuba, have suffered a number of strange ailments that have caused many to leave the country with permanent physical damage. Officials are reportedly investigating whether the symptoms were caused by sonic attacks. A doctor in the US has reportedly evaluated American and Canadian diplomats who were stationed in Havana, Cuba, and diagnosed them with conditions as serious as mild traumatic brain injury and likely damage to the central nervous system, according to medical records obtained by CBS News.  The diplomats reportedly complained about a range of symptoms from headaches to hearing loss and balance disorders, a source familiar with the incidents told CBS News, adding that diplomats in the country continue to be affected with similar symptoms. Officials are reportedly investigating whether the symptoms were caused by a sonic attack directed at their homes. The medical records purportedly show the diplomats underwent several tests, including comprehensive audiological evaluations.

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Huge talcum powder verdict opens floodgates for lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson
The $417 million California ruling against Johnson & Johnson (J&J), which concluded one of the company's talc-based powder products caused cancer, has opened a new front in litigation with thousands of lawsuits pending. The verdict drastically reversed the corporation’s hopes that the cases were picking up steam only in Missouri, where four decisions against J&J totaled $307 million. The pharmaceutical company is facing more battles in US courts with nearly 4,800 outstanding talc lawsuits. Earlier this week, a California jury awarded $417 million to a woman who claimed the talcum baby powder being produced by the company for more than 120 years caused her ovarian cancer. Eva Echeverria, 63, claimed that she developed ovarian cancer as she used Johnson's Baby Powder for feminine hygiene since childhood. The plaintiff said that J&J had failed to adequately warn consumers about its talcum powder’s potential cancer risks.

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