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Editors Corner

Did you know that there is now a wearable contact lens that can not only see what you see, with a built-in camera, but can also record and play videos too? Apparently it also has the capability to be controlled with the blink of an eye. Click here

Speaking of new things, have you heard about a new material that thickens when stretched and thins when compressed? Apparently it could lead to better bullet-proof materials, and it's even self-healing. Click here

On a slightly different subject, are you aware that the company Dannon, a large yogurt maker, has now pledged to make its flagship products almost completely non-GMO by the end of 2018? This includes the feed for the cows they source their milk from. The first signs of this process will start to become visible in July of this year. Apparently, by December 2017, they intend to have labels on their products noting any GMO ingredients. Click here

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In The News

7,000 airlifted out of Alberta inferno as officials warn blaze could double in size
Some 25,000 Canadians that fled north from Fort McMurray are reliving the horror of hastily evacuating through blazing forests, as thousands are now being forced to drive south or take rescue aircraft out. Meanwhile, the fire may double in size in a day. The gargantuan fire is currently raging through 101,000 hectares of land, senior wildfire manager Chad Morrison told reporters on Friday. Temperatures are expected to reach 27° Celsius on Saturday, which could double the size of the fire by the end of the day, Morrison added.  There are still thousands of evacuees hiding out in oil sands work camps north of the city that need to be moved as soon as possible, officials warn. Luckily, many of these camps have runways for small aircraft, which have been used to evacuate some 7,000 people already. At least 5,500 more will be airlifted out later on Friday.  A convoy of as many as 1,500 cars has also been trying to escape south to Edmonton via the highway passing through Fort McMurray. The first attempt failed, according to mounted police escorting the vehicles, as the drivers were faced with 60-meter-high (200ft) walls of flame raging on the sides of the road.

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Maine Democrats to vote on eliminating superdelegates
Officials from the Maine Democratic Party will vote on a rule change to eliminate superdelegates, the controversial institution that has a disproportionate role in choosing the party’s presidential nominee without necessarily representing voters. State representative Diane Russell introduced a rule change that would require superdelegates in Maine to be assigned proportionally based on the state’s caucus results, just like normal delegates are. The proposed change will be brought to a vote at this weekend’s state Democratic Party convention in Portland. Currently, superdelegates are permitted to go against the will of their voters and support any candidate that they please. In the 2016 presidential nomination, superdelegates have favored frontrunner Hillary Clinton by an overwhelming margin, compared to her slim lead over Bernie Sanders in elected delegates. This gap was even more apparent in Maine. Sanders received almost double the amount of votes as Clinton in the state’s caucuses, getting 64 percent support to her 35 percent. However, the Vermont senator has only received one of Maine’s five superdelegates, while Clinton has received three and one remains undeclared.

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All Belgians to be given iodine pills for nuclear safety
The Belgian government has agreed to distribute iodine pills to the country's entire population as a nuclear safety precaution. Health Minister Maggie De Block said current rules requiring pills to be given within 20km (12 miles) of a reactor should be increased to 100km. Belgium's neighbours have criticised the state of its nuclear reactors. However, the minister said the change was as a result of the March 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan. An earthquake led to a tsunami and all three reactor cores largely melted down. "Every country has updated its plans for a nuclear emergency," Ms De Block told Belgian TV.

Analysis by James Gallagher, health editor, BBC news website
Iodine tablets help to reduce the damage radiation does to the body after a nuclear accident. People living near the Fukushima nuclear plant were handed the pills after a tsunami caused a radiation leak in 2011. Radioactive iodine gathers in the thyroid gland and there it releases its energy and damages the tissue. Ultimately this can culminate in cancer. Taking the tablets fills the thyroid with stable iodine so there's no room for the radioactive material. Of course they offer no protection against other radioactive elements such as caesium-137.

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Earth Watch

Large and growing crack in mountain causes power shut down in Logan Town, Pennsylvania
A large crack formed in a hillside near the Altoona shopping center in the Logan Town, Pennsylvania, a couple of weeks ago. The crack is steadily growing since and has caused 52 local business in the area to shut temporarily on May 5, 2016. Initially, the crack was about 0.3 m (1 foot) wide, but is now spreading across the width of about 3 m (10 feet) and is, locally, 4.6 m (15 feet) deep. The local power supply to the shopping center was cut on May 4 and restored to most of the customers on the following day, according to the spokesman Scott Surgeoner. According to Dr. Jennifer Sliko, a lecturer in earth sciences at Penn State Harrisburg, the crack was caused by the so-called "mass wasting" geological phenomenon, the particular form, such as this one being known as a "slump". "Basically, from what I can see from Google Earth and the video, when they built the town center, they cut into a hillside, over-steepening it. When you're dealing with rock layers, you're dealing with hundreds of thousands of years. This is a 4.6 m (15-foot) crack that formed in the last couple of days. That's very fast, geologically speaking," explained Sliko.

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On The Lighter Side

2016 National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year

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RSE Newsletter

Ramtha and the News: Harvard Medical Researchers Switch On The “Immortality Gene”:
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Truth – The Impeccable JourneyApril 9, 2016 – Event Links:
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Community Calendar

We do love to hear from you especially about community events that you think our readers ought to know about. So, thanks and keep the info flowing.

May 7th @ 7:30pm: A Recital to Benefit The Phoenix Rising School
Pamela Roberts-Aue and The Phoenix Rising School Present
Greg Dempster, piano
Pamela Dare, soprano
In a Recital to Benefit The Phoenix Rising School
Works by Mozart, Debussy, Ravel, Chopin, Barber, Liszt
This event will be held at The Commons, Yelm Middle School, 402 Yelm Avenue West, Yelm, WA 98597
Click here or scroll to the bottom for more information

June 4th, 3pm to 9:30pm: The Phoenix Rising School presents: Summer Party and Auction!
Silent and live auction, paddle raise, dessert dash, wine, spirits, beer, live music by: LKMY, The Blue Laces, handcrafted burgers, frys and brats by Ricardo's. This event will be held at the Nisqually Springs Farm, 17835 Hwy 507 SE, Yelm. 21 and over only. Cost is $50, includes dinner, music and parking. Purchase tickets online only or call: 360.446.1500

Food Watch

Dannon Announces Breakthrough Sweeping Commitment for Sustainable Agriculture, More Natural Ingredients and Greater Transparency
The nation’s leading yogurt maker, Dannon, today announced a pledge to its farmers, retail customers and consumers to further improve sustainable agriculture practices for its milk supply, to increase transparency for its portfolio of products and evolve to more natural and fewer ingredients for flagship brands. The first impact of these changes will be visible starting July 2016, when the company will move to more natural ingredients which do not contain genetically modified ingredients for its flagship brands Oikos, Danimals and Dannon. These brands represent 50 percent of the company’s current volume. For the company’s foundation ingredient – milk – Dannon is going one big step further. Starting in 2017 and completing the transformation by the end of 2018, Dannon will work with its farmer partners to ensure that the cows that supply Dannon’s milk for these flagship products will be fed non-GMO feed, a first for a leading non-organic yogurt maker. To further improve transparency, by December 2017, Dannon’s labels will note the presence of GMO ingredients in all products in which such ingredients remain. Looking further into the future, Dannon’s ambition is to also evolve the other brands in its portfolio, beyond Dannon, Oikos and Danimals, over time.

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Technology Watch

Sony Is On A Mission Impossible – Its Contact Lens Now Can Record and Play Videos Too !
On 16 Jan 2014, the whole world bowed down to Google. It unveiled the lens project which could change the lives of millions of diabetics. The lens offers a new, high-tech way to keep their glucose level in check. It also maintains hydration level in wearer’s eye. Three weeks ago, a patent application by Samsung published at Korean Patent office took the whole tech world by surprise again. The patent disclosed a contact lens which houses a tiny camera. Further, a wearer can control that with the blink of his eyes. Cool, eh? And now this patent application by Sony couldn’t surprise me less. And believe me, it, too, is cool. Maybe uber cool! Confused? Well, read the second claim: “The contact lens according to claim 1, further comprising: a recording control unit configured to perform control in a manner that a captured image captured by the image pickup unit is recorded in a storage medium.” Do you know what that means? Read the last 10 words of the claim again. Yes! Whereas Samsung’s contact lens captured images and sends them to a smartphone, the Contact Lens of Sony doesn’t only capture images but stores them, too.

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Material that thickens when stretched may lead to better body armor
Normally when a material is stretched it thins out, and when it's compressed it thickens up. Chemists at the University of California at San Diego (UCSD) have just engineered a substance that does exactly the opposite, and it could lead to better bullet-proof materials – or improved running shoes. The researchers created their material by working with a protein called RhuA, which has a square molecular shape. By laying out the proteins and connecting them at their corners, they made a grid pattern that created a sheet-like crystal. When that crystal is stretched or compacted the protein tiles rotate in the opposite direction of the force, which gives it its unique property. It's a bit like a checkerboard where all the squares can flip up. If the checkerboard was stretched, the tiles would move to a vertical position, thus thickening the playing field. When compacted, the tiles flip to a horizontal position, making the material thinner when viewed from the side. This property is known as "auxetic."

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Triad Theater
Calendar of Events

May 7th after 3pm: Next Shitzale Drop-off Time in preparation for The Triad Second Annual Shitzale
Start gathering your delicately used thrift store quality items from your household and closets (no major appliances or big furniture please). The Shitzale is Sat/Sun May 21st and 22nd Noon-4pm so come in and buy some really good Shitz!!

May 7th @ 7:30pm: The Yelm Choir Presents - "A Toast to Life or Death" - Intrigued?
Come see what Warren Shaffer and the Yelm Choir have cooked up that explains this!!!??? Cost is $5

May 8th: Black Limo for Mother's Day
Treat Mom to a special day!! Swanky Room for 6, Champagne & Strawberries. Only $400. 360-790-7490

May 10th @ 7pm: MIRACLES and INSPIRATIONS with independent news reporter Scott Mowry. Scott explores hot issues not heard on mainstream media. No matter how awful the news, you’ll feel good about it. Cost is $10.

May 11th, 18th, & 25th @ 7pm: Focus Group "Match 4 & Lotto" followed by Corey Goode
Donations only. See our website for details:

The Poets of Yelmshire and Songwriters are taking the stage with performances the second Thursday of each month. Come hear the power of the spoken word in action or share your own poetry and songs. If applicable - BYOG: "Bring your own Guitar". Cost is $5.

May 13th & 14th @ 7pm: The Power of the Pyramid
On Friday hear about the wonders of the Pyramid and prepare for the demonstration on Saturday by Craig Morrin. Fri - $8; Sat - $10. Come to both for $15. A truly unique experience!!

May 14th @ 2pm: Skateboarders Documentary
Cost is only $1 dude!

May 15th, Noon to 5pm & 16th 4pm to 8pm: Auditions!! - "A Midsummer Night's Dream"
Details on our website and emails soon.

To stay in the know in the now…
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Email us at


Phoenix Rising School

“I am 1,000 percent behind this school.” - Ramtha

Pamela Roberts-Aue and The Phoenix Rising School Present
Greg Dempster, piano
Pamela Dare, soprano
In a Recital to Benefit The Phoenix Rising School
Works by Mozart, Debussy, Ravel, Chopin, Barber, Liszt

7.30PM, Saturday 7 May 2016
The Commons, Yelm Middle School
402 Yelm Avenue West
Yelm, WA 98597

Tickets available at the door, $15.00 minimum tax-deductible donation
For VIP seating and Patron’s Preview, call for information:
The Phoenix Rising School

Summer Party and Auction
On June 4th a 3:00pm We will be having The Phoenix Rising School’s Summer Party and Auction at the Nisqually Springs Farm in Yelm!

This event is 21 and over only!

We will have a Silent and Live Auction

Dessert Dash

There will be two live bands (LKMY and Blue Laces, Wonderful food by Ricardo's, wine and spirits!

We are excited to announce, One of our auction items will be a intimate la petite chat and Luncheon with JZ at her home. (Date to be determined)

This is a great opportunity to party with a purpose!

We greatly appreciate our ongoing monthly donors and to express our appreciation! We will be drawing two names at the auction that will have the honor of participating in JZ’S le petite chat and Luncheon at her home.

If you would like to be entered into the drawing and aren’t already a ongoing monthly donor of $10 or more. Please visit our website... or Call (360) 446.1500.

Auction Tickets are $50 per person and can be purchased online @ or by calling the school @ 360.446.1500

Who is the Phoenix Rising School? Click here to find out!

For more information about the Phoenix Rising School, click here:

Impact the future NOW, invest in our children TODAY!
Donate Online to The Phoenix Rising School

Ramtha quote copyright 2011 JZ Knight. Used with permission.
Visit our website.

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