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Editors Corner

Did you know that you may soon be able to get super fast internet through your phone line or cable? Apparently, a company by the name of Sckipio Technologies has come up with a way to get internet speed "That's 50 times faster than the broadband that you probably have coming into your home right now". Click here

Speaking of new technology, have you heard that scientists now have a DNA 'tape recorder' that can trace the family history of every cell in an organism? They basically use the CRISPR technique to insert a length of DNA 'tape' that they can edit giving it the equivalent of a barcode. Later they can use this 'barcode' to figure out each cells progenitor. Click here

On a slightly different subject, are you aware that the hypothetical Schrödinger’s cat is now dead and alive in two boxes at once? Scientists are doing experiments where they are using microwaves, instead of a cat, and a specially designed cavity, instead of a box. They point the microwaves in two opposing directions at the same time, and because these microwaves are quantumly entangled, testing the state of one will set the state of the other one to be the same. Click here

That's about it from me for this week.
Enjoy this newsletter and have a wonderful week.

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Passing of a Master
Ana Vollmann Ruthstrom

We invite you, friends and family, to celebrate the joyous life of our beloved Ana Vollmann Ruthstrom.

Sunday - June 5, 2016
3:00 to 7:00 pm
At the NOWNESS Retreat Center
22410 Aislinn Oir Ln SE
Yelm WA 98597
Contact Al Osolin or Diane DeMars:
(360) 894 1363

Please bring your loving memories of Ana and a potluck dish/beverage to share

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Earth Watch

Rare form of transient luminous event over Oklahoma, US
An enormous swarm of sprites was observed across the top of a thunderstorm during a severe weather outbreak in Oklahoma, US on May 23, 2016. The phenomenon was recorded by amateur astronomer Thomas Ashcraft, almost 640 km (400 miles) away, reports, but it seems that on that day, at 04:18 UTC, Ashcraft recorded a very rare transient luminous event. He points out to the "palm tree" dendritic fan shape in the midst of the sprite cluster - a possible 'pop-through gigantic jet' - and noted that the event is still being analyzed. Even if Ashcraft didn't record this rare event, just seeing and hearing sprites dancing high above the ground is a special treat. "The deep bass sound of the lightning stroke sounds like a distant shotgun blast in the night," he says. Oscar van der Velde, a lightning scientist at the Technical University of Catalonia, explains a 'pop-through gigantic jet' as a cluster of sprites that can actually warp Earth's ionosphere, bringing it down from its usual altitude of 90 km (56 miles) to only 40 km (29 miles)." This sets the stage for the jet.

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Tornadoes, intense flash floods, and large hail continue ravaging the US Plains, no relief in sight
Extreme weather conditions continue to affect the Plains. An intense tornado swept the Bryan town in Texas on May 26, 2016, damaging 60 homes, and completely destroying 3 of them. At the same time, heavy rainfalls induced severe flooding across the state, disrupting traffic, prompting road closures and evacuations across the affected areas. Two people were reported missing, after getting swept away by the raging floodwaters. Flash flood warnings have been issued for Kansas and Missouri, as well. A tornado touchdown in Bryan occurred at 13:00 on May 26 (local time) near the Wheeler Ridge subdivision near Boonville Road and FM 1179. No injuries have been reported so far. The Green Valley neighborhood, Mariemont community, and homes located along the FM 1179 at Boonville Road were all affected by the twister. "When I turned the corner and saw the tornado, all I could see was just debris and trees flying. It was just a war zone,"  said resident Don Maxwell. According to the National Weather Service (NWS), another tornado touchdown was reported near the Wixon Valley on May 26.

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Technology Watch

Huge breakthrough in blazing fast internet speeds
How would you like Google Fiber-like internet speeds delivered over your home phone line? That's the promise of G.Fast. It's a new technology that can deliver blazing fast internet over the wires you already have in your home. For many, it will be the first time they'll have more than one choice for broadband. There are still a lot of questions surrounding G.Fast: When will it be available? Who will be able to get it? And how much will it cost? But on Monday, one crucial question was answered: How fast will it be? Very. Israeli chipmaker Sckipio announced a new G.Fast solution that can deliver both upload and download speeds 750 megabits per second. That's 50 times faster than the broadband that you probably have coming into your home right now. But soon even that will seem slow. The next generation of chips that could come within another year will provide double that speed for both upload and download, Sckipio said. That's 1.5 gigabits per second -- faster than anything Google Fiber offers today.

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Triad Theater
Calendar of Events

May 27th @ 7pm: Movie Double Feature - "Himalaya, Land of Women" and "Becoming Snow"
Cost is $8. Movie details are on our website at

May 28th @ 2:30: An evening hosted by Miceal and featuring Dr. Rodrigo Vildosola who will give an understanding of the entire Keshe Technology and more. An exciting afternoon not to be missed!! Cost is $35 and tickets are available by CLICKING HERE.

May 28th @ 7pm: Cloning is explored in this SciFi Hit - Kyle XY Parts 1,2, & 3. Cost is $8.

May 29th, 12:30pm to 6:30pm: DNA Ancestral Workshop - Hosted by Cyndi McKenna
Cost is a sliding scale based on participation. $20-$40.

May 31st @ 7pm: Shortcuts to Ascension
Starts at 7pm for $10.

June 2nd, 10:30am to 12:30pm: Live Stream - Awakened Goddess Annette Carlstrom
Cost is $8.

Sundays in June, 1pm to 4pm: Art Classes - Charcoals & Acrylics
CLICK HERE for details and enrollment information. Taught by Artist Susan Tabor.

June 11th: Miceal is back in Conversations with Miceal
Details posted soon.

June 24th @ 7pm: LAURA EISENHOWER with Brooks Agnew & hosted by Miceal
----- GET YOUR TICKETS ---- . Available on our website by CLICKING HERE. VIP and Regular seating available. Who is she? FIND OUT HERE

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Community Calendar

We do love to hear from you especially about community events that you think our readers ought to know about. So, thanks and keep the info flowing.

June 4th, 3pm to 9:30pm: The Phoenix Rising School presents: Summer Party and Auction!
Silent and live auction, paddle raise, dessert dash, wine, spirits, beer, live music by: LKMY, The Blue Laces, handcrafted burgers, frys and brats by Ricardo's. This event will be held at the Nisqually Springs Farm, 17835 Hwy 507 SE, Yelm. 21 and over only. Cost is $50, includes dinner, music and parking. Purchase tickets online only or call: 360.446.1500

June 8th @ 7pm: Fundraiser - Diane Dondero for Thurston County Commissioner District 1
You are invited to a Fundraising Event at Pint’s Barn, 114 E Street Tumwater, WA 98512. There will be Free Hors d’oeuvres and Cash Bar, Raffle and Silent Auction.
Please make checks to:
The People’s Candidate
16940 Russian Hill Lane SE
Rainier, Washington 98576

Donate online at:

In The News

Water-less Washington: State declares drought emergency
Washington Governor Jay Inslee declared a statewide drought emergency, citing historic low levels of snow, shrinking rivers and water restrictions to farmers already in place. Authorities are expecting a $1.2 billion crop loss this year. “We have some tough, challenging months ahead of us,” Inslee said in a statement. “We’re ready to bring support and relief to the hardest hit areas of the state. We’re going to do everything we can to get through this.” According to the governor’s office, irrigation districts in the Yakima Basin, the state’s most productive farming region, have resorted to rationing in order to extend water supplies. In the Walla Walla region, the authorities are shifting water “from creek to creek” and even hauling the fish upstream to cooler water, in an effort to preserve the steelhead, Chinook and bull trout populations. Last month, the US Geological Survey found that 78 percent of streams around Washington were running below normal and some were at record lows. The worst drought in a decade has the state’s Department of Natural Resources expecting an increase in wildfires as well.

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Severe mercury contamination in Amazon prompts state of emergency, Peru
The Peruvian government has declared a 60-day state of emergency for 11 towns in Madre de Dios, a region in southeastern Peru’s Amazon Basin, after officials found alarmingly high levels of mercury. This highly toxic metal comes from illegal gold mines and causes chronic renal and neurological disorders. It is especially harmful to children and pregnant women. Country's environmental ministry said that mercury levels taken from blood samples in the local population as well as water samples taken from local rivers were higher than legally permitted, prompting the emergency. The Harakmbut indigenous community suffered the most contamination, with mercury levels more than six times the legal limit. In a press conference held Monday, May 23 Health Vice-Minister Percy Minaya said that mercury contamination may have affected 50 000 people, with deposits likely to be found in the air, water, fish, and sediment. Peru is Latin America's largest producer of gold, with 15% of the country's gold coming from illegal mines. And this seems to be the culprit, according to government officials, as vast illegal miners deposit mercury used to separate the gold from rocks in nearby rivers or pits.

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Climate Watch

Super Hot! India Records Its Highest Temperature Ever
A city in India has recorded the highest temperature in the country's history — 51 degrees Celsius, or 123.8 degrees Fahrenheit. Murari Lal Thanvi told the BBC it was so hot in the city of Phalodi on Friday that his cellphone stopped working. "I was able to switch my mobile phone on after putting a wet cloth on it for about 20-25 minutes." The city in western Rajasthan state broke the record Thursday; India's previous hottest day on record was 50.6 degrees Celsius in Alwar in 1956, according to The Times of India. The scorching heat in Phalodi comes amid a heat wave across much of the country, as residents eagerly await the arrival of the monsoon season.

As The Associated Press reports: "The monsoon normally hits southern India in the first week of June and covers the rest of the nation within a month. It is especially eagerly awaited this year because several parts of the country are reeling under a drought brought on by two years of weak rains.

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Science Watch

DNA 'tape recorder' to trace cell history
Researchers have invented a DNA "tape recorder" that can trace the family history of every cell in an organism. The technique is being hailed as a breakthrough in understanding how the trillions of complex cells in a body are descended from a single egg. "It has the potential to provide profound insights into how normal, diseased or damaged tissues are constructed and maintained," one UK biologist told the BBC. The work appears in Science journal. The human body has around 40 trillion cells, each with a highly specialised function. Yet each can trace its history back to the same starting point - a fertilised egg. Developmental biology is the business of unravelling how the genetic code unfolds at each cycle of cell division, how the body plan develops, and how tissues become specialised. But much of what it has revealed has depended on inference rather than a complete cell-by-cell history. "I actually started working on this problem as a graduate student in 2000," confessed Jay Shendure, lead researcher on the new scientific paper. "Could we find a way to record these relationships between cells in some compact form we could later read out in adult organisms?"

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Schrödinger’s cat now dead and alive in two boxes at once
Schrödinger’s cat can’t seem to catch a break. The unfortunate imaginary feline is famous for being alive and dead at the same time, as long as it remains hidden inside a box. Scientists have now gone one step further, splitting one living-dead cat between two boxes. Animal lovers can relax — there are no actual cats involved. Instead, physicists used microwaves to mimic the cat’s weird quantum behavior. The new advance, reported May 26 in Science, brings scientists a step closer to building quantum computers out of such systems. Schrödinger’s cat is the hapless participant in a hypothetical experiment dreamt up by physicist Erwin Schrödinger in 1935. He imagined a cat in a closed box with a lethal poison that will be released if a sample of radioactive material decays. After any given amount of time passes, quantum math can provide only the odds that the material has decayed and released the poison. So from the quantum perspective, the cat is in a state of superposition — both dead and alive. It remains in limbo until the box is opened, and out comes a purring kitty or a lifeless corpse.

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Phoenix Rising School

“I am 1,000 percent behind this school.” - Ramtha

Summer Party and Auction
On June 4th a 3:00pm We will be having The Phoenix Rising School’s Summer Party and Auction at the Nisqually Springs Farm in Yelm!

This event is 21 and over only!

We will have a Silent and Live Auction

Dessert Dash

There will be two live bands (LKMY and Blue Laces, Wonderful food by Ricardo's, wine and spirits!

We are excited to announce, One of our auction items will be a intimate la petite chat and Luncheon with JZ at her home. (Date to be determined)

This is a great opportunity to party with a purpose!

We greatly appreciate our ongoing monthly donors and to express our appreciation! We will be drawing two names at the auction that will have the honor of participating in JZ’S le petite chat and Luncheon at her home.

If you would like to be entered into the drawing and aren’t already a ongoing monthly donor of $10 or more. Please visit our website... or Call (360) 446.1500.

Auction Tickets are $50 per person and can be purchased online @ or by calling the school @ 360.446.1500

Who is the Phoenix Rising School? Click here to find out!

For more information about the Phoenix Rising School, click here:

Impact the future NOW, invest in our children TODAY!
Donate Online to The Phoenix Rising School

Ramtha quote copyright 2011 JZ Knight. Used with permission.
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