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Editors Corner

Did you know that spiders eat more then just insects? Apparently many spiders eat plants, and one species is even completely vegetarian. Click here

While we're on the subject of nature, are you aware that there was a hailstorm in Texas with hailstones the size of golf balls? Apparently the storm was strong enough that a zoo reported several dead exotic birds, as well as some injured and stunned ones, among other things. Click here

On a slightly different subject, have you heard about the move by General Mills to start labeling its products that have genetically modified ingredients? Apparently they are following the lead of Campbell's Soup. Hopefully this will encourage others to do the same. Click here

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Bloggers Corner
Bernie Is Our Man
By Florence Vincent

The system is rigged. You can fix it, or continue it. Energy policy is dictated by the fossil fuel industry, security/war policy by the military industrial complex, healthcare policy by the health insurance industry, drug prices by Big Pharma, what we eat by Big Ag, fiscal policy by the Big Banks and trade policy is written by multinational corporations. For 40 years corporate money in politics has decimated the middle class. All politicians have to take money to run for office. Until now. Bernie Sanders, the Independent Senator from Vermont running as a Democrat has been against the machine for 35 years ago. His integrity and foresight are well known. He was against the war in Iraq, he foresaw what has happened. He was against what Fed. Chairman Greenspan did to create the mortgage crisis; years later Greenspan apologized. He foresaw what trade deals would do to jobs. He wants Medicare for All, Pre-K, State College for those who want and to tax the mega-corporations and mega-banks to pay for it. Saturday March 26th attend your local Caucus and vote as a Democrat for the purpose of the Caucus. Caucuses will be at Yelm MS, Rainier HS, Tenino Elementary. For McKenna and Roy, it should be at Eatonville HS. But go to to find your exact caucus venue and to print and fill out a Pre-Register form to take with you to save time in line.

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Nature Watch

Spider diet goes way beyond insects
Spiders eat insects. That’s why some of us are reluctant to kill spiders we find at home — we figure they’ll eat the critters we really don’t want around. But a new study reveals that the spider diet is far more diverse than we learned in elementary school. Spiders are insectivores, sure, but many also have a taste for plants. Only one species of spider is known to be completely vegetarian. Bagheera kiplingi jumping spiders of Mexico survive mostly on bits of acacia trees, Science News reported in 2008. And while scientists have yet to find any other vegetarian species, plant-eating appears to be very common, particularly among jumping spiders and spiders that make webs outdoors. Martin Nyffeler of the University of Basel in Switzerland and colleagues combed books and journals for reports of spiders consuming plant material. There is evidence of veggie-eating among more than 60 species of spiders, representing 10 families and every continent but Antarctica, the team reports in the April Journal of Arachnology. Perhaps past scientists can be forgiven for overlooking the plant-eating behavior, as spiders can’t eat solid material. They have a reputation for sucking the juices out of their prey, but that’s not quite the right description. Instead, a spider covers its prey with digestive juices, chews the meat with its chelicerae and then sucks the juices in. This eating style means, though, that spiders can’t just cut a piece of leaf or fruit and chow down.

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On The Lighter Side

André Rieu - España cañi 2015
Also known as the Spanish Gypsy Dance

Enter the Psychedelic Temples Under the Alps

Triad Theater
Calendar of Events

March 12th - 26th: Phoenix Rising Children's Art Show
Please show your support for these talented children and stop by Weekends & Wednesdays: 4pm-6pm through March 26th

March 19th @ 6pm: Conversations with Miceal - Phase Two
You only throw a stick at a lion once: confronting aggression on thought. When we run after our thoughts we are like dogs chasing a stick. Every time a stick is thrown a dog will chase it. Instead, be like a lion, who would rather than chasing the stick turns to face the thrower. You only throw a stick at a lion once. - Jetsun Milarepa (c. 1052 - c. 1135 AD
Pay at the door $35. Doors open at 5pm and Main Event at 6pm. DON'T FORGET TO RSVP - CLICK HERE

March 22nd @ 7pm: Immortality Talks hosted by Cyndi McKenna
Cyndi McKenna will be showing 2 films about the phenomenon of breatharianism: Living on Light: a new documentary in English, by a Czech producer. Meet breathanians, aka "pranic beings" from Australia, Ecudor, Belgium, Czechoslovakia and more. The Second feature is In the Beginning There Was Light which was the first film to take a scientific look at the possibilities, over a 6-year period. Note - this movie has full English Narration. Cost: $10.

March 25th @ 7pm: Sacred Geometry and the connection to the Platonic Solids and the DNA Key to life!
Taped Presentation from Conscious Life Expo with David Wilcock. Hosted by...Judy Chapman (master instructor/artist of Sacred Geometry) with exclusive Taped Presentation from Conscious Life Expo on Recent scientific discoveries of DNA and it's geometrical template.
Cost: $10.

March 26th @ 7pm: Sing-along - Jesus Christ Super Star
The greatest story ever told with Andrew Loyd Webbers outstanding Musical Direction! Powerful! Thought provoking!
Pay at the door $10 for adults, $5 children.

April 1st @ 9pm: Comedians hit the stage - No Foolin'
April fools stand-up comedy featuring Chris Walter, Tracee Mitchell, Robert Moore, Evelyn Jensen
$25 includes one beverage - CLICK HERE for tickets

April 8th @ 7pm: Documentary - Cooked
As he tries his hand at baking, brewing and braising, acclaimed food writer Michael Pollan explores how cooking transforms food and shapes our world. Based on Michael Pollan's book. Cost: $8.

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Weather Watch

Oh hail no: Hailstorm kills animals in Texas zoo
Several exotic birds at the Fort Worth Zoo lost their lives early Thursday when a powerful hailstorm hit North Texas. The hail, which was reported to be the size of golf balls, killed five flamingoes, a pelican, and several other small birds. The storm was strong enough to break windows, including a skylight at the zoo, and damage police vehicles in Arlington, the Associated Press reported. Unfortunately, it was also strong enough to break several birds as well. The flamingos had stayed outside during the storm, according to spokeswoman Alexis Wilson. "They were all in the water where they usually are," Wilson told AP. "We have probably 60-something flamingos that are on exhibit, and they don't come in, they stay out." Several other birds were injured as well, but the outlook for them is optimistic. “We did have a few birds injured; they are over in our hospital. We do have an animal hospital on premises. Some of them were just a little stunned, probably had gotten hit by hailstones,” Wilson told CBS-DFW.

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In The News

Lead taints drinking water in hundreds of schools, day cares across USA
Whenever Jamison Rich got thirsty after gym or recess, he took a drink from the nearest water fountain at his elementary school. Only last month did his family learn that the water bubbling out of some fountains contained high levels of lead, a notorious toxin that can silently damage developing brains and slow growth in little bodies like his. Recently, a blood test on the 7-year-old found more than twice the average level of lead for young children, even though as far as anyone knows he's never come in contact with lead paint or tainted soil. Jamison's school, Caroline Elementary in Ithaca, N.Y., is one of hundreds across the nation where children were exposed to water containing excessive amounts of an element doctors agree is unsafe at any level, a USA TODAY NETWORK investigation found. An analysis of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency data showed about 350 schools and day-care centers failed lead tests a total of about 470 times from 2012 through 2015. That represents nearly 20% of the water systems nationally testing above the agency's "action level" of 15 parts per billion.

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Colorado considers bill to make it easier to sue Big Oil over fracking earthquakes
If you were under the impression that ordinary people couldn’t do much to hold Big Oil companies directly accountable for the environmental havoc they wreak, you definitely weren’t alone. But, if a bill currently making its way through Colorado’s state legislature becomes reality, Coloradans harmed by quakes linked to the fracking boom may be able to sue frackers. The bill, HB16-1310, would hold companies liable for physical injuries and damage to property caused by the recent spate of unusual earthquakes in the West. Researchers from the University of Colorado and Stanford University determined last year that the increased seismic activity in the region was caused by the industry’s practice of injecting massive amounts of toxic wastewater from oil and gas operations — primarily from hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking” — into underground wells. In its current incarnation, the bill would lower the burden of proof for plaintiffs, who’d have grounds for a case so long as they could demonstrate that oil and gas operations had occurred in the area where the injurious earthquake had occurred. That would make it increasingly difficult for companies to get a case thrown out of court right off the bat.

Click here to read full article

GMO Watch

A bill to block GMO labeling fails key Senate vote
A bill that would have stopped states from mandating labels for genetically engineered food failed a key vote on Wednesday morning. The measure would have quashed local laws, including one about to take effect in Vermont, that require food companies to label packages with genetically modified ingredients. The Senate’s rejection of the current bill doesn’t mean its dead. Senators are likely to resume negotiations on the bill after they return from a two-week break and vote on it again. A similar bill has already passed in the House, so the Senate’s approval would put it a short step away from becoming law. Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan.) sponsored the bill and got broad support from his party. But Republicans needed the help of farm-state Democrats who wound up voting against it. Earlier this month I predicted that Roberts would need to compromise with Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) to get this passed. Her vote is particularly important, because she has been able to pull in reluctant Democrats to vote on bipartisan agriculture bills. But Roberts never compromised: The bill sailed through committee and straight to a Senate vote without any horse trading.

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General Mills is doing GMO labeling, because it’s just easier
General Mills announced Friday that it would start labeling its products containing genetically modified ingredients. You’ll see them on packaging soon, and you can already check the status of your Count Chocula Cereal and Nature Valley Granola Bars at a company website. The move comes ahead of a Vermont law mandating GMO labels in that state, and because there is no easy way to separate products going to one state, the company decided to add labels nationwide. “We can’t label our products for only one state without significantly driving up costs for our consumers and we simply will not do that,” wrote Jeff Harmening, General Mills’ chief operating officer, on the food giant’s blog. The announcement follows a failed bid earlier this week by Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan.) to fast-track a bill that would have blocked the Vermont labeling law. The Senate shot down that bill on Wednesday. But the measure is likely to re-emerge in coming months, and could still pass. Apparently, “likely” and “could” aren’t reassuring enough for General Mills.

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