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Editors Corner

Did you know that trees appear to 'sleep' at night? Apparently researchers have found that "trees have been shown to undergo physical changes at night that can be likened to sleep". It has even been observed that the branches of birch trees droop "by as much as 10 centimeters at the tips towards the end of the night". Click here

Speaking if night, have you ever looked up at the night sky only to find that there don't seem to be many stars that you can see, most likely because of light pollution? Apparently, because of this issue, a third of the worlds population, "including 80 per cent of Americans", cannot see "the brilliant river of stars that makes up the Milky Way". Click here

Sound pollution is also an issue in some places, but one company may have a solution to this (at least as far as sound systems go). Have you ever heard of a flat pane of glass being used as a speaker (aka, to make sound)? Apparently, while there is a little more to this then a 'flat pane of glass', this company has come up with a way to do just that, and these 'speakers' are much more directional then traditional speakers (you can't hear much standing beside them, only in-front of, and maybe behind them). Click here

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Health Watch

Some of My Best Friends Are Germs
I can tell you the exact date that I began to think of myself in the first-person plural — as a superorganism, that is, rather than a plain old individual human being. It happened on March 7. That’s when I opened my e-mail to find a huge, processor-choking file of charts and raw data from a laboratory located at the BioFrontiers Institute at the University of Colorado, Boulder. As part of a new citizen-science initiative called the American Gut project, the lab sequenced my microbiome — that is, the genes not of “me,” exactly, but of the several hundred microbial species with whom I share this body. These bacteria, which number around 100 trillion, are living (and dying) right now on the surface of my skin, on my tongue and deep in the coils of my intestines, where the largest contingent of them will be found, a pound or two of microbes together forming a vast, largely uncharted interior wilderness that scientists are just beginning to map. I clicked open a file called Taxa Tables, and a colorful bar chart popped up on my screen. Each bar represented a sample taken (with a swab) from my skin, mouth and feces. For purposes of comparison, these were juxtaposed with bars representing the microbiomes of about 100 “average” Americans previously sequenced.

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Earth Watch

The 'Windsor Hum': where is the noise plaguing a city of 210,000 coming from?
It’s been compared to a subwoofer blasting Barry White’s greatest hits or an idling diesel truck. Others say the low, rumbling noise that has stalked residents in the Canadian city of Windsor for years sounds like Star Trek’s Enterprise gearing up for warp speed. “Very destructive,” is how Mike Provost, a 62-year-old retired insurance salesman describes the so-called Windsor Hum. “If you think of thunder, and you take that thunder and constantly repeat it for hours and days, weeks, that’s all it is.” Residents on the west and south side of Windsor – a city of 210,000 people that sits just across the river from Detroit – began complaining of a mysterious noise some six years ago, blaming it for rattling windows and trembling wall hangings. “You can’t get away from it,” says Provost. “You go outside to work in your garden, you go outside to enjoy the sun, the noise is there.” Part noise and part vibration, the hum varies in intensity and comes and goes at random intervals, sometimes lasting hours and other times droning on for days. Sometimes it quiets down. But in recent months, residents say the Windsor hum has intensified to unprecedented – and unbearable – levels.

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Weather Watch

Cloud seeding flight suspected to aggravate major flooding in Tasmania
A cloud-seeding company Hydro Tasmania performed the seeding over the Derwent River watershed a day before the widespread flooding, caused by intense rainstorms, began on June 6, 2016. According to Premier Will Hodgman, the Energy Minister Matthew Groom is looking for an explanation as to why the seeding was authorized despite the heavy rainfalls already forecast. Cloud seeding is a process of changing the amounts or types of precipitation by adding substances into the air that act in support of cloud condensation or ice nuclei, altering the microphysical processes occurring within the clouds. Hydro Tasmania confirmed it conducted a cloud seeding flight on the day the storms were about to sweep the region. The flights took place on the morning of June 5 (local time) when flood warnings were already in the place in the northern area. The procedure went on for over an hour north of the Great Lake and was targeting the Upper Derwent catchment that provides water to several hydroelectric dams downstream.

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Technology Watch

These Nifty Transparent Speakers Could Speak Directly to You
Let's hear it for magical audio beams. A new pair of transparent glass speakers with directional audio promises to speak directly to you. Yeah, you, and not the other passengers in the car who are trying to sleep. The HyperSound glass directional speakers made by Turtle Beach generate a narrow beam of audio in the air targeted at listeners. This is similar to the way a flashlight illuminates a specific area, the company explained online. Details for exactly how they work hasn't been disclosed, but the effect is produced from electronics and multiple layers of transparent films over the glass, according to the company's description. While the HyperSound glass speakers certainly aren't the only transparent ones — check out this sweet version from Swedish design firm People People -- they do appear to be the first that boast directional audio. The speakers will be on display for the first time at the 2016 Electronics Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles from June 14 to 16. Beyond the novelty, there are potential applications that make sense to me. Turtle Beach CEO Juergen Stark recently mentioned integrating the technology into automotive dashboard glass to provide warnings directed at the driver.

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Space Watch

Shocking interactive map reveals the full extent of light pollution around the globe - and shows one in three can't see the Milky Way
If you have ever looked skyward to watch a meteor shower in the night sky, only to lose the stars in the haze of city lights, you are not alone. Experts have revealed that one in three of us are unable to see the brilliant river of stars that makes up the Milky Way, including 80 per cent of Americans, because of light pollution. They have created a global atlas of light pollution to show where you are most likely to see the beautiful dim glowing band across the sky and where it is all but a faded memory – in much of Italy and South Korea, for example.  Light pollution is a growing problem in the majority of developed countries, with constantly lit cities creating a luminous fog, or ‘skyglow’, that swamps the stars and constellations of the night sky. ‘We've got whole generations of people in the United States who have never seen the Milky Way,’ said Chris Elvidge, a scientist with NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Information in Boulder, Colorado. ‘It's a big part of our connection to the cosmos – and it's been lost.’ Dr Elvidge is part of a team which used high-resolution satellite data and precision sky brightness measurements to produce a global atlas of light pollution, which the group claims to be the most accurate assessment yet.

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On The Lighter Side

World’s Easiest DIY Electric Train

Community Calendar

We do love to hear from you especially about community events that you think our readers ought to know about. So, thanks and keep the info flowing.

June 16th 6:30pm to 8pm: Essential Oils - Surviving the Summer Chemical Free. Stop Poisoning Yourself, Your Family and Your Pets
You will learn: 1) How essential oils can replace toxic products; commercial sunscreen, bug repellants, garden insecticides and household cleaners.2) Create a toxic-free environment that is Good for You and Good for the Planet. 3) Save money. Make your own safe, effective products for pennies on the dollar.
Location: Yelm doTERRA classroom, 17008 146th Ave SE, Yelm
Hosted by: Barbra Kates More info: 360-894-7527

June 28th 6:30pm to 8pm: It’s a Party!! Come Play Essential Oil BINGO!!
There will be lots of prizes, snacks and free stuff. We promise you will learn and laugh. Bring a friend, and join us for a fun evening.
Location: Yelm doTERRA classroom, 17008 146th Ave SE, Yelm
Hosted by: Anita Marriott and Jan Jones More info: 360-458-4500

In The News

Massive sinkhole in heart of Ottawa causes gas leak, power outage and forces evacuation

Mystery Navy test will JAM GPS signals in California for up to six hours a day

The US government is conducting a series of mysterious tests on the West Coast that could disrupt GPS signals for hundreds of miles around. In a document published this [last] weekend [June 4th], the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a flight advisory for six days this month, when the ‘GPS interference testing’ will occur.

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Nature Watch

Trees seen resting branches while ‘asleep’ for the first time
They don’t snore, but might creak during their slumbers. For the first time, trees have been shown to undergo physical changes at night that can be likened to sleep, or at least to day-night cycles that have been observed experimentally in smaller plants. Branches of birch trees have now been seen drooping by as much as 10 centimetres at the tips towards the end of the night. “It was a very clear effect, and applied to the whole tree,” says András Zlinszky of the Centre for Ecological Research in Tihany, Hungary. “No one has observed this effect before at the scale of whole trees, and I was surprised by the extent of the changes.” Zlinszky and his colleagues scanned trees in Austria and Finland with laser beams between sunset and sunrise. From the time it takes beams to bounce back from branches and leaves, they could measure the movements of each tree, in three dimensions and at resolutions of centimetres.

Drooping in the dark
“The experiment is the first of its kind,” says team-member Eetu Puttonen of the Finnish Geospatial Research Institute in Masala. “These studies have only been done before in small plants, but here, it was possible to do it outside in fully grown trees.”

Click here to read full article

Triad Theater
Calendar of Events

Weekendz, Noon to 4pm: Shitzale continuez by popular demandz

Sundays in June, 1pm to 4pm: Art Classes - Charcoals & Acrylics
CLICK HERE for details and enrollment information. Taught by Artist Susan Tabor.

June 11th @ 6pm: Miceal is back in Conversations with Miceal
Cost: $35. Click here for online registration

June 23rd @ 7pm: Yelm Prairie Days Parade starts
Prairie Days Celebration in Yelm June 23rd, 24th, & 25th.

June 24th @ 7pm: LAURA EISENHOWER with Brooks Agnew & hosted by Miceal
Available on our website here: Laura E. REG/VIP tickets Only 7 VIP seats remain. Who is she? FIND OUT HERE

June 25th: Fireside Chat & Dinner with LAURA EISENHOWER
Only 10 seats (20 if weather is good). $125 Available on our website here Laura E. Fireside Chat/Dinner

July 6th/7th: Lecture & Workshop with Psychic SOLRETA ANTARIA
For those interested in Lecture only on July 6th is $15. Workshop is on July 7th. Cost for both nights is $100. Workshop held offsite under the stars. Available on our website here: Psychic Solreta Antaria

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