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Editors Corner

Did you know that airplanes could use less fuel if the pilots want them to? Apparently Virgin Atlantic Airways did a study in which they incentivized some pilots to use less fuel. The pilots that received the most incentives not only used the least fuel but, of course, also appeared to like their job more. Click here

Speaking of making things better, have you heard that there is a form of glass that can help bones heal? Apparently a facility in France is manufacturing a powder they are calling 'BoneGlass' that, when applied to bones during surgery, helps them heal quicker. Click here

Are you aware that there is now a refrigerator that uses magnetic fields to cool? A company apparently figured out that when a magnetic field is applied to a suitable material, that material heats up. When that magnetic field is removed, it cools down. This new magnetic fridge apparently uses less power then the common electric refrigerators that use a compressor to move around a special liquid/gas that does the cooling. Click here

There's more, but I will leave the rest for you to discover and enjoy.
Have a wonderful week.

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Making a Complete Protein with Grains & Legumes
Or, How to Get Enough Protein When You Can’t Get Meat
By Teri Simpson of Optimum Preparedness

All proteins, no matter what food they come from, are made up of amino acids.  Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. And protein is what your body needs to build and maintain your body’s health. And when we think of Protein, we think of chicken, beef, turkey, pork, fish and eggs.

When you eat a T-bone steak or baked beans (or anything that contains any protein at all, even a tiny amount), your digestive system breaks the food down into amino acids that are absorbed into your blood stream. From there, the amino acids are used to build the proteins that make up your muscles, organs, your brain and lots of other tissues.

Your body can make many amino acids itself, but there are some amino acids that the human body can't manufacture.  These amino acids are called the essential amino acids because you have to actually eat foods that contain them.

A deficiency in any one of those 10 essential amino acids can cause the proteins in your muscle and other tissues to deteriorate, as your body seeks to obtain the necessary amino acid it’s missing by stealing it from your own body tissue.

These are the essential amino acids that your body can’t make on its own (so you must consume/eat them): Histidine, Isoleucine, Leucine, Lysine , Methionine, Phenylalanine, Threonine, Tryptophan, Valine.

Animal proteins all contain every single one of these essential amino acids, so they're called complete proteins. Eggs also contain every single one of these essential amino acids (see our Ova Easy Egg Crystals - they taste as good as freshly laid eggs and they have a 7 year shelf life!).

But plant proteins are a little different. Each plant that you eat has a different combination of amino acids. For example, grains and cereals are extremely low in Lysine. So low that they can't even be considered a source of Lysine. If you only eat grains and cereals, you won't get enough Lysine, and that's bad.

Luckily, legumes such as peanuts, peas, dry beans and lentils contain a lot of Lysine -- all the Lysine you really need. But legumes (the peanuts, peas, dry beans and lentils) don’t have enough tryptophan, methionine and cystine. Luckily (again), those essential amino acids ARE found in grains and cereals!

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Passing of a Master
Leo Spencer

Dear Friends:

On July 4th at 10:15pm our beloved friend and "father" Leo Spencer gained his freedom from his body, and passed on with the jubilance of fireworks.

He stayed in the comfortable surroundings of his home, and was still making his own coffee two days before.

We expect him to greet us in orb form now once in a while.

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Something Worth Knowing

Weeds That Are Good for Your Garden
While some weeds are invasive and steal nutrients from intentionally planted flowers or edibles, there are other “weeds” that may actually help your garden or lawn. Before declaring war on those dandelions, read on to learn about some of the beneficial volunteer plants. You might find some new helpers and save yourself some work.

1. Nitrogen Fixers
Plants require nitrogen to survive. The problem is most nitrogen naturally occurs as a gas in our atmosphere and is unavailable to plants. Nitrogen fixing plants solve this issue with specialized root nodules that can take nitrogen from the air and store it in their roots. The nitrogen becomes available to other plants once the nitrogen fixers die and the roots start to decompose. The legume family of plants are excellent nitrogen fixers, including clover, vetch, peas, beans, lupines, false indigo, and alfalfa. Leave these plants to die at the end of the season or till in perennial varieties to allow the nitrogen to be released. Even some potentially weedy trees and shrubs are great for fixing nitrogen, such as sea buckthorn, broom, alder, locust trees, and Russian olives. The older roots that die off naturally will release nitrogen into the surrounding soil.

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If you want planes to use less fuel, just ask the pilot nicely
If you want something, just ask — even when it comes to emissions reductions in the commercial aviation industry, apparently. Airlines could reduce their emissions, save a ton of fuel money, and promise cheaper flights to its passengers simply by asking their pilots to ease up a little on the gas pedal. A new behavioral research study, published by the National Bureau of Economic Research, reported jumps in fuel efficiency after plying pilots with simple incentives, such as providing monthly feedback on how much fuel they’ve conserved on flight. The experiment — carried out on Virgin Atlantic Airways — was so effective that it “outperforms every other reported carbon abatement technology of which we are aware,” write the economists who executed the study. Across 40,000 flights over eight months, pilots reduced carbon emissions by 21,000 tons and fuel costs by $44 million. A win all around! The researchers randomly divided Virgin’s 335 airline captains — all of whom knew the company was studying their fuel use — into four groups. The control group went about business as usual.

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Science Watch

Now THAT really is a glass jaw that won't shatter: Powder used on broken bones could make them stronger and heal faster
You might think of glass as fragile, but a French biomaterials is using it to regrow one of the toughest tissues in the human body – bone. Manufactured by Noraker, the powdery granules of ‘BoneGlass’ help bones to regrow by stimulating cells called osteoblasts. It has already been used to treat more than a million patients around the world, helping fractured bones heal themselves. Just a tiny amount of the powder, which resembles coarse salt, is added during surgery – such as in reconstructive spinal operations to repair worn bone. Earlier this week, reporters were invited to see how BoneGlass is made at Noraker’s production facility in Villeurbanne, France. The granules are a glass ceramic bioactive powder called '45S5', comprising silicon, sodium, phosphorous and calcium oxide – all of which are key to the bone forming process. Decked out in silver heat-resistant suits, operators mix white hot molten materials in the lab to prepare the bioglass, which once dried into its final powdery form is ready for the operating theatre.

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Technology Watch

The magnetic 'superfridge' that could slash energy bills and cut noise
Your next refrigerator could harness magnetic cooling to be significantly quieter and reduce your environmental footprint. Cooltech Applications has just launched the first commercially available magnetic refrigeration system, and it claims to solve both environmental and economic challenges of the electricity-guzzling appliances. The firm says this system will work without the use of any refrigerant gas, and can be used in everything from a medical refrigerator or a display case to a wine cellar. Cooltech's system uses the magnetocaloric effect, which describes the phenomenon in which a material heats up when placed in a magnetic field, and cools down when removed from it. According to the firm, this is 'reversible and almost instantaneous.' The Magnetic Refrigeration System (MRS) uses a controlled a magnetic field to apply repeated magnetization-demagnetization cycles to a suitable material. Then, glycol water is used as a coolant fluid to transfer heat between cold and hot sources. Refrigerators are constantly drawing electricity, and account for about 17 percent of global electricity consumption, the firm explains.

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Forget recycling. Let’s turn old plastic into fuel.
Plastic is a big problem, like, bigger-than-Texas big. Giant islands of plastic trash — one in the North Pacific Ocean is estimated by some to cover an area twice the size of the Lone Star State — are accumulating at sea, with some 9 million metric tons added to the oceans in 2015 alone. That’s a lot of sippy cups. One possible way to mitigate the mind-boggling volume of waste: Make it valuable. Scientists envision a future where, instead of dumping more plastic trash into the sea, we convert it all into fuel. Chemists at UC Irvine recently devised a new method to break down polyethylene — the most common form of plastic — into its constituent elements, including diesel. Existing methods of breaking down the material involve heating it to 700 degrees F, or using corrosive chemicals to do the job. The new process uses certain hydrocarbons and a metal catalyst to scramble plastic molecules into useful fuel compounds. Their process, report the scientists, is both less toxic and twice as energy efficient as alternatives. Before you ask: No, the technology is not yet ready to go commercial. “The catalyst has to be 10,000 or even one million times more efficient than it is now, before it’s practical enough for real-world application,” says Zheng Huang, one of the study’s authors. His team is now working on improving these — honestly, not terrific — odds.

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Community Calendar

We do love to hear from you especially about community events that you think our readers ought to know about. So, thanks and keep the info flowing.

July 9th, 11am to 12:30pm: Aromatherapy for Your Emotional Wellbeing
Learn to calm anxious feelings. Uplift “down in the dumps” feelings. Erase the urge to explode in anger. Comfort a fussy baby—or your inner child. Essential oils access the brain directly through your sense of smell. Instantly their chemistry acts on the amygdala, the seat of the emotional body. Join us on Saturday to learn more and address emotional issues that affect you and those you love. Learn simple ways to change the emotional balance in your environment. It is as easy as breathing.
Bio-scans will be offered free of charge from 10-11am and from 12:30 - 1:30pm for the first 16 people that call and make appointments. Bio-scan technology reads your energetic field and measures 76 bio-markers to determine your body’s preferences. You can speak directly to your body. Ask it a question. Scan results are fascinating and quite often revealing. Come experience it yourself.
Location: 17008 146 th Ave SE, Yelm
Host: Anita Marriott Call/text for an appointment 360-480-5790

July 14th, 6:30pm to 8:00pm: "Gardening with doTerra Essential Oils"
Essential oils are valuable tools for every gardener. Whether you are trying to repel garden pests, improve plant health and growth, or simply restore your "gardening hands", essential oils will help. In this class, you'll learn easy tips to enhance your natural gardening experience using essential oils.....even if you’re not a "gung-ho" gardener. Bring a friend!
Location: 17008 146 th Ave SE, Yelm
Host: Barbra Kates

July 20th, 6:30pm to 8:00pm: "COOL Me, CALM Me, STOP Biting Me"
Make doTerra Essential Oils part of your summer adventures. Whether you are planning a camping trip, making a delicious summer meal, or brainstorming a gift idea, doTERRA® can help. Come experience the essential oils you can use this summer.
Host: Barbra Kates

July 30th, Noon to 2:00pm: "Natural Solutions" Intro Class
The Benefits of Using Doterra's Essential Oils and Wellness Products Everyday
Host: Barbra Kates

In The News

Super Typhoon "Nepartak" leaves a trail of destruction as it hits Taiwan
Super Typhoon "Nepartak" hit Taiwan on July 7, forcing thousands to leave their homes and leaving a trail of destruction. At least 2 people have died and 69 were injured, according to latest reports. Nepartak hit the eastern county of Taitung about 21:50 UTC on Thursday, July 7 (05:50 local time on Friday, July 8) with winds up to 234 km/h (145 mph). At least 69 people were injured, most with injuries to their heads and limbs caused by falling glass.  The spokesperson for Taiwan's central emergency operations center said 270 000 were left without electricity. On Thursday, one person drowned when heavy rains hit the region before Nepartak's arrival. Railway services were suspended, and more than 500 domestic and international flights canceled. More than 35 000 soldiers have been put on standby to help with evacuations and disaster relief. Meteorologist Robert Speta of the NHK and WestPacWx explains what happened: Nepartak moved over Taiwan rather quickly and is now heading toward East China for its second landfall.

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Toxic Algae Blooms Infesting Florida Beaches Are Putting a Damper on 4th of July Celebrations
What officials have called "unprecedented" toxic algae blooms in some of southern Florida's beaches and waterways is creating a messy 4th of July holiday for those in the area. Thousands of residents and tourists have had to cancel plans to celebrate on the area's usually packed beaches -- keeping the majority of celebrations inland. The algae, which has been described as "vile"-smelling and "guacamole-thick," still remained in the waterways of Martin County this morning -- more than two weeks after the first reports of algae blooms came in. Florida Gov. Rick Scott has declared a state of emergency in four counties. Numerous beaches along Florida's Treasure Coast were closed last week, and though most have since reopened, officials told ABC News that they still do not recommend that people go in the water and that the beaches could be closed at any point. Bathtub Beach in Martin County remained closed to swimmers this morning due to the presence of blue-green algae. The toxic algae bloom invasions started more than two weeks ago after the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Jacksonville, Florida dumped polluted water out of Lake Okeechobee to prevent flooding, according to officials.

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GMO Watch

Senate passes GMO-labeling bill
The Senate just voted to usher in nationwide mandatory labeling of genetically modified foods. The bill, passed Wednesday with strong Republican support, requires food companies to tell consumers if there are any genetically engineered ingredients in their products. Companies wouldn’t necessarily need to do that by writing “contains GMOs” on the package — they could provide that information with a scannable QR code and small businesses could comply by simply providing a phone number or website. More details here. Republicans did most of the heavy lifting: 47 voted for the measure along with 18 Democrats, giving it enough votes to withstand a filibuster. Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.), who brokered the deal to get the bill passed, called it a victory for farmers and consumers. “I worked to ensure that any agreement would recognize the scientific consensus that biotechnology is safe, while also making sure consumers have the right to know what is in their food,” Stabenow said, in a statement. “I also wanted a bill that prevents a confusing patchwork of 50 different rules in each state.”

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Triad Theater
Calendar of Events

July 9th @ 7pm: First a movie about bowling "The Big Lebowski"...then actual bowling
This is a joint event at The Triad and Prairie Lanes for $20 (includes one drink). Costume contest (dress like the movie characters), White Russian Specials, What fun!! Pay at the door.

Weekendz, Noon to 4pm: Shitzale Continuez by popular demanz
Enter through the front Yelm Ave Door. We got some really good Shitz! New Shitz still accepted. Leave it in front of building.

All four Tuesday's in July: A quadruple dose of Scott Mowry!!

July 14th @ 7pm: Poets & Songwriters OPEN MIC
Come participate or enjoy from the audience!! Cost: $5

July 16th @ 7pm: Documentary - Minimalism
This documentary is about the important things, it examines the many flavors of minimalism by taking the audience inside the lives of minimalists from all walks of life.

July 23rd @ 5pm & 7pm: TWO showings of First Contact
A film on channeling & impact of ET contact!!

July 24th, 12:30pm to 6:30pm: Day of the Dead - Family DNA Liberation Process
Celebrate your ancestors. PLEASE RSVP as lack of participants will make this event un-doable. Cost depends on level of participation. CLICK FOR MORE DETAILSCLICK TO RSVP

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