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Editors Corner

As I'm pretty sure you know, birds, fish, and other migratory animals can sense the earths magnetic field. Did you know that humans can too? Apparently scientists have discovered that by putting humans in a controlled environment, that doesn't have any magnetic noise, and applying controlled magnetic fields, human brains respond in a scientifically repeatable fashion. Click here

Computers are, in a way, naturally scientific in that they are naturally good at doing things in a very controlled and repeatable fashion. As such, I'm pretty sure a computer would not normally be the first thing that people tend to think of when they think about something that can be creative. A scientist at Google that works with deep learning neural networks has found that neural nets, that are trained to recognize images, can be run in reverse, to generate them. The generated images are more like spectacular, hallucinatory collages. In a way, this seems like a computer learning to be creative. Click here

Speaking of science, you've most likely heard of a class of pesticides called neonicotinoids as one of the things that's killing honeybee colonies, but did you know that honeybees collect pollen from a lot of other plants besides crops (which is where this class of pesticides would normally be used)? A recent study has found a lot of other agricultural and urban pesticides in honeybee pollen. The study samples contained residues from pesticides spanning nine chemical classes. The highest concentrations were pyrethroids, which are typically used to control mosquitoes and other nuisance pests. Click here

That's about it from me for this week. Enjoy this newsletter and, for those in the U.S., have a wonderful 4th of July celebration.
See you next week.

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Bloggers Corner
By Florence Vincent

What I'm learning from Brexit, Britain's vote to leave the European Union. While the media talks about racism, nationalism and people taking British jobs, it's the very financial structure of the EU, the USA and the world that is in question. With 62 mega billionaires owning as much wealth as the bottom 3.2 billion people, the poor and middle class around the world are being played for fools. We've been fed a diet of soap operas to take our minds off the fact that we've been snookered. The world's 500 largest companies generated $31.2 trillion in revenues and $1.7 trillion in profits in 2014 (Forbes). People understand we need to level the playing field, but many are falling into the "its the other" trap. People are screaming "No!" and voting for change, even if they don't understand what they are voting for. Brits are fed up with unknown bureaucrats in Brussels running their lives; of seeing their social services cut while their expenses increase. They see young, well educated Italians, French and Spanish working in British cafes because they can't get a decent job back home.

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In The News

Honeybees pick up 'astonishing' number of pesticides via non-crop plants
A Purdue University study shows that honeybees collect the vast majority of their pollen from plants other than crops, even in areas dominated by corn and soybeans, and that pollen is consistently contaminated with a host of agricultural and urban pesticides throughout the growing season. Christian Krupke, professor of entomology, and then-postdoctoral researcher Elizabeth Long collected pollen from Indiana honeybee hives at three sites over 16 weeks to learn which pollen sources honeybees use throughout the season and whether they are contaminated with pesticides. The pollen samples represented up to 30 plant families and contained residues from pesticides spanning nine chemical classes, including neonicotinoids - common corn and soybean seed treatments that are toxic to bees. The highest concentrations of pesticides in bee pollen, however, were pyrethroids, which are typically used to control mosquitoes and other nuisance pests. "Although crop pollen was only a minor part of what they collected, bees in our study were exposed to a far wider range of chemicals than we expected," said Krupke.

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France to vote against continued EU use of weedkiller glyphosate
France will vote on Friday against the continued use of weedkiller glyphosate, its environment minister said, adding to uncertainty over the future of widely-used products such as Monsanto's Roundup in the European Union. The EU license for glyphosate expires at the end of June and, if it is not extended, manufacturers will have six months to phase-out products containing the common herbicide. Contradictory findings on the carcinogenic risks of the chemical have pitted farming and chemical lobbies against citizen and environmental groups, making some EU politicians reluctant to approve its continued use. "France will vote against the glyphosate vote," Segolene Royal told journalists, ahead of a meeting of EU environment ministers on Monday. The European Commission — after failing to win support for a proposal to renew the license for glyphosate for up to 15 years — had offered a 12- to 18-month extension pending further scientific study. As big EU nations France and Germany abstained from a vote earlier this month, even the compromise proposal lacked enough support to be adopted.

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Crumbling roads take me home: New Jersey declares state of emergency over infrastructure
After counting the potholes on the New Jersey Turnpike, Gov. Chris Christie declared a state of emergency over the condition of the Garden State’s roads. He ordered officials to shut down all current work after lawmakers failed to reach a funding deal. Christie issued the executive order declaring the emergency late Thursday, the day when the Senate negotiations to save the Transportation Trust Fund – which is expected to run out of money this summer – failed. Christie said that he is instructing the New Jersey Department of Transportation to shut down all work by the end of Saturday that isn’t directly essential to the safety and welfare of citizens. “As this executive order states, in order to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of this state, it is necessary that the remaining amounts held by the TTF not be spent on any transportation project that is not absolutely essential,” Christie said in a statement. The governor’s rejected proposal called for the ratcheting up of New Jersey’s gasoline taxes from 14.5 cents per gallon, the second-lowest lowest in the nation, to 24.5 cents per gallon. The tax increase would have generated an estimated $550 million in additional funding for fiscal year 2017 and roughly $100 million per year in additional funding after that.

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Technology Watch

How computers are learning to be creative
Blaise Agüera y Arcas

Triad Theater
Calendar of Events

July 1st & 2nd @ 7pm: Encore presentations of the Movie "CONSUMED"
Received a Triad Theater Standing Ovation. Cost: $8.

Weekendz Noon-4pm: Shitzale Continuez by popular demanz
Enter through the front Yelm Ave Door. We got some really good Shitz! New Shitz still accepted-Leave it in front of building.

July 4th: Fireworks Show
Put on by the Nisqually Tribe near the Casino. Bring a chair.

All four Tuesday's in July: A quadruple dose of Scott Mowry!!

July 6th/7th: Lecture & Workshop with Psychic SOLRETA ANTARIA
Lecture Only - July 6th is $15
Workshop - July 7th. Cost for both nights is $100.
Workshop held offsite under the stars.
Links on poster: Solreta Antaria Tickets, Solreta's WebsiteSolreta on You Tube

July 9th @ 7pm: First a movie about bowling "The Big Lebowski"...then actual bowling
This is a joint event at The Triad and Prairie Lanes for $20 (includes one drink). Costume contest (dress like the movie characters), White Russian Specials, What fun!! Pay at the door.

August Preview: A Midsummer Night's Shakespeare: A Multi-generational Musical for the entire family with a cast of 20 adults and 20 children of all ages. Choose from four performances - Friday, August 26th at 7:30pm $10; Saturday, August 27th at 2pm $10; Saturday, August 27th at 7:30pm $10; Sunday, August 28th at 2pm $10
Ticket Link: Shakespeare Production

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Community Calendar

We do love to hear from you especially about community events that you think our readers ought to know about. So, thanks and keep the info flowing.

July 9th, 11am to 12:30pm: Aromatherapy for Your Emotional Wellbeing
Learn to calm anxious feelings. Uplift “down in the dumps” feelings. Erase the urge to explode in anger. Comfort a fussy baby—or your inner child. Essential oils access the brain directly through your sense of smell. Instantly their chemistry acts on the amygdala, the seat of the emotional body. Join us on Saturday to learn more and address emotional issues that affect you and those you love. Learn simple ways to change the emotional balance in your environment. It is as easy as breathing.
Bio-scans will be offered free of charge from 10-11am and from 12:30 - 1:30pm for the first 16 people that call and make appointments. Bio-scan technology reads your energetic field and measures 76 bio-markers to determine your body’s preferences. You can speak directly to your body. Ask it a question. Scan results are fascinating and quite often revealing. Come experience it yourself.
Location: 17008 146 th Ave SE, Yelm
Host: Anita Marriott Call/text for an appointment 360-480-5790

July 14th, 6:30pm to 8:00pm: "Gardening with doTerra Essential Oils"
Essential oils are valuable tools for every gardener. Whether you are trying to repel garden pests, improve plant health and growth, or simply restore your "gardening hands", essential oils will help. In this class, you'll learn easy tips to enhance your natural gardening experience using essential oils.....even if you’re not a "gung-ho" gardener. Bring a friend!
Location: 17008 146 th Ave SE, Yelm
Host: Barbra Kates

July 20th, 6:30pm to 8:00pm: "COOL Me, CALM Me, STOP Biting Me"
Make doTerra Essential Oils part of your summer adventures. Whether you are planning a camping trip, making a delicious summer meal, or brainstorming a gift idea, doTERRA® can help. Come experience the essential oils you can use this summer.
Host: Barbra Kates

July 30th, Noon to 2:00pm: "Natural Solutions" Intro Class
The Benefits of Using Doterra's Essential Oils and Wellness Products Everyday
Host: Barbra Kates

Attention All Fabric Fanatics
The Yelm Chapter of Days for Girls needs your help

For those of you who have a few spare yards of fabric laying around waiting for pigs to fly—the Yelm chapter of Days for Girls needs fabric donations. On July 23, 400 young men and women between the age of 19 and 30 want to spend their day in service and they have chosen days for as their service project. We have an opportunity to put these 400 young people to work sewing, cutting, ironing, making feminine hygiene kits. We need to collect 600 yards of 100% cotton fabric to efficiently use all this “man power”. We have an opportunity to make a difference and you and your fabric can be a big part of that difference.

The material should be brightly colored and patterned if possible. The fabrics should not depict food or any kind of an animal, butterflies excepted. These rules might seem arbitrary, but because of the countries where they are sent, we respect their beliefs.

If you have fabric you can donate, or would like to donate cash to help us buy fabric please contact

Learn more about Days for Girls at

Science Watch

Human magnetic sixth sense breaks into mainstream science
After decades of research proved that critters across the animal kingdom on Earth can sense our planet's magnetic field, a well-known geophysicist at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), Joe Kirschvink, has presented the first repeatable and verifiable evidence that humans have an ability to detect and respond to Earth's magnetic field too. Over the past decades, Prof. Kirschvink has originated several ideas aimed at increasing our understanding of how biological evolution has influenced, and has been influenced by, major events on the surface of the Earth. He won the Richard P. Feynman Prize for teaching excellence at Caltech, and the William Gilbert Award from the American Geophysical Union. As opposed to previous results in this field, Kirschvink's results are the first that can be repeated and verified. He has so far presented the results of tests performed on 24 human participants, and his paper is in progress. Kirschvink is sure humans have functioning magnetoreceptors and has received US$900,000 in funding to continue his research. There are currently three teams performing the tests, one is in the US, and the other two in Japan and New Zealand. A mobile lab is expected to be built soon too.

Click here to read full article

Climate Watch

Heavy rain triggers deadly floods and landslides, more than 30 missing in Uttarakhand, India
Heavy monsoon rains have triggered deadly floods and landslides in the Indian state of Uttarakhand, neighboring Nepal, on July 1, 2016. According to media reports, 18 bodies have been found so far. The number of casualties is expected to rise. The Press Trust of India news agency said 100 millimeters (4 inches) of rain fell in some areas in two hours today, causing swollen rivers to burst their banks and forcing residents to flee their homes. The worst-affected villages were in the remote mountainous districts of Pithoragarh and Chamoli. A cloudburst hit Singhali area near Pithoragarh early today morning, flattening homes in over seven villages and leaving many residents trapped in the debris. 18 bodies have been recovered so far, India Today reports.  The Press Trust of India news agency quoted officials as saying at least 25 people were missing in seven villages in Pithoragarh, about 510 kilometers (320 miles) north-east of New Delhi. Flood waters and mudslides have blocked roads at more than a dozen places, delaying the movement of rescue teams in the area.

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Downpour breaks Auckland's June record, New Zealand
Between 01:00 and 02:00 UTC (13:00 - 14:00 NZST), the country's NIWA agency recorded 25.4 mm (1 inch) of rain, making it the city's wettest hour ever recorded in June. MetService duty forecaster Ciaran Doolin said the downpour had since eased. "The most significant set of falls we've seen in the last hour - between 25 mm in an hour to about 30 mm - so it's quite a significant amount of rain to fall in a short period, and is consistent with what we call downpour." Several cars have been trapped in floodwater and dozens of homes flooded after torrential rain in Auckland, Radio New Zealand reports. Fire Service spokesman Jaron Philips said 100 calls were received from Te Atatu Peninsular to Tuakau for flooding-related incidents. There were no reports of injuries or wind-related incidents. "It was fierce and fast moving. It was quite busy for us, but not at the worst end of the scale of what we have seen." Civil Defence said the problems caused by heavy rain in Auckland are easing, and the flood waters are draining away. All major roads are now open, Auckland Transport said. They are now checking whether any public transport services had been affected. According to the NZ Herald, the most dramatic incident was in Pukekohe where three people had to be rescued from a car submerged on Subway Rd.

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Something Worth Knowing

5 Surprising Animals You Didn’t Realize Were Pollinators
You’ve probably heard a lot about the important role honey bees play in pollinating flowers, fruits and vegetables. But did you know that bees aren’t the only animals that are busy transferring the pollen that makes it possible for plants to reproduce? Here are five other important creatures that make it possible for our gardens to grow, farms to thrive and Mother Nature to stay happy and healthy.

Longhorn Beetle -Beetles, the largest order of insects in the world, pollinate as they move from flower to flower, where they consume nectar, pollen and flower parts.  Though not as important as flies, butterflies, and bees, they still play an important role in pollination, especially in the tropics. With that said, it’s estimated that there are 52 native plant species pollinated by beetles in North America north of Mexico. There are no crops in the U.S. known to be pollinated by beetles except for the native paw paw. The long-horned beetle, Cerambycidae, is one of many beetles that help flowers reproduce.

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