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Editors Corner

Did you know that Arctic Alaska recorded the highest temperatures ever on Wednesday, July 13th? "High temperatures were recorded across a wide region" but as of Friday, July 15th, "a sharp temperature drop is expected by the weekend" and temperatures will most likely drop below normal. Click here

Speaking of things 'dropping below normal', are you aware that Italy’s third-largest and world's oldest bank is apparently on the verge of collapse? They're saying that "it's failure could spark a banking crisis in Europe". Click here

On a slightly lighter note, have you heard that there is now the world's first utility-scale solar installation in Nevada that generates power even at night? It uses molten salt to store the energy, which is not a new idea but their implementation is apparently more efficient then most. Click here

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Passing of a Master
Grace M. Engler
October 20th, 1951 ~ July 2nd, 2016

Grace M. Engler (Eileen) nee Kricensky age 64, of Yelm, Wa. formerly of Chicago, Illinois, beloved wife of Tony B. Engler; sister of Phyllis (George) Maher, of Naperville, Il. preceded in death by her sister Joanne Heimberg; Parents Frank and Alice (nee Svec) Kricensky of Chicago. Grace was born and raised in the southside of Chicago. She is an aunt of seven, great aunt of 14, great-great aunt of eight. Grace was an Interpreter for the deaf, and always the entrepreneur. After moving to Yelm,Wa. with her husband Tony in 1987. She opened her home up as a B&B for the throngs of Masters arriving in Yelm, for the newly developing RAMTHA School of Enlightenment. In the early to mid Nineteen Nineties you may have known her for her word processing business "THE PERFECT PAGE" & the bookstore she & Tony ran "RAINY DAY ESSENTIALS".

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Bloggers Corner
Time to Vote Again
By Florence Vincent

It's that time of year again. WA state primary ballots are about to arrive in your mailbox. Be thoughtful about who you vote for. There has been little progress in the state because the Republicans make sure nothing happens. Our district is a prime example of stagnant growth and income inequality. I would suggest electing an independently minded Democrat for State Senate, and I happen to know one! I have worked with Tamborine Borrelli and found her to be passionately committed to helping people rather than falling in line with the corporate elite. She's a local activist who was inspired to run for office by Bernie Sanders' campaign. She is running to fully fund education, close unnecessary corporate tax loopholes, and get money out of politics. Her ALEC financed Republican incumbent opponent, opposed health care reform while receiving large amounts of money from health insurance companies. She even removed a provision in House Bill 2572 that would have created an “all payer claims database,” a transparency tool already available in 16 other states that would allow people to compare what health care actually costs and how well it turns out.

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Something Worth Knowing

Senator Bernie Sanders speaks AGAINST the DARK Act
GMO Debate, July 7, 2016

Senator Bernie Sanders only has so much time to point out everything that is wrong with this bill, but in the short time allotted, he manages to get the main points across as fellow Vermont Senator, Patrick Leahy asks Bernie questions along the way, allowing for clarification of specific points not previously mentioned by anyone else.

In The News

World's oldest bank faces uphill battle with EU trying for another bailout
Italy’s third-largest and the world’ oldest bank, Monte dei Paschi de Siena, is on the point of collapse unless it receives state support. Its failure could spark a banking crisis in Europe, but EU rules forbid bank bailouts using public funds. Alarm bells have gone off ahead of the results of European stress tests, due to be released at the end of July that will reportedly reveal Italian capital needs. Because of the concerns investors are staying away from the recapitalization of the country’s banks. According to the IMF, Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena has over $400 billion (€360 billion) of non-performing loans. Experts expect the bank to become the worst performer with the risk of its failure likely to shake the Italian banking system. The bank has already been bailed out twice, but is likely to need a third multibillion euro cash injection from the government. EU regulations ban member states from using public money to support failed banks. If Italy follows the rules imposed by Brussels, several national banks will become insolvent. The collapse of Italy’s oldest bank is likely to jeopardize the political fortunes of Italy’s Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, who is now facing the hardest challenge of his tenure.

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Turkish military declares takeover of country, top officials reportedly taken hostage
Turkey’s government appears to have been overthrown in a coup, as the military claimed taking control over the country. “Turkish Armed Forces have completely taken over the administration of the country to reinstate constitutional order, human rights and freedoms, the rule of law and the general security that was  damaged,” the military said in a statement. “All international agreements are still valid. We hope that all of our good relationships with all countries will continue.” Heavily armed soldiers and military vehicles closed the two main bridges in Istanbul Friday evening, and while low-flying military jets could be heard overhead. Around midnight local time, a TRT anchor announced the country was now run by a “Peace Council” that will ensure the safety of the population. Tanks have been posted outside Istanbul’s Ataturk International Airport and in other locations in the city. Access to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube is being blocked, while the state-owned TRT television has gone off the air, according to reports from inside Turkey. It's website shows weather. “Some people illegally undertook an illegal action outside of the chain of command," Prime Minister Bulent Yildirim said, in comments broadcast by private channel NTV.

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FBI Agents In Clinton Investigation Have All Been Gagged With A “Very, Very Unusual” NDA
FBI agents involved in the probe of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails were required to sign unusually-extensive nondisclosure agreements — forcing them into silence unless they’re called to testify in the matter. FBI insiders surmised there may have been an ‘inside deal.’ “This is very, very unusual,” said an unnamed, retired FBI chief, cited by the New York Post. “I’ve never signed one, never circulated one to others.” According to the Post’s anonymous ‘sources,’ these “Case Briefing Acknowledgement” forms went beyond the nondisclosure agreements agents initially sign in order to gain security clearance. “I have never heard of such a form,” an FBI agent currently on the job told the Post. “Sounds strange.” But suspicions didn’t stop there. “FBI agents believe there was an inside deal put in place after the Loretta Lynch/Bill Clinton tarmac meeting,” said another unnamed, unverified source That meeting between the Attorney General and former President took place at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International Airport on board a private plane parked on the tarmac. Though both Bill and Hillary Clinton scoffed at the immediate controversy over the meeting — downplaying rendezvous as nothing more than a cordial get-together — grumblings over a virtually undeniable conflict of interest have persisted.

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RSE Newsletter

Health News and the Blu RoomTM: A New Cancer Therapy:
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Community Calendar

We do love to hear from you especially about community events that you think our readers ought to know about. So, thanks and keep the info flowing.

July 20th, 6:30pm to 8:00pm: "COOL Me, CALM Me, STOP Biting Me"
Make doTerra Essential Oils part of your summer adventures. Whether you are planning a camping trip, making a delicious summer meal, or brainstorming a gift idea, doTERRA® can help. Come experience the essential oils you can use this summer.
Host: Barbra Kates

July 30th, Noon to 2:00pm: "Natural Solutions" Intro Class
The Benefits of Using Doterra's Essential Oils and Wellness Products Everyday
Host: Barbra Kates

Climate Watch

Arctic Alaska records highest temperature ever
The maximum daily temperature in Deadhorse, Far North Alaska reached 29.4 °C (85 °F) on Wednesday, July 13, 2016. This is the highest temperature ever known to be recorded in that area, NWS Fairbanks said. Although high temperatures were recorded across a wide region of Alaska, a sharp temperature drop is now underway. On Wednesday, July 13, Deadhorse saw state's highest temperature ever measured within 80 km (50 miles) of the Arctic. Fairbanks recorded 31.1 °C (88 °F) on the same day, the highest since 2009. Bettles and Eagle also saw 29.4 °C (the same as the New York City) while Fort Yukon reached 28.9 °C (84 °F). On Thursday, July 14, Fairbanks hit 31.1 °C for the second day in a row while Fort Wainwright measured 31.7 °C (89 °F). The high temperatures were caused by a very strong upper level ridge parked over northern Alaska. "It's not that unusual, but this could be our warmest weather of the summer," said NWS meteorologist Rick Thoman. "It could get warmer later in the month, but after early August that is unlikely."

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Technology Watch

Solar tower generates electricity from molten salt, even when it’s dark
It’s a bird (igniting in mid-air), it’s a (solar-powered) plane, it’s a new innovation in the world’s solar power repertoire: The Crescent Dunes solar energy plant, the world’s first utility-scale facility that stores solar power in molten salt, can supply electricity even when the sun don’t shine. This super-plant can even supply 10 hours of it, enough to power 75,000 homes. Located deep in the Nevada desert, a 600-foot tower shimmers in the intense rays of sunlight reflected off more than 10,000 giant mirrors. The mirrors concentrate heat on the giant load of sodium and potassium nitrates that are sent to the top of the tower. These salts have extremely high melting points, and can reach temperatures of more than 500 degrees Celsius. Their heat is channeled towards boiling water to produce steam, which spins turbines and generates electricity when needed. When not needed, the salt is stored in insulated tanks on the ground. Other companies have also harnessed the hidden power of hot salt. But their method heats the salt indirectly, by first heating other fluids such as thermal oil. The 110-megawatt Crescent Dunes plant manages to do it more efficiently by heating its salts directly.

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Twice as fast? China tests two 420 kmph bullet trains at once (VIDEO)

China has reportedly set a new record for the fastest train passing with its 840 km per hour bullet train test run on Friday. Two bullet trains were tested at the same time in an effort to prove the quality of China’s high speed trains. The test took place in Zhengzhou, central China. The trains, known as Golden Phoenix and Dolphin Blue zipped past each other with only 1.6 meters of space between them. The trains passing each other at speed was a crucial part of the testing phase, according to one of the officials involved in the project.

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Triad Theater
Calendar of Events

Weekendz, Noon to 4pm: Shitzale Continuez by popular demanz
Enter through the front Yelm Ave Door. We got some really good Shitz! New Shitz still accepted. Leave it in front of building.

All four Tuesday's in July: A quadruple dose of Scott Mowry!!

July 16th @ 7pm: Corey Goode, then Scott Mowry
Schedule change by request. Latest Corey Goode interviews at 7pm then a video - a repeat of last week's Scott Mowry updates, from 8pm to 10pm. $10 for both.

July 23rd @ 5pm & 7pm: TWO showings of First Contact
A film on channeling & impact of ET contact!!

July 24th, 12:30pm to 6:30pm: Day of the Dead - Family DNA Liberation Process
Celebrate your ancestors. PLEASE RSVP as lack of participants will make this event un-doable. Cost depends on level of participation. CLICK FOR MORE DETAILSCLICK TO RSVP

July 30th @ 7pm: Joseph Cerecedes is back with a lecture on pure water education. See for more information.

June 31st @ 3pm: Movie - "Whale Rider", then a Documentary - "The Nisqually Tribe"
In honor of The Nisqually Tribe Canoe Paddle we're showing the movie "Whale Rider" followed by a documentary: "The Nisqually Tribe". $10 for both.‚Äč

August 6th @ 6pm: Miceal returns with "Conversations"
Doors open at 5pm, Cost $35. Registration will be posted soon.

August 26th to 28th: A Midsummer Night's Shakespeare: A Multi-generational Musical for the entire family with a cast of 20 adults and 20 children of all ages. Brought to you by Summerstruck Productions & Standing Room Only Acting Company. Choose from four performances - Friday, August 26th at 7:30pm $10; Saturday, August 27th at 2pm $10; Saturday, August 27th at 7:30pm $10; Sunday, August 28th at 2pm $10
Ticket Link: Shakespeare Production

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