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Editors Corner

Did you know that earth has a "Natural thermostat" when it comes to heat generated from solar storms? Apparently the shock waves generated by a solar storm, that heat up the atmosphere, also cause nitric oxide to form which then causes rapid cooling acting as a kind-of temperature regulator. Click here

Speaking of waves, are you aware that just 1 Tbsp of olive oil can flatten the waves in an area of a lake? Make sure you acquire permission from the appropriate regulatory body before trying this on an actual lake! Click here

On a slightly different subject, did you know that 2 competing teams have come up with what may qualify as a medical "Tricorder", like something from Star Trek? Both versions are basically made up of a bunch of wireless sensors connected to a portable device, like a smartphone or tablet. Click here

There's more, but I will leave the rest for you to discover and enjoy.
Have a wonderful week.

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In The News

Homeless Activists Go Organic, Feed an Entire Shelter with Rooftop Garden
Every activist has read the increasing number of stories where homelessness is being criminalized, as if simply being homeless isn’t punishment enough. However, there is a rising tide among all walks of life that is beginning to view homelessness in a very different light. As a sinking economy and the criminal actions of the banking elite are leading many middle class, stable families into abject poverty, it is becoming much easier to identify with the less fortunate the closer their plight appears to be.  Defenders of the homeless are becoming much more vocal now. We have seen some amazing examples recently of people moved to help those in need through programs such as an artist who paints and sells portraits of the homeless and gives them the profits; a former homeless man who gives back to the homeless by selling book reviews and buying food to share; or the inspiring story of a community organizer who used his own faith to connect with those from other faiths in a common cause of feeding those in need. We are even seeing people of conscience openly defying oppressive laws to draw a line in the sand that says: if it becomes illegal to help one another on our own terms, we simply have no freedom left to celebrate.

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Something Worth Knowing

Crazy Lake Experiment
Lake vs. 1 Tbsp of Olive Oil

1 tablespoon of olive oil destroys half an acre of waves on this lake. What The Physics?!

Earth Watch

Record-breaking ocean wave height registered in North Atlantic
The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) committee has announced a new record-breaking ocean wave height was established. A buoy stationed in the North Atlantic has measured its height of 19 m height (62.3 feet). An automated buoy situated between Iceland and the UK recorded the wave at 06:00 UTC on February 4, 2013, after an intense cold front swept the area with winds reaching 81.1 km/h (50.4 mph). According to the WMO committee, comprising the experts from the UK, Britain, Spain, Canada, and the US, this is the highest significant height measured by a buoy. A previous holder of the record was an 18.275 m (59.96 feet) high wave, measured on December 8, 2007, also in the waters of the North Atlantic. Moored and drifting buoys form an international observing network, coordinate by WMO and its partners. The buoy that recorded the wave in question is also a part of the UK Met Office's network of Marine Automatic Weather Stations. “This is the first time we have ever measured a wave of 19 meters. It is a remarkable record.

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Revealed: 'Natural thermostat' that cools the air in Earth's atmosphere during violent solar storms
Researchers have pinpointed the 'natural thermostat' that cools the air in Earth's upper atmosphere after violent solar storms. This activity includes solar flares and coronal mass ejections (CMEs) - which release electrically charged plasma from the sun. It is known to damage satellites, cause power outages back on Earth, and even disrupt GPS navigation services.  CMEs are powerful enough to send billions of tons of solar particles hurtling toward Earth at more than 1 million miles (1.6km) per hour, according to University of Colorado Boulder Professor Delores Knipp. The researchers found that when such powerful CMEs speed toward Earth, they create shock waves similar to supersonic aircraft creating sonic booms. While energy from the shock waves expands and heats up Earth's upper atmosphere, it also causes nitric oxide to form. This chemical rapidly cools and shrinks the atmosphere.   'What's new is that we have determined the circumstances under which the upper atmosphere goes into this almost overcooling mode following significant heating,' said Professor Knipp.

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On The Lighter Side

Final supermoon of 2016
Mesmerising December moon leaves stargazers awe struck

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Cellular reprogramming slows aging in mice

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Community Calendar

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January 9th, 2017 @ 7pm: South Sound Seed Stewards first monthly meeting of 2017
If you are a gardener and want to take your efforts to the next level, this is your opportunity to learn the necessary steps to successfully save your vegetable seeds.
This meeting will be held at the Yelm Senior Center, 16530 103rd Ave SE, Yelm, WA 98597
Click here for more information

Food Watch

Wheat crop yield can be increased by up to 20% using new chemical technology
UK scientists have created a synthetic molecule that, when applied to crops, has been shown to increase the size and starch content of wheat grains in the lab by up to 20%. The new plant application, developed by Rothamsted Research and Oxford University, could help solve the issue of increasing food insecurity across the globe. Some 795 million people are undernourished, and this year's El Nino has shown how vulnerable many countries are to climate-induced drought. The results of the study, published in Nature, detail the method based on using synthetic 'precursors' of the sugar trehalose 6-phosphate (T6P) – a first-of-its-kind strategy that used chemistry to modify how sugars are used by plants. Rothamsted Research, which receives strategic funding from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, identified this naturally occurring sugar as being crucial in controlling how wheat uses sucrose, the main fuel generated by photosynthesis. Sucrose is key to the development of wheat grains. They identified that the more T6P that is available to wheat grains as they grow, the greater the yield.

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Nature Watch

From hairy-chested crabs to monstrous slugs
Scientists discover six new species of marine animals hiding beneath the Indian Ocean
Hairy-chested crabs and monstrous slugs are among the six new species of marine animals found living near the hydrothermal vents beneath the Indian Ocean. Researchers stumbled upon this underwater treasure trove while surveying an area the size of a football stadium on the sea floor – 1.7 miles below the surface. Using remotely operated vehicles, the team found a new species of 'Hoff' crab, two new snails, a previously unknown limpet and two new species of worm. 'We can be certain that the new species we've found also live elsewhere in the southwest Indian Ocean, as they will have migrated here from other sites, but at the moment no-one really knows where, or how well-connected their populations are with those at Longqi,' said Dr Copley, the head of the research team at the University of Southampton. 'Our results highlight the need to explore other hydrothermal vents in the southwest Indian Ocean and investigate the connectivity of their populations, before any impacts from mineral exploration activities and future deep-sea mining can be assessed.'

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Technology Watch

Two Star Trek 'Tricorders' Have Made It to the Final Round of XPRIZE
In the original Star Trek series, Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy was forever running around the USS Enterprise with his tricorder, a fantastic space-age device that could scan anything and diagnose medical conditions in an instant. For nearly five years now, dozens of engineering teams from around the planet have been competing to design a real-life tricorder that approximates the functions of the famous Star Trek device. This is no goof-around competition, either: The winner stands to receive millions of dollars in funding from chip manufacturer Qualcomm and the nonprofit organization XPRIZE, which specializes in these kinds of incentivized competitions. This week, Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE officials announced that two teams of finalists have made it to the last round of the competition, having designed tricorder-style medical devices that are actually pretty space-age in look and function. Weighing in at less that five pounds each, the devices can diagnose and interpret 13 different health conditions within minutes, while continuously monitoring five different vital sign metrics.

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Triad Theater
Calendar of Events

December 18th & 19th: Family Christmas Show - Where's Charlie?
Starts at 3pm on Sunday, Dec 18th & 7pm on Monday, Dec 19th. Announcing the 2nd Annual Christmas at the Triad Musical Medley Extravaganza. Featuring The Yelm Community Choir, The Sonia Pena Mini Musicians & The Stage Struck Youth Players. You can always expect a series of satirical surprises fit for the entire family. This collage of Christmas Music is the perfect way to celebrate the holidays. Cost is $10
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December 20th @ 7pm: Scott Mowry - Miracles & Inspiration meetup Night
Cost is $10. Pay at the door.

December 23rd @ 7pm: MOVIE - White Christmas Sing-along with Melody Rae as your hostess
Free (donations only).

December 24th @ 3pm & 5pm: MOVIE - The holiday classic film A Christmas Story "Don't shoot your eye out dude"
Free (donations only).

Monday's & Wednesday's in Jan. & Feb. 4:30-6:30pm: Classes - Introduction to Theater

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