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Editors Corner

Did you know that one function of the gallbladder is apparently to store bile until a larger or more concentrated amount is needed? Bile is produced in small amounts continuously by the liver and is used to help digest and absorb the nutrients from the fats in meals. According to the article, if the bile in the gallbladder is not used, the gallbladder can become "congested, and even blocked with sludge and bile stones". Click here

On a slightly different subject, are you aware that, although reproducibility is suppose to be one of the cornerstones of science, apparently a number of published studies are not consistently reproducible? Click here

Speaking of numbers, have you heard that Mercedes has unveiled a new headlight system that can precisely control the light using 2 million mirrors? Apparently it can project directions and other things on the road to help the driver, as well as automatically adjust the headlights so as not to blind other drivers. Click here

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Something Worth Knowing

The Throwaway Organ You Can't Live Without
Americans are finally breaking up with sugar and starting a new love affair with fats. Fat is back as a healthy macronutrient that’s key for brain health, hormone production and reduction of belly fat. Fats are also the precursor to eicosanoids, localized hormones or “signalling molecules” that target nearby tissues—prostaglandins being just one example. Whether you’re doing an ancestral or ketogenic diet, or you’ve gone vegan, beneficial fats have captured the spotlight—and deservedly so. Your brain is more than 50 percent fat, and apart from nerves, every single cell in your body uses fat as its primary fuel source. However, the truth is that many individuals are not in love with their new higher-fat diets. Some experience bouts with indigestion or reflux, others sluggish thyroids. Some drop weight like a rock on paleo, whereas others’ waistlines won’t budge. So, what gives? These issues can be traced to bile and the gallbladder. Bile is responsible for breaking down fats and plays a key and underappreciated role in detoxification. Bile is an important detox mechanism we don’t hear much about.

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Something to Contemplate

We Survive Because Reality May Be Nothing Like We Think It Is
Professor of cognitive science at the University of California, Irvine Donald H. Hoffman has doubts that reality is much like what we think it is. We live in a mental construction, he says, a sort of utilitarian fantasy, of our own devising. And it’s not a problem that it may not be a true representation of reality — in fact, it may be evolutionarily necessary. His study, “Natural selection and verdical perceptions” concludes, among other things, that “perceptual information is shaped by natural selection to reflect utility, not to depict reality.”  Regular readers of Big Think may recall others, such as Alva Noë, declaring that our minds build our worlds. As Noë notes, what we see is light reflected off objects, not the objects themselves. Who knows what grass really looks like? We just know it’s something that absorbs all colors except green. When an object creates a fluctuation in air pressure that travels through that medium to our ears where it excites tiny fibers, we hear that fluctuation as a sound. We can think of both examples as merely the mechanics of how we see and hear, but the fact remains, we don’t directly perceive much.

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Food Watch

Olive oil industry tries to silence Doctor Oz for warning about fake products
At the end of November, a trade group representing olive oil importers filed a lawsuit against Dr. Mehmet Oz in response to his claim that much of the imported olive oil sold in the U.S. is fake. The group is pressing charges under a virtually untested Georgia food libel law. The North American Olive Oil Association, based in New Jersey, filed their suit at a state court in Fulton County, Georgia, and is seeking an unspecified amount in damages, as well as payment for the group’s legal fees. Some of the association’s members report that they do business in Georgia. Dr. Oz is well-known for being the host of his own, eponymous TV show that is largely focused on health issues. The lawsuit states that Oz broke Georgia law when he stated that 80 percent of the extra virgin olive oil sold in grocery stores “isn’t the real deal” and “may even be fake.” The North American Olive Oil Association maintains that these claims are simply untrue. A total of 13 states have food libel laws.

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Earth Watch

Tsunami warnings after 7.8 quake strikes off Solomon Islands’ coast
A tsunami warning has been issued for the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, and Nauru after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck 70km off the Solomon Islands, according to USGS. The USGS initially reported the quake as 8.0, but later downgraded it to 7.8. "Hazardous tsunami waves from this earthquake are possible within the next three hours along some coasts of Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Nauru, New Caledonia, Tuvalu and Kosrae," stated the warning issued by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center.  A tsunami watch was also issued for all Hawaiian islands, the US National Weather Service reported. It was later canceled, as based on “all available data there is no tsunami threat to the state,” the Pacific Tsunami Weather Center reported. The center called on the government agencies responsible for dealing with emergency situations to “take action to inform and instruct any coastal populations at risk in accordance with their own evaluation.” The epicentre of the quake was registered at a depth of 48.7km, according to USGS. Another earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 5.5 hit 66km west of Kirakira, Solomon Islands, according to USGS.

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In The News

Here’s Why You Can’t Trust Mainstream Media’s Reporting On The DAPL
On Sunday, protesters, veterans, and a global network of their allies cheered as the Army Corps of Engineers denied a final easement for the Dakota Access Pipeline, temporarily blocking the project. Mainstream outlets from ABC, NBC, and CBS to TV behemoths CNN and MSNBC rushed to report the breaking news, many pouncing on a story they spent months ignoring. According to an article from early September published by Fairness and Accuracy in Media (FAIR), a national media watchdog group: The broadcast news networks—ABC, CBS and NBC—have aired exactly one report on the Dakota Access Pipeline protests since the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe began an encampment against the project in April, according to a search of the Nexis news database. That report, read by Anne-Marie Green, aired on the CBS Morning News at 4 a.m. on September 5. Here it is in its entirety: “National Public Radio reports violence during demonstrations against a proposed oil pipeline in North Dakota. Protesters confronted workers Saturday at a construction site.”

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January 9th, 2017 @ 7pm: South Sound Seed Stewards first monthly meeting of 2017
If you are a gardener and want to take your efforts to the next level, this is your opportunity to learn the necessary steps to successfully save your vegetable seeds.
This meeting will be held at the Yelm Senior Center, 16530 103rd Ave SE, Yelm, WA 98597
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Science Watch

Science in Crisis: It’s Worse Than You Think
You may have heard of “the crisis of science” recently. That there is something massively wrong with the way science is being conducted these days is not a fringe anti-science idea anymore. It’s being discussed in mainstream publications like The Washington Post, The Economist and The Times Higher Education Supplement, and even mainstream science publications like Scientific American, Nature and So what is the problem? And how bad is it, really? And what does it mean for an increasingly tech-dependent society that something is rotten in the state of science? Let’s take a look at the problems facing modern science, and what is at the root of it all.

Reproducibility is one of the bedrocks of the scientific method. In a nutshell, an experiment is reproducible if independent researchers can run the same experiment and get the same results at a later time and date.

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Technology Watch

Honda’s latest electric car detects ‘human emotions’
Car manufacturer Honda has come up with a better way to interact with humans: it has created a car that it says can feel emotions. Called the ‘NeuV,’ the latest vehicle will be unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas early next year, according to a statement from the Japanese automaker. According to the company, it is a “concept automated EV commuter vehicle equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) called ‘emotion engine’ that creates new possibilities for human interaction and the new value for customers.” “Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, robotics and big data to transform the mobility experience, Honda today announced that ‘Cooperative Mobility Ecosystem’ will be the theme for its participation at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas,” the company announced. Attendees at the event will have access to a hands-on demonstration of the car, and according to the automaker, it will be automated and specifically designed for commuters.

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Mercedes reveals smart headlights that can project directions onto the road ahead
Mercedes-Benz has unveiled a headlight system that automatically adjusts depending on the traffic conditions and environment. Called 'Digital Light', it uses two million microscopic mirrors with sensors and software to shine beams of light in areas that improve visibility. Because the lighting is so precise, the headlamps also act as HD projections that shine visual aids on the road to assist drivers. 'The decisive factor is not the technology in the headlamp but the digital intelligence behind it', says Gunter Fischer, Head of Exterior Body Development and Vehicle Operating Systems at Daimler AG.  The German car maker is using cameras and radar to detect other cars and pedestrians on the road, and computers analyze the gathered data to decide how to adjust the headlamps. And because of the microscopic mirrors, these headlights will not dazzle other drivers. This technology is possible because the firm has split the light up among the two million pixels.

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On The Lighter Side

Final supermoon of the year to shine bright on December 14
The third and final supermoon of the year is approaching. The full moon will shine on December 14, 2016, near the Taurus constellation, and remain visible throughout most of the night. The Moon will reach its full phase on December 14, at 00:07 UTC. At the time, it will be located almost directly opposite the Sun and will remain high above the horizon for most of the night.  The supermoon will occur close to the time of its closest approach to the Earth, in a point called perigee. This means the full moon event will appear slightly larger and brighter than usual in the night sky.  During the nights after December 14, the Moon will rise about an hour later every day and become prominent later in the night. At the exact moment when the Moon reaches full phase, it will lie at a declination of +18°23' in the constellation Taurus, and so will appear highest in the northern hemisphere. The supermoon will be visible from all latitudes south of 61°S. Its distance from the Earth will be 359 000 km (223 072 miles).

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December 10th @ 2pm & 7pm: The Magic of Christmas presented by Magician Ernie Storey
A magical time for the whole family! Kids $8, Adults $12. Special Family Packages available.

December 11th & 12th, 7pm to 9pm: Auditions - Standing Room Only Theater's Open Auditions for Agatha Christie’s "The Mousetrap"
(Arrive at 6:30 to deliver a prepared monologue if you wish). 302 E Yelm Ave Yelm WA 98597 (Crowe Law Office) with callbacks on December 14, 2016. The show performs 4 weekends in March. Rehearsals are January thru February. Sides provided for Auditions and will be posted on OUR WEBSITE Saturday.

December 18th & 19th: Family Christmas Show - Where's Charlie?
Starts at 3pm on Sunday, Dec 18th & 7pm on Monday, Dec 19th. Announcing the 2nd Annual Christmas at the Triad Musical Medley Extravaganza. Featuring The Yelm Community Choir, The Sonia Pena Mini Musicians & The Stage Struck Youth Players. You can always expect a series of satirical surprises fit for the entire family. This collage of Christmas Music is the perfect way to celebrate the holidays. Cost is $10
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