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Have you ever listened to music with headphones only to find that someone is trying to get your attention, but you didn't notice? Amazon now has a patent that suggests they are attempting to remedy this. Their headphones would apparently cancel noise except in certain situations, like when someone calls your name. Click here

Speaking of 'smart' technologies, are you aware that researchers are working on a material that could shield the wearer from hazardous chemical or biological agents? Apparently the material will also be breathable in that it will let sweat moisture out but won't let the hazards in. Click here

While we're on the subject of hazards, are you aware that there appears to be quite a bit of activity with a number of volcanoes along the ring of fire? Apparently there has been an uptick in the activity. Click here

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Technology Watch

Introducing FarmBot Genesis

Amazon may be working on noise-cancelling headphones that cut the music when someone calls your name
Sticking on a pair of noise-cancelling headphones can make even the most miserable morning commute on public transport more bearable. But this musical solace comes at a price – not being able to hear safety announcements, or even someone calling your name. Amazon could be set to change that, with its plans for a set of noise-cancelling cans which cut the filter when triggered by safety words or phrases, such as someone yelling out for you. While the online shopping giant may not be one of the first to spring to mind as makers of high-end headphones, it was recently awarded a patent for its innovative design. The plans, held by the US Patent and Trademark Office, show rough schematics for how they would work. According to the patent, ambient audio hitting the headphones would be filtered out, as most high end noise-cancelling products do already. But they would also listen out for keywords and phrases in the ambient noise. If the headphones pick up on a trigger, they suspend the noise cancelling feature, so the ambient noise cuts through.

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"Second Skin" Could Protect Troops From Chemical, Biological Agents
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is working on using carbon nanotubes to create a barrier that would be impenetrable to chemical and biological agents, but still water-permeable. The result could make suits designed to protect against chemical and biological threats more comfortable—and effective—for long-term wear. Soldiers are already issued protective suits to deal with chemical or biological attacks, suits that are thickly walled to keep out bacteria, viruses, and chemical agents. Unfortunately, with that protection comes a lack of "breathability"—the ability of a garment to expel sweat moisture built up during strenuous activity. This makes suits increasingly uncomfortable the longer the wearer has them on, so they are generally dreaded by military personnel worldwide. Scientists at Lawrence Livermore Labs are working to integrate carbon nanotubes into military uniforms, developing a fabric that will let water pass but not chemical agents and microscopic organisms. Each of the tubes has a diameter of less than five nanometers.

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In The News

Two Dead, 100 Rescued After Flooding Causes 'Tremendous Devastation' in Maryland
Two people were swept away to their deaths and more than 100 others had to be rescued after heavy rains caused severe damage in Maryland over the weekend. Almost 6 inches of rain fell in Ellicott City from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., the equivalent of a full month's normal rainfall, Howard County Executive Allan Kittleman said Sunday afternoon. The Patapsco River, which runs through the area, rose more than 13 feet Saturday night, according to the National Weather Service. Kittleman called it "a terrible, terrible, horrific incident," adding: "It looks like a war zone." The bodies of Joseph Anthony Blevins, 38, and Jessica Watsula, 35, were recovered after they were killed in separate incidents when they were carried off by the rushing water, Kittleman said later. Photos showed damaged buildings — some stripped of windows and doors — and collapsed roadways in Ellicott City, a community of 65,000 in Howard County about 12 miles west of Baltimore. At least four homes were destroyed, and 20 to 30 others sustained substantial damage, the county said.

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On The Lighter Side

Aurora Photos
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Earth Watch

Major Volcanoes Along The Ring Of Fire Are Going Off Like Firecrackers
So far this week, we have seen the most dangerous volcano in Mexico erupt, and three major volcanoes in Indonesia all erupted within the space of just 72 hours.  Mexico and Indonesia are both considered to be part of “the Ring of Fire,” and all along the perimeter of the Pacific Ocean volcanoes are starting to go off like firecrackers right now.  According to Volcano Discovery, 25 volcanoes in areas that are considered to be within the Ring of Fire have erupted recently.  Our planet appears to have entered a time of increased seismic activity, and those the follow my work regularly know that this is a theme that I revisit repeatedly.  Sadly, most Americans are not paying too much attention to this increase in seismic activity, but the truth is that it has very serious implications for the west coast of the United States. It didn’t make a big splash in the mainstream media in the United States, but this week Mt. Popocatepetl erupted and coated homes and vehicles in Mexico City with a thick layer of volcanic dust.  And now some scientists are becoming concerned that this recent activity may be building up to “a major disastrous eruption”

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Cold-War-Era Toxic Waste Could Be Released by Greenland's Melting Ice
It may sound like a storyline straight out of a Godzilla movie, but researchers are warning that toxic waste from a long-abandoned Cold War-era camp could leach into nearby ecosystems as a result of warming temperatures in Greenland. It was thought that the hazardous waste would stay buried and frozen forever beneath the Greenland Ice Sheet, but climate change is warming the Arctic and causing portions of the ice sheet to melt, the researchers reported in a new study. "In the past, militaries, industry and even scientists have given little thought to the lasting impact of their activities, including dangerous waste left behind," Laurence Smith, a professor in the Department of Geography at the University of California, Los Angeles and author of "The World in 2050: Four Forces Shaping Civilization's Northern Future" (Dutton Adult, 2010), told Live Science in an email. "That attitude is changing but not gone, and this study shows how the activities of the past are with us still."

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Health Watch

What is ‘Earthing’ and Why Are People Going Nuts Over It?
As humans, we seem to intuitively know that spending time outside is good for body and soul. In addition to the vitamin D benefits of sunlight, there’s just something about being outside that feels good. We might not always be able to put our finger on why, exactly, the great outdoors is good for us, but we know it to be true: In fact, a recent study estimated that an abundant urban tree population would reduce national healthcare spending to the tune of $6.8 million, as a result of better air quality, decreases in stress and other health factors. A new group of scientists has recently started looking into the health benefits of direct contact with the earth—things like walking barefoot on the grass, sitting against a tree and lying on a warm, sandy beach. This practice of direct contact has been termed “earthing,” and a number of health and wellness gurus are beginning to advocate for it.

The Theory Behind Earthing
The idea on which earthing is based states that the earth emits a certain type of energy that can reduce inflammation, calm stress and improve health overall. Without making direct contact with the ground, say proponents, we don’t get these benefits, leaving us feeling sluggish and generally causing ill health.

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Triad Theater
Calendar of Events

August 6th @ 6pm: Miceal returns with "Conversations"
Doors open at 5pm, Starts at 6pm Cost $35 - Pay at the door. Register at

August 11th @ 7pm: Poetry and Songwriters of Yelmshire - OPEN MIC
Come participate or just enjoy from the audience. Cost: $5.

August 12th & 19th @ 7pm: Dr. Rodrigo and Miceal - Keshe Technology
Dr. Rodrigo and Miceal are back to teach Keshe Technology, Cost: $35. Choose which night you wish to attend and purchase tickets here: TICKETS for KESHE Tech with Dr. Rodrigo and Miceal.
There will also be a hands on Workshop for a small group at the Lion's Club, Aug 27th and Sep 3rd at 2pm. Tickets to workshops will be sold at each event. Here is a LIST OF ITEMS you will need to bring to those workshops.

August 13th @ 7pm: Movies with Mel hosted by Melody Rae. Showing "Amadeus"
Cost: $8.

August 20th @ 7pm: "Physician Heal Thyself" with Dr. Rosamaria Machado and Miceal
As they speak on the different experiences that they have had, and the different modalities that one can use in healing oneself. They will also speak on their visits to John of God in Brazil, and others. TICKETS for Physician Heal Thyself -on-line $30. Available at the door for $35. Doors open at 6:30pm. Starts at 7pm.

August 26th to 28th: A Midsummer Night's Shakespeare: A Multi-generational Musical for the entire family with a cast of 20 adults and 20 children of all ages. Brought to you by Summerstruck Productions & Standing Room Only Acting Company. Choose from four performances - Friday, August 26th at 7:30pm $10; Saturday, August 27th at 2pm $10; Saturday, August 27th at 7:30pm $10; Sunday, August 28th at 2pm $10
Ticket Link: Shakespeare Production

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