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Editors Corner

Did you know that Pandas have a language of their own? Apparently, Chinese scientists claim they've deciphered Panda language. For example, according to the results of their work, "Gee-Gee" means "I'm Hungry", "Wow-Wow" means "Not happy", and "Coo-Coo" means "Nice!". Click here

On a slightly different subject, did you know that the brain has an internal 'odometer' and 'stopwatch'? Apparently there are specific neurons called grid cells which support navigation in time and space. Click here

In order for your brain to function properly, it needs support from your body. Your body can't function properly without a healthy microbiome. You may already know that The microbial genes in your body outnumber the genes in your own DNA by more than 100 to one. But are you aware that At least 1,200 different types of bacteria live in your mouth? And The bacterial microbes that line your skin are constantly battling other nasty invaders, such as the fungus that causes athlete's foot and other bad microbes that could cause infection? Click here

That's about it from me. Enjoy this newsletter and have a wonderful week.

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Yelm Cooperative
Sixth Annual "Gift of Gobble"

Thanksgiving is traditionally about giving thanks for the blessings of the harvest. The Yelm Cooperative will, once again, ensure a bountiful Thanksgiving feast for 125 families in our Community
who may not have been blessed with an abundant harvest this year.

The Yelm Cooperative will raise $8,000 to feed 125 families a sumptuous Thanksgiving feast that will feed a family of six. Each family receives: a naturally-grown turkey, organic carrots, onions and potatoes, stuffing mix, cranberry sauce, dinner rolls, pie fixings and more.

Charitable contributions, large or small, are gratefully being accepted at the Yelm Food Co-op now until Thanksgiving.  $60 will feed a family.  In addition to accepting individual contributions, project volunteers will call on area businesses for donations.  

The Yelm Food Co-op is located at 308 Yelm Avenue East inside Gordon’s Garden Center.
The store carries organic, artisan and whole foods from many local farmers and companies.

For further information, contact Outreach Coordinator Andrea Levanti at 360-894-6529.

Remedy of the Week
Keep Calm

The High Holidays have begun. I know because they were playing Christmas Carols in Hobby Lobby this afternoon. Going in to Hobby Lobby to buy something I really need is a bit like going to Aunt Maude’s for Thanksgiving dinner. I don’t agree with her politics or her religious ideology, but she sure can cook. This week I wanted to offer those of you who are going to be spending time with family this season some proactive essential oil remedies to help you avoid emotional upset. These ideas will support you to be the most loving, kind and tolerant you have ever been. You can create the most joyful holiday season ever! Let’s start with Lemongrass. If you are having guests over and need to “clean up” the place, a couple of drops of Lemongrass will kick your cleaning efforts into high gear. Hoarders, beware. You can’t stop cleaning and getting rid of what no longer serves you. With the house nice and tidy, you will be ready to receive your guests. On Guard Protective Blend in your diffuser will greet your guest with the scent of the season all the while protecting you from undesirable energies and illness accompanying your invited guests. Don’t let their coughs and sniffles infect your happy holidays.

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As always, if you are curious and would like a free sample of any of these oils, contact Jan Jones at Or give her a call at 360-458-4500.

Health Watch

30 mind-blowing facts about the microbes that live inside of you
The human microbiome is as elusive as it is important. You can't see it, but it's teeming with trillions of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other microscopic organisms that line vital body parts such as your intestines, mouth, and skin. These organisms have evolved with humans for hundreds of thousands of years, and as we probe deeper into their varied roles in the human body, we're gaining valuable insight into their essential roles in digestion, the immune system, cognition, and certain diseases. There's still much we don't know about the microbiome, but the past 20 years of research have revealed some surprising facts about these tiny critters in our bodies. Here are 30 eye-opening facts about the human microbiome, sourced from The American Museum of Natural History's new microbiome exhibit, The Secret World Inside You. The exhibit runs in NYC November 7, 2015 to August 14, 2016.

There are more microbes in the human body — a number estimated to be in the trillions — than there are stars in the Milky Way.

All of your microbes combined weigh about as much as your brain: about three pounds.

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Nature Watch

Could Mount St Helens be about to erupt? Massive magma chamber found below the volcano may reveal clues about future explosions
Its scarred and jagged crater is a reminder of the terrible devastation that Mount St Helens wrought over the Washington countryside 35 years ago. Now a new study of the volcanic plumbing lurking beneath the 8,363ft (2,459 metre) summit suggests the volcano could yet again blow its top in an explosive eruption. Geologists studying the volcano, which is responsible for the most deadly eruption in US history, have discovered a second enormous magma chamber buried far beneath the surface. This giant pool of molten rock, which lies between seven to 25 miles (40km) below the surface, is connected to a slightly smaller chamber that lies directly beneath the mountain. The researchers also believe a second neighbouring volcano - Mount Adams - may also be fed from the deeper magma chamber. They said a series of distinct earthquakes in the months leading up to the massive eruption on 18 May 1980, which killed 57 people, may have been caused by the pumping of magma from the lower to the upper chamber. This caused the pressure inside the upper chamber to increase dramatically until it erupted explosively. In a presentation to the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America in Baltimore, Maryland, the researchers said there have been more recent tremors in the area that suggest more magma is being injected.

Click here to read full article

'Coo-Coo!' Do you speak Panda? Chinese scientists claim they've deciphered Panda language
Scientists in a southwestern Chinese panda breeding center have decoded 13 different kinds of vocalizations that giant pandas use to communicate with one another, according to a report by Xinhua.   The results of the work show that panda cubs “speak” less than adults and only use a few vocalizations to communicate simple things such as: "Gee-Gee" (I'm hungry), "Wow-Wow" (Not happy!) or "Coo-Coo" (Nice!). Then as they grow they learn from their mothers and start using a wide variety of sounds to express themselves, including roaring, barking, squeaking, bleating and chirping. It is hoped that these new findings will shed light on the lives of the reclusive creatures and help save the endangered species.  "If we can understand their language, it will help us protect the animal, especially in the wild," said Zhang Hemin, head of the China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda.  The China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda (CCRCGP) in the Sichuan province has been working on the project since 2010.  Panda moms chirrup when anxious about their little ones, and they bark to get rid of strangers. Male pandas make a sound resembling a sheep’s baa when in love, while females answer with a soft and constant tweeting sound if the feeling is mutual.

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Community Calendar

We do love to hear from you especially about community events that you think our readers ought to know about. So, thanks and keep the info flowing.

December 1st & 2nd: Unity - The Documentary
Yelm Cinemas will be hosting special showings of the documentary Unity. Tickets will go on sale Friday October 23rd.
Click here for more information

Technology Watch

A breakthrough new kind of wireless Internet

In The News

Pentagon pushes for cyber weapons capable of real-world killing
Cyberwarfare may cross over into the real world to harm humans, thanks to an upcoming military contract valued at almost half a billion dollars. Raytheon, Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin are some of the defense firms competing for an upcoming $460 million US Cyber Command project to give the American military the power to turn an enemy’s critical infrastructure against them with weaponized code, according to Defense One. A 114-page draft of a 5-year contract released on September 30 details a plan to get private companies to support military operations with cyberwarfare. The initial work order will support “cyber joint munitions effectiveness” by developing and deploying “cyber weapons” and coordinating with “tool developers” in the spy community, the documents state. Some of the more direct cyber espionage activities include starting “cyber fires” in enemy hardware. This separates this new kind of cyberwarfare from traditional electronic attacks – even the infamous, centrifuge-destroying Stuxnet – in that it can actual be a threat to human life, according to the document. The draft even lays out contract requirements for a Weapons & Capabilities lead position, including a “minimum of three years of experience in Cyber Fires and/or Cyber Targeting.”

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French Government Plans to Fine Grocery Stores That Throw Away Food
France is cracking down on food waste. In May, the French government passed a new law that bars supermarkets from purposefully spoiling unsold food and will require them to instead donate such produce to charity or sell it for animal feed, as Gabrielle Sausbery reports for Modern Farmer. Amid growing concern about food waste both in France and globally, the bill unanimously passed the French assembly on May 22. Under the new legislation stores that span 4,305 square feet or more have until July of next year to set up deals with local charities. If they don't have a system in place to donate or sell expired produce, they'll face a fine of 75,000 Euros (about $85,000) or spend two years in jail. The law also sets up a food waste education program for schools and businesses. According to Angelique Chrisafis over at The Guardian, France has been building toward legislation like this for a while. In February, the assembly passed a new rule to remove "best by" dates from fresh food (which are essentially made up). The country's economic troubles have driven more people to scavenge dumpsters and trash cans around grocery stores and restaurants for tossed food. To avoid food poisoning cases, some stores pouring bleach on disposed produce. The new law will prohibit such practices.

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Science Watch

Brain has internal ‘odometer’ and ‘stopwatch’ – study
The brain has its own ‘odometer’ and ‘stopwatch’ neurons, a new research by Boston University scientists says. These findings could help battle mental and cognitive disorders like Alzheimer’s disease. The study involves rats running on treadmill, and focuses on specific neurons called grid cells which support navigation in time and space, even without visual landmarks and the optic flow. Until now, there was no direct evidence demonstrating that the grid cells help the brain determine the distance and time passed. To prove the contrary, researchers put rats on treadmills and recorded the activity of grid cells, keeping either distance or duration of running unchanged, and only varying the speed. As a result, 92% of grid cells in rats emitted signals at specific moments: for instance, one cell would fire 8 seconds into the run, not taking into account speed or distance covered, and another cell would emit a signal every 400 cm, not depending on speed or duration of the run. 50 percent of the cells were affected by distance, another half by time, and around 40 percent by both factors.

Click here to read full article

Triad Theater
Calendar of Events

November 7th @ 7:30pm: Harvest Sing-A-Long - Yelm Chamber Orchestra & Choir
Come bring your kids to real live music! Let them experience the difference between iPod music and live music! If you are short on cash, we will cover for you! This is a gift you can give to others so bring them young and old! This is your chamber orchestra! Come out and support them! $5 donation would be WONDERFUL!

November 8th @ 3pm: MOVIE: V for VENDETTA
From the creators of The Matrix trilogy. $6

November 10th @ 7pm: Scoops & News not on TV Scott Mowry

November 13th @ 7pm: FILM: Wisdom Teachings Part 2

November 14th @ 7pm: Mars Defense Force Captain Randy Cramer - Live at The Triad!
US Marine who spent 17 years on Mars authorized to reveal the truth. Have questions about Secret Space Mission? Have questions about how he was selected for this mission? Want to know what marines ate on mars for 18 years? Curious of what these men did for sexual activity or recreation? Curious about why you are only hearing about this now? This night will be out of this world! Don't miss it! Simon Parkes to skype to Randy on stage with greetings to Yelm!
$35 VIP SEATS $25 Regular
VIPs meet-n-greet at 6pm

November 19th @ 6pm: Final "Round the Poet's Fire" w/ "The Singers & Songwriters"

November 20th @ 7pm: FILM: Wisdom Teachings Part 3

November 21st: Live Stream Dr. Steven Greer
Time: TBA. $10 Lunch $10

November 24th @ 7pm: Scoops & News not on TV Scott Mowry

November 27th @ 7pm: FILM: Wisdom Teachings Part 4

December 5th @ 7:30pm: Theatrical Production Incorruptible

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