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Editors Corner

Did you know that a company has now made a jacket, or at least the entire outer layer of a jacket, out of spider silk? To top that, the spider silk wasn't even made with spiders! Spiber, a Japanese biotech company, has figured out how to genetically engineer microorganisms to ferment — or brew — spider silk proteins from sugar. Click here

Speaking of sugar, you may be aware that any one diet works differently for different people but, are you aware that, for example, a cookie can give one person a sugar rush while barely affecting another person? Apparently, a new study has found that a food’s glycemic index is actually different for each person. Click here

On another subject, have you heard that BP could claim a massive tax write-off from the Deepwater oil spill penalties? Apparently, unless the Department of Justice takes action, BP has figured out how to claim a large chunk of those penalties as business expenses. Click here

That's about it from me for this week. If you haven't seen the "Freaky Flowers - Echinopsis Cacti in Bloom" yet, I encourage you to watch it. Click here
Enjoy this newsletter, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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Iconoclasts and Innovation Addressing Fears That Prevent Creativity
Interview With Emory University Neuroscientist Dr. Gregory Berns
Reprinted with permission from

Adept in both psychiatry, (MD), and biomedical engineering, (PhD), Gregory Berns is respected as a leading authority on neuroeconomics. This new field of science combines neurology, psychology and economics to better understand how both individuals and groups make decisions, engage risk and experience reward. Berns directs the Computational and Cognitive Neuroscience Lab (CCNL) at Emory University where his team utilizes fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) to study brain response by correlating decision making with specific firing patterns of the brain’s neurons.

What have they discovered? Highly creative and innovative people’s brains actually function differently than the average person’s. Berns refers to these types of people as “iconoclasts,” which is also the title of his newest general audience, non-technical book, Iconoclast: A Neuroscientist Reveals How To Think Differently. He defines an iconoclast as “a person who does something others say can’t be done,” and explains “perception lies at the heart of iconoclasm…. Iconoclasts see things differently than other people. Literally.”

Perception is not the same thing as vision. Instead, it is the complex process by which we interpret our experiences of the world. Those interpretations are wired through experiential repetition and at the neurological level include extracting or discarding information. Iconoclasts differ from most people in how they filter information. Their neurological process converts visual data into action, bypassing the areas of the brain generally associated with fear – the amygdala and the insula. Thus, when they observe difficult situations occurring in the world, they are able to think, plan, and act innovatively without reverting to fear-based reactions.

The importance of the distinctions in how each of us sees the world cannot be underestimated. Berns writes that, “perception is not something that is immutably hardwired into the brain.” Recent neurological findings show that we are fully capable of changing how we perceive life. However, this ability to redirect neurological firing requires an extraordinary amount of mental energy, a principle fundamental to neuroeconomics. As it turns out, one of the brain’s primary survival mechanisms is conserving energy. The brain does this by limiting energy expenditure during normal everyday awareness – an activity that is simultaneously and inextricably tied to the neurological shortcuts it learns and habitually repeats. For most people, though, breaking out of the comfort zone of their energyconservative perceptions is often a fearful proposition.

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Sheep Farm Update
The Verizon Tower

Hello, Everybody, After our pre-hearing conference call on November 11th with the Thurston County Hearing examiner, as well as the attorneys for our Deschutes Neighborhood Group, Thurston County, and Odelia Pacific (Verizon), we have received the dates and timeline for our appeal for the proposed Smith Farm cell tower.  ( Click here for the Thurston County Document pdf. ) For all of you that filed a comment letter through us and would like to make a public comment at the hearing, please send us an email with your name and contact information, so that your name can be placed on our public comment list.  The appeal on January 19, 2016 will begin at 10:00 am with expert witness testimony and the public comment period begins at 1:00 pm. To date we have paid the attorney $2500 and that money has been used for hours of consultations, preparation and the pre-hearing conference call that we had today. Throughout the month of December there are several criteria that need to be met, before we even get to the appeal itself.  Our attorney gave us an estimate of $5000.00 to cover the next stage of preparation.  There is a tremendous amount of time consuming communication that is required between all of the attorneys and the hearing examiner prior to the appeal.

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Days for Girls
Want to Make a Difference in the World?

Recognize your friends and neighbors? They are sewing AND they are reversing the cycle of poverty. This simple act of kindness will reach a young woman on the other side of the world. She will cherish this gift that they are sewing. She will use this beautiful feminine hygiene kit for at least three years. In those three years she will be able to stay in school and get the education that will increase her family’s income by 60 percent. She will teach her community to do the same. If you have ever longed to make a real difference in the world—this is your opportunity. We have formed an official chapter of Days for Girls International here in Yelm. Of course, anyone, anywhere can participate, but if you live near here you can join us for a sewing day, you can contribute fabric, wash clothes, soap, zip lock bags—and a whole list of items. We are currently working to complete 100 kits by January 15 to send with a group who is going to Cambodia. It will be a fun and rewarding project. Come join us and be a part of giving girls back five extra days of living and learning every single month.

You can email us at or phone Anita Marriott 360-480-5790 or Jan Jones 360-458-4500.

Essentials Oils Don't Heal
Our Bodies Do

Our bodies are made of up intricately connected systems. We have a digestive system that processes our food into vital energy. We have a cardio-vascular system that keeps our heart pumping blood through 60,000 miles of vessels, organs and body tissues. We have a respiratory system that fills our lungs and provides oxygen to every cell of our body. There are many more systems and all of them are remarkable! The state of our health depends on all of these systems working as they were intended. When one of these systems becomes imbalanced and fails to work in properly, it disrupts the harmony in the body. Essential oils can support the body system to bring it back to balance so that the body system can work as it was designed and the body can heal itself.

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If you would like to learn more about how essential oils support the body to heal itself, attend one of our upcoming classes or make an appointment for a free private consultation. Email or or phone 360-458-4500

Technology Watch

This company made a jacket out of microbe-made spider silk
It’s been more than 50 years since the Marvel Universe gave us the amazing Spider-Man. And now, countless comics, TV series, movies, books, and toys later, synthetic biology has given us Spiber, a Japanese biotech company that’s about to put Peter Parker’s little shtick to shame. That’s right — Spidey’s web-shooters were cool, but they’re nothing compared to what Spiber’s got brewing. And by brewing, I mean literally brewing. The synthetic biology company is using genetically engineered microorganisms to ferment — or brew — spider silk proteins from sugar. And since spider silk is a crazy strong, flexible, shock-absorbing material, it could be a great replacement for petroleum-based synthetic materials like polyester and nylon. Here’s more from Motherboard:

Lest you think the product is still mostly in its infancy, Spiber has actually produced a prototype in collaboration with North Face called the Moon Parka. An ethereal gold color, the outer layer of the coat is made entirely from Spiber’s synthetic woven spider silk. So while it’s yet to be mass-produced, it’s been turned into a truly gorgeous, functional prototype.

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In The News

No, you’re not paranoid: The Koch brothers really are spying on you
There’s a secret intelligence network funded by evil billionaire brothers determined to choose the next American president. No, that’s not the plot of the new James Bond movie — it’s life in the U.S.A. circa 2015. A Politico article reveals that industrialist brothers Charles and David Koch have a team of 25 — including at least one former CIA operative — quietly gathering intelligence on the American left. “The operation,” reporter Kenneth Vogel writes, “which is little-known even within the Koch network, gathers what Koch insiders refer to as ‘competitive intelligence’ that is used to try to thwart liberal groups and activists, and to identify potential threats to the expansive network.” Terrifying! But is it really all that surprising? The Kochs are reportedly sinking $889 million into this campaign season. Why not have a secret agency to spy on the opposition too?! Gotta cover all your bases when you’re dropping nearly a billion dollars on an election. The motivation for this secret spy network, according to Politico, was the 2012 presidential election, when the Kochs’ handpicked heir to the White House was trounced by the Democratic incumbent.

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BP could claim a massive tax write-off from Deepwater oil spill penalties
In the wake of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster — in which 11 people died and nearly 5 million barrels of oil spilled into the Gulf of Mexico — BP agreed to pay $20.8 billion in penalties to Gulf states and other parties impacted by the disaster. Unless the Department of Justice takes action, BP could be able to claim over $15.3 billion of those penalties as business expenses — securing a tax relief of $5 billion. It’s good to be big business in America. Fortunately, not everyone is having it. Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva (D-Ariz.) led 52 other members of Congress in a letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch requesting that BP be denied the opportunity to profit off holes in the tax code. It reads, in part:

The “gross negligence” that led to perhaps the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history should not be an opportunity to game the tax code. Challenging fiscal choices may lie ahead, and every dollar we lose in revenue is a dollar cut from much needed programs, raised from another source, or added to the national debt.

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Something to Contemplate

An Alternative View of History
Graham Hancock & Randall Carlson (3 hours long)

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December 1st & 2nd: Unity - The Documentary
Yelm Cinemas will be hosting special showings of the documentary Unity. Tickets will go on sale Friday October 23rd.
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Bloggers Corner

Sign I-735 and Get BIG Money Out of Elections
By Florence Vincent
Last year I was able to collect signatures at the Ranch for Initiative 1329 to get big money out of politics. We didn't make our totals then so we are doing it again this year with Initiative 735. It wasn't convenient to be at the Ranch this year. So please could you pop by Mail Unlimited/Lemuria to sign Initiative 735 to get big money out of our elections. Why? This country is now an oligarchy with unlimited political bribery. Our government runs on behalf of the oligarchs. Example: Who are the 40 member Congressional 'Freedom' Caucus, and why are they holding up congress; trying to close down the government? They closed down the Land & Water Conservation Fund, which used to fund public parks, playgrounds, walking/bike trails in all 98% of counties in all 50 states. It included upkeep of the Appalachian Trail, fields where soldiers fell, the memorial in Pennsylvania where Flight 93 came down etc. It was a bipartisan fund that was 'funded by a small fee to the US oil industry'*.  It's now unfunded. They closed down the Import/Export Bank, an immediate loss of 186k jobs. GE is moving their Waukesha, WI plant making jet engines to Canada, who has an Import/Export Bank, as do most developed countries.

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TPP - The Ultimate Corporate Power Grab
By Florence Vincent
We have been lulled into a stupor by the entertainment media and the busyness of our lives. Meanwhile the multinational corporations are about to takeover the planet. How? Ever heard of the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership), or the TTIP, (the European version) and TiSA, which calls for the privatization of all public services, (the post office, public education, Medicare, Medicaid etc which make up 80% of the US economy).  They build on the WTO, NAFTA, CAFTA, permanent trade relations with China, etc. 'Free' Trade deals which have closed down 60,000 factories in the US and shipped millions of good paying jobs with them. A new report that finds so many white men between the ages of 45 and 54 are committing suicide through alcohol and pharmaceutical drugs that it's unprecedented in America. (New York Times)  After years of secret negotiations the 5,544 page TPP has just been released. It involves 12 countries and nearly 40% of global trade. It allows corporations to bypass our three branches of government to impose enforceable sanctions by secret tribunals. Out of 28 chapters only 5 are to do with trade, the rest are corporate regulations. 

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Health Watch

Antibiotic resistance: World on cusp of 'post-antibiotic era'
The world is on the cusp of a "post-antibiotic era", scientists have warned after finding bacteria resistant to drugs used when all other treatments have failed. They identified bacteria able to shrug off the drug of last resort - colistin - in patients and livestock in China. They said that resistance would spread around the world and raised the spectre of untreatable infections. It is likely resistance emerged after colistin was overused in farm animals. Bacteria becoming completely resistant to treatment - also known as the antibiotic apocalypse - could plunge medicine back into the dark ages. Common infections would kill once again, while surgery and cancer therapies, which are reliant on antibiotics, would be under threat.

Key players
Chinese scientists identified a new mutation, dubbed the MCR-1 gene, that prevented colistin from killing bacteria. The report in the Lancet Infectious Diseases showed resistance in a fifth of animals tested, 15% of raw meat samples and in 16 patients. And the resistance had spread between a range of bacterial strains and species, including E. coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

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A good diet for you may be bad for me
A cookie can give one person a sugar rush while barely affecting another person, a new study finds, indicating that a food’s glycemic index is in the eater. People’s blood sugar rises or falls differently even when they eat the exact same fruit, bread, deserts, pizza and many other foods, researchers in Israel report November 19 in Cell. That suggests that diets should be tailored to individuals’ personal characteristics. The researchers made the discovery after fitting 800 people with blood glucose monitors for a week. The people ate standard breakfasts supplied by the researchers. Although the volunteers all ate the same food, their blood glucose levels after eating those foods varied dramatically. Traits and behaviors such as body mass index, sleep, exercise, blood pressure, cholesterol levels and the kinds of microbes living in people’s intestines are associated with blood glucose responses to food, the researchers conclude. Those findings indicate that blood sugar spikes after eating depend “not only on what you eat, but how your system processes that food,” says Clay Marsh, an epigenetics researcher at West Virginia University in Morgantown.

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RSE Newsletter

UFO CONTACT Advanced Workshop – November 6 – 8, 2015 – Event Links:
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Best of Nisqually in 2015: Congratulations to JZ Rose and The Phoenix Rising School!:
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Ozone hole over Antarctica near record in size – Ramtha on the impact of the Ozone layer:
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On The Lighter Side

Freaky Flowers - Echinopsis Cacti in Bloom

Triad Theater
Calendar of Events

Come Get Your Arts On this week at the TRIAD Theater located at 102 Yelm Ave East in Yelm. For more information please visit our website at email or call 360-458-3140.

November 21st, 11am to 3pm: LIVE STREAM with Dr. Steven Greer
THE MOST EXPLOSIVE EXPOSE ON GOVERNMENT SECRECY YOU WILL EVER SEE. How is Marilyn Monroe's death connected to UFOs and the government secrecy? He explains all with smoking gun top secret CIA documents. $10.00. Deli Lunch also available for $10.00 a person. Purchase tickets at the door, visit our website to RSVP- or email

November 22nd @ 1:25pm: WATCH ON THE BIG SCREEN – SEA-HAWKS game kicks off
Bring your game spirit and root for our team with us. No charge to attend however small donations appreciated. Refreshments available.

November 24th @ 7pm: Get the NEWS & SCOOP from Independent News Reporter Scott Mowry who tells of miracles and inspiration as well as feel good news in today’s wacky world that you won’t hear on TV. $10.00 a person.

November 27th @ 7pm: PREMIERE FILM – Learn about “The Nisqually Tribe” from your host Tribal Cultural Director Handford McCloud as he and his family tell their version of the story. Enjoy Native food and a cultural Drumming event. Cost to be announced. Visit our website for details updated as available.

Just added...November 28th @ 6PM!: POTLUCK WITH MICEAL!
MICEAL RETURNS TO THE COMMUNITY TO CELEBRATE THE HARVEST AND TELL STORIES AND HEAVEN HELP US>>GOOD OL IRISH JOKES...( bring your questions about any topics in last years Conversations with Miceal Events..and maybe he will answer them for you~) We need to make this a special feast so only prepared foods made with love. More info about this to come....

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