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Editors Corner

Did you know that chlorophyll is structurally identical to hemoglobin? It would seem to make sense when you think of it as 'plant blood'. To quote one of the articles below: "the only difference is that hemoglobin is attached to the metallic ion of iron, while chlorophyll is attached to the metallic ion of magnesium." As some of you may know, consuming chlorophyll has some potential health benefits. Click here

Speaking of food, did you know that biotech advocates are apparently trying to boost GMO sales by proposing subsidies for junk food and taxes for organic food? Click here

On a different subject, are you aware that there are colors that you can't actually see? I have wondered about things like this and, until now, I wasn't even sure if colors we couldn't see could actually be described. Click here

That's about it from me for this week. If you haven't seen the wonderful talk given by Jimmy Nelson titled "Gorgeous portraits of the world's vanishing people" under On The Lighter Side, I would encourage you to watch it. It's quite good. Click here

See you next week.

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Of Being a World Player
By MC2020 reader Wayne Medrud

Back in about 2009 our Master Teacher asked all of us at an event, "What will it take for you to be a world player". At that time, my intellect had to say, "Ya, right. What would I ever do to become a world player." All I have ever done the majority of my life is work with my hands and alone most of that time. None the less, I went fervently onto the field and called forth future technologies, the ability to recognize them and the courage to share them.

With in a year I was introduced to rocket mass heaters and rocket stoves. I thought, how cool is that to be able to heat and cook with up to 80% less wood and for people in developing countries to not breath the smoke that causes so much respiratory illnesses. Next I came across the biosand water filters This phenomenal technology is low cost, extremely efficient at removing nearly all pathogens and a large percentages of heavy metals. It can be sourced from local materials most anywhere on earth and can be taught to the average 10 year old. This simple idea that was patented and given to the world, is biomimicry at its finest. I was hooked at once.

The adventures began with the ending of a long term marriage and partnering with Robin Lee who shares my passion for sustainable living and community service whether it be at home or in what our Friendly Water for the World board chairmen, David Albert refers to as "Greater Yelm", (the rest of the world). David thought that by calling it greater Yelm he would get me to leave my hovel. You see until 18 months ago I had not been out of the U.S., indeed didn't even have a passport.

Then in January 2014 after helping with the hands on portion of a few local biosand water filter and hygiene trainings, my son Noah and I were asked to join a training team in India. The culture shock was overwhelming and stressful at times but I had the time of my life. I so enjoyed sharing that time with Noah. I wanted to share with him that by helping others through the interconnectedness of all life, we are also healed.

On the heals of that trip Noah and I spent two months in Uganda and Burundi teaching this vital skill. Robin joined us in Burundi and we held the training at a village next to the source of the Nile River.

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Food Watch

Biotech shills posing as economists try to boost GMO sales by proposing subsidies for junk food and taxes for organic food
As the drought in California -- home to much of the nation's food production -- worsens, desperation is rampant as politicians, policymakers and others scramble for ways to mitigate the worsening crisis. One of the most recent ideas is also one of the most foolish because it is based on a series of misconceptions and outright falsehoods that have been perpetuated in large part by the mainstream media. As reported by The Daily Caller, economists who are allegedly "environmentally savvy" are suggesting that growers of organic foods in the state be taxed, as if that will solve the water crisis. According to this line of thinking, organic farms are not as efficient with their use of water as "conventional" (as in, GMO-producing) farms, say economists with the Property and Environment Research Center and the Hoover Institution. These economists say that pricing that "inefficiency" into organic products will lead consumers will use less of them. In other words, they propose punishing people who want a healthier choice of foods and products as well as the growers who provide them.

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Health Watch

What do your mouth and the Great Pacific Garbage Patch have in common?

Much like the Great Lakes, your mouth is full of microbeads — you know, those tiny particles lurking in your favorite face washes. It turns out they’re in your toothpaste, too — and that’s not a good thing.

Mother Jones has the story:
In March 2014, dental hygienist and blogger Trish Walraven sounded the alarm with a article about how she was finding “bits of blue plastic in my patients’ mouths every single day.” The plastic, she wrote, came from Crest toothpaste, and it was getting stuck in patients’ gums. Now, dentists are concerned that the microbeads trap bacteria, possibly causing gingivitis.

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Technology Watch

How Cool is This Air-Powered Bike?

Cory Little and Josh Powell designed the prototype for a bike powered by air. I’ve always been an advocate for cycling instead of driving, and one of the big obstacles for people making the switch to pedal power is that riding a bike is hard. If you’re riding for transportation rather than for fitness, you don’t want to get super sweaty powering up a hill or from carrying a heavy load. And if you’re not in the best shape, even relatively flat terrain becomes cumbersome after a while. When I worked across town and biked in, I used to envy folks who had a motor assist on their bikes. As I sweated my way up the hill that Atlanta locals call Mount McClendon, these lucky cyclists just flipped on their motors and cruised to the top.

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Triad Theater
Calendar of Events

June 4th: Double feature! - Randy Cramer Mars interview & John Carter Mars with english subtitles!
You need to watch this with subtitles! It is amazing and compliments Randy Cramer's Experience! $6

June 6th @ 7:30pm: LKMY live at the Triad
Come out and see or fist LIVE CONCERT with original music that ROCKS Tickets $20 advance available at
$25 at the door (if available). Includes 2 drinks, 21 and older. Limited seating.

June 11th @ 7pm: Poets of Yelmshire performing at the TRIAD ARTS THEATER
Open mic for wanna be poets! / $5 cover

June 20th @ 7pm: HONOR DIARIES - Culture is no excuse for abuse
A Renee Webb Production. Hosted by a panel of very powerful women of our community...

June 28th @ 9am: Breakfast with Simon.

Simon Parkes DVD's Now on Sale - "Simon Speaks to Yelm"
$25 set of 3 dvds

Rehearsals begin in mid-June for the fantastic musical Pajama Party coming in July by SRO and Nancy Hilman.

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Science Watch

Amazing Discovery: Plant Blood Enables Your Cells To Capture Sunlight Energy
What if conventional wisdom regarding our most fundamental energy requirements has been wrong all along and we can directly harness the energy of the Sun when we consume 'plant blood'? Plants are amazing, aren't they? They have no need to roam about hunting other creatures for food, because they figured out a way to capture the energy of the Sun directly through these little light-harvesting molecules known as chlorophyll; a molecule, incidentally, which bears uncanny resemblance to human blood because it is structurally identical to hemoglobin, other than it has a magnesium atom at its core and not iron as in red blooded animals. The energy autonomy of plants makes them, of course, relatively peaceful and low maintenance when compared to animal life, the latter of which is always busying itself with acquiring its next meal, sometimes through violent and sometimes through more passive means. In fact, so different are these two classes of creatures that the first, plants, are known as autotrophs, i.e. they produce their own food, and the animals are heterotrophs, i.e. they depend on other creatures for food.

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Chlorophyll: A powerful blood builder and chelating agent
Chlorophyll is the green pigment in plants responsible for absorbing the light necessary for photosynthesis. It is often considered to be the "blood" of plants, since it comprises the basic physiology of the plant and is required for their basic metabolic functions, such as growth and respiration. While most land plants contain chlorophyll to some degree, those with the deepest green colors contain the greatest concentrations of it. Though humans cannot photosynthesize and therefore cannot use chlorophyll in the same manner that plants do, studies show that chlorophyll is still a powerful phytonutrient that can benefit our health when consumed in whole food or supplement form.

The benefits of chlorophyll
Boosts blood health - Since 1911, scientists have known that the molecular structure of chlorophyll is almost identical to that of hemoglobin in humans - the only difference is that hemoglobin is attached to the metallic ion of iron, while chlorophyll is attached to the metallic ion of magnesium.

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Red-Green & Blue-Yellow: The Stunning Colors You Can't See
Try to imagine reddish green — not the dull brown you get when you mix the two pigments together, but rather a color that is somewhat like red and somewhat like green. Or, instead, try to picture yellowish blue — not green, but a hue similar to both yellow and blue. Is your mind drawing a blank? That's because, even though those colors exist, you've probably never seen them. Red-green and yellow-blue are the so-called "forbidden colors." Composed of pairs of hues whose light frequencies automatically cancel each other out in the human eye, they're supposed to be impossible to see simultaneously. The limitation results from the way we perceive color in the first place. Cells in the retina called "opponent neurons" fire when stimulated by incoming red light, and this flurry of activity tells the brain we're looking at something red. Those same opponent neurons are inhibited by green light, and the absence of activity tells the brain we're seeing green. Similarly, yellow light excites another set of opponent neurons, but blue light damps them.

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You Decide

Jade Helm 15, I found the meaning!!

On The Lighter Side

Gorgeous portraits of the world's vanishing people

RSE Newsletter

New Rock Band LKMY: RSE students and LKMY band members
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Yelm’s popular RSE student – owned Pizzeria La Gitana making news:
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Italy Class 201, March 25-29, 2015: Event Photo Album & Orb Show
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RSE Guest Speaker - Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.! July 24, 7pm:
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Senior RSE students inspire their Retirement Community:
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Special Initiation at the June Combo Event in Yelm!
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‘Ramtha Collection’ housed in the Univ. of CA. Santa Barbara Library:
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“The earth has shifted, tilted or as they put it, ‘wobbled’ to the north" added to #Ramtha
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Exclusive interview with Dr. Matthew Martinez, DC: Dr. Matthew Martinez, DC Photo courtesy:
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“More Consensus on the Health Benefits of Tea and Coffee” added to #Ramtha teaching on coffee (May 25, 2015):
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