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Editors Corner

Technology can be a wonderful thing, but these days it seems to be at odds with privacy. Email is no exception. Andy Yen, in an interesting TED Talks, explains how and why any email you send or receive is not as private as you might think, and what his solution to this is. Click here

On a different subject, did you know that our ancestors could not see the color blue? Or, if they did, they apparently didn't have a word to describe it. Click here

Speaking of describing things, did you know that there is a medical description for people that insist on eating a clean diet? It's called Orthorexia Nervosa and is apparently considered a mental disorder. Click here

That's it from me for this week. Enjoy, and have a wonderful week.

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Bloggers Corner

Tides of Resistance
By Rene Westbrook (Esprit)
I would readily admit to being a procrastinator. You see, I have this notion that hesitation sometimes is a good thing. In my case, it allows me to percolate and ruminate, cast spells and have the jitters over the possibilities of failure. I have been chasing my tail, so to speak in this way for years, letting the spirit move me at just the right moment and then, plunging headlong into the work until its done, on time! This is a formula that encapsulates my outer world. Everyday, I can climb that mountain, wait, and then proceed down the hill. When I first arrived at RSE in 1992, I was thoroughly versed in my world of art and communication. However, my interior landscape was murky and thick with deep forests of doubt. As a beginning student of the great work, I wanted to be brave. I was desperate to know what was beyond pliable thought. Eager and earnest, I sat, poised and ready to "Behold God". Or so I thought. Familiar territory defines most of what we call our comfort zones. The discipline of "Focus" in the early stages of my training were not different from what I did in my studio before creating artwork.

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Will we lose our Rights & Sovereignty?
By Florence Vincent
Do we value our States rights, our U.S. sovereignty? If so, we need to say no to the TPP, (the Trans Pacific Partnership) which the President and some in State and Federal Government are pushing. If we give the President Fast Track Authority to push the TPP through, it will be without Congressional oversight, needing just an up or down vote. We will be setting ourselves up for disaster, as no one will know what's in the Treaty. From what has been leaked, (no one has seen all of it except for the multinational corporate lobbyists and their associates who wrote it), only 5 of the 25 chapters are about trade, the rest are ways for corporations to run roughshod over our rights. I've heard from a number of our State Congresspeople who are worried about us losing our States Rights. The "Investor-State Dispute Settlement Provision" (ISDSP) would allow foreign corporations to sue states if our laws stopped them from doing business their way. Suits would be heard by U.N. and World Bank judges. If the international court decides our laws are not to their liking, they could levy limitless fines on us.

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Health Watch

Orthorexia Nervosa
New mental disorder aimed at people who insist on eating a clean diet
In a world where meaning is malleable, you can twist the truth however you want. You can create a story to make worthwhile endeavors look bad. You can make harmful practices appear attractive. The mental health system has recently taken a shot at making healthy food choices appear dangerous, if you can imagine, especially when those choices are your top priority. Clinicians are actively diagnosing patients with orthorexia nervosa, the extreme desire to eat pure food. This is not a parody. It's actually happening. If you have a strong desire to eat pure, uncontaminated food, then you could be suffering from a mental disorder per this new medical labeling trend. According to the Guardian: Orthorexics commonly have rigid rules around eating. Refusing to touch sugar, salt, caffeine, alcohol, wheat, gluten, yeast, soy, corn and dairy foods is just the start of their diet restrictions. Any foods that have come into contact with pesticides, herbicides or contain artificial additives are also out.

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Something Worth Knowing

Think your email's private? Think again

GMO Watch

EXCLUSIVE: Just Label It organization a GMO greenwashing corporate front group , say industry insiders
The Just Label It organization is actively seeking to block GMO labeling legislation because its key board members and operatives have been corrupted by the very same mega food corporations that oppose GMO labeling, high-level industry sources told Natural News. This Natural News investigation has obtained on-the-record quotes from no less than five credible sources in the industry, all of whom accuse Gary Hirshberg of Stonyfield Farm and Scott Faber of Just Label It of betraying the GMO labeling movement and secretly pushing a covert agenda to sabotage state-level labeling efforts. All five sources demanded anonymity, citing their fear that punitive action would be taken against them within the industry if their names were attached to this story. "When this comes out it will start a Civil War in the labeling movement," one source told Natural News. "There are those of us who believe that GMO labeling will never be achieved, at any level, as long as Gary Hirshberg and Scott Faber are siphoning money away from committed labeling campaigns and sabotaging real GMO labeling at the state level."

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History Watch

Why Our Ancestors Didn't "See" The Blue Color
Interestingly, the color blue doesn't appear at all in Greek stories and other ancient written texts. As a result, scientists believe ancient civilizations did not notice the color. Egyptians - who were the only culture that could produce blue dyes - were the first civilisation to have a word for the colour blue in 2500 BC. The Himba people in Namibia do not have a word for blue and tests have shown they have difficulty distinguishing between green and blue. The blue and black (or gold and white) dress that sweeped the internet last week revealed just how differently two people can see the world. But it's not just about lighting conditions or optical illusions - evidence is mounting that until we have a way to describe something, we may not see its there. Ancient languages, for instance, didn't have a word for blue and scientists believe as a result our ancestors didn't notice the colour even existed, " Daily Mail reports. According to Business Insider's Kevin Loria, in 'The Odyssey,' Greek poet Homer famously describes the 'wine-dark sea.' In 1858 William Gladstone, who later became the British prime minister, counted the colour references in the Homer's Odyssey and found blue wasn't mentioned at all.

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Mars Once Supported Behemoth Ocean, New Maps Suggest
New maps of water in the atmosphere of Mars reveal that the Red Planet might once have had enough to cover up to a fifth of the planet, researchers say. Further research to refine these maps could help guide the quest to identify underground reservoirs on Mars, the scientists added. A new NASA video describes the ancient ocean on Mars. Although the Martian surface is now cold and dry, there is plenty of evidence suggesting that rivers, lakes and seas covered the Red Planet billions of years ago. Since there is life virtually wherever there is liquid water on Earth, some researchers have suggested that life might have evolved on Mars when it was wet, and life could be there even now, hidden in subterranean aquifers. Much remains unknown about how Mars lost its water and how much liquid water might remain in underground reservoirs. One way to solve these mysteries is to analyze the kinds of water molecules in the Martian atmosphere. Normally, water molecules are each made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. However, one or both of these hydrogen atoms can be replaced with deuterium atoms to create deuterated water.  (Deuterium, like hydrogen, has one proton, but also one neutron.)

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Something to Contemplate

Neuroscientist Describes Cases Of Out of Body Experiences
Scientific knowledge is expanding every day at an exponential rate, and the implications of new developments, particularly those that challenge the current framework regarding the true nature of reality, are far-reaching indeed. One area that continues to become a focal point of study for many physicians and neuroscientists is the relationship between mind, brain, and consciousness. Is the brain a receiver of consciousness, or is consciousness a product of the brain? Although science has not yet shown with absolute certainty that consciousness exists separately from our physical organs, there is a lot of evidence (both anecdotal and scientific) which indicates that consciousness is something completely separate – that it continues on even after we have deceased, that it is and can be a separate “thing” from the brain. There seems to be a lot of consistency when it comes to studies that have examined this issue. New findings within this field are rapidly changing how we perceive and relate to the physical world. Below is a video of Dr. Bruce Greyson speaking at a conference that was held by the United Nations. He is considered to be one of the “fathers” of near death studies. He is Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Science at the University of Virginia.

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Nature Watch

Underwater, melting glaciers are louder than a symphony of chainsaws
Think about the best rock concert you’ve ever been to. Pretty loud, right? Well, some parts of the ocean are that loud all the time but for a somewhat less rockin’ reason: bubbles. That’s right. Bubbles from melting glacier ice are basically the Rolling Stones of the sea, according to a new study published this week in the journal Geophysical Research Letters. When snow condenses into glacier ice, it forms tiny, spherical air pockets. As the glacier ice then melts, those air pockets pinch off into bubbles, and that pinching off process is what’s causing all the racket. This study looked specifically at glaciers in fjords — long, thin inlets of the ocean surrounded by high cliffs — and found that the average noise there registered at a whopping 120 decibels (think chainsaws), and the frequency ranged between 1000 and 3000 hertz (think the top half of the piano register). Erin Pettit, a geophysicist from the University of Alaska Fairbanks led the study. She and her colleagues used underwater microphones to capture the noises coming from a fjord called Icy Bay in Alaska and two others — one in Alaska and one in Antarctica.

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On The Lighter Side

Nature by Numbers

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