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Editors Corner

Did you know that scientists have created crystals that make it possible to breath underwater? Actually these crystals can suck up oxygen from air or water and later release it when a little heat or a vacuum is applied. They can apparently also store three times more oxygen then an oxygen tank. Click here

Science can be wonderful, and the subsequent technology can be wonderful too. Have you heard about the 3D garment printer? It can print seamless fabric garments in any size! Well, ok, not ANY size as the article title would have you believe, since the garment would have to fit inside the printer. But the possibilities for clothing just got a whole lot more vast! Click here

If you are less interested in material things, and more interested in say quantum physics, how about this: scientists have now confirmed that your life is an illusion. Or more precisely, the universe doesn't exist if we stop observing it. Click here

There's more but I will leave the rest for you to discover and enjoy.
Have a wonderful week.

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Science Watch

Your entire life is an ILLUSION: New test backs up theory that the world doesn’t exist until we look at it
The universe doesn't exist if we stop looking at it. This is according a famous theory in quantum mechanics which argues that a particle's past behaviour changes based on what we see. Now, scientists have performed a new experiment proving this theory to be true on the scale of atoms. According to the rules of quantum mechanics, the boundary between the 'world out there' and our own subjective consciousness are blurred. When physicists look at atoms or particles of light, what they see depends on how they have set up their experiment. To test this, physicists at the Australian National University recently conducted what is known as the John Wheeler's delayed-choice thought experiment. The experiment involves a moving object that is given the choice to act like a particle or a wave. Wheeler's experiment then asks - at which point does the object decide? Common sense says the object is either wave-like or particle-like, independent of how we measure it. But quantum physics predicts that whether you observe wave like behaviour or particle behaviour depends only on how it is actually measured at the end of its journey. This is exactly what the Australian team found.

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Scientists Just Created Crystals That Make Breathing Underwater A Possibility
Danish scientists are a step closer to helping those suffering from respiratory ailments thanks to a revolutionary new absorption crystal. Working out of the University of Southern Denmark the group has uncovered crystalline materials that are capable of pulling oxygen out of both air and water -which could eventually mark the end of the need to carry around large air tanks. The revolutionary crystalline material can bind and store oxygen in high concentrations, then control its release time depending on what the user needs. This new discovery could even benefit deep sea divers, giving them superhero-like abilities to stay submerged for extended periods of time without an air tank. The standard human body can function with only 12% oxygen in the air around us, but what if we needed it in higher concentrations? This was the main subject of the study conducted at the University of Southern Denmark, with help from the University of Sydney, Australia. Professor Christine McKenzie was the one who led the study, alongside Jonas Sundberg, Department of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy at the University of Southern Denmark.

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Single drop of blood can determine every virus you've ever had, scientists say
While the body's ability to fight off viruses is impressive, its record-keeping also deserves applause. A human's blood keeps track of every virus a person has ever been infected with – and now you can find out your own history with just a single drop. The test, called VirScan, screens the blood for antibodies against the 206 species of viruses known to infect humans, according to a study published in the journal Science on Thursday. It was developed by Stephen Elledge, a professor of genetics and medicine at Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School, and colleagues at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. “We've developed a screening methodology to basically look back in time in people's (blood) sera and see what viruses they have experienced,” Elledge said. “Instead of testing for one individual virus at a time, which is labor intensive, we can assay all of these at once. It's one-stop shopping.” The immune system boosts its production of pathogen-specific antibodies when it encounters a virus for the first time, and can continue to produce them for years – even decades – after the infection subsides. This allows VirScan to not only identify viruses the immune system is actively fighting, but also provide a history of past infections.

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Food Watch

Would you like BPA with your chicken noodle soup?
Bad news, convenient soup lovers: After years of consumer pushback, BPA is still widely found in packaged foods. In fact, at least 44 percent of 252 major brands use the controversial material in some or all of their products, according to a recently released study from the Environmental Working Group. Just how bad is BPA? Research has shown that BPA, which can leach out from packaging lining and into the food, could cause a laundry list of side effects.  Mother Jones has the details:

A 2011 Harvard study found that those who ate canned soup every day for five days had levels of BPA in their urine that were ten times those who had fresh soup. Another study from the same year found BPA in 71 out of 78 canned food samples, with concentrations varying drastically between food types and even within the same product. The Food and Drug Administration maintains that BPA is “safe at the current levels occurring in foods,” though scientists have linked low-dose, long-term exposure of the chemical to to breast cancer, changes in the reproductive system, and other health problems.

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Something to Contemplate

The first secret of design is ... noticing

Triad Theater
Calendar of Events

June 7th @ 6pm: David Wilcock EXCLUSIVE!!!! - CONTACT IN THE DESERT
Part 1 and 2. Part 3 shown Thurs June 10th 7:30 PM Only opportunity in June to View!

Confusion is a prelude to Clarity. Miracles and Inspirations in Action.

June 10th @ 7:30pm: David Wilcock EXCLUSIVE!!!! - CONTACT IN THE DESERT
Part 3....not to be missed! Special 3 hour closing talk.... Only opportunity in June to View!

June 11th @ 7PM: Poetry Open Mic Night featuring THE POETS OF YELMSHIRE
Hosted by Michael Apau. Mellow, comraderie, laughter, inspiring. soul connecting. Power of the spoken ACTION. $5 cover.

June 20th @ 7pm: HONOR DIARIES - Culture is no excuse for abuse
A Renee Webb Production. Hosted by a panel of very powerful women of our community...

June 28th @ 9am: Breakfast with Simon.

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Something Worth Knowing

How to Create a Rain Barrel
Even though rain barrels are pretty much all the same concept, each one tends to be put together in its own way. This is my rain barrel. There are many others like it, but this one is mine. It’s made from a food-grade barrel. There’s a dude off the highway, just outside town–I don’t know what he does for a living, but his driveway is filled with neatly-organized stacks of barrels, from 5-gallon all the way up to 275-gallon. You drive up, check out the prices written in grease pencil on each barrel, load up what you want, put the payment for it in his mailbox, and drive away with your treasure. Magic, right? This particular barrel is 55 gallons with two bung caps (remember those bung caps. They’re important!).

It sits on cinderblocks. Honestly, this is the first thing that you want to do: set your rain barrel up on cinderblocks. Cinderblocks are crucial to the water’s gravity feed, and the height will affect where you cut your downspout. You’ll see that my rain barrel sits on two sets of cinderblocks, because I’ve put my spigot at the bottom of the barrel, not the side.

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Natural first aid recipe for bumps, bruises and sprains
Making natural products is simple and inexpensive. In every first aid kit be sure to include a balm for bumps, bruises, and sprains. The best known herb for this is Arnica. Arnica has been used as medicine for hundreds of years. It has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties which contributes to the healing of bruises while soothing and alleviating pain from bumps and sprains. Cayenne pepper can be added to this recipe as it is a circulatory stimulant to help with pain relief and for healing infections. Here is a simple recipe to make a Arnica Balm for bumps, bruises and sprains.

Arnica balm recipe
• 2 cups of coconut oil
• 3/4 cup of Arnica flowers
• 1/2 cup beeswax
• 1 teaspoon vitamin E oil ( optional)
• 10 drops of essential oil (such as peppermint, lavender, or tea tree) (optional)
* For added pain relief add 3-6 teaspoons of cayenne pepper.

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In The News

How this FBI strategy is actually creating US-based terrorists

Self-defense is now ILLEGAL in the UK
The United Kingdom has been moving politically to the Left for some time now, but even in our wildest dreams, never could we have imagined that it would become illegal to protect yourself there. As reported by The New American, British subjects seeking advice about what are and are not permissible self-defense instruments found some recently on a police web site. It is sponsored by the British government's Police National Legal Database.

Q589: Are there any legal self defence products that I can buy?

The police answer:

The only fully legal self defence product... is a rape alarm.

Now, the site goes on to say that there may be other products, but those have yet to be fully tested and that "if you purchase one you must be aware... there is always a possibility that you will be arrested and detained until the product, it's (sic) contents and legality can be verified."

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Value of 'old media' companies collapsing as readers reject mainstream media in favor of New Media
The mainstream, legacy media is continuing to struggle for attention as more and more Americans abandon their propaganda for the truth and salvation of independent and alternative media information sites. Agence France-Presse reports that the value of Old Media has dropped significantly in recent years, especially the traditional newspaper industry, as it has struggled to cope with the rising New Media landscape. This was epitomized recently by the sale of the San Diego Union-Tribune in early May for $85 million, AFP said, which "underscored the horrific slump in the value of 'old media' companies" in the past several years. AFP further reported: Although the sum paid by Tribune Publishing was only marginally below the $110 million in a 2011 sale of the San Diego group and excluded some valuable real estate, the newspaper was believed to be worth as much as $1 billion as late as 2004.

Revenues decline as investment dollars in digital platforms remain scarce
This story is being repeated at major metro dailies all over the country. In fact, the Pew Research Center says that valuations of the Boston Globe, Philadelphia Inquirer, Minneapolis Star-Tribune, and Chicago Sun-Times are all down by more than 90 percent of their peaks.

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Technology Watch

Electroloom’s ‘3D Printer For Fabric’ Creates Seamless Garments In Any Size

HAX-alumnus Electroloom is builidng a “3D printer for fabric,” spraying a solution containing a polyester/cotton blend on a template to create clothing without seams. Electroloom co-founder Marcus Foley says the process was originally inspired by techniques used in labs to generate organic tissue. At first, the team simply wanted to see if the process would actually work for something other than cells; once they proved it would, their focus shifted to making it faster and easier to make specific garments.

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RSE Newsletter

Special Opportunity! Ramtha's Teaching from "An Intimate Day" in Switzerland:
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Student Accomplishments: RSE Coordinator Sam Acquah publishes a new book: “Songs of Wisdom”
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“The Magic of Metamorphosis” by #Ramtha - “How We Rearrange the Past and the Future Every Time We Manifest”:
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“Dark chocolate increases attention and alertness while improving blood flow” added to #Ramtha on chocolate's value:
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History's Ancient Aliens series on Tesla added to #Ramtha on this genius:
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UPDATE May 5, 2015: “Modern Life Depletes Your Gut Microbes in a Number of Different Ways” added to #Ramtha teachings
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“Universe Grows Like a Giant Brain” added to #Ramtha teachings on this:
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“Poor people’s DNA is declining in quality, say scientists: Study reveals how stressful upbringings damage genes:
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– UPDATE: May 8, 2015: “Strange Sounds In Terrace B.C. Caught On Video — Again”
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May 5, 2015: “California’s Drought Could Upend America’s Entire Food System” added to #Ramtha teachings on this:
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