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Editors Corner

Did you know that bacteria in our gut may be capable of creating vitamin C? To quote the article: "Groundbreaking research into the synergistic cohabitation of these microbial ecosystems and our own bodies suggests that these little helpers might even be capable of generating nutrients like vitamin C". Click here

On a different subject, are you aware that California is sinking? Ok, maybe you already knew that, but did you know it's mainly caused by the pumping of underground water? And because of the drought, more water is being pumped up out of the ground, so the sinking is getting worse. Click here

Speaking of water, have you heard of the origami battery? What does that have to do with water, you ask? Well, apparently this battery relies on dirty water, among other things, to create electricity. It doesn't generate much electricity, but apparently it is enough to power a small LED. Click here

That's about it from me this week. If you haven't seen the pictures under "Photos Showing Some Amazing Stories" in "On The Lighter Side", do take a look. Some of them are quite interesting. Click here

See you next week.

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Something Worth Knowing

Speed up the process of healing with comfrey salve
When I first started infusing plant parts in carrier oils, I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into. How would leaves, roots, and stems provide medicine that could be used topically to speed the healing of wounds? Can simple plants really soothe burned skin or bring down inflammation from a sprained ankle? If it worked, why weren't hospitals using these infused oils, pastes and salves in the emergency room to speed up wound healing, to help sprained muscles and to even mend broken bones? After assisting my body's healing process that same year from debilitating sinus infections, seasonal allergies and sciatica pain using botanical extracts, herbal teas, and nutritional medicine, I now believed anything was possible in the realm of nature. I had gained firsthand experience using healing ingredients from nature, and it was all available to me with no prescription and no side effects, all outside the medical system. Let me tell you: It's absolutely freeing feeling the body heal to a new state of higher quality, all the while knowing that the answers are everywhere because nature is pulsating with life-giving medicine.

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The human body is capable of producing vitamin C when exposed to 'germs' - breakthrough research
For all that it claims to be, modern science has only barely breached the tip of the iceberg in understanding how the human body works, including its amazing ability to epigenetically adapt for optimal survival. Although each one of us is a single being, our bodies rely on a multitude of tiny organisms -- or what some people might refer to as "germs" -- for nourishment and longevity, functioning in truly amazing ways that were previously unknown or regarded as impossible. When most people think of germs, they tend to think of viruses, bacteria, infections, and other things that are generally harmful to the body and best to avoid. However, as science has progressed over the years, it's become undeniably clear that the human immune system is largely comprised of germs, a lack of which would leave us not only malnourished but also completely defenseless against disease. The vastly complex microbiome that lives within each of our guts, it turns out, is absolutely critical for nutrient absorption and immune function. Groundbreaking research into the synergistic cohabitation of these microbial ecosystems and our own bodies suggests that these little helpers might even be capable of generating nutrients like vitamin C that science has long regarded as impossible for the human body to produce on its own.

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Science Watch

Some of sun’s magnetic fields may act more like forests
Treelike magnetic fields, deeply rooted within the sun and stretching far into its atmosphere, might explain why the solar corona is millions of degrees hotter than the sun’s surface. This swaying forest of magnetic mangroves can carry energy up into the corona thanks to a foaming sea of stronger magnetism close to the surface, researchers report in the June 11 Nature. The roiling surface of the sun creates a tangled mess of magnetic fields, astrophysicist Tahar Amari of the École Polytechnique in Palaiseau , France, and colleagues report. Their computer simulations show that these fields twist and break, dumping energy just below the corona, an enormous plasma bubble that envelops the sun. These eruptions in turn rock the weaker mangrovelike fields, which can extend 100,000 kilometers into space and carry the energy the rest of the way to the corona via waves rippling along their trunks. The sun’s surface simmers at about 5,500° Celsius; the corona, however, is a scorching few million degrees. How the corona gets so hot is a problem that has vexed astronomers for decades.

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Technology Watch

This origami battery is cooler than your crane
What do you get when you add dirty water to your origami? Gross origami. What does Binghamton University engineer Seokheun “Sean” Choi get when he adds dirty water to his origami? A paper battery that could power cheap diagnostic tests in developing countries. (Don’t worry — that frog is still pretty cool.) Here’s how Choi’s battery works: Dirty water contains bacteria. It also contains organic matter that the bacteria feeds on. When the bacteria metabolizes said organic matter, it respires free electrons. So when you put a drop of dirty water on a piece of paper coated in “activated carbon” that can harvest those electrons, and you’ve got yourself a way to generate an electric current!

In a paper published in the journal Nano Energy, Choi and his co-author explain where the ancient art of paper folding comes in: Using origami, compact and stackable 3-D battery structures can be created from 2-D sheets through high degrees of folding along pre-defined creases. In this work, the base reservoir paper was folded twice to make a battery stack including four batteries connected in series.

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On The Lighter Side

Photos Showing Some Amazing Stories

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In The News

Drought forces cuts to some of California’s oldest water rights
California water regulators Friday took a step that they haven’t taken since 1977: They cut water allocations to 114 senior water-rights holders in the state. In fact, this action will probably have more impact than the 1977 cuts, because the state has a greater legal and practical power to demand restrictions. The State Water Board issued a notice saying: “The State Water Board has been monitoring diversion records and flow conditions within the Sacramento-San Joaquin River watershed and Delta. Due to limited precipitation and snowpack runoff, the current flows are insufficient to satisfy all diversion demands under senior rights.”

The Sacramento Bee reports that this is just the beginning: Officials said even more curtailment orders are likely in the weeks to come as demand increases and supplies dwindle. “It’s not even summer,” said the board’s executive director, Tom Howard. “We’re going to be doing further curtailments.”

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California is sinking, and it’s getting worse
California is sinking – and fast. While the state’s drought-induced sinking is well known, new details highlight just how severe it has become and how little the government has done to monitor it. Last summer, scientists recorded the worst sinking in at least 50 years. This summer, all-time records are expected across the state as thousands of miles of land in the Central Valley and elsewhere sink. But the extent of the problem and how much it will cost taxpayers to fix are part of the mystery of the state’s unfolding drought. No agency is tracking the sinking statewide, little public money has been put toward studying it and California allows agriculture businesses to keep crucial parts of their operations secret. The cause is known: People are pulling unsustainable amounts of water out of underground aquifers, primarily for food production. With the water sucked out to irrigate crops, a practice that has accelerated during the drought, tens of thousands of square miles are deflating like a leaky air mattress, inch by inch.

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Nature Watch

Newly discovered tiny frogs live on islands in the sky
Seven itty-bitty, brightly colored frog species have been found among the leaf litter in cloud forests and nearby mountains in southern Brazil. More species could be hiding on other “sky islands,” researchers report June 4 in PeerJ. Like other members of the genus Brachycephalus, the frogs are small enough to sit on a dime and covered in colorful warnings that their skin can be tainted with neurotoxins. Because the 21 previously known species in this genus are separated by valleys and other habitats not cool or humid enough for the frogs, Luiz Ribeiro of Faculdade Dom Bosco in Curitiba, Brazil, and colleagues had a hunch more could be found in other parts of the mountainous region. A five-year search turned up seven species, ranging in color from a dull dark green to spotted yellow with a light blue stripe. The frogs’ forests are threatened, because even when protected, they are often cleared to make room for pine farms or cattle ranches, the scientists say.

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Something to Contemplate

Do we see reality as it is?

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