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Editors Corner

By now you've most likely heard of drinking water being contaminated in areas of fracking activity, but did you know that, in California, some of the waste water from this process is treated and sold to landowners who use it to grow crops? Click here

Speaking of growing food, you may know that grafting for some kinds of fruit trees is essential, and others makes for stronger fruit trees. You may even know that you can have multiple types of similar fruit growing on the same tree using grafting. Sam Van Aken may have taken this quite a bit further then most, he has trees bearing 40 different kinds of fruit! Click here

While we're on the subject of growing strong healthy plants, are you aware that different plants may require slightly different colors of light for being the most productive? GrowWise Center in the Netherlands is doing research on what colors of LED light are ideal for different plants in a completely controlled and enclosed environment. Click here

There's more, but I will leave the rest for you to discover and enjoy.
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Technology Watch

Grow better veggies with LED lights
What’s the secret to growing fantastically flavorful or even extra nutrient-dense fruits and veggies? According to the Netherlands’ GrowWise Center urban farming research lab, it’s all about light, Fast Company reports. The center, owned by Philips Lighting, is experimenting with “light recipes,” which substitute red and blue LED lights for sunlight. Basically, the colored bulbs act like a HappyLight for plants – but instead of treating seasonal affective disorder, the LEDs can make bruschetta sweeter (and even more nutritious) and change the taste of salad greens. Fast Company has the delicious results:

“We can tailor these recipes to the photosynthesis response of the plant,” says (Gus van der Feltz, Philips global director of city farming). “By being able to tweak the spectrum—the color the plants see—and put the lights exactly where they need it, we can dramatically increase yields and improve fruit density and quality.” By changing the mix of lights, tomatoes can grow with more vitamin C. Basil gets tastier. The lights can be used as a supplement in more traditional greenhouses, but are even more effective in a closet-like vertical farm with no natural light.

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Garden Watch

How to Keep Mint from Taking Over Your Garden
In your garden, mint is the devil. Seventeen years ago, I planted one, tri-stemmed Chocolate Mint (Mentha x piperita) plant, and it invaded every bare inch of my herb garden, its runners leaping over edging and crawling under fences. I harvested as much mint as I could, but how many Mojitos can a gal drink? Then, I just yanked up the plants, trying to rid the garden of the aromatic but ruthless herb. The result? I’m still pulling mint growing from cracks in my garden’s retaining wall. Although mint is a headache, it’s hard to hate the herb. It’s a wonderful addition to drinks and salads, makes a tangy pesto to top chicken or fish, and fights tummy aches when steeped in water and drunk as a tea. If you’ve got slightly moist soil and lots of sun, mint is easy to grow. But it’s hell to contain. Its rhizomes run underground and can send up shoots and new plants yards away from the original plant. Then, those shoots take root, and beget more mint. Before you can say, “julep,” the herb has taken root throughout your garden and, in my case, my neighbor’s yard. Don’t despair or vow never to grow mint. Here are some ways and places to grow mint so that it doesn’t take over.

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On The Lighter Side

This Crazy Tree Grows 40 Kinds of Fruit

RSE Newsletter

Celebrate Jason Padgett's transformation to genius, and recognize it in yourself. We all have the ability of genius!
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Triad Theater
Calendar of Events

August 2nd @ 7pm: Whisperings Solo Piano Radio presents An Enchanting Evening of Piano Music
Featuring original music played by the composers: Joe Bongiorno, Amy Janelle and Brad Jacobsen. Original Solo Piano Artistry by Three Award-winning Composers. Energy, Humor, Intimacy, Storytelling and of course, MUSIC! Invite your friends! Tickets $20 (advance and at door). Buy tickets online at

August 19th @ 7pm: Guest lecture - Early India - Sacrificial Fire
Focus on Agni - God of the sacrificial Fire-Alter and messenger of the Gods - a key figure in early Indian Religion, and texts from the Vedas - the earliest strata of Indian oral literature. Free. Donations to The Triad Theater welcomed.

Coming in August: The Triad Art Gallery
Attention all Artists, Musicians, and Actors! Art Directory (Greater Yelm Area) taking apps now! The Triad along with the Yelm Business Association is creating an Artist Directory... $10 one-time processing fee and you are in forever. Go to the Triad Website to submit your application. It's easy!

September 12th @ 7pm: Alpha Centauri Presents - John Hogue - Expert on Nostradamus
Skype interview to Yelm. Predictions for 2015. $20

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Food Watch

Is your food being grown with wastewater from the oil industry?
Was your California orange irrigated with wastewater from oil wells? Quite possibly yes. Under a 20-year-old water recycling program, wastewater that is generated as a byproduct from oil extraction is treated and sold to some 90 Southern California landowners — including one with certified organic operations — which use it to grow crops such as citrus, almonds, apples, peaches, grapes, and blueberries sold in major grocery chains around the country. As California’s epic drought wears on, Southern California farms are using an increasing amount of oil wastewater. In 2014, oil companies such as Chevron provided half the water that went to the 45,000 acres of farmland in Kern County’s Cawelo Water District, up from about 35 percent before the start of the drought in 2011. And California Resources Corp., the state’s largest oil company, recently announced plans to quadruple the amount of water it sells to farmers. Another reason for that increase is tighter rules around oil wastewater disposal. Though oil companies usually get rid of wastewater by injecting it back underground, the practice has come under increased scrutiny in recent months after regulators admitted that injections occurred near aquifers that supply drinking water.

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In The News

Northwest Water Supplies Dropping Amid Drought Conditions
The hottest June on record for Oregon and Washington came on the heels an unusually warm winter and spring. Now, Northwest rivers are running at or near all-time lows and cities with water reserves are drawing them down. Some towns have already issued water advisories and asked residents to cut back voluntarily. Even the cities with lots of water, like Portland and Seattle, are finding they have less to work with. The city of Portland plans to start tapping its secondary water source on Thursday, adding 20-30 percent well water to supplement what comes out of its Bull Run reservoirs. Without snowpack to draw from, the city of Seattle recently changed the outlook on its water supply from “good” to “fair” following two months of hot, dry weather that increased water consumption. With the traditionally dry month of August still to come, officials say they’re worried some cities might need to tap emergency supplies before fall rains arrive. And with water supplies so depleted this year, they say, it’s looking more likely that the winter won’t fully replenish them.

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‘UK will lose influence if it leaves EU’: Obama warns against Brexit
US President Barack Obama has warned the UK will lose influence in the world if it leaves the European Union, adding that a united Europe makes the world a safer place. In an interview with the BBC broadcast on Thursday, Obama said the UK’s membership of the EU gave America “much more confidence.” The US president added that America wanted to make sure the UK continues to have global influence. Obama’s comments come as Prime Minister David Cameron said the UK’s future trade lies in Asia and the country must become less reliant on the European market. In a wide-ranging interview, Obama said: “Having the UK in the EU gives us much greater confidence about the strength of the transatlantic union, and is part of the cornerstone of the institutions built after (the Second World War) that has made the world safer and more prosperous. We want to make sure that the United Kingdom continues to have that influence.” He described the UK as America’s “best partner” because it is willing to project its power beyond its self-interests. “In modern times there’s no country where we have closer affinity in terms of values, and on the international stage a nation with greater capacity.

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