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Editors Corner

Have you ever heard of a "living green roof"? And no, I don't mean a moss covered roof, I mean it purposefully has plants growing on it. Apparently, if done correctly, it can have quite a few advantages. For example, it can double or even triple roof life, it can reduce heating and cooling bills, and it can decrease outside noises. Click here

Speaking of growing things in slightly unusual places, did you know that an old in-ground pool can be a good place to set up a greenhouse? Dennis and Danielle McClung went several steps further and added fish and other wildlife making it an almost self-sustaining ecosystem. Click here

Plants can help us, as you may know, in more ways then just as sustenance. They can also help clean the air we breath. An office building in the world's most polluted city, New Delhi, now uses plants to do just that! They have a rooftop greenhouse filled with 400 garden-variety plants to help filter the incoming air, and another 800 spread throughout the bottom 6 floors. Click here

There's more, but I will leave the rest for you to discover and enjoy.
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Hands On Energy Healing
Interview with Dr William Bengston
Reprinted with permission from

Hands-on healing, sometimes referred to as spiritual healing, is only considered acceptable within the alternative or complementary areas of modern, pharmaceutically based medicine. The West’s disregard for this technique is attributed to claims that there is no sufficient quality data from clinical trials to support it and that, at best, hands-on healing is no better than a placebo.

Nevertheless, beyond the confines of traditional medical science, profound evidence does exist showing that one person can affect the physiology of another being by the laying on of hands. Some of this evidence has been recorded by Dr William Bengston, and his observations point to the existence of an underlying framework of interconnection between all living things.

Four decades ago while working as a lifeguard at a public swimming pool, Bengston encountered a person who claimed to be a psychic healer. That experience, and his innate skepticism and curiosity, inspired him on a journey of extraordinary discovery. For years he has conducted experiments at various university laboratories that involve healing mice previously injected with cancer-causing serum that is designed to induce death within twenty-one days. His experiments have “miraculously” proven to be 100 percent effective in curing the diseased mice. Even more remarkably, close to 80 percent of the mice within the control groups were also healed. He stated, “We observed that the circumstances in which the control group mice did succumb to the cancer were twofold: First, we observed that they were contained in a location different than the experimental building and, second, that no one involved with the experiments came into contact with the control group during the trials.”

Today, Dr Bengston is a professor of sociology at St Joseph’s College in New York and the current president of the Society for Scientific Exploration. His experimental findings are detailed in the book, The Energy Cure: Unraveling the Mystery of Hands-on Healing. SuperConsciousness spoke with Dr Bengston about his most recent findings on energy healing and what he has come to understand of that underlying connection he observed that clearly exists between all living beings.

SC: What can you say with all certainty, from your experience, about hands-on healing and energy healing?

William Bengston: I can say that cancer can be cured. I think at this point even a good skeptic like me has to throw in the towel. I have conducted ten experiments utilizing mice with a 100 percent success rate in reversing fatal cancer. After awhile you just have to say, “I give up.” The question now is not whether cancer can be cured, but what is the underlying mechanism.

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Something Worth Knowing

Benefits of a Living Green Roof
My trip to Michigan earlier this year for the 2014 Ford Trends conference re-ignited my interest in how green roofs work. Although the event was mostly about vehicle trends (I even got to test drive a few cars on Ford’s official test track and build my own Green Diva pinewood derby car), the highlight for me was the green roof atop the Dearborn F-150 plant. Ford’s green living roof was at one time the largest green roof evva in the world. It has since been surpassed as largest in the world, but is still the largest living roof in North America at 454,000 square feet (10.4 acres). As a green diva, of course I love that green roofs are beneficial to the environment. But you don’t have to be a green diva (or dude) to find green roofs appealing—they’re aesthetically pleasing and provide habitat for birds, butterflies and other creatures. Ford built the green roof to reduce runoff from the factory and parking lots—vast impervious surfaces—which ended up in the nearby Rouge River (not as clean water, mind you!).

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Food Watch

How do I fend off freezer burn without using plastic?
Q. I’m trying to avoid plastic, so I’ve been using freezer paper for non-liquid foods in the freezer. Can freezer paper be recycled?
Susan D.
Hartville, Ohio

A. Dearest Susan,
You’re not going to like this: You know the coating that lends freezer paper its signature shine? Usually, that’s none other than polyethylene – plastic, in other words. I’ll bet this isn’t the first time something like this has happened to you on your quest to eliminate plastic, either. The stuff sneaks into all kinds of innocent-looking products. In this case, plastic gets involved because it fulfills the demands of a freezer-ready wrap: It seals in moisture vapor, doesn’t leak or crack at low temps, and keeps food from absorbing any freezer-funk smells. This paper-plastic combo also makes freezer paper difficult to recycle. You’ll have to ask the folks at the Hartville recycling center directly to be sure, but the polyethylene will likely keep it out of your paper recycling bin (it’s often the same deal with wax paper, ice cream cartons, and cardboard freezer boxes). Ditto for the compost bin: The plastic layer will never break down.

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A New Year’s scramble to obey California’s hard-boiled egg laws
California’s revolutionary animal-welfare rules — which mandate that chickens be given enough room to “lie down, stand up, fully extend their limbs and turn around freely” — are finally going into effect with the new year, 2015. Voters passed the law (it was a ballot initiative) in 2008. Since then, there have been legislative tweaks and a lot of legal wrangling, all culminating in a law that bars selling eggs in California unless they come from chickens that are given a little more room to move around. There are two things that make this fascinating to a food-policy nerd like me. First, instead of primarily regulating farmers, the rules primarily regulate eaters. So far, voters and lawmakers have been a lot more interested in telling farmers what to do than in passing laws that constrain what eaters can buy. The distinction has massive implications for the effects of the law. Second, the rules institute a completely new logic for determining animal welfare than has traditionally been used in American farming. That has chicken farmers tearing at their hair in frustration: If you accept the traditional logic, these animal-welfare rules may actually leave the chickens worse off; but if you accept the logic of the reformers, it’s clear that this will be an improvement (if only a marginal one).

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TED Talks

Go ahead, make up new words!

Something to Contemplate

What no one wants to say about Ferguson!

Triad Theater
Calendar of Events

Jan 2nd @ 7pm & Jan 3rd @ 4pm: Confucious
The Sweeping epic revisits China's Spring and Autumn Periods through the dramatic biography drama of Confucius
Confucius is an Indie 2010 Chinese biographical drama film written and directed by Hu Mei, starring Chow Yun-fat as the titular Chinese philosopher. $5

Jan 6th @ 7pm: Miracles and Inspiration and Current Events
$10 Lecture and internet alternative news updates!

Jan 7th & 9th @ 7pm and Jan 10th @ 4pm: Awaken
The Story of Yogananda.

TBA: The Immortalists
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Garden Watch

These folks feed their family with a garden in their swimming pool — and you can, too
When Dennis and Danielle McClung bought a foreclosed home in Mesa, Ariz., in 2009, their new yard featured a broken, empty swimming pool. Instead of spending a small fortune to repair and fill it, Dennis had a far more prescient idea: He built a plastic cap over it and started growing things inside. Thus, with help from family and friends and a ton of internet research, Garden Pool was born. What was once a yawning cement hole was transformed into an incredibly prolific closed-loop ecosystem, growing everything from broccoli and sweet potatoes to sorghum and wheat, with chickens, tilapia, algae, and duckweed all interacting symbiotically to provide enough food to feed a family of five. Within a year, Garden Pool had slashed up to three-quarters of the McClungs’ monthly grocery bill (they still buy things like cooking oil and coffee and, well, one can’t eat tilapia every day). Within five years, it’d spawned an active community of Garden Pool advocates – and Garden Pools – across the country and the world.

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Health Watch

Plants clean this office building’s air in the world’s most polluted city
Since we’ve just closed out the jolliest year in recent memory, here’s a pick-me-up fact to kick off the new one: In India, toxic indoor air kills 1.3 million people per year and is the country’s second major cause of death behind high blood pressure. Typically, cleaning the air inside buildings means more ventilation. But in New Delhi, home to the world’s most polluted outdoor air (it’s nearly three times as dirty as Beijing’s infamous haze), ushering the outside smog indoors only makes things worse. Kamal Meattle, CEO of Paharpur Business Center, came up with a green scheme to detoxify the noxious air before bringing it into his company’s office building: a rooftop greenhouse filled with 400 garden-variety plants. Additionally, the building houses 800 more plants spread throughout its bottom six floors, greening the interior and improving breathability. Meattle also retrofitted the building — the country’s first to earn the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED Platinum certification for existing buildings — to use just one-fifth as much energy per square foot as India’s average office building, reducing its contribution to the city’s pollution problem.

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Connecting With Nature Increases Vitality and Wellness
If you are to connect more with anything this year, let it be nature. It will not only allow you to connect more to yourself but others as well. It is fuel for the soul. Increased vitality exists above and beyond the energizing effects of physical activity and social interaction that are often associated with our forays into the natural world. There are many ways to connect with ourselves and others, but nature is certainly one of the best ways. “Nature is fuel for the soul,” says Richard Ryan, lead author and a professor of psychology at the University of Rochester. “Often when we feel depleted we reach for a cup of coffee, but research suggests a better way to get energized is to connect with nature,” he says. “Research has shown that people with a greater sense of vitality don’t just have more energy for things they want to do, they are also more resilient to physical illnesses. One of the pathways to health may be to spend more time in natural settings,” says Ryan. It’s an essential component for good health, according to University of Illinois environment and behavior researcher Frances “Ming” Kuo.

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RSE Newsletter

#Ramtha: “Being Honorable and Indeed Impeccable”:
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“Nothing Is Solid & Everything Is Energy – Scientists Explain The World of Quantum Physics” added to #Ramtha on this subject:
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See the Limited Edition DVD trailer by Lawrence R. Spencer, Editor of Alien interview, filmed at #RSE and buy your copy, scroll down to UPDATE: December 27, 2014:
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“Water Source for Almonds in California May Run Dry” added to teachings of #Ramtha on water wars (scroll to Dec. 27, 2014):
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“Out of Place Birds, Cougars, Turtles, Clouds and Rainbows” added to #Ramtha teachings on strange migrations (scroll to Dec. 26, 2014):
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New Mind Workshop - CREATE YOUR YEAR!  
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An Intimate Day with #Ramtha Saturday, March 21, 2015!
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