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Editors Corner

Did you know that pollution actually messes with your genes? Apparently there was a paper published in December of last year that claims traffic-related air pollution can do this. Click here

Speaking of vehicles, a new Tesla electric car feature unleashes the Tesla cars full acceleration potential giving some passengers quite a surprise when given a sample. Click here

On a different note, do you still have your Christmas tree, standing there, waiting for you to take it down, but you just haven't quite gotten there yet? Well, we have just the article for you; "Procrastinators, rejoice: Now you can cook with that old Christmas tree". Click here

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Being an Honorable and Impeccable Person
Ramtha Teaching
Reprinted with permission from

Ramtha the Enlightened One is a Master Teacher who learned to transcend the limitations of the physical world and humanity in the dynamic times he lived long ago. His mission is to teach others what he knows. JZ Knight started channeling Ramtha publicly around the country and abroad beginning in 1978 and continuing through the 1980s. Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment (RSE) was established in 1988. Using ancient wisdom and the latest discoveries in neuroscience and quantum physics, RSE teaches students how to access the extraordinary abilities latent in their brain and the tools to Become a Remarkable Life.

What is honor? Everyone cherishes that word. Everyone wants to somehow be honorable. It seems to be a noble and befitting way to be. I will tell you what honor is. Honor is when you don’t play games and simply are your ulterior motive. That is being impeccable. That is not necessarily beautiful but it is impeccable. Being honorable is being up-front. There is no mishmash, no gray area. There is no maybe. There is no hot and cold or one day you are on and the next day you are off. There is no instability. When you are what you are at this time in your time that is being honorable and indeed impeccable. To waver off of that is to be unimpeccable.

Can we find truth then in the axiom that there is honor among thieves? Yes, there is. Can your enemy then, your most awesome enemy, be closer to you than your lover? Absolutely. That is what I call an impeccable person. That impeccable person, I will jolly well enjoy their presence. I am very picky about who gets into my presence, because when people have ulterior motives you always have to deal with their soap opera. Like a soap bubble, they are changing colors and are filmy and never want to really know. You always have to entertain them or not talk to them at all because they are not impeccable people. They are not who they are. They are pretenders. They are an imitation and are not genuine.

There are a lot of disingenuous people sitting in this audience hearing this message. You are disingenuous because you don’t live in your life what you have learned here. You are disingenuous because you take what you have learned here and use it as a pretense while all along covering a rotten nature and your ulterior motive. That is why you are not consistent in this school. Soapy, soap-opera people are never genuine. Genuine beings I enjoy and engage because we have a true interaction with them. They have nothing to hide, and when we engage, they engage from a truthful place. When they learn, they learn truthfully, not soapy learning but real learning.

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TED Talks

How to let altruism be your guide

Something Worth Knowing

Procrastinators, rejoice
Now you can cook with that old Christmas tree
It’s late January, and many of you may still be willfully ignoring the very dead, very sad Christmas tree in your foyer. Good news: You procrastinators can take inspiration from Philip Harrison, head chef of The Anglesea Arms. He’s undertaken a new kind of urban foraging — complete with a dash of dumpster diving — by hauling the abandoned trees into his kitchen, hacking off the branches with a meat cleaver, and cooking with fir. When Harrison was working at a restaurant in Iceland in 2012, he caught on to a disturbing trend: Each Christmas, thousands of fir trees are imported from Norway, only to be thrown out a few weeks later. The cook wondered: Could they be repurposed in his kitchen? Knowing that black forest ham is traditionally smoked over fir, and that Rene Redzepi, head chef at Copenhagen restaurant Noma, had cooked with conifers to great acclaim, Harrison asked a waitress to bring in her dead Christmas tree. He hot-smoked an Arctic char over its branches and a January tradition was born.

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Health Watch

Air pollution actually messes with your genes
Breathing nasty urban pollution does more than clog up your lungs — it actually messes with your genes. This disturbing news comes from a paper published last month, and could change the way we think about pollution. The study’s author, University of British Columbia researcher Chris Carlsten, put volunteers in a walled-in smog aquarium, exposed them to levels of air pollution similar to those found in the world’s most polluted cities, and then looked for changes at the level of the human genome. (Science!) Carlsten’s homemade pollution is technically just diesel exhaust — none of the nasty particulate matter that makes coal-burning countries’ smog especially deadly — but it’s plenty potent all the same, full of the kinds of volatile polycarbonates that we usually try to avoid. Study participants steep in them for two hours, riding a stationary bike for some of the time, but mostly just sitting and reading, using the internet, or twiddling their thumbs. Two hours isn’t that long, especially when you consider that some people spend their lives in similar levels of pollution.

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Triad Theater
Calendar of Events

Jan 30th @ 7pm: Songwriters and Poets Open Mic Showcase

Jan 31st @ 7pm: Vanda the Guru ess of Bliss Returns to the Triad
$12 at the door

Feb 1st: SUPERBOWL GAME Viewing on BIGGEST SCREEN in town!
Bring your picnic and supplies! Chip in for utility expenses...that's all. Come in colors. Serious Focus Required as 12th Man. Snacks provided! Hotdogs too!

Feb 3rd @ 7pm: Scott Mowry's Current Events and Updates Miracles and Inspiration
What you won't hear on CNN! $10

Feb 6th @ 7pm: Double Feature!
New Indie film: Stranger at the Pentagon and black and white classic The Day the Earth Stood Still which was influenced by the true story of the stranger at the Pentagon. The alien from Venus, Valiant Thor who came to convince the US to abandon the nuclear weapons program. $10

Feb 14th @ 8pm: Valentines Day Special!
2nd annual Crooners and Spooners Cabaret Show. All your favorite sentimental songs performed by fantastic singers of the community: Hosted by the hilarious Kellie Petersen who gives her take on "valentines day" Music is under the direction of Sonia Pena. $12 at the door. RSVP! Support Us! This keeps live musical shows in our community a reality! A great topper after a nice dinner at your local favorite restaurant.

Feb 15th: CONVERSATIONS with MICEAL! (which is on 3 day weekend)
Time TBA. Check for details.

Mid February: We are taking the Limo to Whitby Island
This is for a private dinner with John Hogue, Nostradamus Authority and featured regular on Coast to Coast Radio. We have 2 more seats available. $185. includes dinner, limo, ferry ride, and appetizers and wine on the trip up and back. Contact to RSVP.

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Bloggers Corner
Follow the Money
By Florence Vincent

Here are 3 ways that corporations have taken over this country. Regulatory Capture, Buying congress and International Trade deals. Regulatory Capture is when government agencies like the USDA and FDA are run by the industries they're supposed to police. It's how Monsanto got Roundup into corn and soy seeds so that fields could be sprayed with Roundup to kill the weeds but not the plants. That worked until superweeds became tolerant of the Roundup. Now they've put Dicamba, part of Agent Orange, into the corn and soy seeds so they can spray it, until it doesn't work! If regulatory capture doesn't work, they buy politicians loyalty with campaign contributions. Knowing that living near any type of refinery can be really bad for your health, the EPA is trying to regulate emissions. Of course the refining companies don't want to spoil their profits, so it's much cheaper to pay congresspeople to close down the EPA.

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Technology Watch

New Tesla feature makes passengers lose their minds

Lest you think electric cars are exclusively for snoozefest humans, we’d like to introduce you to the Tesla Model S P85D, badass car of the future. The $120,000 electric beast comes with a 221-horsepower front motor and a 470-horsepower rear. You may believe that’s one too many horses for your own good, but Tesla disagrees — emphatically.

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On The Lighter Side

Hoffice sounds like a cult — and I want to join it
Here’s how Hoffice, a Swedish coworking concept, works: Someone working from home invites friends (or random strangers) to come join them. In the morning, a laptop brigade streams inside, and then things start to take a turn for the bizarre. The host sets an alarm clock for 45 minutes, and everyone gets busy. Swedish journalist Angeta Lagercrantz describes what happens next.

45 minutes at a time, we only hear the wall clock — tick-tock, tick-tock — and laptop key sounds. Or how someone suddenly gets up, and whispering disappears with the mobile phone. Then comes the alarm signal. It is time for the ten-minute break with stretching, meditation — or, why not, disco dancing?

They also recommend this “goofy and scientific” exercise video, which is awesome. Before the next session starts, everyone announces their goal: “I’ll prepare a presentation on pilgrimage,” (really), “I’ll design a newsletter.” Then, back to work. This sounds contrived, embarrassing, and mildly cultish. I totally want to try it.

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The Marble Cathedral of Carrera lake!

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