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Editors Corner

Did you know that air pollution indoors can actually be worse then outdoors? When you think of pollution, you most likely think of vehicle exhaust or something similar. However, air fresheners and cleaning supplies, among other things, can contribute to indoor air pollution making the air toxic, or at least less ideal, to breathe. Click here

One of the places that cleaning supplies generally get used a lot, is in the bathroom. This week, to help you with your indoor air quality, we have "DIY Bathroom Cleaners..." Click here

Whether indoors, or outdoors, pollution is not ideal. It will be nice when humans no-longer rely on toxic chemicals and carbon based fuels. In the mean time, it is nice to see that "There are now twice as many solar jobs as coal jobs". Click here

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The Silence of the Mind
Experiencing the Mystery of the Present Moment
Reprinted with permission from

In the whole Universe, there is nothing static, dead or frozen. Everything, but absolutely everything, is in eternal movement. Even within the so-called still nature reigns the same intrinsic law of movement.

Movement and newness, in perfect interconnectedness, affirm themselves as uniqueness. In this context, the moment represents the hand of the clock, used by Infinity in order to record the movement of Eternity. It is always new, as well as creative and transformative, in an ascending manner, progressively.

In order to be able to encounter the newness of the aliveness in its movement, we must come out and greet it the same way. Thus, we don’t return to the past, to what happened, nor do we project ourselves into the future, in pursuit of an imaginary purpose or ideal to fulfill.

With a completely empty mind, we simply watch life as it unfolds. Nothing comes between us and the movement of life, in the form of images, opinions etc. Such a simple and direct meeting with the moment transcends us spontaneously from the finite world into Infinity.

And just as quickly, like lightning, we detach, in order to be free again, and therefore completely available to encountering the next moment. Nothing is anticipated and nothing is accumulated from the lived moment.

The purity, innocence of the mind is our constant companion, as each moment becomes an opportunity of creative “being”. Through this way of “being” — as pure Consciousness — we ourselves create a new world in which love, beauty, compassion and kindness become a reality positively influencing the whole of humankind.

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Bloggers Corner
New Congressional Rules
By Florence Vincent

Happy New Year. Our newly elected republican congress has changed the people running the CBO, (congressional budget office) and decided that they need a new strategy as people understand "trickle down" hasn't worked. That their wages have been flat since the 1980's and that this policy has created the worst inequality since the 1920's. This magical accounting is now called "Dynamic Scoring". Same policy, different name. If you remember President Bush Senior called trickle down "Voodoo Economics".  Even the Pope says the wealthy have become so greedy they aren't prepared to pay their workers a living wage. They also changed the rules to attack funding for the Disabled. There will be a shortfall in the Social Security Disability Insurance program in 2016/2017, something that has happened 11 times since 1950 and has been fixed by both Republicans and Democrats.  Social Security and the SSDI are just like having a current account and a savings account. The over $2 trillion+ SS trust fund just moves some money over to it.

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Something Worth Knowing

What's the Secret to Getting Kids to Eat Veggies? Let Them Play First!
Left to their own devices, most kids will choose to gobble down ice cream or chocolate rather than broccoli or brussels sprouts. So, at school lunch, they'll likely eat the yummiest items first and then drop the rest in the trash. But a new study finds that kids eat more fruits and vegetables when school recess takes place before lunch, rather than after. "Recess is a pretty big deal to kids," said lead researcher Joe Price, an associate professor in the Department of Economics at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. "If you're going to make a kid choose between going to recess and eating their veggies, recess is going to win." The study, led by Price and David Just, director of the Cornell Center for Behavioral Economics in Child Nutrition Programs at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, looked at seven elementary schools in a Utah school district. Three of the schools switched recess to before lunch, while four schools continued to hold recess after lunch.

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6 Positive Ways to Honor Martin Luther King, Jr.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: ‘What are you doing for others?’” Every January, Americans across the country answer that question by coming together on the King Holiday to serve their neighbors and communities. The MLK Day of Service is a part of United We Serve, the President’s national call to service initiative. It encourages Americans nationwide to work together to help solve pressing local and national problems. This year, the MLK Day of Service is Monday, January 19. Here are 6 service projects you can do with your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers to honor Dr. King’s spirit and help the world you live in, too.

1) Stream clean-up. If you are lucky enough to live in a part of the country that’s NOT covered in snow right now, you can probably get to a stream, river, lake or beach that could use some helping hands. Even when people don’t intentionally litter, plastic bags and aluminum cans have a tendency to end up in the water, where they’re carried downstream and ultimately wash up on the banks or shore. In addition to being unsightly, they can harm animals and people.

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Nature Watch

Losing Paradise
Climate Change is Changing Mount Rainier

If the scientists are right, the end is near for a Northwest treasure — at least as we know it. Global warming is melting Mount Rainier’s glaciers at six times the historic rate. For years now, the melting has sent floods of water and rock pounding down the mountain, filling up rivers, killing old-growth forests and endangering historic national park buildings. The glacial outbursts also are tearing up the roads that provide access to the park’s wonders, testing the National Park Service mission to keep the great outdoors open to all. Researchers are flocking to Mount Rainier to study the effects of climate change that they predict will destroy habitat for plant and animal species up and down the mountain. As global warming intensifies, we’ll need to decide: Do we spend the millions of dollars required every year to repair park roads? Do we move endangered plants and animals to places they can survive? What in the park is most worth saving? And how hard does it make sense to try?

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Passing of a Master
Florence Allen

Florence Allen, long time student of RSE, passed this plane on December 30, 2014. A private family memorial was held on January 9, 2015, near Philadelphia, where she was born. Florence had been a student of Ramtha since the Dialogue days, until the last few years, when Alzheimer’s Disease prevented her from attending. RSE was one of the most important things in her life for the last 30 years, and we know her studies will continue. She is survived by her daughter, Joy McBride (John), son Mark Fanning (Anna), and granddaughters Arianna and Elise Fanning.

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Health Watch

6 Tips To Improve Indoor Air Quality
Just outside my window the ground is covered with a light dusting of fresh snow. Last check, the outdoor thermometer read a chilly two degrees Fahrenheit. Keeping the doors and windows tightly closed is a necessity as the winter months settle in. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) people spend 90 percent or more of their time indoors. Newer homes are designed to be well insulated and energy efficient, allowing for very few air exchanges between indoor and outdoor air. With the doors and windows of our homes tightly shut, another problem beings to brew inside: air pollution. We generally think of air pollution as an outdoor problem stemming from car exhaust, emissions and other toxins, however indoor air can be polluted too.

Indoor air pollution
There’s a growing body of scientific evidence confirming air pollution in our homes can be much worse than outdoor air pollution. Toxic chemicals are everywhere. As parents, most of us do our best to keep our kids safe, but unfortunately it’s not always easy or within our control. We are all exposed to toxic chemicals on a daily basis through a variety of consumer products found in our homes.

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DIY Bathroom Cleaners Without Air Contaminants
Bathrooms are dirty places. Pee, poop, mildew, mold, and plenty of moisture — it makes total sense why one would pull out the hardcore cleaners to wash and disinfect the loo.  However, consider the effect of bathroom cleaners on indoor air quality. The United States Environmental Protection Agency names household cleaners as one source of volatile organic compounds. The Minnesota Department of Public Health also lists cleaning and disinfecting chemicals as a source of volatile organic compounds. “Studies have shown that the level of VOCs indoors is generally two to five times higher than the level of VOCs outdoors,” they said. One step you can take to reduce volatile organic compounds in your indoor air is to eliminate household cleaners that emit them. Bathroom cleaners frequently off-gas quite a bit. There’s no need to worry about having an unsanitary bathroom. These DIY cleaners are air-friendly and get the job done.

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Something to Contemplate

Creative problem-solving in the face of extreme limits

Technology Watch

There are now twice as many solar jobs as coal jobs
Back in 2006, SolarCity was a small Bay Area solar energy startup with a handful of employees. Before long, according to CEO Lyndon Rive, the company was doubling in size every year to keep up with voracious demand for rooftop solar systems. Today, the company has over 9,000 employees spread across 65 offices nationwide; they’re are busy every day designing, selling, and installing solar systems. Similar stories are playing out at solar companies across the country. The U.S. solar boom is taking off at breathtaking speed – even though solar is still a tiny slice of the American energy pie, it has by far the fastest growth of any energy source, and it’s adding jobs apace. As of November 2014, the U.S. solar industry employed 173,807 people, up 21.8 percent from a year before, according to a new survey by the Solar Foundation, a nonprofit research outfit. That’s 10 times faster than job growth in the overall U.S. economy, which was just 2 percent over the same time period, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Triad Theater
Calendar of Events

Jan 16th @ 7pm: Kumare!

Jan 17th @ 4pm: Matinee
$6 donation. Dude disguises himself as a GURU and gains a following and then reveals who he really is! The story is clever...and heartwarming...with POWERFUL lessons.

Jan 20th @ 7pm: Scott Mowry's cutting edge Alternative News Report
And miracles and inspirational outakes.

Jan 23rd: Classic Somerset Maughm Black and White/ RAZOR'S EDGE
Dude is engaged to a socialite in the 30s..but gives it all up to find out "the meaning of life" much to the dismay of all his socialite films. EXCELLENT! $5

Jan 24th: Conversations w Miceal Cancelled for special RSE event.
Rescheduled for Feb 15th.

Jan 30th @ 7pm: Songwriters Showcase

Jan 31st @ 7pm: VANDA RETURNS
With Her Satire on My Journey to Ayahuasca Land. $12

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