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Editors Corner

You may have heard about technologies that can trap or help remove carbon from the atmosphere. To date, do you know what the best technology we have for this is? I'll give you a hint; it has been around for a while. Click here

Speaking of technology, people are finding more and more uses for 3D-printers as time goes on. In some cases the ideas are not new but the technique for making them is. Like 3D-printed bricks that could replace your Air Conditioner. Click here

With advances in technology, renewable power generation is now able to start competing with fossil fuels. As the cost of these solutions becomes lower, it will be interesting to see how these renewables compete with one another. Click here

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A New Level of Archery
Lars Andersen

Something Worth Knowing

How to Use Soap Nuts
And A Soap Nuts Quiz
Soap nuts are berries that contain saponins, which are natural detergents. When soap nuts get wet, they release these saponins into the water, and that helps release dirt and grime from fabric just like chemical detergents do. Soap nuts are most commonly used in laundry, but there are other ways to use them. If you took the quiz, you know that you can use soap nuts for more than just laundry. You can make shampoo, body wash, toothpaste, and all purpose cleaner with these handy little berries. If the steps below for washing clothes with whole soap nuts seems like a lot of work, you can also make soap nuts liquid. This liquid works in the washing machine and as the base for other natural cleaning recipes.

Washing Clothes with Soap Nuts
If you took the quiz you already know that you need 4-6 soap nuts to do a load of laundry. Exactly how many you need depends on your machine and how soiled your clothes are. If you have a high efficiency or front loading machine, chances are you’ll need four soap nuts for a light load and five for heavier or dirtier loads. With a top loader, five or six soap nuts should work well.

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Something to Contemplate

$50M Lotto Max winner says he had a vision of winning numbers

Six years ago Randall Rush was at a friend's house watching a football game when a series of numbers flashed into his head. His friend told Rush to write down the numbers, and when he took a look, he thought they would make for good lottery picks. But the 48-year-old was skeptical -- he never played the lottery. "He goes: ‘If you didn’t play and these numbers come up, how would you feel?’" said Rush. Ever since that fateful day, the resident of Lamont, Alta., has picked the same numbers when purchasing lottery tickets once a week. Last weekend, it finally paid off. Rush found out he was the winner of the $50-million Lotto Max prize.

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RSE Newsletter

Ramtha’s teachings put U. S. measles outbreak in context:
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Way to increase telomeres found, making cells younger – Ramtha on the role of telomeres & DNA health:
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Skull found in Israel cave is 55,000 years old – Ramtha: human civilizations on earth for thousands of years:
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South Korea Class 201, January 21-25, 2015 – Event Links:
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Scientists are studying facets of boredom - Ramtha on boredom: listen to the feelings within you:
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Ramtha’s 1980 teaching syncs with what is now known on stem cells:
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FREE replay this weekend of fab Jan. 20 webinar with #JZKnight (scroll down to bottom):
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Childhood adversity, disorders shorten telomeres – Select Ramtha teachings on telomeres and DNA health:
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“Surveillance: The hidden ways you’re tracked”: You are being watched!
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The Journey Begins for new Ramtha School Students:
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Triad Theater
Calendar of Events

Feb 6th @ 7pm: Premiere Showing. Stranger at the Pentagon
True story of Val Thor, the man from Venus who stayed at the Pentagon for 3 years in the 1950s who taught Eisenhower and scientists, medical breakthroughs and inventions.. but left after we refused to give up nuclear armament. The movie The Day the Earth Stood Still was made based on this visitation. This is why we are showing the double feature of the Premiere movie..AND the old black and white classic, The Day the Earth Stood Still on the same night.

Feb 14th @ 8pm: The 2nd annual Valentines Crooners and Spooners Cabaret Show at the Triad like a las vegas showroom in the golden era. The songs will be love song favorites..and comedy about love and romance. A perfect event to take your loved on to...or to take your friend to in celebration of being free from the shackles and foibles of romantic love! Includes a rose, chocolates, champagne and candlelight. Tickets at Co-op or RSVP

Don't miss this climatic afternoon/evening show.

Feb 19th @ 7pm: "POETS OF YELMSHIRE"

Feb 20th @ 7pm: Indie Movie "the Quartet"
Musicians that have reached their golden years, come back for a renuion. Heartwarming and Funny! Great cast.

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Technology Watch

This amazing gadget is the best technology we have for trapping CO2
Here’s a shocker. It looks like one of the best weapons we have right now in the fight-to-the-death cage match that is combatting climate change is — drumroll please — planting trees! This news comes from a report out of the University of Oxford comparing different ways of removing CO2 from the atmosphere — which is a great thing to do, because it buys us more time to get our shit together and figure out how to stop pumping out so much of the stuff in the first place. It turns out that one hectare of forest can sequester around 3.7 tons of CO2 per year at a cost of less than 100 dollars per ton, according to the report. Plus, trees can do other cool things like improve soil quality. Aren’t trees great? If only we’d known this before! Other carbon capturing contenders include grabbing CO2 emissions from biomass-burning plants, sucking CO2 directly out of the air, and putting lime in seawater to make it absorb more CO2. On a larger scale, all of these options would destroy trees in a contest of who can capture the most CO2, but these more techie methods come with political hurdles and high costs.

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These 3D-printed bricks could replace your AC — except you, Florida
Hey, 3D printing obsessives, still looking for that killer app? Well, look over here! Maybe this killer app could help kill climate change. Check out these cool 3D-printed bricks (seriously, they’re called Cool Bricks) that act like little air conditioners without the hefty electric bill. The bricks are made of a porous ceramic material that soaks up water like a sponge. When hot, dry air from the outside flows through the bricks, the water evaporates, and cooler, slightly damper air flows through the inside. Build an entire wall out of these puppies, and who knows what would happen! Actually, we know exactly what would happen — they’d help cool your home, and you’d lay off the freakin’ AC for a while. (Side note: This isn’t a new concept. People have been using water-filled ceramic containers as air conditioners for millennia.) Perhaps you’re wondering: Don’t air conditioners help dehumidify the air? Well yes, but evaporative cooling does the opposite. In order for the hot air to evaporate the water in the bricks, it has to heat up the water. That requires energy, and as energy leaves the air and enters the water, the air cools off. Voila!

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In The News

‘Historic opportunity’
Renewables start competing with fossil fuels
The cost of supplying wind and solar energy has been plummeting since 2010, with accelerated deployment putting it on par with the costs of fossil fuel energy generation in some of the areas, says the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). Hydro, biomass, geothermal and wind power are now competitive with or cheaper than coal, oil and gas-fired power stations, despite oil prices are falling , according to a IRENA report. The IRENA study called Renewable Power Generation Costs in 2014, shows how renewable energy technology has changed over the past four years. “Renewable energy projects across the globe are now matching or outperforming fossil fuels, particularly when accounting for externalities like local pollution, environmental damage and ill health,” said IRENA Director-General Adnan Amin. “The plummeting price of renewables is creating a historic opportunity to build a clean, sustainable energy system and avert catastrophic climate change in an affordable way,” he added. It’s been the decline in equipment and technology costs that have driven down the cost of wind and solar.

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Food Watch

Cosmonaut Cuisine in Tubes
Real Russian Space Food on Sale in Moscow
Move over astronaut ice cream, Russian space food tubes have arrived. As of Friday (Feb. 6), the All-Russian Exhibition Center in Moscow now sells authentic cosmonaut food to the public, the state-run Sputnik news service reported. The center, a sprawling trade show also known by the Russian acronym VDNKh, is marketing the cosmic cuisine in toothpaste-like tubes. "Visitors (to VDNKh) will have a chance to try a full-course cosmonaut menu, including four kinds of soups, various meat dishes and a variety of desserts," the Sputnik report said. "According to organizers, there will be 11 variations of tubes, each tasting like a different kind of food." The selection, according to the Russian website, include marinated lamb and pork with vegetables, cottage cheese dessert with sea buckthorn fruit, and apricot, apple and blackcurrant puree. The tubes, which are offered through a vending machine, cost 300 rubles, or about $4.50, each. They are produced by the same factory and using the same methods as the food that is prepared for the Russian cosmonauts onboard the International Space Station. "Producers do not use any genetically-modified products and assure that the food in the tubes is made from natural ingredients only," the news service noted.

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Nature Watch

Amazing Octopus Camouflage

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