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Editors Corner

Did you know that thousands of volcanoes, and other never-before-seen features, have now been revealed thanks to new high-resolution satellite scans of the ocean floor? Click here

While we're on the subject of seeing things from space, did you know that a NASA spacecraft detected a super X-class flare? Fortunately it didn't come from our sun, but rather from a star that's 60 light years away. Click here

Electronics are a big part of a lot of peoples lives. When something electronic dies, or is no longer useful, ideally it gets recycled. Did you know that when you take your electronics to a recycling facility, they may not actually recycle it? Apparently less then 15% is actually recycled, the rest is dumped or burned. Click here

There's more, but I will leave the rest for you to discover and enjoy. Although, if you haven't seen the Spectacular Photos of Sea Creatures yet, I encourage you to check them out. Click here
Have a wonderful week.

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Something Worth Knowing

Do You Know Where Your Old iPhone is Going?
The facts about electronic waste (e-waste) have left me quite flummoxed. Fifty million tons of electronic waste was generated in 2012—that’s 15 pounds per person on the planet. Even more crazy is that it’s the equivalent of throwing away 45,000 to 125,000 fully loaded 747s! Ten million tons were generated by the U.S., which equates to 65 pounds per American! Only 27 percent is recycled, according to the EPA. But I found conflicting stats about how much e-waste is actually recycled and 27 percent was the highest one out there. Other seemingly reliable websites claimed we only recycle 12.5 to 20 percent. Either way, it’s an atrocious number and one we need to fix. The EPA estimates that the stream of e-waste is growing 2-3 times the rate of any other source of waste. Yikes! It’s expected to climb to 65 millions or more per year by 2017. Side note: The average desktop computer requires 530 pounds of fossil fuels, 50 pounds of chemicals, and 400 gallons of water to manufacture. That’s just mind-boggling.

Click here to read full article

Earth Watch

Geological Wonderland: Thousands of Seamounts Discovered in New Seafloor Map
A new topographic map of Earth's mysterious ocean floor reveals thousands of towering volcanoes, hidden gashes where supercontinents ripped apart and other never-before-seen features once veiled by miles of water and thick sediment. The topography of Earth's seafloor is as corrugated and bumpy as a book set in Braille. By reading these peaks and ridges, scientists can chronicle the birth of new ocean crust and the past wanderings of Earth's continents. However, even though the seafloor carries the pivotal clues to plate tectonics, the dry surface of Mars has been detailed more clearly than the ocean's watery depths. The new map, released today (Oct. 2) in the journal Science, promises to fill in some of the blanks. Compared with the previous map, from 1997, the resolution is twice as accurate overall and four times as better in coastal areas and the Arctic, said lead study author David Sandwell, a marine geophysicist at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla, California.

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Technology Watch

Spy Drone Can See What You are Wearing From 17,500 Feet

Space Watch

NASA Spacecraft Detects Super X-Flare
If you thought an X1-class solar flare was bad, how about an X100,000? NASA's Swift spacecraft has detected such a explosion. Fortunately for life on Earth, it did not come from the sun. The source of the super-flare was another star almost 60 light-years away

The "Forbush Rebound"
Radiation levels in the stratosphere are back to normal following a mid-September dip caused by one of the strongest solar storms in years. The story begins three weeks ago. On Sept. 12th a CME hit Earth head-on, sparking a G3-class geomagnetic storm. Using a helium balloon, the students of Earth to Sky Calculus launched a radiation sensor into the storm, expecting to measure an increase in energetic particles. Instead of more, however, they measured less. The CME had swept away many of the cosmic rays around Earth and so radiation levels in the stratosphere dropped. The CME was long gone on Sept. 28th when they repeated the experiment and found radiation levels returning to pre-storm values: The drop in radiation is called a "Forbush Decrease" after the 20th century physicist Scott Forbush who first described it. That would make the bounce-back a "Forbush Rebound." According to the data, the rebound took less than two weeks and possibly only a few days. The next time a CME hits, the students plan to launch balloons with a faster cadence to better measure the stratosphere's response time.

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On The Lighter Side

Marine Marvels
Spectacular Photos of Sea Creatures

Click here to see more

Triad Theater
Calendar of Events

October 4th @ 7pm: Replay of Michael Tellinger’s presentation!
If you missed his event in August, here’s your chance to hear his presentation again, it’s the next best thing to being there!
Tickets $10 at the door

October 16th @ 7pm: 'Round the Poets Fire
Hosted by Mike Apau
$5 at door

October 31st @ 7pm: We bring you something different for Halloween!
We will host the Olympic Chamber Orchestra conducted by Claudia Simpson-Jones!
They will be playing spooky classics..
like theme from Alfred Hitchcock..and Dance of the Dead Marionette
Reservations at Click here
Tickets $15 for adults, $10 for kids

November 12th thru 17th: SRO presents: “The Producers”
A Mel Brooks Musical
Reserve your tickets today at Click here

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Community Calendar

We do love to hear from you especially about community events that you think our readers ought to know about. So, thanks and keep the info flowing.

October 11th & 12th, 10am to 5pm: Moving Sale
Round glass-top dining table/chair set off-white bamboo, kitchen table w/4 antique chairs, 2 couches, swivel oak coffee table, houshold utensils, Barrels. food storage, 1999 Mercury Cougar low mileage, hand pump, 8x15 storage shed, everything must go. 13541 Vail Cut-Off Rd, Rainier

Garden Watch

Guide to October Gardening
October… one of my favorite months for gardening. The temperatures are comfortable, the ground is a little softer with fall rains, and there are fewer insects to deal with. Important October gardening to-dos include cleaning up your garden, restoring your lawn, and planting bulbs, trees and shrubs.

Clean up the garden
Finish cleaning up your garden by removing annuals and digging in leaves to improve the soil. Be sure to remove any remaining weeds to avoid their going to seed and causing problems next year. Allow some grasses and perennials (like purple coneflowers) to remain standing through the winter for insect and bird habitat (and beauty in the winter landscape). Some of the plants from your containers can be overwintered inside. If you haven’t already, you can move geraniums indoors for the winter. After selecting the clean plants, cut them back and grow them in a cool place for the winter. We keep our mandevilla vines and asparagus ferns every year. Before bringing any of your outdoor plants inside, inspect them for insects and treat with insecticidal soap if necessary.

Click here to read full article

Nature Watch

Giant Clams' Shiny Shells Could Inspire New Solar Power Tech
Brilliant shades of blue and aqua coat the iridescent lips of giant clams, but these shiny cells aren't just for show, new research finds. The iridescent sheen directs beams of sunlight into the interior of the clam, providing light for algae housed inside. In a symbiotic return, the algae use that sunlight to power photosynthesis, resulting in energy for the giant clam. "It ends up being a large part of the energy budget of the clams," said study researcher Alison Sweeney, an assistant professor of physics and astronomy at the University of Pennsylvania. Essentially, the oversize mollusks, which can measure more than 4 feet (1.2 meters) long, have a natural solar energy system hiding in their shells. Most iridescent cells — including those that impart a vivid blue to the morpho butterfly, the glittery colors of beetles and the shine of birds' feathers — are dead, much like fingernails and human hair. But the iridescent cells of squid and giant clams are alive. So, the researchers wondered, "What on Earth is a giant clam doing with a living iridescent cell?" Sweeney said. Giant clams have a dull outer shell, as well as a weighted shell hinge that helps them point their lips up toward the sunlight. Perhaps the iridescent cells, called iridocytes, play an optical function, the researchers reasoned.

Click here to read full article

Save The Date October 8th
True Grass Roots Action Committee

We, the True Grass Roots Action Committee, are hosting a forum to introduce candidates running for local positions in the fall general election. The public is invited to see and hear the candidates live in order to make informed choices at the polls in November. This forum takes place at the Moose Lodge in Yelm at 7:00 p.m. Wednesday October 8th. Come; bring your family and friends. And please send this announcement to your e-mail list. See you there!

Who are we and what do we do?

To introduce you to the True Grass Roots Action Committee: We formed in early 2014 to address issues of private property under the broader umbrella of the principles of self governance. We are encouraging people to register to vote, to become informed and to get involved in local government. It's about taking back the Republic, taking responsibility for our future.

Please email any questions you have to:

RSE Newsletter

Katharyn Grant on her RSE inspired Film Festival win:
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Antarctica "Gravity Dip From Ice loss” added to Ramtha's teachings on Antarctica:
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Judy Wagner wins 2 consecutive days - an impressive cumulative $30,000+ in total winnings using RSE training:
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Evonne Laforge shares her recent UFO experience:
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Laura Mooney's amazing jackpot win Sept. 27 - checkout her Jackpot screen: (her cumulative wins total approx. $7,000)
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Teachers Mike Wright & Marc Hazewinkel, Beyond the Ordinary’s ‘After Class 201’ interview - scroll to bottom:
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Student Accomplishments: Oz’s Eva Bostrom focused with “seeing” her winning:
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Sept. 10: “Military Eyewitness Captures ‘Transparent UFO’ On Night Vision. craft was in the shape of a triangle.”
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“Meteor Lights Up the Skies Over Northeastern U.S.” scroll to Sept. 16, 2014, added to Ramtha's meteors teachings:
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RSE student Mary Hath in PEOPLE’S CLIMATE MARCH and in SALON on her sign there:
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“With Dry Taps and Toilets, California Drought Turns Desperate" added to Ramtha on water wars:
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