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Editors Corner

Did you know that tropical fish are now moving more towards the poles? I'd heard that the oceans are warming up, but when warm water fish appear to be seeking cooler water... Click here

Speaking of climate change, more and more people are preparing, and/or being encouraged to prepare, in case of disaster. But how many pet owners, amongst those preparing, are doing so with their pet(s) in mind? Click here

On a different subject, have you heard about the 400,000 year-old thigh bone with alien DNA? This bone was found in Spain and apparently has a mix of DNA, some of which belongs to human ancestors called the Denisovans, the rest is of an unknown origin. Also, the Denisovans were only known to exist in Sibera. Click here

That's about it from me for this week.
Enjoy the newsletter, and have a wonderful week.

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Technology Watch

Medical robot kills Ebola with UV light
A San Antonio-based medical device manufacturing company called Xenex has developed a robot that can kill Ebola or other viruses using just two minutes of ultraviolet light pulses. The robot, named "Little Moe," takes just five minutes to eradicate viruses from a single room, the company said. The company made the announcement as the ongoing Ebola epidemic continues to grab headlines around the world. To date, more than 7,470 people have become infected, nearly all of whom in West Africa, and at least 3,439 people have died. Yet these number are widely regarded as severe underestimates. In addition, the number of people infected with the disease is doubling every 20 to 30 days. Ebola is a viral disease spread by close contact with bodily fluids such as blood, vomit or diarrhea. Between 60 and 90 percent of infections end with death.

Robot sterilizes rooms remotely
According to Xenex, Little Moe destroys the DNA of viruses using a variety of ultraviolet radiation known as UV-C. Along with the more familiar UV-A and UV-B rays which promote vitamin D synthesis and can lead to sunburn in excessive amounts, UV-C rays are also emitted by the sun. But because the Earth's ozone layer prevents UV-C rays from reaching the surface, organisms have not evolved resistance to them as they have to UV-A and UV-B.

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Nature Watch

Nemo and chips? Tropical fish are fleeing warming waters and heading to the poles
Fish are acutely aware of sea temperature; it’s one of the key reasons particular species of fish live where they do. As the oceans warm however, many tropical species are moving towards cooler climes. So might the traditional cod and chips one day be replaced by Nemo and chips? It’s a big question, as the distribution of species across the Earth is one of the most fundamental patterns in ecology. All plants and animals are of course adapted to a limited set of climatic and environmental conditions; if the climate changes, we expect distributions to change. This matters not only because we like to eat many of the species in question, but also because entire ecosystems appear to depend on the number of interacting species present. In general the tropics have more different species than the poles. This pattern, known as the latitudinal diversity gradient, holds true for plants and animals across the world both on land and in the sea. Compare a rainforest or a coral reef with icy tundra or the Arctic ocean. As ever in the natural sciences, it’s much easier to describe a pattern than to explain its cause but we do know that temperature seems to have a important role, as solar radiation increases levels of primary production.

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Triad Theater
Calendar of Events

October 11th @ 7pm: Film Studies: “Nerubi, Planet X”
Q & A to follow
Admission $5

October 14th @ 7pm: Miracles & Inspiration Meet-up
The main topic will be "The Extraterrestrial Origins of America & the Legend of the Cosmic Turtle"
Tickets $10 at the door

October 16th @ 7pm: 'Round the Poets Fire
Hosted by Mike Apau
$5 at door

October 31st @ 7pm: We bring you something different for Halloween!
We will host the Olympia Chamber Orchestra conducted by Claudia Simpson-Jones!
They will be playing spooky classics..
like theme from Alfred Hitchcock..and Dance of the Dead Marionette
Click here or Click here for tickets.
Tickets $15 for adults, $10 for kids
Please come in costume!

November 12th thru 17th SRO presents: “The Producers”
A Mel Brooks Musical
Click here to reserve your tickets today
Tickets $15

Limo Raffle! Tickets: $5
The winner will be entitled to the following:
A ride for Two (2) in the Triad’s amazing luxury stretch limousine.
Dinner for two (not to exceed $200 total including 20% Restaurant Gratuity
The option of inviting up to four (4) others, excluding their dinner cost. Total time from the Triad Theater to destination and back not to exceed five (5) hours ….additional time would be charged at the rate of $100/hour. The Triad Theater is hosting this raffle, with tickets costing $5 each. You may purchase as many tickets as you like. The odds of winning are in your favor, since raffle sales will be limited to 200 tickets. A public drawing at the Triad Theater will be scheduled when ticket sales reach 200. The Royal Champagne Feast must be used within 60 days of the drawing. Proceeds from this "Luxury Limousine Tour Raffle" will go to support the Triad Arts Theater, as it seeks to make improvements. - May the force be with you!

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Something Worth Knowing

Disaster Planning With Pets in Mind
Last month was Disaster Preparedness Month — but even if you are prepared for a disaster, are your pets?  The best way to keep yourself and your family — both people and pets — safe during a hurricane, tornado, wildfire or any other disaster is to have a good emergency plan and kit prepared. If you are in the path of a storm, keep pets indoors, and if asked or ordered to evacuate in the face of a potentially destructive event, always bring your animals with you. If it's not safe for you, it's not safe for your pets.  

Getting prepared
While the paths and strengths of tornadoes, hurricanes and tropical storms are often uncertain, we have a checklist of things pet owners can do in preparation for a potential evacuation. For starters:

Put a collar with visible identification on your pet, even if he or she is indoor-only;

Keep pictures of your pets on-hand for identification purposes. Ideally, you should also be in the photo;

Discuss bringing pets with you if you leave to stay with family members.

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Why Enzymatic Cleaners Are Amazing & How You Can Make Your Own
If you’ve been hunting for ecologically-friendly cleaning options, chances are high that you’ve encountered enzymatic cleaners, which lift dirt, grime, and odors without introducing harmful chemicals into the equation. Are you curious about how they work, where you can use them, and whether you can make your own? We’ve got answers to all three of those questions!

How they work
Enzymatic cleaners utilize proteins known as enzymes produced by living organisms like fruit and animals. The enzymes bond to specific molecules found in fats, proteins, and sugars to break them down, making it much easier to remove stains and clean up messes; and in some cases, enzymes will actually break up the chains of molecules that creature unpleasant odors, like those found in pet messes and well-worn shoes. It’s important to be aware that you need to match the enzyme to the job, because they aren’t a universal binding and cleaning agent. Think of the cleaner like a key (which it essentially is) searching for a lock to fit in. Just as your post office box key won’t open your front door, an enzymatic cleaner designed for one purpose can’t be used for another because it won’t find the right molecules to attach to. That’s one reason why cleaning with enzymes can require maintaining a library of cleaning solutions for different purposes.

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Health Watch

Certain skin creams found to have mercury levels hundreds of thousands times higher than FDA-approved limits
Concern over the levels of mercury in certain skin creams was discussed during the recent American Chemical Society National Meeting and Exposition in California, where Dr. Gordon Vrdoljak of the California Department of Public Health noted that he's discovered levels that are hundreds of thousands times higher than the FDA limit. (1) "The limits for mercury in face creams is about one part per million," he says of the FDA-accepted levels in the United States. (1) However, Dr. Vrdoljak discovered that some skin creams in the United States far exceed this number, finding many to have mercury levels that were upwards of 210,000 parts per million. (2) Skin creams, namely skin-lightening ones designed to combat the signs of aging and reduce wrinkles, freckles and age spots, can have serious health consequences. Dr. Vrdoljak says that products containing these higher levels of mercury wreak havoc on health and can even lead to death, since mercury is linked to causing neurological problems and kidney disease. (1) Furthermore, they are not entirely effective; he says that "these things come back," referring to skin conditions treated with these iffy, mercury-laden products.

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History Watch

400,000-Year-Old Skeleton With Alien DNA Baffles Scientists
Scientists are trying to solve an intriguing ancient mystery that could shed more light on the identity of beings that walked the Earth several thousands of years ago. World's oldest human DNA, containing evidence of an unknown species, has been recovered from a 400,000-year-old thigh bone. According to anthropologists, studying this DNA from human ancestors that are hundreds of thousands of years old shows a complex pattern of evolution in the origin of Neanderthals and modern humans. The bone belongs to a human, but contains alien DNA. This remarkable finding is making scientists question everything they know about human evolution. The bone discovered in Sima de los Huesos, a cave in northern Spain, contains one of the largest collections of hominin fossils ever discovered. Now, this so-called "pit of bones" has also yielded the oldest hominin DNA ever sequenced. Using a thigh bone from the cave, Matthias Meyer from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology has sequenced the almost complete mitochondrial genome of one of Sima de los Huesos' inhabitants, who likely lived around 400,000 years ago. That is at least four times older than the previous record-holder-a small 100,000-year-old stretch of Neanderthal DNA.

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On The Lighter Side

This killer app will change the way we eat forever

I’ll be the first to admit that the tech space is a bit frothy right now, and I suspect that most of the ballyhooed startups are destined for failure. But when I learned about Carrot, it swept away all my cynicism. This is the genuine article — a killer app of the old school, which will, I believe, revolutionize the way we eat.

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