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Editors Corner

Have you heard of the “Electromagnetic Warfare” Training Range that the Navy wants to establish in Washington state? If you live in this state and you didn't know about this, you might want to check it out. Click here

While we're on the subject of electromagnetics, did you know that people who come back from Near Death Experiences usually notice that they tend to be more affected by, and/or have more of an effect on, electricity and/or electronic devices? Click here

Speaking of electronic devices, have you heard that you may soon be using devices powered by super thin paper batteries? These paper batteries would not only mean thinner devices, but they would also be a lot more environmentally friendly then conventional batteries. Click here

There's more, but I will leave the rest for you to discover and enjoy.
Have a wonderful week.

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“Electromagnetic Warfare”
Training Range to be Established in Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula

Briefly, the Navy is proposing to turn a large part of Washington’s magnificent Olympic Peninsula, as well as a portion of northeastern Washington, into Electronic Warfare training ranges. A giant antenna resembling a house-sized golfball will be installed at the Naval Station at Moclips, just outside the Quinault Indian Reservation on the Olympic Peninsula. According to the data in the Environmental Assessment, I calculate that it will have an effective power of 5 million watts. It will be capable of sending 64 simultaneous beams at frequencies of between 2 and 18 GHz. The golfball will only be 40 feet off the ground. In addition, three mobile, truck-mounted antennas will be moved around between 15 different sites in the Olympic National Forest, and three more mobile antennas will operate from 8 different locations in the Okanagan and Colville National Forests in northeastern Washington. They will each have a power of 100,000 watts, and will be in use 260 days a year, 8 to 16 hours a day. The city of Forks will be directly in the line of fire, right between three of these locations and the Pacific Ocean.

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Weather Watch

Storm Stronger Than Sandy Hits Alaska, Will Chill Much of U.S.

Technology Watch

Biodegradable Paper Batteries Coming Soon

Much of the weight of current portable electronic products is due to batteries. And, much of the concern over what to do with them when they drain out is due to the toxic chemicals and metals they use. What if you could power your iPhone, iPad or other portable device with an ultrathin, ultra-light biodegradable battery? Well, you soon may be able to, thanks to a new battery that’s essentially printed on a piece of paper — a paper battery.

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Food Watch

8 of the Worst Foods for Your Body
Many people think of healthy eating as consuming a certain number of calories per day. But the truth is, it’s not just about how much you eat but the quality of the food you eat, and how safely it’s been produced. Read on for some of the worst foods you can put in your body — you’ll certainly be surprised by a few!

1. Microwave Popcorn.
Workers in microwave popcorn factories have actually developed an extremely rare form of lung cancer from inhaling fumes. If that isn’t enough of a reason to avoid the stuff, here’s another: the lining of the bags contains perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), a substance that has been linked to several other forms of cancer and infertility. Plus, so many microwave popcorns are loaded with bad fats and sodium. Homemade air-popped popcorn can actually be a health food, believe it or not, so stick to that for your next movie night.

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RSE Newsletter

"Nine real technologies that will soon be inside you" added to Ramtha on giving up freedom for convenience:
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"Breakthrough: DNA 'Wire' Carries Electric Current" added to Ramtha's teachings on DNA:
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"'Parallel universes DO exist': Multiple versions of us are living in alternate worlds..., theory claims, added to Ramtha's teachings on this:
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"Man's Genome From 45,000 Years Ago Is Reconstructed" added to Ramtha on civilizations 35,000+ years ago:
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"Climate Change Dangers Are 'Higher Than Ever': U.N. Report" added to Ramtha's teachings on this subject:
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Student Accomplishments: UK student Jay Ban's book credits RSE's teachings for his learnings:
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Student Accomplishments: Nancy Blasko, lost items DO come back to the owner:
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Student Accomplishments: Michelle Enos on her latest $2,700 win, aided by Ghost Radar:
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"South Miami commissioners propose seceding from Florida" to handle sea-level issue, added to Ramtha on this:
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Studies: "people make better decisions on an empty stomach" added to why Create Your Day® is BEFORE breakfast:
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Triad Theater
Calendar of Events

November 8th @ 3pm: "Riding My Way Home"
Special award winning horse documentary. Filmed in Washington! Tickets $10. Vets free.

November 11th @ 8pm: Scott Mowry Internet News Updates On Current Events plus gentle meditation moments.
These are events that the mainstream media avoids.

November 12th: Opening Night! - Theaterical Production of Mel Brooks "The Producers"
A Mel Brooks Musical
Click here to reserve your tickets today
Tickets $15

Coming in late November: Conversations with Miceal !

Also in November: A luxury field trip to Whitby Island
Ride in our stretch limo to meet and have lunch with Researcher, Writer, and notable authority on Nostradamus, John Hogue.
Only 6 spaces allowed. RSVP us!
Tickets: $150
Includes: autographed new published book by John Hogue, and Lunch and Champagne trip plus ferry ride.

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Community Calendar

We do love to hear from you especially about community events that you think our readers ought to know about. So, thanks and keep the info flowing.

November 8th & 9th, 10am to 5pm: Moving Sale
13541 Vail Cutoff, Rainier. Food Storage cheap, #10cans dehydrated veggies @$4, 2 couches, lovely dining sets, clothes,Desks, 1999 Mercury Cougar , Shed8' x 15' Email for directions. Helen, 446-2055, and photo’s

Novebmer 28th & 29th, 9am to 5pm: Toys for Sale
Ages 3 to 8. Many like new. Also-Puzzles, games, books, etc.
Corner of Morris Road and 115th Lane
Priced to sale for the holidays!
Call Sue 458-5351 for more info.

Something Worth Knowing

7 Candles That Won’t Give You Cancer or Make Your Kids Sick
Candles make everything special – unless their wicks are made from lead and the candle itself is full of chemicals that could cause cancer. Sound too dramatic? It’s not. Candles with lead-core wicks release five times the amount of lead considered to be dangerous for children (see note at end about lead-core wicks). Candles made from paraffin, a petroleum by-product, release carcinogenic soot when burned. Safer alternatives are those that use a cotton or paper wick, and are either unscented or scented with essential oils. The candles themselves should be made with 100 percent soy, beeswax, coconut wax, hemp oil, or some combination that doesn’t contain any paraffin.

Here are 7 candles to look for when you shop:

1) Way Out Wax – This Morrisville, Vermont company makes candles both out of one hundred percent beeswax and from a combination of vegetable wax and hemp oil wax. The wick is cotton or hemp, and any fragrance is derived by essential plant oils. By the way, to minimize soot, trim wicks to 1/4 inch, and do not burn candles near a draft.

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Disposable vs. Reusable Dishes: The Surprising Facts
Isn’t it exciting to hear good news about the green movement? The question of whether disposable or reusable dishes are more eco-friendly has been a matter of debate for some time. Although “reuse” is one of the basic 3 Rs of environmentalists, some folks claim throwaways are preferable because no dishwashing is required, thereby saving huge amounts of precious water. What’s more, they continue, the use of disposables in institutional settings significantly reduces staff workload — and the employer’s payroll. But now the middle school system in the small city of Minnetonka, Minnesota (population approximately 50,000) has successfully challenged that idea. Learn more about Minnetonka’s victory and get the dirt on disposable dishes.

Go, Minnetonka Middle Schools!
Minnetonka Middle Schools (East and West) recently switched from using disposable plastic cutlery and bowls to reusable metal versions in their student cafeterias. They have been carefully watching what happens and have compiled detailed statistics on how the change affects their operation.

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5 Greener Alternatives to Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers
Gas-powered leaf blowers are the scourge of neighborhoods, and with good reason. They’re so noisy, they can impair gardeners’ hearing and make people cranky from listening to all that racket. Most leaf blowers are powered by polluting 2-stroke engines. According to California’s Air Resources Board, 2-stroke engines emit several pounds of particulate matter into the air every hour they are used. Plus, gas blowers force harmful ground-level substances like pollen, feces, and heavy metals like mercury and cadmium into the air where they can be inhaled by pedestrians. When gas blowers operate, they also emit carbon dioxide, which causes climate change. Fortunately, there are four excellent alternatives to gas leaf blowers that don’t pollute, burn fossil fuels, or make a huge amount of ruckus, plus one blower that, while still noisy, emits less pollution than a gas blower.

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Something to Contemplate

The Bizzare Electromagnetic After Effects of Near-Death Experiences
The conversation about near-death experiences (NDE’s) is typically centered around questions about the afterlife and what happens to consciousness should you follow the iconic tunnel of light. Skeptics, of course, look at the various scientific angles, debating whether or not the patient was truly dead, or the research was legitimate, and so on. Less frequently discussed, however, is what happens to people after a near-death experience, and what changes occur in their psychological and physiological makeup. There are thousands of recorded examples of NDE’s that offer testimony to the possibility of life after death, but what about life after near-death?

“Around eighty percent of the people who experienced near-death states claimed that their lives were forever changed by what happened to them. On closer examination, though, a pattern of surprising dimensions emerged. Experiencers were not returning with just a renewed zest for life and a more spiritual outlook. They were evidencing specific psychological and physiological differences on a scale never before faced by them.” – P. M. H. Atwater, L.H.D.

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On The Lighter Side

A Creative Calendar from a Retirement Home

A German Retirement Community Did A Calendar Where Seniors Amazingly Recreated Famous Movie Scenes. The Contilia Retirement Group in Essen, Germany, made what is probably the best calendar ever with a few of their seniors.According to German press, 5,000 calendars were printed. And, they were given out to residents of the senior center, along with relatives and staff.

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