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Editors Corner

Isn't nature a wonderful thing. For example, did you know that a wetland type floating island can clean up a polluted waterway? Apparently this is one of the easiest and most versatile ways of doing this. Click here

Speaking of cleaner and more natural, did you know that the UK now has a bus that runs (indirectly) on human and food waste? If nothing else, it's apparently more sustainable then fossil fuels. Click here

While we're on the subject of transportation, have you ever wanted to use your bicycle more, so you didn't have to drive as much, but maybe you didn't like the idea of bicycling at night (like if you're coming home from work, or from visiting a friend)? Well, Greg Hanscom presents some "Bright ideas for biking at night". Click here

There's more, but I will leave the rest for you to discover and enjoy.
Have a wonderful week.

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Bloggers Corner
Thoughts on Veterans Day
By Florence Vincent

Senator Murray is a fierce supporter of Veterans. Her frustration at Congressional inaction is understandable. In 2010 Murray tried to get a $3.4 billion bill to help homeless women veterans and homeless vets with kids passed, but it failed due to a Republican filibuster. In 2011 the Republican budget suggested cuts of $75 million slated to house homeless veterans, hurting among others, 11,000 homeless veterans who had already qualified but were still waiting for vouchers. In 2011, Republican Rep. MIchelle Bachman unveiled a plan to cut $400 billion that included freezing Veterans health spending and cutting veterans' disability. In 2012, Murray watched a Republican filibuster stop a measure that would have given $1 billion over five years to help veterans find work in their local communities. GOP food-stamp cuts are cutting food-stamps to 900,000 veterans. 7 bills aimed at helping Veterans that were passed in the Democratic house were blocked by Republican filibusters in the Senate.

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Technology Watch

UK's first 'poo bus' hits the road
Britain’s first ‘poo bus’ will take to the road on Thursday, powered entirely by human and food waste. The 40-seat “Bio-Bus” runs on biomethane gas, generated through the treatment of sewage and food waste. It can travel up to 186 miles on one tank of gas, which takes the annual waste of around five people to produce. The bus is run by Bath Bus Company and will transport passengers between Bath and Bristol Airport. Engineers believe the bus could provide a sustainable way of fuelling public transport while improving urban air quality. The gas is generated at Bristol sewage treatment works, run by GENeco, a subsidiary of Wessex Water. It produces fewer emissions than traditional diesel engines and is both renewable and sustainable. This week, the company also became the first in the UK to inject gas generated from human and food waste into the national gas grid network. Mohammed Saddiq, general manager of GENeco, said: “Through treating sewage and food that’s unfit for human consumption we’re able to produce enough biomethane to provide a significant supply of gas to the national gas network that’s capable of powering almost 8,500 homes as well as fuelling the Bio-Bus.

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RSE Newsletter

Prison Inmates: “Unofficial” Ramtha Students: By RSE Bookstore Manager Laura Eisen:
Click here to read article

“Spooky! Human Brain Waves Control Mouse Genes” added to Ramtha's teachings on this subject:
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CBS News ’60 Minutes’ report of November 16th: -  “Water is the new oil.”  #Ramtha: “water will become more valuable than gold”"
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“2014 Boils Toward Warmest Year Ever with Three More Records Broken” added to #Ramtha on climate change:
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Project Hope, new David Batten pic, remarkable progress visible in facial expression & body dexterity (scroll down to bottom):
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RSE Speaker & UFO Abductee Travis Walton awarded: 
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Patrick LeBlanc's Garden to Gourmet Cafe now open in Yelm. Stop in, & support another #RSE student's restaurant:
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Comment on The Olympian's: “Tax-exempt status of Olympia-based think tank under challenge by channeler #JZKnight”:
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“Knight’s New Title: President Emeritus”:
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Triad Theater
Calendar of Events

Nov 22nd @ 6pm: Ganganath and Tara Leela's "Secrets of the Siddhas"
A modern version of the Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East. Are there still immortal living yogis on this planet? What do they teach us? Their stories...their specialties..
This unfortuantely got booked before the Blue Body Event. We couldn't change the event date as they are on a national tour. So.. if you can, go to the Blue Body Event and we will give you a synopsis later.
Entry is $10-$35 donation appreciated.
Meet and Greet at 5pm.

Nov 24th @ 7pm: Prof Debra Jones lectures on Protecting Your Assets.
She knows how to sift thru all the legal jargon of contracts, bankruptcy, mortgages, claims, Property Rights... so that you have the law working for you as the elite have learned to do.

Nov 28th @ 7pm: Monthly Songwriters Showcase
We are hoping to have Dugan come play at the Monthly Songwriters Showcase with his daughter. TBA.
$5 donation

Nov 29th @ 6pm: Conversations with Miceal!
This month's topic: LUST!!!!
More info on tickets go to

Coming in December:

Dec 13th: The Return of Andrew Basiago Time Traveler...
And surprise guest to Andrew, Sir Alfred Webre who will Skype to us from Vancover.
Tickets: $25

Dec 14th: The Magical True Story of St Nicolas...
A children's event narrated by RSE Student and famous St Nicolas of Yelm.

Dec 20th @ 7pm: The Yelm Community Orchestra and Chorale doing traditional Christmas Tunes!

Dec 25th @ 2pm & 5pm: The Indie film - "The Immortalists"
2 Scientists... (seeking immortaily or die trying)

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Community Calendar

We do love to hear from you especially about community events that you think our readers ought to know about. So, thanks and keep the info flowing.

Novebmer 28th & 29th, 9am to 5pm: Toys for Sale
Ages 3 to 8. Many like new. Also-Puzzles, games, books, etc.
Corner of Morris Road and 115th Lane
Priced to sale for the holidays!
Call Sue 458-5351 for more info.

Nature Watch

Your city’s water would be cleaner if it had a magic island in it
Urban waterways are usually the worst; just picture any inner-city harbor, anywhere, and you’ll see what I mean. But maybe they don’t have to be! Wetlands are nature’s oldest tech for cleaning up bodies of water — and there is way to get some wetlands back into our city waterways. The concept is fairly simple: Install a floating platform somewhere in your body of water, with room for plants and animals to move in ... and wait to reap the clean-water benefits! The plants will feed on nitrogen pollution in the water, starving algal blooms and pumping the waters full of oxygen instead. They also can help soften the “edges” where city runs up against country, adjusting to changes in water level, providing shelter for native plants, fish, birds, and other animals. In Hanwell, a small town just outside of London, locals revamped an urban stream in just this way — these wetlands started out as a series of floating platforms tethered to the concrete wall edging the stream, but native plants soon colonized the new turf, and now the river banks looks like a lush natural slope.

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Food Watch

What’s Inside: A Slim Jim-WIRED

Something Worth Knowing

Bright ideas for biking at night

There’s a guy who rides his bike on the streets of Seattle dressed up like a crossing guard who just had a run-in with a Christmas tree. The locals call him as High Vis Man.

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7 Brilliant Uses for Leftover Produce Scraps
It’s always such a shame to make a big veggie stir fry or smoothie, only to end up tossing a pound of nutritious skins and ends into the trash. Luckily, many of these “trash cuts,” especially citrus, can be easily frozen and stored for a variety of other incredible uses. Give these 7 a try:

Lemon rinds for cleaning. Instead of turning to toxic cleaning from the get-go, give lemon a chance. Grab a juiced lemon from your fridge or freezer and rub on dirty surfaces. If the kitchen surface is really dirty, sprinkle a little baking soda on before rubbing with lemon. Of course, if you are trying to clean very delicate surfaces, make sure to test a small area first to be sure to maintain its integrity.

Freeze zest for later. It always happens — you start baking a pie that needs a little kick, and you have no citrus! Avoid a lack of flavor oompf by stocking up. When you have juiced citrus that you are ready to toss in the trash, zest the skins instead. Then, plop them into an airtight jar and stick it in the freezer for later. That way, you always have zest on hand for desserts, dishes, and yes, especially drinks.

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27 Dishwasher Maintenance Tips to Maximize Performance
A dishwasher is a marvelous time- and labor-saving device. A green one will also conserve energy and water, actually consuming less water than washing plates and pots by hand. (Besides, most folks find that hand washing dishes is just plain icky!) Keep this important kitchen appliance in great shape and it will reward you with optimal performance over its lifetime. Here are 27 simple tips on how to set up and maintain your dishwasher.


1. If you are shopping for a new dishwasher, look for Energy Star certification. This will ensure an energy-efficient, money-saving appliance.

2. New dishwasher cost varies widely. Expect to pay anywhere from about $250 for the cheapest to approximately $1000 for top quality. The cost of professional installation by a certified plumber will depend on where you are located, the appliance type, and the complexity of the job.

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On The Lighter Side

12 Wacky Weather Facts: From Moonbows to Blood Rain

With our warming climate, weird weather is making headlines nearly monthly – abominable snowstorms, crippling heat waves and  flash flood of biblical proportions. But weird weather has been around long before humans were here to report on it. Below are some weather oddities that may or may not become more common with our changing climate, but are nonetheless jaw-droppingly interesting!

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Honey Badger Houdini
Honey Badgers: Masters of Mayhem
Natural World - BBC Two


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