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Editors Corner

Have you ever looked up at the stars and wondered what it would be like to actually be able to explore them? Well this week we have the next best thing; an interactive visualization software that you can use to explore the local star systems right from your computer. Click here

Speaking of looking up at the stars, did you know that Venus and the Moon will appear to come close to each other around 4:30am Eastern Daylight Time (1:30am PDT) Sunday, May 25th? Apparently it will be "a lovely celestial scene". Click here

Back down to earth, have you ever wondered how, in the days before Air Conditioning, people kept their houses cool? Well this week we have an article that covers that and more. It may give you a few ideas on how you may be able to save money in a heat wave. Click here

That's about it from me for this week. If you haven't seen the "101 Stunning Images from Orbit" click here, or "7 Years of Amazing Meteor Shower Time-Lapses 'Mixed' By Photographer" click here, check them out, they're pretty cool.

Have a wonderful week.

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An Overview of Ramtha’s Science and His View of Reality
by Bruce A. Smith

Bruce A. SmithThe following is an excerpt from my forthcoming book, The New Physics – An Introduction to the Science of Consciousness. What follows is Chapter 5, a part of an on-going series here at the Mountain News.


Ramtha – An Overview of his Science and View of Reality

For those leery of Ramtha, believe me I can appreciate your anxieties. I have had my own moments of doubts that Ramtha’s school was a cult, his channel JZ Knight was faking it, or felt dismayed by the financial cost of attending RSE.

So, what I propose here is that I walk you through my journey of how I came to know Ramtha, discovered he is a great teacher, and what I have learned from him. Hopefully, that will give you a context in which to consider his science regardless of any mis-giving you might have about him.

I first heard about Ramtha in the autumn of 1988. One day, a sixteen-page, tabloid-sized newspaper titled Windwords mysteriously appeared in my mailbox. It described the doings of an entity named Ramtha, the Enlightened One, and the teachings he was presenting at his School of Enlightenment in Yelm, Washington.

The paper said that Ramtha called himself “The Lord of the Wind,” and Windwords was a poetic metaphor to herald the teachings of Ramtha.

To this day, I still remember vividly what occurred next.

I brought all my mail into my home office, but started off by reading Windwords. I skimmed through the transcriptions of Ramtha’s actual teachings as they looked pretty dense to me, and instead glommed onto a profile describing a couple who had moved to Yelm to study full-time with Ramtha and prepare for “The Days to Come,” a cataclysmic future brought on by an environmental apocalypse.

Those notions appealed to me, and I read intently. At the time I was a commercial beachcleaner in New York, and very active in the environmental community. Even then – in the late 1980s – I was very aware of global climate change and rising sea-levels.

Plus, the prior year I had shared a plane ride with a NY-NJ Port Authority engineer enroute to Charleston, South Caroline for “Coastal Zone ’87,” a professional gathering of scientists, governmental leaders, and guys like me to discuss beach pollution, coast-line erosion, and maritime development pressures.

Click here to read full article

Space Watch

See Venus and the Moon Pair Up at Dawn on Sunday
Early risers are in for a treat early Sunday morning (May 25), when the two brightest objects in the night sky will approach each other to make for a lovely celestial scene. Looking low toward the east beginning at around 4:30 a.m. local eastern daylight time, you'll see a narrow waning crescent moon, just 12 percent illuminated. Situated about 2 degrees below and to its left will be the brilliant planet Venus. Your clenched fist held at arm's length measures roughly 10 degrees across, so moon and planet will be separated by just a finger's width or so. By the time sunrise comes about an hour later, this eye-catching pair will still appear rather low — about one-fifth of the way up from the east horizon to the point directly overhead (the zenith). Keep in mind that when you’re looking at the moon, it lies some 236,000 miles (380,000 kilometers) from Earth. Meanwhile, Venus is much farther away — 107.6 million miles (173.2 million km). Here's a question you might want to ponder early Sunday as you gaze at the duo: Which is the brighter of the two?

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7 Years of Amazing Meteor Shower Time-Lapses 'Mixed' By Photographer

100,000 Stars
Interactive Visualization of Our Stellar Neighborhood

100,000 Stars is an interactive visualization of the stellar neighborhood created for the Google Chrome web browser. It shows the location of 119,617 nearby stars derived from multiple sources, including the 1989 Hipparcos mission. Zooming in reveals 87 individually identified stars and our solar system. The galaxy view is an artist's rendition based on NGC 1232, a spiral galaxy like the Milky Way..

Try it online:

Weather Watch

Insane Time-Lapse Footage Shows Monstrous Storm Cloud Forming

Supercell storms are among the rarest and most beautiful weather events on Earth. Filming one with the amazing detail of this time-lapse—taken yesterday by the storm-chasing group Basehunters in eastern Wyoming—is a spectacular feat.

Click here to read full article


Slomo: The Man Who Skated Right Off the Grid

On The Lighter Side

Earth from Above
101 Stunning Images from Orbit



Click here to see more

Rives: The Museum of Four in the Morning

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Do Coal Companies Have More Rights Than Voters?

Early in April, coal industry executive Shaun McCutcheon won big when the Supreme Court swept away limits on how much money wealthy donors can contribute to federal political campaigns. But in St. Louis, Mo., coal interests are trying to prevent people from even voting. This story began when ordinary citizens joined together and took a stand against both climate change and their city’s destructive practice of granting enormous tax breaks to big business while cutting funding for public services. They talked to thousands of residents who were upset that St. Louis keeps giving away tens of millions of dollars of badly needed public money to Peabody Energy (the world’s largest private-sector coal company) and the lobbyists, banks, and law firms that enable it. And after hearing over and over again that “there oughta be a law” against corporate welfare for polluters, they did what we learned in civics class: they wrote a law that would ban public financial incentives to unsustainable energy producers and their major business partners.

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Something Worth Knowing

Energy-Smart Ways to Cool Your Home? Look to the Past
On days when the mercury hits 90 degrees and keeps rising, it’s almost instinctive to reach for the HVAC control. Most folks in the US, especially in warm, humid states, can’t imagine life without their air conditioning. But A/C has only been in use in private houses for the past 80 years. How did human beings beat the heat before then, and what can this teach us about environmentally friendly cooling for our homes today?

The earliest method of keeping cool was making use of the earth itself. The area beneath the surface of the soil or rock is not affected by seasonal weather patterns, so sheltering in an underground cave or a grotto hewn from a mountainside provided welcome relief from the heat. Interestingly, when today’s architects use this age-old idea to design energy-saving underground homes, it is considered cutting edge technology.

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RSE Newsletter

NASA book suggests aliens visited Earth – Ramtha & JZ have always said aliens are among us:
Click here to read article

Italy’s Sara Casari challenges RSE critics:
Click here to read article

Son & Father - Noah & Wayne Medrud making a difference: “Water Warriors Uganda Concert and Fund Raiser”
Click here to read article

"Landmark project to study regeneration" added to Ramtha teachings on this subject:
Click here to read article

“Greenland will be far greater contributor to sea rise than expected” added to Ramtha on this:
Click here to read article

"How So. FL Is Ignoring The State’s Leading Politicians And Taking On Climate Change” added to Ramtha on FL sinking:
"Climate change is putting historic and cultural landmarks around the USA at risk" added to Ramtha on coastal flooding:
Click here to read article

"Drought creates tinderbox for wildfires in southwest USA" - California under drought siege added to Ramtha – never curse the rain:
Click here to read article

RSE students address the allegations of critics in 2nd newspaper ad:
Click here to read article

Triad Theater
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May 23rd @ 7pm: Film Studies Night Another film in our series on selected educational films.
We will present “The Great Secret of Water” the natural computer on Earth.
Discussion following the movie: Clean Water is Life-A Call to Action.
Join us in a fund raising event evening with Noah and Wayne Medrud presenting slides and telling of their recent trip to India, training Non- Profits and NGO's to make BIOSAND WATER FILTERS and the subsequent ripple effect it is making. Twelve year old Noah was dubbed the title of, "World Water Warrior" by Ashram guru, HH Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji in a ceremony on the banks of the Ganges River. A profound impact has been made. Now they will be embarking on a summer long adventure to Uganda and Burundi, in Africa, to teach in two more trainings on clean water and sanitation, assess needs on well drilling projects, and venture into the arena of sustainability and permaculture. We hope you will join us in this very worthwhile cause! Portion of proceeds goes toward this cause!
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May 24th 3p.m. to 6pm: International March Against Monsanto!
It is a family affair!
Come stand in loving support of this world wide international awareness day to show
we are united with the world in CLAIMING our rights to know what is in our food.
The theater will show documentaries inside concerning the issues that - are not exposed on mainstream news.

May 24th @ 6pm: Conversations with Miceal
Pre-register at Click here
Tickets $35 at door

May 25th @ 2:00pm: Film Studies-Matinee Another in our series of educational films studies. We will begin with Mark Passio’s “Decoding the Matrix Trilogy” then follow with the trilogy as we examine these films and discuss the symbolism of these classic movies!
Tickets $5 at door

May 30th @ 7pm: Independent Music Showcase Live music featuring local talent! This is an all ages event. Come enjoy live music and dance the night away!
Tickets $5 at the door

June 26th @ 7:30pm: The Rebel Road
Have you ever wished to live the adventure of a lifetime? What if that is your true birthright? Are you ready to be a rebel in your own life, diving into the greatest, most courageous unknown parts of YOU? Simran Singh is sparking this experience everywhere she goes by sharing a mix of story, humor and song, while bring together individuals within communities to share, inspire and be inspired in an interactive rich experience of community, unity and ONEness! This is the journey of darkness to Light and the necessary essence and beauty of both, showing how similar, connected and ONE we truly are. Be inspired to be a REBEL in your own experience.
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