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Editors Corner

This week we open with a submission from RSE student, and MC2020 reader, Wayne Medrud. He and his son, Noah, are setting fourth in a wonderful endeavor to bring clean water to Uganda and Burundi. Click here

On a slightly different subject, it's getting to that time of year again here in the U.S., where if you haven't already started planting your garden, you may want to start thinking about it. To help with that, we have a May 'To-Do list'. Click here. We also have an article that lists more then 25 plants that will help your garden thrive. Click here

Nature is wonderful, isn't it? Did you know that humans are not the only creatures on this planet to create and use 'passwords'? Apparently, the fairy wrens of Australia had a problem that they have solved by teaching their children a 'password'. Click here

Have you ever heard the joke about someone asking if it would be cheaper to take a train from California to Hawaii rather the fly? Well, China is apparently looking seriously at making a train go to the U.S. from China. Click here. Not quite California to Hawaii, but if China manages to pull this off...

Well, that's about it from me for now.
Have a wonderful week.

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Water Warriors Uganda
Concert and Fund Raiser

Many of you in this community have heard that my son Noah Medrud and I traveled to India in January and February to help conduct trainings in sanitation and biosand water filter construction. Those trainings proved to be a smashing hit. We have several groups starting to build filters already. One group has made over 120 filters and are conducting there own trainings in Birhar province a very pour area of India. The guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has taken a train tour through India and at each stop he is proclaiming to groups that number in the thousands that biosand filters belong in every village in India. Twenty two of the 40 some groups we trained are getting funding through People for Progress in India to receive steel molds and tool kits to start there own manufacturing. Noah and I have another opportunity, this time in Uganda and Burundi. We have been invited to help conduct a training in Gulu northern Uganda for 60 community leaders and set up an ongoing strategic plan.

Click here to read full article

Visit our Facebook page; “Water Warriors Uganda Concert and Fund Raiser” You can also send tax deductible donations to Friendly Water for the World, 1717 18th Court NE Olympia Wa. 98506 or on their website at with a notation (Uganda trip)

Remedy of the Week
Frequency Therapy

I sat down to write an article about the high frequency of certified pure therapeutic essential oils, but while browsing for references I found this wonderful article that does a great job of explaining how the energy medicine of essential oils works to affect our body, mind and spirit. So I salute the writer, Valory Anna Roce, and appreciate her fine work. You will learn how you can use the highest frequency substances in the natural world to shift the frequency you are emitting from your energy centers.

For more information: contact

Vibrational Frequency and the Subtle Energy Nature of Essential Oils

There is a subtle bio-energy that flows through all organic life. It goes by many names and is sometimes referred to as Chi or life force. This energy is expressed as an electromagnetic vibrational frequency – and pure essential oils have the highest frequencies of any measured natural substance.

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TED Talks

Andrew Bastawrous: Get your next eye exam on a smartphone

Stanley McChrystal: The military case for sharing knowledge

History Watch

The decline of humanity is clearly evident in bone records, say scientists
Two recent studies looking at the human frame and how it has withered significantly over the years provide some fascinating insights into the tremendous impact that physical activity has on human health. The ancient man, it turns out, was stronger, bigger, faster and probably much healthier than today's man, the direct result of modern society's mechanization of the labors of output, including industrialized agriculture. Researchers from the U.K., after unearthing the remains of believed-to-be human ancestors who lived many thousands of years ago, noticed that human bone structures have gotten progressively smaller throughout the centuries. The hunters and gatherers of old essentially had thicker and stronger bones, particularly in their legs, which if we saw them today might even make the most fit Olympic athletes look frail. "Even our most highly trained athletes pale in comparison to these ancestors of ours," stated Dr. Colin Shaw of Cambridge University's Phenotypic Adaptability, Variation and Evolution Research Group. "We're certainly weaker than we used to be."

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Nature Watch

Birds have clever solution for a cuckoo conundrum
Like a lot of birds, superb fairy wrens of Australia have a problem: Cuckoos lay their eggs in the fairy wrens’ nests. This is called brood parasitism, and it’s how cuckoos manage to have their baby birds raised well without any effort on their part. They leave the messy parts of parenthood to other birds. Those other birds, though, don’t want to spend their time and effort raising someone else’s kid, especially when that kid might push out the chicks that actually belong in the nest. But the fairy wrens don’t prevent Horsfield’s bronze cuckoos from laying eggs in their nests because the cuckoos look too much like Accipiter hawks, which prey on fairy wrens. Make the wrong call when trying to stop the invader and the fairy wren might end up dead. Superb fairy wrens have come up with another solution: Mama birds sing to their eggs. This incubation call teaches her babies a password. After they’ve hatched, the babies repeat that password as a begging call, and that tells mom to feed her children. The closer the begging call is to the incubation call, the more food the babies receive. This system works because incubating cuckoos fail to learn the password (scientists aren’t sure why, though).

Click here to read full article

RSE Newsletter

“American Doomsday: White House Warns of Climate Catastrophe” added to Ramtha’s teachings on this subject (scroll down to May 6, 2014):
Click here to read article

“Want to Be More Creative? Take a Walk” – Ramtha & JZ Knight: the importance of a disciplined walk
Click here to read article

America’s PrepareAthon! organized by FEMA  April 30 – Ramtha’s Recommendations for Sovereignty – for everyone:
Click here to read article

“Drug-Resistant Bugs a Global Threat, WHO Says” by Maggie Fox on NBC News, added to Ramtha on this:
Click here to read article

“Traces of recent water on Mars: Liquid water on Mars as recently as 200,000 years ago” added to Ramtha’s teachings about Mars:
Click here to read article

Student Accomplishments: Sally Mysko wins over $10,000 and donates 10% to PRS - on the subtlety of casino learnings:
Click here to read article

Technology Watch

China wants to build high-speed railway to US through Siberia and Bering Strait
The idea of traveling between the United States and China without flying might seem ridiculous to virtually everyone, but if Beijing gets its way that’s exactly what will be possible in the future. According to a report in the Beijing Times stated on Thursday that the country is considering building a new high-speed railway that would ultimately connect it with the lower 48 states of the US. Specifically, the route currently under consideration would begin in northeastern China and run through Siberia to the Bering Strait. At this point, there would be an underground tunnel that cuts through the Pacific Ocean to connect Russia and Alaska, from which the train would continue south through Canada until arriving again in the United States. The most ambitious part of the project would, of course, involve constructing the undersea tunnel that would make traveling across the Bering Strait possible. At 200km (125 miles) long, the tunnel would represent a daunting engineering challenge – that’s four times the length of the Channel Tunnel connecting the United Kingdom to France – but China Daily stated the technology is “already in place” and will be used in a separate high-speed rail project.

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Community Calendar

We do love to hear from you especially about community events that you think our readers ought to know about. So, thanks and keep the info flowing.

May 15th, 7pm to 9pm: Free Class:  Introduction to Essential Oils—Gifts of the Earth
Is it time for you to take charge of your healthcare? Stop ignoring the nasty side effects of synthetic medicines.  Isn’t it time you learned what the ancients knew about healing and using the frequency of essential oils. You will learn how essential oils address emotional as well as physical symptoms and work to restore the body to its original frequency, thus resolving the physical or emotional imbalance.  Join us for an informative evening this Thursday. You are welcome to bring a friend.
This class will be held at: New Leaf Hyperbarics Clinic, 8730 Tallon Lane Suite 102, Lacey, WA 98516
Ticket is free, but please reserve your seat using this link.
Click here to reserve your seat

Garden Watch

25+ Beneficial Plants To Grow (To Help Your Garden Thrive)
Everybody knows that good neighbors are so much better than bad ones. This is true not only at home and at work, but also in the garden. There are good plants — companion plants — that do a lot for their plant neighbors and your garden overall. They help each other grow, they can increase the yield that each neighbor produces, and some even provide added nutrients to the soil. One of the things that make companion plants great neighbors is that they offer pest control benefits. They mask or hide a crop from pests, produce odors that confuse pests, and act like trap crops that draw pests away from other plants. Not all plant visitors are bad. In fact, some are so good that we actually want to encourage them to come into our gardens. Unfortunately, we tend to think that any bug we see is bad; when we focus so much on removing any and all pests, we can wind up killing off the “good” guys in the process. That’s why companion plants are so great.

Click here to read full article

Love to Garden? Here’s Your May ‘To-Do’ List!
May is the month to get out in the garden! To help plan for the season, I’ve put together this guide—what to plant, harvest and care for during this month. Here in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, our frost-free date (the last average date of a frost) is May 15th. You can adjust the timing of your “to-dos” by looking up your own frost-free date and adding or subtracting weeks as appropriate. There are many sources for frost-free dates on the Internet—I like to use the Farmer’s Almanac version, which also provides information about planting with the moon cycles (waxing and waning–another post!). We’ve already been planting cool season annuals and vegetables in April and by the end of May we begin to plant warm season flowers and crops in the ground outdoors.

Click here to read full article

Genius Mind

Teen's invention could charge your phone in 20 seconds

Science Watch

The brain injury that made me a math genius
If you could see the world through my eyes, you would know how perfect it is, how much order runs through it, and how much structure is hidden in its tiniest parts. We’re so often victims of things—I see the violence too, the disease, the poverty stretching far and wide—but the universe itself and everything we can touch and all that we are is made of the most beautiful geometric patterns imaginable. I know because they’re right in front of me. Because of a traumatic brain injury, the result of a brutal physical attack, I’ve been able to see these patterns for over a decade. This change in my perception was really a change in my brain function, the result of the injury and the extraordinary and mostly positive way my brain healed. All of a sudden, the patterns were just . . . there, and I realize now that my injury was a rare gift. I’m lucky to have survived, but for me, the real miracle—what really saved me—was being introduced to and almost overwhelmed by the mathematical grace of the universe.

Click here to read full article

Health Watch

Really, how old are you? The hands never lie
New research we’ve done into ageing shows that the strength of your grasp may also be one of the most useful ways to measure your true age. Different measures of physical abilities can be assessed to determine how old someone is including walking speed, standing balance, the speed they can rise from sitting. We found that hand grip strength, a measure of upper-body strength that has been widely studied, is consistently a good indicator of future mortality and susceptibility to disease. Conventional, numerical measures of ageing are misleading. The most frequently cited reference on the subject, the UN’s World Population Ageing 2013 provides measures of ageing for all countries using estimates from 1950 to 2010 and forecasts to 2100. It categorises people as “old” when they reach their 60th birthday. But a 60 year old in Zimbabwe in 1950 was likely to have very different characteristics to a 60 year old in the UK in 2100.

Click here to read full article

We Are From the Future

Triad Theater
Calendar of Events

Newsflash: Now you can see our website at or either address will take you to our website!

May 15th @ 7pm: Round the Poets Fire
Bring your words, your love and your open mind! Open to all poets and all of those who enjoy live poetry. Bring your own supplies and poems!
Hosted by “Mind Mason” Mike Apau. For ages 21 and over please.
Click here for details
Tickets $5 at door

May 16th @ 7pm: James Gilliland
This is the first night of a two night engagement. There will be huge updates within the UFO Community. James Gilliland of ECETI explains more about the Annunaki. Some were beneficial some were not. ECETI is one of the leaders in the consciousness movement. Click here or Click here for info
Click here for tickets
Admission $25 one night
$40 for both nights

May 17th @ 7pm: James Gilliland
Hands-on Transformational Healing Circle, current affairs at the ECETI Ranch and potluck dinner! Bring your favorite dish to share with everyone!
Click here or Click here
Admission $25 one night
$40 for both nights

May 19th @ Noon - Sandra Romero
Thurston County Commissioner Sandra Romero will have her monthly Coffee Chat where you can come and meet your commissioner in person! The topic of conversation will be: The US Fish & Wildlife Endangered Species Listings.

May 23rd @ 7pm: Film Studies Night
Another film in our series on selected educational films.
We will present “The Great Secret of Water” the natural computer on Earth.
This may change the way you think about water and what it does for us.
Host Wayne Medrud will have a lecture following the film!
Click here for details
Tickets $10 at the door

May 24th @ 6pm: Conversations with Miceal
Pre-register: Click here
Tickets $35 at door

May 25th @ 2:00pm: Film Studies-Matinee
Another in our series of educational films studies. We will begin with Mark Passio’s “Decoding the Matrix Trilogy” then follow with the trilogy as we examine these films and discuss the symbolism of these classic movies!
Tickets $5 at door

May 30th @ 7pm: Independent Music Showcase
Live music featuring local talent! This is an all ages event. Come enjoy live music and dance the night away!
Tickets $5 at the door

June 21st @ 6:30 p.m. to 10:00pm: Summer Solstice Celebration!
This will be our first annual fundraiser to be held at The Hands On Children’s Museum in Olympia! We will have summer themed food and libations! This event will showcase what our little theater has to offer including: live music, poetry, comedy, lectures and more! For ‘big’ kids only please.
Make your reservations today: Click here
Tickets $12 in advance

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