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Editors Corner

Some of you may already know that hydrogen peroxide can be used as a kind of natural bleach, but did you know that with the help of hydrogen peroxide you can grow oyster mushrooms in your fridge? This is one of many surprising uses it has. Click here

Speaking of growing things, have you visited a store that sells plants recently and plants that say "bee-friendly"? Well according to Friends of the Earth, that may be false advertising. Click here

On a completely different subject, I have sometimes wondered how words in the English language become "real" in that they appear in a dictionary and most people can basically agree on their meaning. Well, Anne Curzan explains how the process of English words becoming "real" and/or "official" actually happens. Click here

There's more but I'll leave the rest for you to discover. Well, okay, I'll recommend one more thing. If nothing else, take a few minutes and watch 9-Year-Old Adrian Romoff play the piano. He's extremely good at it. Click here
See you next week.

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Nature Watch

Just how friendly are your “bee-friendly” plants?
We don’t want to kill your bee-loving buzz, but if you buy “bee-friendly” plants and seedlings from Home Depot or similar stores, then you could be unwittingly killing the bees that you’re trying to protect. Friends of the Earth tested 71 garden plants with “bee-friendly” labels purchased from major retailers in the U.S. and Canada and discovered that 36 of them had been treated with bee- and butterfly-killing neonic pesticides. “Since 51 percent of the plants that were tested contained neonicotinoid residues, the chance of purchasing a plant contaminated with neonicotinoids is high,” states a new report detailing the findings. “Therefore, many home gardens have likely become a source of exposure for bees. For the samples with positive detections, adverse effects on bees and other pollinators consuming nectar and pollen from these plants are possible, ranging from sublethal effects on navigation, fertility, and immune function to pollinator death.”

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Chimps Reveal Their Taste in Music
If you ever run into a group of chimpanzees in a record store, you may find them congregating around the Indian classical section. That's according to a new study that tested the musical tastes of humans' primate cousins. The researchers found that while chimpanzees shun the steadily strong beats common in Western genres, they like Indian ragas and Akan tunes from West Africa. "Our objective was not to find a preference for different cultures' music," study co-author Frans de Waal, a primatologist at Emory University in Atlanta, said in a statement. Rather, the researchers used music from Africa, India and Japan to test how the primates reacted to specific acoustic characteristics, such as the ratio of strong to weak beats (or stressed to unstressed beats). De Waal and colleagues said that similar studies in the past only tested how chimpanzees reacted to Western music. But even though the sounds of Western pop and classical might seem different to the casual listener, they share similar rhythmic patterns and intervals.

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History Watch

Australia’s deadly eruptions the reason for the first mass extinction
Published in prestigious journal Geology, Associate Professor Fred Jourdan from Curtin’s Department of Applied Geology, along with colleagues from several Australian and international institutions, used radioactive dating techniques to precisely measure the age of the eruptions of the Kalkarindji volcanic province – where lavas covered an area of more than 2 million square kilometres in the Northern Territory and Western Australia. Dr Jourdan and his team were able to prove the volcanic province occurred at the same time as the Early–Middle Cambrian extinction from 510-511 million years ago – the first extinction to wipe out complex multicellular life. “It has been well-documented that this extinction, which eradicated 50 per cent of species, was related to climatic changes and depletion of oxygen in the oceans, but the exact mechanism causing these changes was not known, until now,” Dr Jourdan said.

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Something Worth Knowing

Anne Curzan: What makes a word "real"?

15 Surprising Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide
If you have hydrogen peroxide in your home, chances are it’s in your first aid kit. And that’s a shame, really. For one, applying peroxide to cuts and scrapes really isn’t the best way to go about repairing your skin — it actually does more harm than good! For another, hydrogen peroxide has a number of fantastic uses outside of first aid. As a tough, nontoxic chemical, the stuff works wonders in your home. And it’s cheap, too! Click through to check out several surprising ways to use hydrogen peroxide.

Note: All of these tips and tricks call for the 3% concentration of hydrogen peroxide, the percentage you’d typically find in your first aid kit or at your pharmacy.


1. Clean Your Wooden Cutting Board. An improperly cleaned cutting board is a breeding ground for bacteria. Clean it thoroughly, without harsh chemicals, with hydrogen peroxide and vinegar.

2. Grow Mushrooms in the Fridge. It’s true! With the help of hydrogen peroxide, you can grow oyster mushrooms in a freezer bag in your fridge.

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On The Lighter Side

Adrian Romoff
9-Year-Old Piano Player Wows Judges
America's Got Talent 2014

Jon Mooallem: How the teddy bear taught us compassion

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Morphable surfaces cut air resistance: Golf ball-like dimples on cars may improve fuel efficiency

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The man who saw time stand still

It started as a headache, but soon became much stranger. Simon Baker entered the bathroom to see if a warm shower could ease his pain. “I looked up at the shower head, and it was as if the water droplets had stopped in mid-air”, he says. “They came into hard focus rapidly, over the course of a few seconds”. Where you’d normally perceive the streams as more of a blur of movement, he could see each one hanging in front of him, distorted by the pressure of the air rushing past. The effect, he recalls, was very similar to the way the bullets travelled in the Matrix movies. “It was like a high-speed film, slowed down.” The next day, Baker went to hospital, where doctors found that he had suffered an aneurysm. The experience was soon overshadowed by the more immediate threat to his health, but in a follow-up appointment, he happened to mention what happened to his neurologist, Fred Ovsiew at Northwestern University in Chicago, who was struck by the vivid descriptions. “He was a very bright guy, and very eloquent” says Ovsiew, who recently wrote about Baker in the journal NeuroCase. (Baker’s identity was anonymised, which is typical for such studies, so this is not his real name).

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In The News

Detroit collapses into third-world ruin as nearly HALF the residents can no longer afford to pay for running water
America's once-thriving auto capital has become a third-world catastrophe, with nearly half of its residents now unable to pay their water bills. Reports indicate that roughly 50 percent of Detroit residents are struggling just to keep the water flowing, and some are now suggesting swift United Nations intervention to provide this basic necessity for those in need. CBS Detroit reports that the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department is routinely having to shut off water mains at homes where residents can't or won't pay their water bills. For some, it is simply laziness that leads to their water being shut off, as the city says a good number of folks quickly pay their bills once the tap has been shuttered. But for others, perpetual financial distress in one of the nation's most distraught cities is the driving factor. "At the DWAS Department -- it's not our goal to shut off water," stated Curtrise Garner, a department spokeswoman. "We want people's water on, just like they do; but you do have to pay for your water... That's the bottom line."

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Technology Watch

Pentagon orders 500 new state-of-the-art spy glasses
The Pentagon has reportedly placed an order for 500 high-tech wearables that will give Google Glass a run for its money. According to Defense One technology editor Patrick Turner, the United States Department of Defense is acquiring a cache of the state-of-the-art X6 glasses from San Francisco’s Osterhout Design Group that will “give spooks in the field an intelligence edge over everybody else.” Defense One got to get an up-close-and-personal demonstration of the new DOD gear during a recent symposium at the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Washington, DC headquarters, Turner wrote, and walked away with more than just an eyeful. According to the website’s report, the wearables take current, consumer-grade technology to the next level by offering an array of services that without a doubt seem more fit for a spy or military sniper than the nerd next-door.
“Defense One looked through the glasses at a static, two-dimensional map and suddenly structures appeared in three dimensions related to objects of interest,” Turner wrote.

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RSE Newsletter

Judy Wagner augments her retirement with $4,100+more in NET winnings
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Bonney Carey wins yet again:
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Paulina Amador nets $1,500
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Jeff Shull (Mr. Costco greeter) on his strategy where he netted $10,000 im May
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“ May global temperature reaches record high, driven largely by record warm oceans” & Ramtha on climate change”
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“Evidence found for the Higgs boson direct decay into fermions” added to Ramtha's teachings on the Z particle:
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“California Could Soon Run Out of Water” added to Ramtha's teachings about water becoming more valuable than gold:
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“Cough, Cough: Climate Change May Worsen Air Pollution” added to Ramtha's teachings on this subject:
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Greg Dempster’s letter published by YAHOO!:
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Triad Theater
Calendar of Events

July 1st @ 7pm: Miracles & Inspiration
Alternative news reports to wake up and change your world through meditation!
Hosted by Scott Mowry
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Tickets $10 at the door

July 5th @ 7pm & 9pm: Film Studies Special Double Feature
We will examine the implications and consequences of research with DNA and Trans-human issues. This tale involves time travel, evolution, government propaganda, and religious dogma with a twist! “Rise of the Planet Apes” at 7 and “Planet of the Apes” (original version with Charlton Heston) at 9. Both with English subtitles.
Click here for details
Admission: $5 at the door

July 8th @ 5pm to 7pm: Open House!
Please come to our theater to see what you’ve been missing! We will feature samplings of what we normally offer. We want to share with the community at large some of the diverse talent we have here in Yelm! Come at 5 and stay until 7 or just pop in for a while! Our doors will be wide open to welcome everyone! We will have complimentary snacks and beverages to share!

July 11th @ 7:30pm: Hello, Jerry!
A SRO production directed by Nancy Tribush Hillman
Jerry Herman is an American composer and lyricist, known for his work in Broadway musical theater. He composed the scores for the hit Broadway musicals Hello, Dolly!,Mame, and La Cage aux Folles, among many others. Our show will pay tribute to him! We will have our ladies singing their thanks to Jerry in this unique send-up!
Click here for details
Admission $15

July 14th matinee @ 3:30pm & evening @ 7pm: Annie Meets the Monsters
A SRO production directed by Nancy Tribush Hillman. This is a musical extravaganza that will showcase local talent ages 8-18! A mixture of familiar songs and some not so familiar, along with characters that you may recognize! Come enjoy Summerstruck!
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Tickets: $10 adult, $5 children

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