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Editors Corner

I'm sure most of you have heard of essential oils and how they can help in all sorts of ways. Anything from helping uplift you, to helping deter pests. But did you know that an edible film made from essential oils can protect foods better then plastic? Click here

Speaking of plastic, if you still use plastic for eating or drinking from, you may be interested to know that apparently scientists from a private lab in Austin, Texas, have identified specific plastic products, that are suppose to be BPA free, that may leach BPA-like chemicals under certain conditions (like when exposed heat, or sunlight). Click here

While we're on the subject of discovering things, did you know that a famous painting by Picasso, "The Blue Room", was painted over the top of another painting? Click here

Well, that's about it from me for this week. But before I go, I urge you to check out some wonderful night sky photos if you haven't already. Click here
Have a wonderful week.

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Garden Watch

6 Humane Ways to Stop Garden Pests
Keeping varmints out of your garden is an ongoing challenge (we know at Gardenista). The variety of marauder may vary depending on where your plot is located, but there doesn’t seem to be a garden anywhere that’s immune from four-legged plant eaters, hole diggers, burrowers, or leaf munchers. The challenge is to keep them out without resorting to harmful chemicals, electric shock, or traps. Here are six humane strategies:

Above: FENCING: Mr. McGregor didn’t do his research. Other than the cat in his garden (more on that later), his rabbit-deterring effort failed at the first line of defense: the fence. Experts agree that the most effective step to protect your garden from rabbits is by blocking access with proper fencing. That means a wire mesh fence that is 2- to 3-feet high (most rabbits cannot jump higher) and that is buried at least 6 inches deep to thwart diggers (recall Peter’s escape). Image via Skippy’s Vegetable Garden.

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5 Plants You Can Grow from Your Garbage!
Instead of throwing out the undesirable ends of freshly chopped organic veggies, why not put them to use! Americans throw away billions of dollars of food every year, so get the most for your money. Many of the veggie discards you usually throw out can actually be used to grow more crops. Here are 5 relatively easy ones that will extend your organic buck.

Onions. Green onions are extremely easy to propagate. When you chop the roots off of green onions, place them in a bowl of water with a little bit of the green shaft sticking above the surface. Set them in a warm, sunny area and continue to add water as the plants grow taller. Once the roots are big enough, gently untangle them and transplant them into a pot in your sunny kitchen or your outdoor garden. You must transplant them, as they need the nutrients from the soil to keep growing. Red and white onions can also be revitalized in a similar manner.

Celery. Stop throwing away the root bases of your celery! Freshly cut root bases can re-grow and yield an entirely new crop! Simply set the base in a glass of shallow water in the window and watch shoots reappear. Then, you can transplant it into a pot or garden and watch your “garbage” celery grow into a delicious new crop.

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Nature Watch

Mysterious Starfish ‘Goo’ Problem Is Getting Worse
A mysterious disease that has been claiming the lives of starfish (or sea stars) up and down the US, Canadian, and Mexican coasts since last summer has now wiped out as much as 60% of the populations of purple ochre sea stars being watched in Oregon—populations that as of April had seen less than 1% of its numbers affected. Creatures suffering from the “sea star wasting syndrome” first cross their arms, then break out in white lesions that turn into holes, and ultimately disintegrate to the point where their entire arms can turn to goo. And while wasting is not a new occurrence, “usually it’s very localized to a single site or single region,” which healthy neighboring populations can recolonize, biologist Bruce Menge tells Live Science. But in this case, the outbreak that began in June in Washington has touched places as distant as Alaska and New Jersey, and it’s now hit Oregon, the sole West Coast state that had essentially been unscathed. In May, the Weather Network reported that a bacterial or viral pathogen may be at the root of the die-off, though no definitive cause has been established.

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Something Worth Knowing

These Popular Plastic Bottles May Be Messing With Your Hormones
Many BPA-free plastics may leach BPA-like chemicals that are potentially damaging to human health, a dilemma Mother Jones explored in our exposé on the plastics industry earlier this year. But consumers have had no way of knowing which of the items lurking in their pantries might wreak havoc on their hormones. Until now. A new paper in the journal Environmental Health identifies specific plastic products—including AVENT baby bottles, CamelBak sippy cups, and Lock & Lock food storage containers—that leach estrogen-mimicking chemicals. Perhaps more importantly, it also names a few options that are hormone-free. Between 2010 and 2013, scientists from CertiChem, a private lab in Austin, tested 50 reusable BPA-free plastic containers. In most cases, they used a line of human breast cancer cells that multiplies in the presence of estrogen, as well as substances like BPA that mimic the female hormone. The researchers found that some products leached hormone-altering chemicals even before being exposed to conditions, such as heat from a dishwasher or microwave, that are known to unlock potentially toxic chemicals inside plastic.

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RSE Newsletter

Australia students use teachings collectively in fluoridaiton fight:
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Anne Micktavage wins $32,000:
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Renee Webb wins $4,000+ :
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Beverly Hallett winnings total since last year now @ $18,900:
Click here to read article

Rod Maupin’s Pipe Smoking Alien Crop Circle Analysis:
Click here to read article

Monk’s interview at South Korea Class 101 – RSE is the misisng piece of the puzzle:
Click here to read article

Phoenix Rising School Auction raises record $120,000 (PRS school capacity of 70+  vs. a high school of 3,500 that raised $150,000 for Dollars for Scholars – WOW! PRS supporters rock):
Click here to read article

Introducing Karriem Ali’s Royal Society for Earthquakes (RSE):
Click here to read article

Beginning of America’s Water Wars noted in media:
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Judy Wagner continues supplementing her retirement income with more wins:
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Technology Watch

Now Elon Musk wants to revolutionize solar panel production
Thanks in part to Elon Musk, the world’s biggest and most advanced solar panel factory could be built in the U.S. in the coming years. The Silicon Valley entrepreneur, fresh off announcing an effort to spur growth in the electric auto industry by opening up access to hundreds of Tesla Motors patents, on Tuesday pushed the cleantech envelope even further, announcing a bid to massively expand the solar panel industry. Musk, chair of the solar panel installation giant SolarCity, told reporters that in the coming years the company plans to build a solar panel factory in the U.S. that’s “an order of magnitude bigger than any of the plants that exist” anywhere in the world today. SolarCity is responsible for about a quarter of America’s residential solar panel installations every month — three times as much as its closest competitor. Its market dominance has been earned in part through its “zero-down” financing model. But that’s not enough. Musk says he worries that the company’s ongoing growth will be so rapid that it will start to encounter solar panel shortages, despite what now is an international glut of mostly Chinese-made panels.

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Truly fuel-efficient cars currently available in Europe banned from US market; Americans getting ripped off
We've all heard the negative references to "gas-guzzling SUVs" and Americans' "reliance on foreign oil," the inference being that folks living in the U.S. drive too much, and drive vehicles that get horrible gas mileage. Besides the fact that Americans were essentially forced into the driving lifestyle by careless strip mall planning, would you believe that the federal government is also responsible for intentionally keeping truly fuel-efficient cars off the market? It's true. In Europe, virtually all the major automakers from Toyota and Nissan to Volkswagen and BMW manufacture regular cars that get anywhere from 50 to 300 miles per gallon (MPG), while even the latest and greatest American hybrids only top about 40 MPG. The reason? It's difficult to say, but one couple that recently traveled to Europe and conducted their own investigation into the matter says a combination of greed and highly restrictive emissions policies is to blame.

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Food Watch

Edible film made from essential oils can protect foods better than plastic
Forget the plastic and chemicals: The best food preservatives may actually be all-natural essential oils. New research published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that an edible film coated in the essential oils of clove and oregano kept bread fresher for longer than conventional plastic combined with a food preservative known as calcium propionate. Researchers from the Department of Food Technology at the Federal University of Vicosa in Brazil decided to test the effects of essential oils after learning about their antimicrobial properties. Recognizing a need for modern solutions to food preservation that avoid the use of toxic chemicals, the team began evaluating how essential oils embedded into food packaging might be the solution. Using low-speed mixing and ultrasonication techniques, the researchers formed coarse emulsions and nanoemulsions, respectively, of both clove bud (Syzygium aromaticum) and oregano (Origanum vulgare). They then added methylcellulose, a type of edible fiber, in order to create film sheets out of the essential oils.

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History Watch

Picasso's Ghost: Mysterious Man Found Hidden in Famous Painting
Pablo Picasso's famous painting of a bathing woman in a blue room carries a secret: High-tech scans have revealed that the well-known scene was painted on top of a portrait of an unidentified man. Conservators here at the Phillips Collection used infrared imaging to virtually peel back the paint of the artist's famous 1901 painting "The Blue Room"; underneath, they discovered a portrait of a man in a bow tie, resting his head on his arm. Live Science visited the collection for a behind-the-scenes look at how the discovery was made. The painting, which Picasso created in Paris early in his career at the start of his "blue period," has been in the Phillips Collection since 1929, but is currently on tour in South Korea through early 2015.

Different strokes
The first clue that the canvass contained more than meets the eye came from the appearance of the brush strokes, which don't seem to match the visible scene.

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On The Lighter Side

Night Sky Photos
International Earth & Sky Photo Contest Winners



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Triad Theater
Calendar of Events

Saturday June 21st @ 6pm: Conversations with Miceal
Please click here to pre-register
Tickets $35 at the door

Thursday June 26th @ 7pm: Yelm Prairie Days Parade
We will be in the parade this year and want you to join us! The theme this year is ‘flowers of the prairie’ and because all of the popular flowers have been chosen, we have decided to represent Scotchbroom! We will meet at the theater around 5 pm to get our float ready. We ask you to come wearing the brightest yellow you can, as close to the color of Scotchbroom as you can, or wear a tartan with bright yellow in it, and to also bring a broom along! Come have fun with us in this community event!
Click here for details

July 8th @ 5 p.m. to 7pm: Open House!
Please come to our theater to see what you’ve been missing! We will feature samplings of what we normally offer. We want to share with the community at large some of the diverse talent we have here in Yelm! Come at 5 and stay until 7 or just pop in for a while! Our doors will be wide open to welcome everyone! Free!

July 11th & 12th @ 7:30pm: Hello Jerry!
A SRO production directed by Nancy Tribush Hillman
A musical extravaganza paying tribute to Jerry Herman.
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Annie Meets the Monsters
Coming in July!
A SRO production directed by Nancy Tribush Hillman
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