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Editors Corner

Did you know that growing vegetables indoors could potentially be better and more efficient then growing them outdoors? A Japanese plant physiologist has created a kind-of lettuce factory that generates 10,000 heads of lettuce daily. Click here

Growing that many plants indoors would not be a viable option without the technology to support it. Speaking of technology, did you know that a bill signed in to law around the end of April allows you get up to $2,500 off the cost of solar panels here in Washington State? Click here

You've most likely heard of scientific studies as often being 'peer-reviewed' before being published. And 'peer-reviewed' was suppose to mean less chance for error. I say 'was' because 120 'peer-reviewed' studies have been identified as fraud and retracted. Click here

That's about it from me for this week. If you haven't seen the astronomy pictures yet, I urge you to check them out. Click here
Have a wonderful week.

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Technology Watch

Washington state just lopped up to $2,500 off the cost of solar panels. Here’s how.
All new technology, no matter how innovative, arrives in a world of pre-existing laws and regulations. But not all technology catches the same breaks. A company like Lyft or Uber can do its thing right out there in the open for a surprisingly long time, despite being — essentially — appified versions of such already-illegal innovations as dollar vans and jitneys. By comparison, solar energy, despite having made leaps and bounds both technologically and finance-wise, can’t show up at the block party without bringing down a lawsuit, a law, or some kind of extra fee. Yet those impediments, intentional and unintentional, are beginning to remove themselves. A decision this week by the Building Code Council in Washington state is a prime example. Until now, the process of legally installing solar panels on a building in Washington has been what it is in most of the U.S.: while there are state and national building codes, each county enforces them differently. What this meant was that the process of putting in solar ranged from the very simple (a solar panel installation was seen as the equivalent of putting on an extra layer of shingles)  to the complicated and prolonged (any installation, no matter how much of a no-brainer, required a full set of plans, signed by a licensed structural engineer, which added between $800-$2,500 to the final bill.)

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Earth Watch

Large crater appears at the 'end of the world'
The striking puncture in the earth is believed to be up to 80 metres wide but its depth is not estimated yet. A scientific team has been sent to investigate the hole and is due to arrive at the scene on Wednesday. The cause of its sudden appearance in Yamal - its name means the 'end of the world' in the far north of Siberia - is not yet known, though one scientific claim is that global warming may be to blame. There is additionally speculation it could be caused by a space object - perhaps a meteorite - striking earth or that it is a sinkhole caused by collapsing rock beneath the hole caused by as yet unknown factors. The giant hole appeared close to a forest some 30 kilometres from Yamal's biggest gas field Bovanenkovo. Experts are confident that a scientific explanation will be found for it and that it is not - as one web claim suggested - evidence 'of the arrival of a UFO craft' to the planet.  A report and footage highlighted by Zvezda TV says the dark colour of the crater indicates 'some temperature processes', without explaining more what they may mean. Others say that the darkening around the inner rim indicates its formation was accompanied by severe burning scorching the edges.   Some observers believe water or dry soil is seen falling into the cavity.

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Science Watch

120 'peer-reviewed' studies retracted after being exposed as computer-generated fraud
What good is the peer-review process if fraudulent studies routinely make it past this supposed litmus test into popular journals, completely unnoticed? This is the question many are now asking following the revelation that more than 120 papers published by two of the most prominent publishing groups in the world were fraudulent, having been generated by a computer program rather than written by real scientists. The Germany-based publishing group Springer and the New York-based Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) both pulled dozens of papers recently after a computer scientist came forward with information about their illegitimacy. Cyril Labbe from Joseph Fourier University in France had been tracking papers published by the two groups when he found that many were produced using a software program known as SCIgen, which randomly strings together words and phrases to produce phony papers. According to a report by Nature, Labbe discovered that these fraudulent studies had somehow made it into more than 30 published conference proceedings between 2008 and 2013. All of them had supposedly been peer-reviewed before publishing, but this clearly was not the case.

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You Decide

Millions of Americans installing 'perfect spying device' in their own living rooms: Amazon Fire TV monitors and records your conversations is building the CIA's new $600 million data center, reports the Financial Times. (1) At the same time is building this massive cloud computing infrastructure for the CIA, the company is also shipping millions of Fire TV set-top devices to customers who are placing them in their private homes. I have one myself, and it's a terrific piece of hardware for delivering Prime video content. In fact, in terms of its usability and specs, it's far superior to Roku or Netflix-capable devices. Fire TV is, hands down, the best set-top video delivery device on the market today. But there's something about it that always struck me as odd: it has no power button. There's no power button on the remote, and there's no power button on the box. It turns out there's no way to power the device off except for unplugging it. This is highly unusual and apparently done by design. "It is not necessary to turn off Amazon Fire TV when you are finished using it," says the website. (2) "Your Amazon Fire TV is designed to go into sleep mode after 30 minutes, while continuing to automatically receive important software updates."

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RSE Newsletter

Student Accomplishments -
Taiwan coordinator Wen-Chun Liao on Beyond the Ordinary (BTO) about her recent 'Create Your Future Now' event:
Click here to read article

Oz’s Sarah Macdonald applies disciplines to heal ankle:
Click here to read article

Paulina Amador connects with a “ship”:
Click here to read article

Two Canadian students’ manifest significant temperature drop:
Click here to read article

Ramtha’s Predictions demonstrate his long sight –
“Scientists Find Hints for the Immortality of the Soul” – Ramtha has spoken extensively about immortality:
Click here to read article

“Pneumonic plague infects Colorado patient and pet dog” added to Ramtha's teachings on this subject:
Click here to read article

"Heartland Water Crisis: Why the Planet Depends on These Kansas" Farmers By Brian Brown, NBC News:
Click here to read article

“Earth’s magnetic field is weakening…” – Ramtha has spoken many times on this subject:
Click here to read article

“Rutgers Chemists Develop Technology to Produce Clean-Burning Hydrogen Fuel” added to Ramtha's teachings on this subject:
Click here to read article

“Arctic Warming and Increased Weather Extremes: The National Research Council Speaks” add to Ramtha’s teachings on this subject:
Click here to read article

“Lake Mead reservoir drops to record low” added to Ramtha's teachings on this subject (water will become more valuable than gold):
Click here to read article

“10 Things That Everyone Should Know About The Federal Reserve” added to Ramtha's teachings on this subject:
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“Climate Scientists See ‘Very Rapid Declines’ in Annual NOAA Report” added to Ramtha's teachings on this subject:
Click here to read article

On The Lighter Side

Astronomy Photographer of the Year
Royal Observatory's 2014 Finalists



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One Day on Earth (Part 1 of 4)

Food Watch

Indoor vegetable farm produces nutrient-dense produce 250 percent faster than outdoor farms, with less waste
The future of food production could end up doing away with the growing fields and even the sun. A Japanese plant physiologist has developed an indoor growing system that he says produces lettuce 250 percent faster than traditional farms, requires far less water and generates significantly less produce waste. Using LED technology developed by the GE corporation, Shigeharu Shimamura was able to create a 25,000 square foot indoor space that currently houses 18 cultivation racks for growing lettuce. These racks are 15 stories high and contain a total of 17,500 LED lights specially designed for the optimal growing of lettuce. The proprietary lighting system mimics the day and night cycle of the real outdoors, but at a highly accelerated pace. Together with carefully controlled climate and moisture conditions, Shimamura and GE were able to fine-tune a complex system that generates large amounts of healthy food very quickly, without producing significant amounts of waste. "I knew how to grow good vegetables biologically and I wanted to integrate that knowledge with hardware to make things happen," he explained to GE Reports.

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3 Labels to Look For on Your Chocolate Bar
If you’re a chocolate lover, you should be aware that not all chocolates are alike. And we’re not talking about cocoa content.  Some chocolates are “greener” than others — greener because more chocolate manufacturers are finally facing a number of critical social and environmental  issues that have long stigmatized the cocoa industry. But first, a little background into the cocoa industry’s darker side.

The Cocoa Industry’s Darker Side
Since most cocoa is grown by small family farmers in remote tropical regions, they’re often forced to sell their harvest to middlemen for a fraction of its value. Many cocoa workers live in poverty and barely earn enough to live on. Some cocoa farms use forced child labor, often the case in Western Africa where much of the world’s chocolate comes from. Another thing to consider is that cocoa plants are very susceptible to diseases and pests. To save their crop, many farmers often use highly toxic pesticides, including lindane, which poses both health and environmental risks. Finally, new cocoa varieties have been introduced that grow in full sun, which upsets the balance of a region’s eco-system and biodiversity.

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Health Watch

Cadmium is a disease-related avoidable pollutant with manmade causes
Cadmium is a heavy metal consumed mainly in rice, cereal, peanuts and shellfish. It builds cumulatively in the kidneys until about age 50 when it begins to damage other organs more. Cadmium contributes to most types of cancer with tobacco smokers having 5x more in their kidneys and 3x more in their blood. Most cadmium in the US comes from Florida's phosphate fertilizer industry, which produces 80% of phosphate rock in the country and is the largest phosphate rock mine in the world due to recoverable product. Wyoming, Idaho, and Utah form the 'Western Phosphate Field', and Morocco, South Africa, and Mexico contain the rest of the major reserves in the world and signify potential heavy metal pollution hotspots. However, 200 of the world's 265 million metric tons of recoverable phosphate come from the US, which has vulnerable agriculture. Purchasing organic foods which avoid these fertilizers helps to reduce cadmium intake by an estimated 48%. Herbal teas protect the cells and lower cadmium accumulation in organs, including the brain from it's contribution to Alzheimer's disease.

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Nature Watch

More Whale Poop, Please!
Odds are, you’ve never tried to imagine the enormity of a whale’s excrement. Or perhaps you have, and you can truly wrap your head around how substantial, and messy, the “flocculent fecal plumes” of these incredibly large mammals can be. What you may not know, that scientists are now considering, is that whale poop can help save our acidifying oceans. How can a couple of whale turds make an impact? The nutritious, krill-dense waste substance is consumed by vast amounts of plankton, who, in turn, take acidifying carbon out of the ocean waters when they photosynthesize as well as when they die and sink to the ocean floor. Whale poop pretty much fertilizes the photosynthesizers of the ocean, and when the whales die, their massive carcasses also sink to the floor with tons of CO2 trapped within. Some scientists estimate that even the small current whale population could be displacing some 400,000 tons of CO2 every year. Where whales are still somewhat numerous — like the Southern Ocean — the whale pump, as it’s known, spreads nitrogen and binds up carbon in an environmentally substantial way. However, with the severe decline of whales worldwide due to commercial over-hunting — along with the exponentially worsening acidification of our oceans — the marine ecosystem has suffered a steep tip in its delicate balance.

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Secret Lives of Flower Hat Jellyfish Revealed
For decades, flower hat jellyfish managed to keep their early lives a secret. In adulthood, the jellyfish are striking, with a nest of fluorescent tentacles that look like party streamers, but pack a nasty sting. In infancy, well, scientists didn't know. Aquarists tried, unsuccessfully, to raise the animals in tanks to understand what happens before the jellyfish are fully grown. "They just aren't like other jellies," said Wyatt Patry, senior aquarist at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) in California. Now, Patry and colleagues report they've finally raised the jellyfish in captivity. In a new paper, the researchers describe the elusive species' life cycle, from egg to larva to single-tentacled polyp to juvenile to adult. Scientists at the aquarium first bought a group of flower hat jellies back from Japan in 2002 for an exhibit on jellyfish. At the time, aquarists tried to mate and culture the species (scientifically named Olindias formosus), but they just couldn't seem to get the jellies to release any sperm or eggs.

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Triad Theater
Calendar of Events

July 19th @ 6pm: Conversations with Miceal
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Tickets $35

July 23rd matinee @ 2pm: An exclusive film screening: Song of The New Earth
Song of the New Earth profiles the ardent quest of sound healer, psychotherapist and sonic shaman Tom Kenyon to integrate modern science and ancient mysticism through the power of sound. His rare ability to brilliantly decipher the healing science of sound results in a mesmerizing and transformational documentary feature film. From an award winning production team including Ward Serrill (The Heart of the Game, Miramax), editor Eric Frith (Eden), New York Times animator Drew Christie and Producer Betsy Chasse, (co-producer for What the Bleep Do We Know!?).
Reservations recommended.
Click here for movie trailer
Ticket $8

July 25th @ 7pm: Acoustic Music Showcase!
Once again we present our regular music showcase. Featuring local talent Matt Sablan,Guitarist "Shin Nakane" from Tokyo and more local talent!
Each show is unique, each act is unique. You will be sure to enjoy yourself! Open to all ages.
Click here for info
Admission $5 at the door

July 29th @ 7pm: Miracles & Inspiration
Alternative news reports to wake up and change your world through meditation!
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Tickets $10 at the door

Coming in August: Michael Tellinger!
Stay tuned for dates and times!

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