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Editors Corner

Imagine if you could build a house in just 24 hours. A nice house. Not a prefabricated house. Designed by you, just the way you want it. That's what they are working on over at Contour Crafting. You've heard of 3D printing, right? Well this is 3D printing on a large scale. Click here

Even though technology is changing quite quickly, sometimes the basis of it hasn't changed in a while. Believe it or not, that is the case with snowfall forecasting. Did you know that the super computers that are used to predict snowfall forecasts rely on pictures of snowflakes? Did you also know that these pictures they are using for todays forecasting models were collected in the 1970s? Prof. Tim Garrett aims to fix this with real time 3D photographs of snowflakes captured on-site as they fall. Click here

Have you ever heard of "noctilucent" clouds or "night-shining" clouds? They are a rare type of wispy blue-white cloud that forms when water molecules freeze around "meteor smoke" close to the edge of space, so high that they can reflect light after the sun sets. Apparently these clouds have shown up earlier then usual over the south pole. Click here

While "Global Warming" or "Climate Change" may be having a strange or negative effect on the weather in some places, in other places it seems to be having a positive effect. Like in the higher altitudes of Leh in the Himalayas. People are now able to grow vegetables where they normally would not have been able to. Normally they would have had to go to lower altitudes to grow or purchase vegetables. Click here

Well, that's about it from me for now. Don't forget to check out the beautiful photos under "WOW Photography!". Click here. And the "10 Of The Most Eye-Catching And Curious Astronomical Events Of 2013". Click here

Have a wonderful week.

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Healings in the Amazon
Interview with Nick Polizzi, director of The Sacred Science
Reprinted with permission from

If you were confronted with what mainstream science qualifies as an incurable illness, would you be willing to leave everything behind and venture into the Amazonian Jungle in search of a “magical cure” from the hands of local healers? In addition, would you allow a film crew to document your experiences and tribulations along the way?

Part of the official selection of works/contributions at different film festivals throughout the world, The Sacred Science is a documentary that follows eight people with varying physical and psychological ailments — from different forms of Cancer to depression and alcoholism — as they embark on a healing journey, for thirty days, into the heart of the Peruvian Amazon jungle. A handful of local Shamanic healers work on them using a combination of plant medicine and intense spiritual exercises.

SuperConsciousness conversed with filmmaker and producer Nick Polizzi about his most recent work, the process and challenges he faced in making the documentary, The Sacred Science, and his motivations to document alternative healing therapies. Nick has spent the past four years directing and editing feature-length documentaries about holistic alternatives to conventional medicine. Most recently, Nick directed The Tapping Solution and co-edited Simply Raw — Raw for 30 Days.

SuperConsciousness: What is your background as a filmmaker and what got you interested in making The Sacred Science?

Nick Polizzi: Most of the films that I’ve made are in the alternative healing genre. The first film I made was The Tapping Solution, which is about EFT. It’s an energy healing technique. The second film I was involved in is Raw. It’s about 6 diabetics that go on an all-raw food diet for 30 days, and 5 out of 6 of them reversed their diabetes. Those are the first 2 films I was involved in.

A lot of the contemporary, alternative healing methods seem to have their roots in much more ancient lineages of healing, and when I started doing a lot of research, I was curious to see where these things all originated, nutrition and, also, energy healing. And it startled me to find out that most of these systems have their roots in shamanic cultures, indigenous cultures around the world.

When a friend of mine was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease a few years ago, and he’d seen both of the other movies, it seemed like he understood that there was potential for him with alternative medicine. But I think those other two films were very niched. I wanted to create a more mainstream film that would draw people into these teachings who didn’t necessarily have experience with holistic medicine. When I started researching shamanism, one of the hot beds of shamanism in the world is the Amazon rainforest, in certain areas of the Amazon rainforest, and we decided to shoot the film there, bringing patients there to create more of an adventure type film, where people had to really go on a journey to find the healing.

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Remedy of the Week
Uses and Benefits of Slim and Sassy Essential Oil

For those of you looking to start the new year a little lighter, consider the benefits of Slim and Sassy essential oil.The following is an excerpt from an enthusiastic Slim and Sassy user. It was written in April of 2013. Here is her story. I am excited to share with you the uses and benefits of Slim and Sassy Essential Oil. Slim and Sassy is one of my personal favorite essential oils. I seriously can’t live without it! I ran out of it last month and for four days I didn’t know what I was going to do. I figured out quickly this is a stockpile oil for me! I have lost 10 lbs since January 17th when I started using Slim and Sassy. I use 8 drops a day and I drink 1 green smoothie a day with lemon essential oil. This is the only change I have made to my diet. I am more aware of what I am eating and portion control haven’t made any additional life changes. I have more energy than I have had in years! Slim and Sassy is all natural and it is calorie and sugar FREE!

Common Uses of Slim and Sassy Essential Oil:

  • Energy
  • Suppresses Your Appetite
  • Speeds up your metabolism
  • Helps your body cleanse out harmful toxins
  • Lifts and elevates your mood

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GMO Watch

Cereal numbers: Will GMO-free Cheerios capture a new market?
Back in October, I listened in on a press conference in which activists announced that they were going to hammer on General Mills until the company agreed to label Cheerios as non-GMO. I have to admit, I thought nothing would come of it. The participants were asserting way too many dodgy claims for real journalists to take them seriously (you can listen here). I hung up part way through and I didn’t see any coverage come from the event. But apparently someone more important than me was paying attention: General Mills just announced that it will guarantee its original Cheerios don’t have any genetically engineered ingredients. The company said it’s not responding to pressure; rather, it’s interested in the possibility that customers might “embrace” (i.e. buy more) GM-free Cheerios. Even if that’s true, activists may have rallied enough interest to get General Mills’ attention, and I suspect that the company wants to try labeling as an experiment. Will a non-GM label increase sales? Will customers pay a higher price? The answers to these questions will be valuable to the company in planning for the possibility of labeling laws.

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Earth Watch

Climate change works wonders in Leh
The much-demonised climate change is working wonders for farmers in the higher altitudes of the Himalayas at Leh in the Indian-administered Kashmir. Where there was only ice in winter and a veritable desert during the rest of the year, there now blossoms greenery bringing along with it a mind-boggling variety of vegetables and fruits. If the farmers are thrilled, climate scientists strike a somber note. They say the eruption of vegetables and fruits at an altitude of 11,000 feet is a clear indication that global warming is catching up in the Himalayas, its long-term consequences unclear but one which could spell trouble for the region. Spotlight Follow our special India coverage The farmers are however, having none of it. As far as they are concerned, it is a boon and are determined to make hay, while the sun shines literally. They have started cultivating vegetables and fruits in earnest including cucumber, pumpkin, watermelon, bottle gourd, tomato and capsicum.

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Night-shining clouds show up early over South Pole
Night-shining clouds started glowing high above Antarctica earlier than usual this year, observations from a NASA satellite show. These rare types of wispy blue-white clouds are called noctilucent clouds, or NLCs. They form when water molecules freeze around "meteor smoke" close to the edge of space, typically about 50 to 53 miles (80 and 85 kilometers) above Earth's surface - so high that they can reflect light after the sun sets. The phenomenon looks spectacular from the ground, but scientists also have watched these night-shining clouds from above with NASA's AIM (Aeronomy of Ice in the Mesosphere) satellite since 2007. Data from AIM indicate that noctilucent clouds started forming around the South Pole on Nov. 20 this year as a tiny spot of electric blue that quickly expanded to cover the entire frozen continent, as this NASA video shows.

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New Species Of Coral Algae That Surprised Researchers
Coral algae species that forms rodoliths at the Gulf of California in Mexico, is in reality composed of five different species, according to a new study. The next step in the research conducted by Jazmín Hernández Kantun, marine biologist at the Autonomous University of South Baja California (UABCS), is to determine the number of species of coral algae in Europe and Mexico trough molecular tests. "Coral algae in Mexico and through out the world are usually identified only by their shape and color. However, is necessary to investigate the species in depth, given that bigger biodiversity exists in this organism than previously thought" said the researcher. “Coral algae in Mexico and trough out the world are usually identified only by their shape and color. However, is necessary to investigate the species in depth, given that bigger biodiversity exists in this organism than previously thought” said the researcher. Credit: Investigación y Desarrollo

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Science Watch

Unsung technique behind key science discoveries
Crystallography is a vital scientific method for understanding the properties of solid objects. It underpins many fields of study, yet remains relatively unknown. Scientists are celebrating a century of the technique being used and are hoping to raise its profile. X-ray crystallography is a variation of the method that is used to determine the structure of crystalline solids. The unique shadows - or dots - reveal how the arrangement of atoms within the crystal fit together to form the object. In the words of Nobel laureate Max Perutz it shows "why blood is red and grass is green, why diamond is hard and wax is soft, why graphite writes on paper and silk is strong".

The history
When Rosalind Franklin and Maurice Wilkins experimented with X-ray crystallography, the iconic photo 51 was born. It was this pattern of dots that enabled Francis Crick and James Watson to reveal the beautiful double helix structure of DNA. But the story of crystallography starts much earlier.

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Now We Know WHERE We Feel Fear Happiness Anxiety And Shame
Almost everyone feels nervous before an exam. Worrying thoughts and "butterflies" in the stomach are commonly known and often experienced. It has long been known that emotions are connected to many physiological changes in human body. There is also a very strong connection between emotion and behavior. A new study reveals that the most common emotions trigger strong bodily sensations, and the bodily maps of these sensations were topographically different for different emotions. However, all these emotional states have a biological basis and are common for all people worldwide regardless of individuals’ culture or language. Emotions coordinate our behavior and physiological states during survival-salient events and pleasurable interactions. Even though we are often consciously aware of our current emotional state, such as anger or happiness, the mechanisms giving rise to these subjective sensations have remained unresolved. "Emotions adjust not only our mental, but also our bodily states. This way the prepare us to react swiftly to the dangers, but also to the opportunities such as pleasurable social interactions present in the environment," said assistant professor Lauri Nummenmaa from Aalto University.

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Parallel Worlds Exist And Will Soon Be Testable, Expert Says
Is there another you reading this article at this exact moment in a parallel universe? Dr. Brian Greene, author of The Hidden Reality: Parallel Universes and the Deep Laws of the Cosmos, believes that this freakish quirk of nature may exist; and he discusses its amazing possibilities in this 3-minute TV interview. A growing number of cosmologists agree with Greene that we are but one of many universes and at least one of these other worlds lies close to ours, maybe only a millimeter away. We can’t see this world, because it exists in a type of space different from the four dimensions of our everyday reality. MIT’s Max Tegmark believes this multiverse model of ‘many universes’ is grounded in modern physics and will eventually be testable, predictive and disprovable. “This is not sci-fi,” he says, “its real science.” As research at the CERN Large Hadron Collider progresses, scientists are talking increasingly of a “new physics” on the horizon, which promise to help researchers understand more of the unknowns about our universe. This new approach includes developing a better understanding of dark energy, a mystery force that some forward thinkers believe indicates that a ‘sister’ universe lurks in our neighborhood.

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Space Watch

Alien World Hidden Under The Thick Layer Of Clouds
A few months ago, astronomers found a turbulent alien world with the daytime temperature about 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit (1093 degrees C), possible rains glass, powerful 4,500-mph winds and a hazy, blow-torched atmosphere containing high clouds laced with silicate particles. Now, a team of astronomers led by Laura Kreidberg and Jacob Bean of the University of Chicago and using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope have discovered a clear evidence of clouds in the atmosphere of "super-Earth" - like planet named GJ 1214b. High clouds blanketing the planet could be made out of potassium chloride. GJ 1214b - located just 40 light-years from Earth, in the direction of the constellation Ophiuchus - classified as a super-Earth type planet because its mass is intermediate between those of Earth and Neptune. GJ1214b are among the most common type of planets in the Milky Way galaxy. Because no such planets exist in our Solar System, the physical nature of them is largely unknown.

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10 Of The Most Eye-Catching And Curious Astronomical Events Of 2013
2013 has been a great year for astronomers. Several significant discoveries were made and once again we have the opportunity to admire the beauty of our mysterious Universe. We have put together a list of some of the most eye-catching and curious astronomical events that captured our attention.

Noble Gas Molecule Discovered In Space Astronomers Discover The Largest Structure In The Universe!

A 'Space Blob' - Extending Over 55,000 Light-Years Huge Water Plumes Shooting 200 Kilometers Over Jupiter's Moon Europa

Click here to see more

History Watch

21 Most Amazing Archaelogical Discoveries Reported In 2013
2013 was a great year for archaelogists and historians examining our secretful past. Several significant discoveries were made and we have now reason to learn more about our anscestors and the history of planet Earth. We have put together a list of some of the most eye-catching and interesting archaeological events that captured our attention.

1. Ancient Underground Planetarium With Hundreds Glowing Metallic Spheres
Archeologists have a made an intriguing and puzzling discovery. Hundreds of strange metallic mysterious glowing spheres have been unearthed beneath an ancient temple. The purpose of these spheres remains an unsolved mystery for the moment. It looks almost like a wonderful underground planetarium. Read more

2. Ancient Golden Treasure Found At Foot Of Temple Mount
A fascinating discovery of thirty-six Byzantine gold coins, gold and silver jewelry, and a gold religious medallion has been made by a team of archaeologists who conducted excavations on the City of David's summit and at the southern wall of Jerusalem's Temple Mount. The treasures were abandoned in the context of the Persian conquest of Jerusalem in 614 CE...

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Triad Theater
Calendar of Events

January 4th @ 6pm: Advancing Conversations with Miceal Ledwith
Miceal’s first Conversation of 2014 will continue the theme of the Split Brain and Projection. This month we will learn how to use the projection phenomenon as a tool for accessing the right brain and mind, which controls the poltergeist energy. Our homework was to address our fears and the unresolved ‘stuff’ that prevent us from manifesting. $35 at the door or pre-register at

January 7th @ 7pm: Miracles and Inspiration Meetup Night: Best Crop Circles & UFO Sightings of 2013 plus all the latest updates and news.
$10 suggested donation

January 16th @ 7pm: Round the Poet’s Fire
Hosted by Mind Mason, Michael Apau – discover the power of poetry! $5 at the door

January 21st @ 7pm: Miracles & Inspiration Meetup Night: The End of Economic Tyranny
From Jekyll Island…to the Sinking of the Titanic…to the Death of the Federal Reserve in 2013. Plus all the latest updates and news! $10 suggested donation at the door

January 25 @ 6pm: Holographic Workshop #4
Andrew Basiago is back on February 8th!
Simran Singh is booked for May, 2014!

Triad Gift Card now available!
Email us at for more info! Prices start at $50

“Yelm in the Spotlight 2” is on YouTube!
2nd in the series features clips from the Rainier Vail Neighborhood Group celebration - Claudia Simpson Jones conducting the Olympia Chamber Orchestra at the Triad (4:00) – Sustainable Thurston topic at the Regional Planning Council meeting (8:27) – Nancy Hillman presents a SRO production of “The Wizard of Oz” (15:01) – Spiritual Gangster (23:25) - upcoming events (21:57) – Maya Silliman in “Weather with Delores” (22:31) Click here

For more details...
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Community Calendar

We do love to hear from you especially about community events that you think our readers ought to know about. So, thanks and keep the info flowing.

January 7th, 6:30pm to 8pm: DeTox and ReNew
Out with the old and in with the new clean body. Join us Tuesday evening for some super great information about how to cleanse and rejuvenate those beautiful cells that make up your body with essential oils and nature’s medicine. Class will be informative and fun. Bring a friend to help you implement what you learn. Class is free.
First 5 people to call can get free bio-scan before class, between 5:30 and 6:30. 360-894-6754
Location: doTERRA classroom, 17008 146th Ave SE, Yelm, call for directions, 360-894-6754
Host: doTERRA team,

January 8th, 7pm to 8:30pm: Medicine Cabinet Makeover
Gem Clinic, 3435 Martin Way East, Olympia, WA (just past IHOP)
If you have heard about the powerful natural medicine of essential oils, but have yet to have a personal experience with the oils, this is your opportunity. Find solutions to nagging health issues: chronic pain, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, neuropathy, headaches, weight issues. Empower yourself to care for yourself and your family. Protect yourself from the nasty flu and winter colds. Every class is different because we address the issues of those who attend. If you are interested in lasting results, this class is a great place to start.
Please RSVP:  click here

January 16th, 7pm to 8:30pm: Elevate Your Life (Part One)
Gem Clinic, 3435 Martin Way East, Olympia, WA (just past IHOP)
Elevate your life is all about mood management with essential oils. Don’t let depression control your destiny. Don’t let anxiety keep you from exciting adventures in 2014. Depression and anxiety are just chemical reactions. Use essential oils to uplift the frequency of your cells. A registered nurse, Kirsten Noel Neat, will be teaching the class. Join us for an informative evening. Make 2014 your best year ever!
Please RSVP:  click here

Date and Time TBA: FREE Earthbag Structure Workshop
Come Learn the simple skills required to build YOUR OWN Earthbag
Safeplace for FREE!  Build your confidence by participating in this hands-on workshop where we will build an 8' by 12' earthbag structure.
When: Please send your email to to be placed on our sign up sheet. (You will be notified when the workshop will be happening - TBA)
Where: Close to Yelm (call for details)
Come for all or part of the free workshop!
This is a free workshop.
Call Linda Powell & Sheri Yeager of Transition Technologies at 360-458-7311
"earth turns to gold in the hands of the wise"
- rumi

Health Watch

Why your grandparents didn’t have food allergies…but you do
Did your grandparents have food allergies? Mine sure didn’t. A stark comparison to the growing epidemic of food allergies, worsening with every generation. So why didn’t your grandparents have food allergies? It’s really quite simple…

1) They ate seasonal real food.
Food came from farms and small markets in the early 1900′s, and because food preservatives were not widely used yet, food was fresh. Because of the lack of processed food, their diets were nutrient dense allowing them to get the nutrition they needed from their food. For babies, breast milk was valued and it was always in season.

2) They didn’t diet, and play restrictive games with their body and metabolism. They ate food when food was available.
Our grandparents did not fall victim to fad diets, food marketing, calorie counting, and other detrimental dieting habits that are popular today (in part because the marketing infrastructure didn’t exist yet). Because of this they had a healthy metabolism, and ate according to their body’s needs and cravings.

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Consumers Have the Power. Companies Quietly Change Harmful Ingredients
More and more people are paying attention to what’s on food labels. Because of this increased interest in food ingredients, some companies are quietly removing the more questionable ones. Americans have become increasingly interested in what exactly is in their food and drink. Some check the labels because they want to avoid GMOs or potentially harmful ingredients. PepsiCo Inc. removed brominated vegetable oil from its Gatorade products earlier this year for that reason. Others check the labels because they want to know what exactly goes into their food. Starbucks has changed its red dye after information their previous dye was made of crushed bugs was met by customer backlash. The company now uses a tomato based dye. Though these are two well-known companies, it’s unlikely you heard about the change to their ingredient lists. For the most part, major companies are reluctant to share which ingredients are being removed and replaced to avoid bringing attention to the fact they were in the product in the first place.

Click here to read full article

How to Remove Lead From Your Home
We all know lead is toxic, which is why it’s not allowed in paint and children’s toys because of the associated health risks. But were you aware that many other products are allowed to contain lead, and companies don’t even need to label them unless the metal exceeds a given amount? Scary thought, right? And one that might have you wondering which of the seemingly harmless items in your house is actually carrying a secret load of poison. Take Christmas lights, for example, many of which have lead added to the the PVC coating that covers their wires to increase flexibility and prevent cracking. This practice isn’t limited to Christmas lights, actually: other lighting cords and fixtures may also have lead in their cords, and unless it’s above a certain amount, the manufacturer is not required to disclose this. How can you avoid it? By purchasing products specifically labeled as lead-free, which are thankfully available from some manufacturers. Similarly, PVC products like hoses, rain jackets, boots, shower curtains, and some miniblinds can also contain lead. Unless a product specifically states that it does not contain lead, you don’t have an assurance that it’s safe. Make sure that lead-free products are third-party certified, too, to ensure accountability and confirm that they really are completely free of lead.

Click here to read full article

McDonald's urged its employees not to eat its own food
Fast food giant McDonald's had a major "whoops!" moment recently after a resource website it created for its employees humorously advised them to stop eating its food. The U.K.'s Daily Mail reports that the so-called "McResource Line," which has since been taken offline, had contained "educational" imagery instructing McDonald's workers to avoid eating burgers and fries for their own health, and instead opt for "healthier" choices like cold-cut sandwiches and salads. Part of a series on how to make healthier food choices, the images took the international spotlight after employees first noticed their contradictory nature and subsequently brought them up to the media. Advice about avoiding deep-fried foods and limiting consumption of "extras such as cheese, bacon and mayonnaise" became a running joke, as these are the types of foods that McDonald's pushes most heavily on its customers. "Eating a diet high in fat puts people at risk for becoming overweight," read one of the image captions, which is no longer online.

Click here to read full article

Technology Watch

Contour Crafting - Berok Khoshnevis Interview on CNN
3D Printed Buildings - Building a dream home in 24 hours

UW alum seeks to forecast perfect ski day through 3D snowflake photos
An Atmospheric Sciences professor at the University of Utah, who also holds a Ph.D. in Atmospheric Sciences from the University of Washington, is seeking to improve global snow forecasting through the simple act of taking photographs of snowflakes. OK, so it's not simple. In fact, it's quite complex. Prof. Tim Garrett is spearheading a crowdfunding effort through Microryza to use high speed, multi-angle digital photography to take 3-D photos of falling snowflakes in real-time. And in doing so, he wants to provide much better data to computer forecast models on how exactly snowflakes behave both in the clouds and during a snowfall. Garrett says current forecast models use data from measurements of just a few hundred snowflakes collected by University of Washington researchers in the Cascades in the 1970s.

The Alta Project

Click here to read full article

These Dishes Clean Themselves
Whether you have a dishwasher or not, washing dishes is a Sisyphean task. You eat, wash, and by the next meal, there they are again. But Tomorrow Machine, a Swedish design studio, says they may have a solution: Self-washing dishes made with a coating that makes food slip away. In development by researchers at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, the coating mimics a lotus leaf. If water hits a leaf, it beads up and rolls away thanks to the plant's bumpy nano-level structure, taking any dirt along with it. The coating from KTH works the same way, using a wax dissolved at a high pressure and temperature. “It repels water, dirt, and oil almost like a magnet, so you don’t have to use anything to clean it off,” says Hanna Billqvist, one of the designers at Tomorrow Machine. After eating, you can just tip one of the specially coated plates over a trash can, and that’s it, she says. Besides giving you a little more free time, they also claim it's better for the environment: Washing dishes can use thousands of gallons a year of water, and heating the water up also takes a surprising amount of energy.

Click here to read full article

In This News

Virtually all chicken breasts sold in US contaminated with ‘potentially harmful bacteria’
A new study by Consumer Reports has found that a disturbingly high percentage of raw chicken breasts sold in the United States contain potentially harmful bacteria. According to the study, researchers discovered at least one of six different kinds of bacteria in 97 percent of all the chicken breasts it purchased across 26 states in the US. To make matters worse, many of the bacteria is resistant "to three or more antibiotic classes, making them multiple-drug resistant," according to Urvashi Rangan, director of consumer safety and sustainability for Consumer Reports, who spoke with “CBS This Morning.” Not even chicken sold under organic labels could escape similar findings. Rangan didn’t dismiss organic products as worthless, but stated that when it comes to potential contaminants, “the natural label actually means nothing" These findings back up other studies revealing chicken as a leading cause of food-borne illnesses. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “more deaths were attributed to poultry than to any other commodity” between 1998 and 2008.

Click here to read full article

This plastic is made out of carbon sucked from the air
Mark Herrema and Kenton Kimmel make a product that seems almost magic: They pull carbon out to the air and they make it into plastic. They call it AirCarbon, but they might as well call it AbraCadabra. Actually, it’s not magic — it’s just economical. Scientists have known for a while that this process is possible; it’s just not cheap. But Herrema and Kimmel developed a catalyst that’s 10 times more efficient than other possibilities, USA Today reports. Which means their process makes financial as well as scientific sense. Does it also make climate sense? An independent analysis found that the process of making Air Carbon does capture more carbon than it emits. But, USA Today says, it’s not all that much carbon: [Physicist William] Dowd, who is not a Newlight investor, says AirCarbon closely resembles polypropylene and could be a cheaper alternative. He doubts it will do much to reduce global warming, citing the enormity of greenhouse gas emissions from power plants alone.

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