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Editors Corner

This week we open with an article about a type of therapy that is being rediscovered in the modern world, ecotherapy - contact with nature. There does seem to be a sense of calm and peace when one goes out in nature. Click here

Many of you may know that plants are more then just things that suck up nutrients and sunlight and either give food or flowers, but did you know that plants can learn, think, remember and even talk? Even better, did you know that they can sing? Click here

While we're on the topic of plants, Dr. Alexander Krichevsky has been fascinated by the natural phenomenon of bioluminescence for many years and has come up with a plant that glows a soft blue-green color in the dark. Apparently it's expected to be able to produce light for 2 to 3 months. At the moment it produces so little light that it is only useful for decoration, but Dr. Krichevsky plans to increase it's light output so that one day it may light a room, or even a street. Click here

Speaking of growing things, have you heard about a village in Hungary that went from a regular village, to being practically destroyed by toxic red mining sludge, to then being rebuilt to become better then ever? The goal of the Mayor is to have the production of food and other materials high enough that the town can not only sustain itself, but have excess to export. Click here

Talking about food, did you know that chicken eggs, even organic ones, get injected with a small amount of antibiotics before they get put in an incubator? Apparently this practice started before there was really such a thing as 'organic chicken', and hasn't changed since. Click here

Well, that's about it from me. In closing, I encourage you to check out the 'Hand of God', click here, and the wonderful short video of 'Cosmos Come Alive in Breathtaking Time-Lapse Video From Chile', click here.

Oh, one last thing, next week there will not be a newsletter as I will be away from late next week through the weekend.
Have a wonderful couple of weeks!

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Back to Sanity: The Power of Nature
Reprinted with permission from

In recent years, researchers have become aware of a powerful new kind of therapy, which is just as effective against depression as traditional psychotherapy or medication. And you don’t have to pay $100 a session for this therapy. It’s completely free, and is completely accessible, to anyone at anytime. It’s not even a new therapy either; in fact, it’s even older than the human race.

This is ecotherapy — contact with nature. A few years ago researchers at the University of Essex in 2007 found that, of a group of people suffering from depression, ninety percent felt a higher level of self-esteem after a walk through a country park, and almost three-quarters felt less depressed. Another survey by the same research team found that ninety-four percent of people with mental illnesses believed that contact with nature put them in a more positive mood. Since then, in the UK contact with nature has been increasingly used as a therapy by mental health professionals.

But as well as helping us to heal our minds, contact with nature can transform our state of being. For several years, I have done research into higher states of consciousness, or “awakening experiences.” These are moments when the vision of our surroundings becomes more intense, so that they become more beautiful and meaningful than normal and we feel a sense of connectedness to them and towards other people, the world may somehow seem harmonious and meaningful, and a sense of well-being fills us. These are sometimes called spiritual experiences, but I prefer “awakening experiences” because the term “spiritual” has so many different meanings to people. And my research consistently shows that contact with nature is one of the most frequent triggers of awakening experiences, in fact, around twenty percent of them.

This is certainly true for me. I have what you could call “low intensity awakening experiences” very frequently when I’m amongst nature. If I go walking in the countryside on my own — it doesn’t happen so often with other people — there usually comes a point when a feeling of well-being begins to well up inside me, and when the trees and the fields and the sky around me seem to be more alive and beautiful, and to be shining with a new radiance. The clouds above me seem to be moving with a dramatic beauty, and I have a sense that all is well.

Click here to read full article

Earth Watch

Top 10 Most Important Items To Recycle
Get to know the Top 10!

Recycling is one of the most important things we can do to preserve our planet. On a daily basis, more than 100 million Americans participate in recycling used and old materials in their household and offices. Are you one of them? Or are you trying to sort which items you can recycle and which ones belong in the compost or the garbage? To help you out, the National Recycling Coalition has put together a list the top ten most important items to recycle.

#1: Aluminum. This is because aluminum cans are 100 percent recyclable and can also be recycled over and over again. Even better, turning recycled cans into new cans takes 95 percent less energy than making brand-new ones. So how about starting with all those soda and juice cans?

#2: PET Plastic Bottles. Americans will buy about 25 billion single-serving bottles of water this year, according to the Container Recycling Institute. Worse yet, nearly 80 percent of those bottles will end up in a landfill. Let’s put a stop to that. Making plastic out of recycled resources uses about two-thirds less energy than making new plastic. And because plastic bottles, more than any other type of plastic, are the most commonly used type, they are usually the easiest to recycle.

Click here to read full article

How A Toxic Disaster Area Became a Model Eco-Village
Readers of the news in October 2010 may remember a series of horrifying and heartbreaking images from the Hungarian town of Devecser. The town was battered by a flood of toxic red sludge containing byproducts from aluminum mining that was released when a dam broke. It became an ecological disaster area, in an event that ultimately killed 10 people and injured over 100. One person, however, saw a silver lining to the horrible incident, in the form of a major ecological recovery for Devecser. With the town effectively destroyed and needing to start from scratch with its reconstruction, city officials could take the rebuilding in any number of ways, but they chose to evaluate green options. What’s arisen a little over three years later is a model eco-village, built primarily from locally-sourced materials, with a committment to being self-sustaining. From the red-stained ashes of disaster, a phoenix has arisen, and the remodeling project is remarkable from a number of standpoints.

Click here to read full article

Food Watch

12 Foods Most People Don’t Know Are Dyed or Adulterated
Orange cheddar cheese comes to mind as one of many foods people don’t realize is dyed. While some food coloring and adulterations are less harmful than others, many exist as toxic threats in the food supply. Almost any food you buy that is not its natural color has the potential of being adulterated, even if purchased from a reputable grocery retailer. Food fraud was recently defined in a report funded by the National Center for Food Protection and Defense (University of Minnesota) as a collective term that encompasses the deliberate substitution, addition, tampering or misrepresentation of food, food ingredients or food packaging, or false or misleading statements made about a product for economic gain. A more specific type of fraud, intentional or economically motivated adulteration of food ingredients has been defined by USP’s Expert Panel on Food Ingredient Intentional Adulterants as the fraudulent addition of nonauthentic substances or removal or replacement of authentic substances without the purchaser’s knowledge for economic gain of the seller.

Click here to read full article

Florida citrus growers worry that deadly bacteria will mean end of orange juice
The sprawling citrus orchard that Victor Story toured recently sure looked like a steal at $11,000 an acre. The investors who owned it were going to lose money, and potential buyers such as Story might have stood to reap a handsome reward. But as he bumped along the 40 acres of groves in a large SUV, Story was taken aback by the sickly look of the trees. Their leaves were an inch shorter than normal and yellowing. Full-size oranges were still apple green. Other mature oranges that should have been the size of baseballs were no bigger than ping-pong balls. “That fruit’s never going to be of any value,” said Story, 68, who has been growing fruit all his life. He said his pickers wouldn’t even bother to reach for it. “It’s going to fall off the tree. It’s never going to get squeezed,” he said. “These investors paid $15,000 an acre for that grove. I know because they bought it from a friend. I frankly don’t think it will sell for $11,000.” What Story saw in the orchard in Polk County, Fla., wasn’t an anomaly. It’s the new norm in the Sunshine State, where about half the trees in every citrus orchard are stricken with an incurable bacterial infection from China that goes by many names: huanglongbing, “yellow dragon disease” and “citrus greening.” Growers, agriculturalists and academics liken it to cancer. Roots become deformed. Fruits drop from limbs prematurely and rot. The trees slowly die.

Click here to read full article

GMO Watch

The dirt on the “Agent Orange” GMOs you’ve been hearing so much about
On Friday, the USDA recommended the approval of new, herbicide-resistant, genetically engineered corn and soybeans. A lot of the journalism covering this news focused on concerns that it would be an environmental catastrophe, and dwelled on the ominous-sounding fact that the herbicide in question, 2,4-D, was an ingredient in the Vietnam War defoliant Agent Orange. Here’s what you should know about this news:

What really happened?
Not that much actually. The USDA just put out an initial draft of its environmental impact statement on the corn and soybeans, which are engineered by Dow AgroSciences and branded under the name Enlist. At the same time, the Environmental Protection Agency is assessing the environmental effects of the newly formulated herbicide, Enlist Duo, that goes with Enlist. Both agencies would have to give their approval before this goes anywhere.

Click here to read full article

Supreme Court hands Monsanto victory over farmers on GMO seed patents, ability to sue
The US Supreme Court upheld biotech giant Monsanto’s claims on genetically-engineered seed patents and the company’s ability to sue farmers whose fields are inadvertently contaminated with Monsanto materials. The high court left intact Monday a federal appeals court decision that threw out a 2011 lawsuit from the Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association and over 80 other plaintiffs against Monsanto that sought to challenge the agrochemical company’s aggressive claims on patents of genetically-modified seeds. The suit also aimed to curb Monsanto from suing anyone whose field is contaminated by such seeds. The group of plaintiffs, which included many individual American and Canadian family farmers, independent seed companies and agricultural organizations, were seeking preemptive protections against Monsanto’s patents. The biotech leviathan has filed over 140 lawsuits against farmers for planting the company’s genetically-engineered seeds without permission, while settling around 700 other cases without suing.

Click here to read full article

Garden Watch

Meet the World’s Largest Rooftop Farm
It should come as no surprise to learn that we’re totally into rooftop gardening, because it’s a great use of space and a fantastic way to connect people with the source of their food. And, well, you know how some people say “go big or go home”? It would appear that the Brooklyn Grange has taken that ethos to heart, with its formidable two acres of land spread across two rooftops (one of which is not actually in Brooklyn, sorry), producing food that leads its way into the stomachs of New Yorkers through restaurants, a farmstand, and a CSA. Founded in May 2010 and recently expanded to a second building, the Brooklyn Grange started with modest aspirations: some tomatoes and chard. Today, in addition to producing a huge range of vegetables, the Grange also hosts chickens, bees, a mushroom farm, and a composting program. Employees work with regional schools and outreach programs to provide educational opportunities for youth, while volunteers can hang out at the Grange during operating hours to do some farmwork and admire the stunning view.

Click here to read full article

Mimosa Reveals Plants Can Think And Remember
In our article "Amazing Phenomenon Of Singing Plants" we described how plants can sing and even make music. World of plants is both amazing and surprising because they possess many other impressive and very sophisticated abilities to learn and communicate, sense danger and know how to successfully avoid predators. Like we humans, plants can feel, see, smell and remember, according to Daniel Chamovitz, director of the Manna Center for Plant Biosciences at Tel Aviv University who unveils the surprising world of plants. Even noise can have ripple effects on plants. Plants are able to 'talk' using sound says Dr Monica Gagliano an Australian Research Council research fellow at The University of Western Australia's Centre for Evolutionary Biology. Now, Dr Gagliano,, delivers solid evidence to support her theories. Actually plants can 'learn' and it's definitely not science fiction. Her new article - written with Associate Professor Michael Renton and Dr Martial Depczynski from UWA's School of Plant Biology and Oceans Institute respectively, and Professor Stefano Mancuso at the University of Florence in Italy - is titled "Experience teaches plants to learn faster and forget slower in environments where it matters".

Click here to read full article

S0 News

S0 News January 17, 2014: WindMap Upgrades, Spaceweather

Space Watch

'Hand of God' Spotted by NASA Space Telescope (Photo)

The hand might look like an X-ray from the doctor's office, but it is actually a cloud of material ejected from a star that exploded. NASA's NuSTAR spacecraft has imaged the structure in high-energy X-rays for the first time, shown in blue. Lower-energy X-ray light previously detected by NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory is shown in green and red.

Click here to read full article

Cosmos Come Alive in Breathtaking Time-Lapse Video From Chile

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Something Worth Knowing

Fukushima Emergency

Claim: Image shows radioactive seepage spreading across the Pacific Ocean from the Fukushima nuclear plant.

Fact: This chart did not actually track or measure radioactive discharge emanating from Fukushima in 2013, or any other aspect of the Fukushima disaster. It was a plot created by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) immediately after the Tohoku earthquake in March 2011 showing the wave height of the tsunami that followed.

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RIP, Incandescent Light Bulbs. Welcome, Energy Efficiency.
Happy new year! Did you know that in America, the start of 2014 officially marks the death of the incandescent light bulb? You didn’t? That’s okay, you’re certainly not alone. According to a recent survey, only 4 out of 10 US consumers were aware that the 40- and 60-watt incandescent light bulbs are officially being phased out in 2014. Which is sort of surprising, considering that 40- and 60-watt incandescent bulbs are the most popular light bulbs currently on the market. But now, it’s no longer legal for light bulb manufacturers to produce new 40- and 60-watt incandescent bulbs. It’s not illegal for retailers to sell existing bulbs, and it’s not illegal for you to buy existing bulbs. But no new bulbs can be made or imported into America, as of January 1st 2014. Who knew?! As it turns out, this all started back in 2007, when then-president George W. Bush signed into law the Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA). Among other things, EISA required that low-efficiency incandescent light bulbs would slowly be phased out of production unless they were able to meet energy-reduction requirements.

Click here to read full article

Wait, We Inject Antibiotics Into Eggs for Organic Chicken?!
When you've covered a topic long enough, you get the idea you've heard it all. Then along comes a factoid like the one I discovered while preparing my recent piece on the recent blockbuster Consumer Reports study on supermarket chicken and antibiotic-resistant bacteria. I learned that at the industrial hatcheries that churn out chicks for the poultry industry, eggs are commonly injected with tiny amounts of an antibiotic called gentamicin, which is used in people to treat a variety of serious bacterial infections. That alone dropped my jaw—what, the practice of dosing chickens with antibiotics has to begin literally in the egg? But get this: The practice is allowed in organic production, too. Organic code forbids use of antibiotics in animals, yet in a loophole I'd never heard of, such standards kick in on "the second day of life" for chicks destined for organic poultry farms. (The practice isn't used for the eggs we actually eat—just the ones that hatch chicks to be raised on farms.) John Glisson, a veterinarian for the US Poultry & Egg Association, told me the practice originated decades ago, when the industry began vaccinating chicken embryos to prevent a common condition called Marek's disease, a deadly herpes virus that attacks chickens.

Click here to read full article

Cork: Harvest for the Patient Farmer



Have you ever wondered where that cork in your bottle of wine comes from? The answer is most likely to be Spain or Portugal, where over half of the world’s cork is harvested - it is in fact the National Tree of the latter country. However, unlike other forms of forestry, the production of cork never involves the death of a tree. Instead, they are gently stripped, leaving a strange but fascinating landscape of denuded trunks.

Click here to see more

Science Watch

Study finds first conclusive evidence that proteins in human body vibrate in different patterns
Like the strings on a violin or the pipes of an organ, the proteins in the human body vibrate in different patterns, scientists have long suspected. Now, a new study provides what researchers say is the first conclusive evidence that this is true. Using a technique they developed based on terahertz near-field microscopy, scientists from the University at Buffalo and Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute (HWI) have for the first time observed in detail the vibrations of lysozyme, an antibacterial protein found in many animals. The team found that the vibrations, which were previously thought to dissipate quickly, actually persist in molecules like the "ringing of a bell," said UB physics professor Andrea Markelz, PhD, wh0 led the study. These tiny motions enable proteins to change shape quickly so they can readily bind to other proteins, a process that is necessary for the body to perform critical biological functions like absorbing oxygen, repairing cells and replicating DNA, Markelz said. The research opens the door to a whole new way of studying the basic cellular processes that enable life.

Click here to read full article

More Scientists Recommend Vitamin D from Sun to Prevent Heart Disease
It is almost impossible to get necessary amounts of vitamin D from our daily diet; a lot of people use megadoses of supplements. UV-B radiation in sunshine is the most important factor in production of vitamin D - which is why so many people experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) in winter months and possibly, more cold viruses. There are already established health connections to vitamin D and help with diabetes, autoimmune diseases, cancer, mood and much more. But evidence is mounting that vitamin D could be one of the most important factors in preventing heart disease, the number one killer in the U.S. The trick is, there's a very important reason it must come from the sun, not just supplements. More scientists are discovering the underlying mechanism of how sun-produced vitamin D is needed for all heart issues - blood pressure, circulation, hardened arteries and more. Molecular biologist Olena Andrukhova and medical doctor Svetlana Slavic, of the Institute of Physiology, Pathophysiology and Biophysics at the Vetmeduni Vienna are authors of yet another study discovering why sunlight prevents heart disease. Vitamin D deficiency stiffens the aorta.

Click here to read full article

Starlight Avatar: A Glowing Genetically Engineered Plant Producing Light In Your Home!
There are many animals and plants that glow, but none of them can be used in your living room as a lamp. Starlight Avatar is the world's first genetically engineered plant that can be used as light source for your home. Starlight Avatar is developed by Missouri-based Bioglow, a company that has worked on light-producing plants for a number of years. The idea that we can use glowing plants and trees as an energy source is by no means. For example, fantastic biological street lightning could become reality in the near future. The natural phenomenon of bioluminescence, the biological mechanisms found in nature that produce light, have fascinated Bioglow's founder Dr. Alexander Krichevsky for many years. Dr. Krichevsky studied both bioluminescence of marine bacteria and molecular biology of plants, and at the intersection of these two disciplines the idea of a glowing plant has emerged. Convinced that glowing plants will be a striking horticultural innovation that could lead to cleaner and more sustainable light, Dr. Krichevsky set out of turn his vision to reality. The Starlight Avatar plant was made by taking an ornamental Nicotiana alata plant and introducing the light-emitting pathway from marine bacteria into its chloroplast genome.

Click here to read full article

RSE Newsletter

"Discovery of quantum vibrations in 'microtubules' inside brain neurons supports ... theory of consciousness"
added to Ramtha’s teachings on the carbules:
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"Introducing The Red Lion reprint with Ramtha’s quotes”
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RSE students lauded in newspaper for saving seeds -Introducing South Sound Seed Stewards:
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“Your daily coffee just might jolt your memory” added to Ramtha's teachings on coffee:
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“Is There A Connection Between Birthmarks And Reincarnation?” Ramtha on the significance of birthmarks:
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Student Accomplishments: Kim Hopkins on the value of Create Your Day®:
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“Meteor sighting reported by hundreds on East Coast” added to Ramtha's teachings on meteor sightings & fireballs:
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Mark Stanley penned a beautiful tribute to his mother, SkyDancer in MastersConnection2020:
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West Virginia water issue added to Ramtha's teachings on sovereignty - "water will become more valuable than gold":
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“Who? Where? Snowy owls are flocking to East Coast” added to Ramtha's teachings on unusual animal migration:
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Student Accomplishments: Sandra Bocas puts dreams into action:
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First North American case of H5N1 flu recorded - in Canada. Ramtha on the marching viruses:
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Warmest November on Earth since records began in 1880 - added to Ramtha’s teachings on this:
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Strongest Jet Stream Ever Recorded to form supercell storm added to Ramtha’s teachings on Supercell storms:
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