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Editors Corner

Have you ever wondered if electromagnetic waves affect the production of Melatonin in the brain? Light is, of course, an electromagnetic wave that affects this production, but this effect is registered in the brain via the eyes. I'm talking more about direct interaction of electromagnetic waves on the brain. If you are unsure, you might want to watch a short video we have this week, "Melatonin and the Pineal Gland" (the answer is close to the end of the video). Click here

While Melatonin can help with health, so can fresh produce. Did you know that there is a company who makes use of unused spaces like flat roofs, underused parking lots and vacant lots to set up and grow fresh produce with a light and portable setup they came up with themselves? Click here

While we're on the subject of nature and health, did you know that the greatest and most endangered species in the Amazon rainforest is the isolated and uncontacted tribes? They know how to treat things that western medicine does not. Click here

There's more, but I will leave the rest for you to discover and enjoy.
Have a wonderful week.

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In The News

Drought-hit Sao Paulo may 'get water from mud': TRFN
São Paulo, Brazil’s drought-hit megacity of 20 million, has about two months of guaranteed water supply remaining as it taps into the second of three emergency reserves, officials say. The city began using its second so-called “technical reserve” 10 days ago to prevent a water crisis after reservoirs reached critically low levels last month. This is the first time the state has resorted to using the reserves, experts say. “If we take into account the same pattern of water extraction and rainfall that we’ve seen so far this month – and it’s been raining less than half of the average – we can say the (reserve) will last up to 60 days,” said Marussia Whately, a water resources specialist at environmental NGO Instituto Socioambiental. But an expected increase in water usage during the upcoming Christmas and New Year’s holidays could easily reduce the time the reserve will last, she added. After that period, there is no certainty over the water supply available to Brazil’s wealthiest city and financial center, Whately said.

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Health Watch

Melatonin and the Pineal Gland

Something Worth Knowing

What the people of the Amazon know that you don’t

Will fake snow on my Christmas tree land me on the naughty list?
Q. A friend wants a flocked Christmas tree. Actually, he wants a pink flocked Christmas tree. How hazardous is tree flocking? If his heart is set on flocking, is there an eco-friendly option?
San Francisco, Calif.

A. Dearest Amy,
Is your friend a big fan of Bing Crosby, roasting chestnuts, and Claymation Christmas specials – a vintage guy, in other words? Those are the kinds of holiday accoutrements that go with pink flocked Christmas trees — those cheerily colored decorations in vogue in the ’50s and ’60s — after all. And though it’s not exactly my thing, I can see how such a tree could have a certain kitschy appeal. For those with more modern sensibilities, a flocked Christmas tree is one that has been sprayed with some sort of artificial snow. This can be done to both fake and real trees; one may purchase a professional flocking job from a nursery or tree farm, or take the flocking into one’s own hands with a DIY project.

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Triad Theater
Calendar of Events

November 28th: Songwriter and Poets Showcase @ 7pm /Raffle Drawing @ 8pm
$5 donation Bring raffle stub for free admission.

November 29th @ 6pm: Conversations with Miceal!
This month's topic: LUST!!!! More info on tickets go to


December 6th @ 9am: The CHRISTMAS PARADE w/the Triad in it!!!
We are number 32!

December 9th @ 7pm: Scott Mowry's Internet News Updates
(Miracles and Inspiration) on Current Events Not shown on Mainstream news. $10 donation at door

December 13th @ 7pm: The Return of Andrew Basiago Time Traveler
And surprise guest to Andrew, Sir Alfred Webre who will Skype to us from Vancover. Tickets: $25

December 14th @ 1pm: The Magical True Story of St Nicolas..
A children's event narrated by RSE Student and famous St Nicolas of Yelm.

December 18th @ 7pm: Yelmshire Poetry

December 19th @ 7pm: The Magical True Story of St Nicolas
(Advanced version)  presented by the St Nicolas himself, you will hear a fascinating history of the great Master who later became Sainted by the Catholic Church due to all his miracles.
This is a fund raiser for the Triad Theater so donations are greatly appreciated but not necessary. Please come. We will have Christmas caroling after the presentation and hot cider and cocoa and Christmas sweets for the occasion.

December 20th @ 7pm: The Yelm Community Orchestra and Chorale doing traditional Christmas Tunes!

December 23rd @ 7pm: Scott Mowry's Story of Christmas
A fascinating history of the origins of the Christmas Tradition as only Scott can tell us. This is a colorful slide show and lecture. Also included will be the updates in latest news events that lead us to the new year of 2015.  Tickets  $10

December 25th @ 2pm & 5pm: Film Premiere : "The Immortalists"
2 Scientists... (seeking immortality or die trying), Perfect Christmas Movie Matinee. Evening: More movies...

December 27th @ 6pm: Conversations with Miceal

December 31st @ 9pm: New Years Ball/ Dance
Vintage Goodwill Gowns and Black tie. Dance the new year in...

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New technique offers spray-on solar power

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Bloggers Corner
Stop Delaying America's Mail!
By Florence Vincent

In 2006, the Republican lame duck Congress inserted a 'poison pill' into the Post Office Accountability Act that mandated the Post Office pay 75 years of Employee Health Care Benefits in an unheard of 10 years. This put an unrealistic burden of over $5 billion a year on the Post Office. Without this poison pill, the Post Office would be making a profit. Along with signing the bill, George Bush appointed to the Post Office Board Republicans who don't believe in a constitutionally mandated Post Office, and although it isn't funded by taxpayers, but by stamp sales alone, they have been systematically dismantling it ever since. The board is touting billions of dollars in losses, while in fact USPS has made profits. The board has 11 members, but currently it has 5 vacancies and two members are due to leave. We need the President to appoint some people who actually support the Post Office to the board. The new Republican Senator who will have oversight of the Post Office doesn't believe in it and wants it to go into bankruptcy and be sold off to the highest bidder!

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Nature Watch

Yep, Antarctica is melting away faster than ever
A new report from NASA and UC-Irvine confirms — again — that Antarctica is melting away. The scientists used observations from four different techniques to measure the amount and change in rate of ice loss from a region in West Antarctica. This area was already known to be melting at an astonishing rate; a recent study using Cryosat 2 showed that in the period from 2010 to 2013, the region was losing ice to the tune of 134 billion metric tons of ice per year. The new study looked at four observation sets covering the years 1992–2013. They found that on average over that time, ice loss from West Antarctica was about 83 billion metric tons per year … but the average increase in that loss was 6.1 billion tons every year. By the end of the time range, the numbers between the new study and the one from CryoSat2 are consistent. The location of the Amundsen Sea embayment, where the studies were done.NASA This is staggering. Staggering. Imagine a block of ice a mile wide, a mile long, and a mile high — the size of a mountain. That would weigh something less than 6 billion tons.

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Food Watch

Turn your city into a swarm of robot farms
There’s unused land even in the most prosperous cities. There are vacant lots that developers hold until the moment is right to build; there are underused parking lots; and there are acres and acres of flat roofs. Clearly this is not the highest and best use of real estate. The fact that land remains empty represents a failure of the market. There’s no shortage of demand: There are solar companies that would like to put panels on the roofs, priced-out residents who would love to erect mobile mini-dwellings in unused parking lots, and urban farmers who could cultivate zucchini on vacant lots. But often the transaction costs of setting up these enterprises are too high: Landlords don’t even bother investigating the possibility of renting out their unused space because they figure there are bound to be insurmountable complications. Chief among these feared complications is the potential for lock-in. If you bring in a team of urban farmers to beautify your vacant lot, are they really going to leave when you’re ready to build?

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This massive retirement home would grow its own food
SPARK Architects created the beautiful proposal to address two major issues in Singapore: a rapidly aging population and low food security. Singapore is one of the fastest aging countries in the world, and it imports more than 90 percent of its food. The apartment’s stadium would house a massive vertical aquaponic farm, recycling waste from farmed fish for nutrients to feed plants, which in turn clean the water. The farm would also collect rainwater, which means more than just green cred: Singapore currently imports 30 to 40 percent of its water from Malaysia. And beyond the health benefits and fresh veggies, the optional farming jobs would give seniors a sense of community and a source of income and pride. The designs also include apartments for multiple generations of families, a kindergarten, and shops.

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RSE Newsletter

#Ramtha always told us climate change was happening at a faster rate than anyone would admit publicly.
Now, this shocking report out today in the Washington Post and buried in most national news media, mirrors Ramtha’s prediction from August 2010:
“Historic thaw in Antarctica may have major effect on world’s coastal cities, studies say”
“The collapse of a mile-thick ice sheet could happen faster than anyone thought, according to twu (sic) studies,” quoting the Washington Post.

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Invisible shield discovered above Earth – #Ramtha on what some would call our protectors:
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Science: Vulture’s “gut designed to kill off the bacteria” – #Ramtha on the effects of “Vulture Grease”:
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“Are Humans Going Extinct?" "it’s imagine we make it into the 2030s as a species." 
added to #Ramtha on climate changes, scroll down to Dec. 1:

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“Scientists pinpoint chemical link between sleep and memory formation” added to #Ramtha on this, scroll to Nov. 28:
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“Alarm bells...for human civilization as world’s 12th largest mega-city [Sao Paulo, Brazil] to run out of water in just 60 days” 
added to #Ramtha on water wars, scroll down to Dec 3:

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“HSBC, Goldman Rigged Metals’ Prices for Years, Suit Says” added to #Ramtha on markets & metals rigging (i.e. gold):
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“Kiwi scientists shed new light…on how our cells switch their genes on and off” added to #Ramtha on this subject:
Click here to read article

Israel's Water-Gen int'l lauded innovation in creating Atmospheric Water Generation, coming in 2015 (scroll down),
added to Ramtha's teachings on water issues:  

Click here to read article

#Ramtha students' Pizzeria "La Gitana Celebrates Being Voted NVN’s Best Restaurant" with a 50% off pizza night featured in NVN:
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The Magic Book and Magic Cards make great Christmas gifts – by ‘em by the dozen:
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