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Editors Corner

Have you ever wondered why the fruits and vegetables in the supermarket look so perfect? And where the imperfect fruits and veggies go? Well a lot of them apparently go to waste, but a supermarket chain in France has started to change this. Click here

Speaking of fruits and vegetables, have you planted a garden this year? If not, and you live in the northern hemisphere, there may still be hope. There's still a small window before the end of the growing season where you may be able to grow some veggies and herbs. Click here

While we're on the subject of plants, as you may know, most plants use Photosynthesis to make carbohydrates out of carbon dioxide and water, in most cases releasing oxygen in the process. Julian Melchiorri has taken this idea for creating oxygen and made an artificial leaf that does the same thing without the rest of the plant. Click here

That's about it from me for this week. If you haven't seen the photos of "Auroras Over Earth" yet, I encourage you to check them out. Click here
Have a wonderful week.

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Walker Between Two Worlds
Exclusive Interview with JZ Knight
Reprinted with permission from

In February, 1977, JZ Knight, housewife, mother and accomplished business woman, standing in her kitchen playing with pyramids, saw something on the other side of the room: “This glitter, like you would take a handful and turn it loose through a ray of sunshine – and there were these lights happening, and I was mesmerized. And there appeared this seven-foot-tall entity who was as big as life and the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.”

The entity spoke: “Beloved woman, I am Ramtha the Enlightened One, and I have come to help you over the ditch. It is called the ditch of limitation. I am here, and we are going to do grand work together.”

JZ became Ramtha’s first student, and he taught her while she worked through her own utter confusion and dismay: Was he an angel? But there were no wings. Was he the devil? Was he a phantom? Was he an illusion? Eventually, she had to accept that there were such beings that lived outside the realm of human perception, and only appear to us when we are open enough to see them.

After two years of guiding JZ through new knowledge and experiences, Ramtha taught her to leave her body, telling her, “This is what you are going to experience the moment of death. You are going to die, but it won’t hurt, and it will only be a little short while, and then you are going to come back.” Once she learned to relax, “All of a sudden I was chasing that light at the end of the tunnel and this wind was whizzing by me. The moment I hit that light so bright, I was up against a light wall. I remember Ramtha talking to me; it was really beautiful and loving, and he said, “Now you are your true self at this moment. This moment is who you really are, and you have left your body behind.”

Thus started a journey between channel and channeled entity, student and teacher, that would evolve to become a School of Ancient Wisdom, but unlike any before in the history of mankind, open to the public – from all cultures, races, nationalities, and persuasions. For the first ten years, the teachings, known as “The Dialogue Days,” were hotel based question and answer sessions. Then in 1988, Ramtha transformed his teachings into a formal training school all because someone finally asked the all-important questions: “Can you teach me what you know? How do I also become God realized?”

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Garden Watch

Whoops! I Forgot To Plant My Garden
If you didn’t have the time last spring to plant a vegetable garden, take heart. You’ve still got a chance-in-hell to grow some veggies and herbs before the first hard frost signals the end of the gardening season. “Gardening is a journey of exploration,” says Nicholas Staddon, of Monrovia, the plant sellers. “You get to do things outside the rulebook. Sometimes it works great; sometimes not. But gardeners like to be challenged.” And challenged you will be. While some plants, like basil, adore hot weather and will thrive in the dog days of summer, others, like tomatoes, will wonder what you’re smoking planting them after Memorial Day. But it’s worth throwing some seeds in the ground, buying end-of-summer seedlings at a discount, and see what comes up. To increase your luck, plant vegetables in dappled sun or protect them with row cover fabric, so young plants don’t fry. Then, set up a drip hose to keep them well watered. Also, do a little math and compare how many days your plants need to mature, with the time you’ve got left until the first frost blankets your garden. (The Farmer’s Almanac will help you find your first frost date.)

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In The News

Chinese government quarantines entire city in fear of plague outbreak
A deadly disease that at one time killed off one-third of Europe has reemerged in China, where officials have quarantined an entire city following the death of a resident. The Chinese city of Yumen, population 30,000, was reportedly sealed off after a man who handled a dead marmot contracted bubonic plague and later died, potentially exposing hundreds of others to the disease in the process. Though no other cases of bubonic plague have since emerged, most of Yumen remains closed off, with nobody being allowed to enter or leave the city. About 150 people who reportedly came into direct contact with the man have been placed under quarantine, according to reports, and officials are keeping a close watch for any new cases that might appear. Reports indicate that the 38-year-old man developed swollen lymph nodes not long after touching the small, furry rodent, which is related to the squirrel. Though not typically transmissible from person to person, bubonic plague can spread to the lungs and turn into pneumonic plague, which is contagious. Because of this, officials are taking dramatic precautions to prevent uncontrolled spread.

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Technology Watch

The "first man-made biological leaf"
could enable humans to colonize space

‘I can now climb trees’: 6yo kid gets prosthetic arm from 3D printer
A 6 year-old boy from Florida born with right arm deficiency has received a prosthetic replacement. Now climbing a tree and catching a ball will be easier for him. Students from Florida University made it on a 3D printer for just $350 in just 8 weeks. Help for little Alex Pring, missing his right arm from just above the elbow, came from students at the University of Central Florida. An engineering doctoral student, Albert Manero, heard about the boy’s needs and decided to recruit a team of students to create a solution for the boy. “I mean, I’m me. So I don’t have an arm,” little Alex said. “I still try real hard to do things like other kids using what I’ve got. But it’s getting harder the more I grow,” according to the official website of University of Central Florida. The arm and part of the hand were made on a 3D printer. They run with off-the-shelf servos and batteries that are activated by the electromyography muscle energy in Alex’s bicep. Alex’s new limb only cost $350 to build. In comparison, prosthetic arms for children cost much more – about $40,000 - and they have to be replaced often as children grow.

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Something Worth Knowing

How Green are These Alternatives to Electric Light?
There are plenty of reasons to look for an alternative to electric light. You might want an outdoor light source for your backyard or deck, a money-saving measure, an emergency back-up in case of electrical outage, or a way to get off the grid and stop being dependent on your local power company. Whatever the motivation, you will want to find something that is green – and economical and efficient wouldn’t be a bad idea, either. Here are three options, with details on how they stack up.

1. Candles
Tapers and votives are the traditional, inexpensive go-to method when electrical power is not available. They won’t provide enough light to read by unless you group them in clusters of half a dozen or so, but they certainly give an attractive glow. Despite candles’ homey, romantic vibes, though, you’d be wise to take a good look at what they are made of. Paraffin wax is a petroleum derivative which produces dangerous gases as it burns. It’s also a non-renewable resource. Go for beeswax or waxes manufactured from soy or other vegetable oils, all of which burn cleaner and longer than paraffin.

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3 Big Reasons Why You Should NOT Wash Your Car at Home
If you think it’s “greener” to wash your car at home, here are three big reasons to think again.

1) Use more water. Most people who wash their cars at home do it with a rag in one hand and a hose running in the other. Depending on the flow of water coming out of the hose, you could end up using close to a hundred gallons of water to wash one car. Most automatic car washes use between 40 and 60 gallons of water per car, which still gets the job done because the water is sprayed using high-intensity nozzles that require less liquid to wash off the same amount of grime. At self-serve car washes – where customers use a coin-operated device like a spray gun to wash off their cars – water use per car may drop to as little as 12-18 gallons per vehicle.

2) Waste more water. If you wash your car on the driveway, on the street, or in a parking lot, the water you use will simply run off into the nearest sewer. A big advantage of a car wash is that it usually captures waste water, then either recycles it on the spot to re-use in the initial rinse-off cycle of the automatic wash, or sends it to a waste water treatment plant.

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Rainier Racing Update
Rainier Vail Neighborhood Group (RVNG)

Listen! What do you hear?
Birds singing. Bees buzzing. Breezes whispering.
You would be hearing the noise of motorcycles revving and racing practically all day and every day if we had not stopped the County, perhaps hoping for more tax revenue an insider confided to us, from continuing to approve a Motor-Sports racing track in rural Rainier, WA. Instead, calves are being born whose milk we will one day drink. Nice!

Countdown to $$$ PAID IN FULL $$$
Dear Friend We are so close. Your gift helped make it possible. What started as $66,000 in legal fees has been paid down except for $5,000. Within Reach! County approval of a proposed Rainier motor-sports race track has been STOPPED! Our County's rural heritage has been preserved. A future precedent set! Your additional gift of $50 will bring us even closer paying all of our legal expenses.

What you can do to help:
4 Ways to Give

1. CHECK - to RVNG PO Box 773 Rainier WA 98576

2. CASH - left at our “drop box" at Lemuria Boutique / Mail Unlimited in Yelm WA.

3. PAY PAL - Click this link to our Website,, then click Donate to go to our Pay Pal page.

4. PLEDGE - Simply send an email to, stating how much you would like to donate and over what period of time.

Weather Watch

The Pacific's wayward child
THE drought afflicting California—now heading into its third year—has taken a turn for the worse. It seems that 2014 is shaping up to be the driest in nearly a century. Back in January, Governor Jerry Brown declared a state of drought emergency, and urged Californians to cut their water use by 20%. In February, with a good deal of political capital at stake, President Obama visited Fresno, the heart of the state’s agriculture belt, with an offer of $183m in federal aid (see “The drying of the West”, February 22nd 2014). At the time, there was still hope that the weather pattern causing the prolonged drought—what meteorologists had dubbed a “ridiculously resilient ridge” of high pressure parked off the coast of the Pacific North-west—would break down by late spring. The polar jet stream could then veer south and drive ocean storms spawned in the Gulf of Alaska towards California, instead of pushing them east, to dump snow on Canada and divert frigid air into central and eastern parts of the United States (the source of last winter's brutal weather there). It all depended on an El Niño emerging off the coast of South America. Such events occur when the temperature of the surface waters in the eastern part of the southern Pacific Ocean becomes higher than usual, and the air-surface pressure in the western Pacific is above average.

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Food Watch

Ugly Fruits & Veggies: Why They Matter

This French grocery store just started doing what every grocery store should be doing: selling produce that is edible. This means selling produce that doesn’t fit into the manicured expectation of a perfectly shaped tomato or carrot. And then, the best part –selling it at a discount. This is an amazing and practical way to curb food waste.

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On The Lighter Side

Auroras Over Earth
Amazing Northern Lights Photos from Space



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Triad Theater
Calendar of Events

Saturday August 2nd @ 7:30pm: Vanda
Comedy at its finest! The Angel of laughter is coming to Yelm for an exclusive engagement! "Un-straight" from Hollywood. There are no sacred cows for Vanda! She pokes and jabs at everything under the sun! Wherever she goes, she shakes things up! Come be a part of this hilarious evening.
Click here for details
Tickets in advance $15
or $20 at the door

Tuesday August 5th @ 7pm: Miracles & Inspiration
Hosted by Scott Mowry
Click here for details
Tickets $10 at the door

Friday August 8th @ 7pm: Independent Music Showcase
Our regular monthly musical showcase features local talent! This is the best way to show your support for live music, local talent and your community!
Click here for details
$5 at the door

Tuesday August 12th @ 7pm: Miracles & Inspiration
Hosted by Scott Mowry
Click here for details
Tickets $10 at the door

Thursday August 14th @ 7pm: 'Round the Poets Fire
Be sure to make time for this unique event where fabulously talented poets share their works with everyone. This is the only one of its kind in Yelm!
Click here for details
Tickets $5 at the door

Saturday August 16th @ 6pm: Conversations with Miceal
To pre-register please click here
Tickets $35

Friday August 22nd @ 7pm: Second Annual Perseid Meteor Shower Picnic
Telescopes, night goggles, fire pit coziness!
Tickets $35
SORRY!!!! THIS IS SOLD OUT!!!! But be sure to mark your calendar for next year so you don’t miss out!

Tuesday August 26th @ 7pm: Nostalgia Wine & Dine Fundraiser Extravaganza
This event will be held at The Lady of The Lake Resort at Offut Lake near Tenino.
Come enjoy the smooth sounds of classical Jazz standards with Claudia Simpson-Jones and the darling of Yelm, Cindy Schorno! Place your reservations today!
Click here for details. Reservations are recommended.
Tickets $100 each

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