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Issue 376 In This Issue April 26th, 2014

Editors Corner

If you still shop at the super market for food, you may wonder which foods are least likely to be genetically modified. In this issue we have an article that may help with that, "10 ways to keep your diet GMO-free". Click here

However, if you want to be sure that what you are getting is GMO free, I would recommend purchasing produce from local farmers, preferably people you know. And, of course, the farmers market is usually a good place. Speaking of which, if you live in the Yelm, Rainier, McKenna area here in Washington, you may be happy to know that the Yelm Farmers Market will be open on Sundays starting June 1st. Click here

Growing your own food is, of course, the most ideal. You may remember the days when most people did that. And in those days, it wasn't unusual for people to share seeds. Unfortunately, these days, companies have often put a crimp in sharing seeds, especially on a commercial level. Irwin Goldman has set out to change that with the first release of "Open Source Seeds". Click here

There are, of course, more wonderful things in this edition besides food and seeds. Like the wonderful pictures in "Unique Photography", which if you haven't seen yet, I recommend. Click here. But I will leave the rest for you to discover and enjoy.
Have a wonderful week.

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Yelm Farmers Market
New Opening Date - June 1st, 2014

Hi All,

We have important news ... the first day of the season is now SUNDAY JUNE 1ST at the beautiful Nisqually Springs Farm (just past Stewart's Meats as you head to McKenna). Our magnificent vendors are busy getting their produce and products ready so you can come on down and revel in farm-freshness!  There really is no taste nor nutritional comparison to Buying Local!

(And remember to 'like' us on Facebook for up-to-date progress on your Yelm Farmers Market Season.)

See you there!

~The Yelm Farmers Market Team~

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Space Watch


Departing sunspot complex AR2035-AR2046 erupted on April 25th at 0032 UT, producing a strong X1.3-class solar flare and an HF communications blackout on the dayside of Earth. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded a flash of extreme ultraviolet radiation from the explosion.

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In The News

An Unprecedented Plague Hits Oranges and Another Hits Bananas
What is causing all of these plagues to hit our food supply? Have you heard of citrus greening disease? Probably not, but it has already gotten so bad that it is being projected that Florida’s orange harvest will be the smallest in 30 years. Have you heard of TR4? Probably not, but it has become such a nightmare that some analysts believe that it could eventually wipe out the entire global supply of the type of bananas that Americans eat. In addition, another major plague is killing millions of our pigs, and a crippling drought that never seems to end is absolutely devastating agricultural production in the state of California. Are we just having bad luck, or is there something else to all of this? Citrus greening disease has been a steadily growing problem that has reached epidemic levels this year. Because of this disease, the U.S. Department of Agriculture is projecting that orange production in the U.S. this year will be down 18 percent compared to last year. Here is more on this horrible plague from Yahoo News… A citrus disease spread by a tiny insect has devastated Florida’s orange crop, which is expected to be the worst in nearly 30 years, and sent juice prices soaring on New York markets. 

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Oregon tells rail companies to keep oil deliveries secret
Oregon transportation officials are doing everything in their power to keep the state’s residents in the dark about the movement of crude-filled, explosion-prone rail cars. The Oregonian won a two-month battle in March when the state Department of Justice ruled that the state Department of Transportation was of course legally required to provide information it receives about the oil shipments to the daily newspaper. Failing to do so “could infringe on the public’s ability to assess the local and statewide risks,” a Justice Department attorney advised. “Risks shmisks,” the Transportation Department replied. It heavily redacted reports it had received from the rail companies before releasing them to the journalists — and then kicked the intrasigence up a notch. The department told rail companies to stop submitting reports because such reports would become public. (Rail companies have broken promises to share this type of data with the federal government. Oregon transportation officials claim publishing the information is a security risk, despite the fact that oil-laden rail cars are already clearly labeled.)

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Earth Watch

Climate change: Earth's giant game of Tetris

History Watch

Elongated Skulls Of Paracas - Who Were These Mysterious People?
Four hours drive south of Lima Peru lies the Paracas Peninsula, part of which is an ecological reserve, where one can see wildlife such as sea lions, and a myriad of various sea bird species. The area is amazingly rich in seafood, and abundant fresh water exists just below the surface of the desert sands. Therefore, it would seem to be a perfect place for people to live. Stone tools, of various forms and styles of shaping have been found in the area, and cursory analysis has established dates of as old as 8000 years. The greatest of Peruvian archaeologists, in my estimation, Julio Tello, made studies in this area in 1928 and performed excavations on the north side of the peninsula, in the central area of the large semi-circular bay there. He discovered and excavated a massive and elaborate graveyard, where each tomb contained an entire family, each one ornately wrapped in multiple layers of highly stylized, woven and coloured cotton cloth. He also found the sand filled remains of subterranean houses, which turned out to be numerous; so numerous in fact, that the village stretched out for between 1 and 2 km.

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Did Ancient Civilizations Posses Knowledge Of Time Travel?
There are certain legends and myths that suggest ancient civilizations might have had some knowledge of time travel. While researching advanced technologies of the past, we encountered some stories we would like to share with our readers. The first one concerns the cave of the Seven Sleepers. As the story goes, during the persecutions under Decius (c.250), when Christians were in a dispute with the Roman state, seven young men went into a cave where they after a while fell a sleep. Later, when they woke up they wandered into the city of Ephesus to buy food. They were astound when they learned that they had slept not for one night but for two hundred years, and that Christianity had spread to every corner of the Roman Empire. When Emperor Theodosius II heard the incident, he accepted it as evidence of resurrection which was being discussed in the churches then. The Sleepers later died naturally (and permanently) and were buried in the cave in which they had slept.

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Something Worth Knowing

Make your own solar backpack

Solar backpacks are a great thing to have whether you hit the trails every weekend or run around the city all week. The exterior solar panels generate electricity for charging your gadgets with clean energy, while the backpack totes all your stuff. There are plenty of these on the market, a few we've covered here, but if you already have a favorite backpack or messenger bag, why not go DIY and make it into a solar backpack?

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Passing of a Master
Alan Edward Olson
June 19, 1943 - April 13, 2014

Alan Edward Olson, age 70, of Yelm passed away at his home Saturday, April 13, 2014. Born in Tiviton, Rhode Island to Martha Hammond Olson and Oscar Evald Olson, Alan enjoyed living near the ocean and spending summer’s on his grandparents’ tobacco farm in Amherst. Around the age of 13, he became active in Boy Scouts where he earned the distinction of Eagle Scout and ran his paper route. His love for the trumpet began around this time as well, eventually leading him to Eastman School of Music. While attending John Marshall High School in Rochester, New York, Alan participated in wrestling and football and more than a few pranks. In 1961 he was accepted into Syracuse University where he studied history and pre law within Maxwell School of Law at SU. While at Syracuse, he also met and married his future wife, Cheryl Fauth of Hamburg, New York. He spent his first year studying law at Harvard while working evenings at a Carlings Brewery. Alan graduated from Suffolk School of Law, in 1971 with a degree in law and two young children and soon a third followed.

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Community Calendar

We do love to hear from you especially about community events that you think our readers ought to know about. So, thanks and keep the info flowing.

Date and Time TBA: FREE Earthbag Structure Workshop
Come Learn the simple skills required to build YOUR OWN Earthbag
Safeplace for FREE!  Build your confidence by participating in this hands-on workshop where we will build an 8' by 12' earthbag structure.
When: Please send your email to to be placed on our sign up sheet. (You will be notified when the workshop will be happening - TBA)
Where: Close to Yelm (call for details)
Come for all or part of the free workshop!
This is a free workshop.
Call Linda Powell & Sheri Yeager of Transition Technologies at 360-458-7311
"earth turns to gold in the hands of the wise"
- rumi

Food Watch

Plant Breeders Release First 'Open Source Seeds'
A group of scientists and food activists is launching a campaign Thursday to change the rules that govern seeds. They're releasing 29 new varieties of crops under a new "open source pledge" that's intended to safeguard the ability of farmers, gardeners and plant breeders to share those seeds freely. It's inspired by the example of open source software, which is freely available for anyone to use but cannot legally be converted into anyone's proprietary product. At an event on the campus of the University of Wisconsin, Madison, backers of the new Open Source Seed Initiative will pass out 29 new varieties of 14 different crops, including carrots, kale, broccoli and quinoa. Anyone receiving the seeds must pledge not to restrict their use by means of patents, licenses or any other kind of intellectual property. In fact, any future plant that's derived from these open source seeds also has to remain freely available as well. Irwin Goldman, a vegetable breeder at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, helped organize the campaign. It's an attempt to restore the practice of open sharing that was the rule among plant breeders when he entered the profession more than 20 years ago.

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10 ways to keep your diet GMO-free
It seems like everyone is talking about the dangers of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) these days. But what are GMOs exactly? They're the result of a laboratory process that inserts genes from one species into the genes of another to obtain a desired trait or characteristic (e.g., fast-growing salmon). Jeffrey M. Smith, author of "Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives" and founding executive director of The Institute for Responsible Technology, a leading source of GMO-health-risk information, says several animal studies indicate serious health risks associated with genetically modified food, including infertility, immune problems, accelerated aging, faulty insulin regulation and changes in major organs and the gastrointestinal system. In fact, the American Academy of Environmental Medicine has asked physicians to advise all patients to avoid genetically modified foods altogether.

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Science Watch

Walking May Spark Creative Thinking
From artists to office workers, people in all walks of life claim that going for a stroll helps them work out ideas or overcome creative blocks, and now new research finds that stretching one's legs really does give a mental boost.  "Many people anecdotally claim they do their best thinking when walking," study researcher Marily Oppezzo, of Santa Clara University, said in a statement. "With this study, we finally may be taking a step or two toward discovering why." Creative types have extolled the virtues of walking for centuries. In fact, several musicians were almost superstitious in their devotion to daily walks, according to the new book "Daily Rituals" (Knopf, 2014) compiled by editor Mason Currey. Pyotr Ilich Tchaikovsky took a two-hour walk each day regardless of the weather, and Ludwig van Beethoven regularly went for a brisk stroll after lunch. The habit was hardly restricted to composers. Novelist Charles Dickens was an avid pedestrian, and the philosopher Søren Kierkegaard once wrote, "I have walked myself into my best thoughts." Even the rigid daily schedule that Charles Darwin adopted later in life included time for three short walks.

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On The Lighter Side

Unique Photography



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Triad Theater
Calendar of Events

Saturday April 26th @ 7pm: Special Replay of video interview of Ron Garner
Scott Mowry’s skype interview of Ron Garner was so hugely successful that we have been asked to replay the video of the interview! Ron shared so much revealing information that you don’t want to miss this replay!
Click here for details
Tickets $10 at door

Monday April 28th @ 7pm: Solar Flares & Earthquakes!
Andrew Kinney Thurston Co Emergency Management
Should we be worried? How is our community preparing?
Questions and Answers to follow
Click here
$10 suggested donation

Wednesday April 30th @ 7pm: Lacerta Files
A documentary. This is the story of a reptilian woman who granted two interviews to Ole K. of Sweden in 1999 & 2000. It includes her explanation of the history of an ancient race that lived underground for millions of years.
Click here for details
Tickets $8 at door

Saturday May 3rd @ 8pm: Magic Carpet Ride
Mas Uda Middle Easter Dancers
Special Mediterranean hors d’oeuvres will be served by the dancers to set the ambience, with desserts available during the intermission. Because we want to be sure we have enough delicious food for everyone, reservations are required in advance!
To reserve your seats, Click here
Tickets $20

Friday May 9th @ 7pm: More Than Honey!
A Markus Immus Film with discussion afterwards. Thomas “The Bee Man” Mani of Bee Forever Apiary, will host this event. Learn how you can benefit from your own bees!
Click here for details
Tickets $7 at the door

Thursday June 26th @ 7:30pm: Simran-Singh
The Rebel Road
Click here for info
Tickets $35

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