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Editors Corner

Just a few things this week.  Here's a brief overview;

Bruce Smith at The Mountain News covers what Obamacare is and how it affects the average person.  Click here

Carlos Tavares gives his personal experience in being witness to the biggest UFO sighting over Southern Africa.  Click here

RSE is proud to announce three students in this weeks Nisqually Valley News.  Click here

Beyond The Ordinary has a couple of guest speakers this week and one next week.  Should be interesting!  Click here

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Have a wonderful week.

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The Mountain News

Obamacare gets started as government shuts down
Posted on October 1, 2013
Today is the first day to register for Obamacare, known to pundits and bureaucrats as the Affordable Care Act. This historic moment is occurring at the same time as the federal government shuts down over a budgetary dispute triggered by right-wing opposition to the national health care program.  However, Obamacare, along with Social Security and other “safety net programs” like food stamps, are immune to the shutdown as they have received prior, non-negotiable funding.  Hence, people are deluging Obamacare hotlines today to get health care coverage, and as of 1:30 pm this afternoon the computers crashed at Washington Healthcare Finders, the primary local clearing house for questions about Obamacare and the place to register for medical insurance.  As a result of the jam-up, many public officials engaged in the enrollment process were happy to talk about Obamacare with inquisitive journalists.  Lori Culver, the Executive Director of the Eatonville Family Agency who held a public information forum last week on Obamacare, gave the Mountain News a substantive overview of the program.

Click here to read full article

Reprinted with permission from The Mountain News

Triad Theater
Calendar of Events

One gal’s junque is another’s precious treasure!  Rummage sale for the Triad, in November.
We are accepting items NOW to get ready for it!  Drop off days are Tuesday’s & Saturday’s from 2-6pm.  Please use the front doors.

October 5th & 6th: Newly released GMO film by Jeremy Seifert – GMO OMG!
Being featured in our film fest weekend to raise funds for the passage of I-522 and promote our very own GMO-free organic caterers, The Yelm Community Kitchen!  Showings of GMO OMG at 2pm & 7pmboth days!  Additional food/farming films being shown at 3:30 and 5:00.  One low price for an entire day of informative inspirational films - $10 in advance, $15 at the door!  Wonderful GMO-free, organic treats will be lovingly provided by Susie Kyle and friends from The Yelm Community Kitchen!  This event is expected to sell out – highly suggested you pre-purchase tickets via BrownPaperTickets – Click here
TRAILER – GMO OMG - Click here

October 8th @ 7pm: Miracles and Inspiration Meetup Night hosted by Scott Mowry

October 12th: March Against Monsanto again!!!!
Rallies planned round the world again!  This one is especially important to participate in…with the upcoming passage of I-522 in November!  This homeschooled 11-year-old boy puts it very well! Click here
So does Chipotle! Click here

October 18th: Cult Classic Rocky Horror Picture Show!

October 19th: Advancing Conversations with Miceal new time 6pm

October 20th: flower child movement in CA chronicled in documentary, The Source Family.

October 25th: local gal, Linda Palmer’s film – Halloween Party Movie

We are working on bringing the following films to Yelm!
• Occupy Love
• TWA Flight 800
• The Lost Secret of Immortality
• Take Your Power Back

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Community Calendar

We do love to hear from you especially about community events that you think our readers ought to know about. So, thanks and keep the info flowing.

October 7th: Kingsley Dennis, PhD on Beyond The Ordinary
Kingsley Dennis, PhD Sociologist, researcher, futurist, co-founder of World Shift, his vision & books are wonderful, his poetry sublime. You would enjoy his Newsletters, they are on the mark and thoughtfully uplifting.

October 10th: Dr. Julie Peterson on Beyond The Ordinary
Dr. Julie Peterson Chiropractor specializing in the nervous system and care for children. Her BTO Series is on specific topics each month to maximize our health & enjoyment of life!

October 12th: Open house at the Salida Winery in Rainier, Washington
Directions: On Hwy 507 (the road between Yelm and Rainier), 3 miles North of the middle of Rainier, you turn on Manke Rd. SE. It becomes 118th SE. You will find Eagleview Lane SE on the right. Follow it into the winery.

October 15th: Marshall Barnes' next appearance on Beyond the Ordinary
Marshall, who is now solidly the #1 researcher in the world for time travel and warp drive physics, will have stunning new news about the latest developments with his Verdrehung Fan(TM) time machine prototype, star gates, his new reports and books, and a far out rock video that fans of the show Fringe should love. This is an interview that is not to be missed!
You Hosts, Nancy & Elena

Single Biggest UFO Sighting Over Southern Africa So Far!
Submitted by MC2020 reader Carlos Tavares

Reports have been coming in with details of an unusual large moving object appearing in the sky in the early evening of the 29th September 2013. These reports were sent in from locations across the country and all reporting that they saw it at the same time.

Click here to read full article

RSE Newsletter

RSE is proud to announce three students in this week's NVN

RSE is proud to announce three students who have inspired our community and their world in garnering write-ups in this week’s Nisqually Valley News:

Karla Broschinski interviewed about her homesteading classes called “Karla’s Wild Shops:
Click here to read article

Marilyn Reardon & Sharon Olson about their appearance on My Ghost Story and personal Mothman experiences:
Click here to read article

Our productive RSE students being Lights in their World!
Congratulations to them all.

Student Accomplishments: Anthony Canelo’s Assay 2012 healing inspiration:
Click here to read article

Water found in Martian soil – Ramtha on life on Mars:
Click here to read article

Ramtha: the fury of then-future Colorado storms – Now so pertinent!:
Click here to read article

"God’s Chain of Love Unbroken" Excerpt adapted from: Ramtha, A Private Session. August 17, 2011:
Click here to read article

Two added Remote-Views from June’s $1 Million Event (top three here):
Click here to read article


Phoenix Rising School

“I am 1,000 percent behind this school.” - Ramtha

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For more information about the Phoenix Rising School, click here:

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Ramtha quote copyright 2011 JZ Knight. Used with permission.
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