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Editors Corner

Wow! The last two weeks have been filled with sunspots, life-changing storms, and political intrigue near and far.  I am glad we are together again to share the news and rally around our common interests. Will you be marching against Monsanto today?  These marches are happening all over the world. Will you be celebrating Memorial Day this long holiday weekend in the US? If you live in Yelm will you be attending The Phoenix Rising School’s production of “Greased Lightning” at the Triad Theater next weekend? Click here We know your time is precious and we appreciate every moment you spend with us.  In this edition of newsletter we have an amazing collection of videos and articles highlighting genius minds like young Jacob Barnett, Click here and Alastair Parvin Click here and Angela Belcher Click here   These three outrageously creative minds are making known the unknown in exciting and inspiring fields of endeavor.  Do watch these videos and be inspired. Our featured article of the week comes to us courtesy of It is about “Seeing the Future”.  The Science of Premonition by Dr. Larry Dossey explores, among other topics, how premonitions have shaped the history of our world.  Remote view is not a foreign concept to most of our readers, but the oracle of the past and present use this skill to advise rulers, priests and warriors. Click here  Our friend, Dutchsinse, is really wound up this week.  As soon as I heard about the F5 tornado in Oklahoma, I wondered if Dutchsinse had seen scalar waves in the area prior to the tornado.  Sure enough, in the days preceding the tornado he documents and warned of impending severe weather in the area.   It seems that the Rachel Maddow Show is taking issue with any connection between weather manipulation and the Oklahoma tornado.  Click here
On the lighter side, the Ukulele Orchestra playing “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” is quite entertaining. Click here
“Living off the Grid” is a reminder of the simplest of lifestyles and those who choose it. Click here
“We The People, Not the Corporations,” is a wonderful reminder that together, we the people can make a difference. WE outnumber the corporations.  Together, we can make a difference. Click here
The land and homeowners of the Vail / Rainier  Community are asking for our support to protect the rural nature of their homes and their property values.  Read their open letter to the community here: Click here We have done it before and we can do it again. Let’s all focus our effort to help keep this rural Rainier community peaceful and private.
Our friend Susie Kyle is putting together a Yelm Community Kitchen.   This kitchen will model itself after other Community Supported Kitchens emerging across the country.  Read about it here.  Click here This week we want to welcome two new advertisers to First, is Fadis, a fabulous Greek restaurant, now in quick serve mode. Fadis is located in the Chevron station at the intersection of Bald Hills Road and Yelm Highway. They serve all your Greek favorites. My favorite is the Greek Salad, Gyros and Falafels. The convenient location even has a drive-through window for your convenience. Drive through for dinner and tell them you read about them in the MastersConnection.
Have you noticed the new wine bar next to the library in Yelm?  Salida Wine Bar is now open for business. You can read all about it in our interview with the owners, Doug and Greg. Click here  We wish you well in your new business venture. Wine in Yelm, sounds like a winner to me.
Another loyal advertiser I would like to mention is Yelm Farm and Pet. I appreciate them so very much for giving our community what we ask for. Just one example is their non-GMO, non-soy chicken feed that I purchase from them regularly. When you visit them, be sure to mention you heard about them from MastersConnection.
Thank you once again for your loyalty to I know we talk a lot about the Yelm community in our newsletter, but we do think of all of you around the world. Our community is indeed global. Blessings to you, wherever you are in this big, wide world.

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Seeing the Future
The Science of Premonition by Dr. Larry Dossey
Reprinted with permission from

The allure of future knowing is ancient and powerful. As author and remote-viewing researcher Stephan A. Schwartz says, “There is no siren whose call is quite so exquisite as the music of the future. For as long as writing has existed there are records showing we have sought to know its form. Last year alone, literally billions were spent by widows, lovers, spies, and presidents – all seeking, like an arrow through time, some way to answer: ‘In the future, what will …?’”

For most of human history, foreknowledge has not been regarded as hypothetical, but as a natural part of the human endowment. People saw evidence for this everywhere. Premodern cultures routinely used, and still use, premonitions pragmatically: Knowing where danger lay, where to find game and shelter, when to plant and harvest, where to locate strayed animals, or which part of which plant, harvested in which season, prepared in which way, would cure a specific illness. In addition to the utilitarian side of precognition, there were more subtle benefits that were equally important.

The ability to know the future is a stepping-stone outside the here and now. The intensity of the trials of life – the daily dose of hunger, suffering and death – was lessened for our predecessors because foreknowledge made it clear they were part of something outside the here and now, something transcendent. Our forebears could better endure the nastiness, horrors, and pain of the present because they were not time-bound.

They kept their links to the past alive through oral history, ritual myth, and story, which often included honoring their ancestors. Their link to the future was fashioned through foreknowledge, which for them was an obvious, demonstrable fact.

Our forebears knew something we don’t: The links between the past, present, and future are real. But how can we know this for ourselves? There are two main ways. One approach is to examine the actual precognitive experience of ordinary people. Second, actual experiments demonstrate that we can know the future before it happens.

Click here to read full article

Letter to the Community
Submitted by Rainier Vail Neighborhood Group

Need Your Help!
Stop Rainier Off-Road Vehicle Raceway
The application phase for the operation of Cadillac Ranch’s off-road vehicle raceway in Rainier is currently in progress. If approved by Thurston County, it would turn out to be a mini-NASCAR for our region. It would seriously change our quality of life with on-going and insurmountable problems. Off-road vehicle racing is an aggressive sport and would bring crowds, noise, traffic, pollution and crime to our region.

1. Send your e-mail or letter to Thurston County’s Senior Planner
2. Make a donation toward continued legal counsel to defend our rights
3. Attend and have your voice heard at the upcoming Public Hearing

Click here to read full article

Your Participation Kindly Requested!
Time Sensitive!
Submitted by Rory Sagner, Yelm WA

Ok, so after talking with a friend, I reconsidered and have entered the Fine Art America National TV Contest. I need 250 votes (yegads) per each of my 3 entries to make it into the juried round. The winners will have their photo seen in a FAA National Television Commercial along with their name, etc.....a great opportunity. You only need to click on the links and then click on the "vote for this image" bar.
If you like my work and would like to help me with this challenge, these 3 links will take you to where you can vote on my photos. Your support is GREATLY appreciated!
Thank You!
Rory Sagner

Click here for photo #1

Click here for photo #2

Click here for photo #3

Yelm Community Kitchen
Submitted by Susie Kyle, Yelm WA

The dream of a Yelm WSDA (Washington State Department of Agriculture) Commercial Kitchen will become a reality June 1, 2013.  The kitchen will be used to produce the Local Flavors products you find at the Yelm Food Coop, and it will also be available to rent/lease by the hour or day for those of you who want to produce your own products for resale.  It can also be used for personal use. This kitchen will model itself after other CSK (Community Supported Kitchens) emerging across the  country.  Not only will the kitchen be supported by the community, but the kitchen will support the community by providing safe, non-GMO, locally grown and produced delicious food.  It will be an integral piece in strengthening our local sustainable food system, including the health of our communities and local economies.

Click here to read full article

Remedy of the Week
Laundry Essentials: DIY Natural Alternative to Fabric Softener and Dryer Sheets

Advertisers would have you believe that each dryer sheet or bottle of fabric softener you purchase will lead to such pleasant experiences as frolicking through a field of flowers with a cuddly teddy bear, or falling blissfully backwards onto a soft (and surprisingly springy) pile of blankets. If only the dreamworld of advertising did not conflict with the sober realities of ordinary life. Sigh. Consumers have been so conditioned to think only about the soft, cozy, smell-good side of softer laundry, that many don’t realize that those soft, good smelling commercial fabric softeners also contain toxic chemicals that can have a serious impact on their health.

Click here to read full article

For more information about how to create these recipes or learn other creative uses for essential oils contact: Anita Marriott, 360-894-6754 email:

Technology Watch

This Printer Spits Out 10 Meters of Solar Panel Every Minute

Earth Watch

Blood Falls, a Natural Time Capsule Containing a Unique Ecosystem

This five-story, blood-red "waterfall" pours ever so slowly out of the Taylor Glacier in Antarctica's McMurdo Dry Valley. Geologists first discovered the frozen waterfall in 1911, and believed the red color came from algae. Its true nature turned out to be more spectacular.

Click here to read and see more

Ideas Worth Spreading

Alastair Parvin: Architecture for the people by the people

Jacob Barnett - "Forget What You Know"

Boy Genius Diagnosed With Autism Has IQ Higher than Einstein
Kristine Barnett noticed that her little boy Jacob - whom doctors had tagged as autistic - seemed to have a fascination with patterns. So she took him out of his school's special ed program and let him study the things he's passionate about. Now Jacob is on his way to winning a Nobel Prize. Jacob Barnett, who was diagnosed with moderate to severe autism at 2 years old, is now studying for a master's degree in quantum physics. Jacob was silent for much of his childhood. But when he started to speak, he was able to communicate in four different languages. As a child, doctors told Jacob Barnett’s parents that their autistic son would probably never know how to tie his shoes. But experts say the 14-year-old Indiana prodigy has an IQ higher than Einstein’s and is on the road to winning a Nobel Prize. He’s given TedX talks and is working toward a master’s degree in quantum physics.

Click here to read full article

In The News

Food swapping: The movement taking off in the UK
hroughout history food has been swapped and traded, from cacao beans to spices. But a modern movement is growing in the UK with anything from home-made sushi, ice cream and pate to eggs, apples and wild garlic on offer. The swaps are organised events where people trade home-grown, home-made or foraged foods with each other. No money changes hands, food is the only currency. The Food Swap Network started in Brooklyn, New York, and so far 125 groups have been established across the US and Canada, from Honolulu to Boston. They are now spreading to Europe, with the UK leading the way. Swap groups are already up and running in Nottingham, Aberdeen, York, St Albans in Hertfordshire, Altrincham in Cheshire and Ormskirk in Lancashire. New swaps are being set up all the time with interest "spiralling" in the last few months, according to those involved.

Click here to read full article

NBC News: "Stock Up On Canned Goods"

The foolishness of the environmental movement and congress!

4 Minute News

8.3 Earthquake [Upgrade], CME Impact Tonight, Sunspots

Science Watch

Have you ever seen an atom?

The basics of the Higgs boson

Using nature to grow batteries

Space Watch

"Something" Crashed Into The Moon In February
Photos Reveal Unknown Object
This incident reminded our reader, Kathie in South Australia about a curious event she witnessed and photographed one month earlier. "After reading the story about the March Luna impact I remembered this series of pictures I took of the moon on the 18th of Feb that was when the planet Jupiter was seen right next to the moon and later on the moon turned to a strange red colour, while watching I noticed something bright so I took photos of it. I think I saw a meteor strike or something, "says Kathie. "I had gone out earlier in the evening and noticed a very bright star very close to the Moon , so I went and got my camera. I got a couple of good shots of this bright star which turned out to be Jupiter as I found out later on, as the night progressed the colour of the moon went to the blood red that you see in the picture.

Click here to read full article

See this celestial show now or wait a decade
Three planets are coming together in the evening sky at the moment, putting on a celestial show that won't be seen again for more than a decade.   Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are gathering low in the west-northwest evening sky, and next week they'll form the tightest grouping of three naked-eye planets that skywatchers will see until 2026, experts say. "Here’s a beautiful chance to see three planets all together," Alan MacRobert, a senior editor at Sky & Telescope magazine, said in a statement. "Add the Earth under your feet, and you’re seeing half of the solar system’s planets at once. They’ll be a lovely part of the spring twilight." [Skywatching Events for May 2013]   "The view should be best about 30 to 45 minutes after sunset," MacRobert added. "And think photo opportunity. Set up a camera on a tripod, zoom to the max, and try different time exposures."

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Salida Wine Bar
The Story
Interview by Caroline Couture Taylor

Over the past twenty years, Greg Simmons and winemaker Doug McCrea have crossed paths a handful of times at various wine tastings at Doug’s winery. Six years ago, Doug McCrea began making wine with a Spanish varietal called Tempranillo. Since then, Doug has experimented with other types of Spanish varietals and the wine was so great, a new label called Salida was created. Doug gets his grapes from the Yakima Valley in Eastern Washington, from 5 different vineyards which grow the Spanish varietals he uses. When the grapes are picked, they are transported to the Salida Winery in Rainier, Washington, where they are crushed, fermented, and stored in barrels. A year and a half later, the wine is bottled. Once bottled, the cases of wine sit for a hundred days in order to relax the wine.

Click here to read full article

Quick Reminder from the Triad!
March Against Monsanto, May 25th

Today is the BIG day! Occupy Monsanto! Movies and sign making begin at 12 noon! We take to the streets at 2 pm! to say we have the right to know what's in our food! 40+ countries world-wide and 100+ cities in the US! Add your voice to the millions that will be saying we have a right to eat food that won't hurt us! Bring a sign or make one there! Come for a little or a long time! Stop in while running errands! Come grubby from the garden! But COME! There is a bill being introduced to repeal the Monsanto Protection Bill and there is a initiative to get our food labeled. Come find out about them! For those of you out of the area, please consider joining a march near you!

Click here to read full article

Community Calendar

We do love to hear from you especially about community events that you think our readers ought to know about. So, thanks and keep the info flowing.

May 28th & 29th: Earthbag Building Workshop - Basics of Earthbag Building Workshop Part 1: Foundation and Walls
Take the mystery out of Earthbag building and conquer your inertia! This will be a hands-on workshop using very simple techniques to build an 8'x12' utility building. Come discover for yourself this wonderful and versatile building method.
Where: Our Land off 93rd Ave in Yelm Instructor: Linda J. Powell of Transition Technologies
Cost: $200 per person (couples and group discounts available)
Contact: Linda J. Powell 360-458-7311 or
Click here for more info

May 29th, 7pm to 8:30pm: Aging Gracefully
Even Oprah is talking about aging gracefully all the way to 98. A few of our friends are planning on making it well beyond that prediction. At this event we will talk about proactive steps you can take to restore and keep your DNA replicating in it's youthful configuration. We will learn how micro-nutrients are the flight fuel your body craves and we will learn how to keep those aging aches and pains away by reducing inflammation and oxidation. Of course, protecting your DNA is vital for all ages. New to essential oils? Come join the conversation. Location: 17008 146th Ave SE, Yelm.  For directions or more information call: Anita Marriott 360-894-6754 or email

June 8th, 2pm to 5pm: Cheese making for beginners
We will cover the basics of soft cheese making and will be making Feta cheese (from goats milk) and get familiar will making chevre and quark (samples included) class will be limited to 6 participants and will last 3 to 4 hours. Each participant will take home some of their self-made goats cheese.
Cost $ 30 per person, material included. Contact Karla to make reservations or 360-894-6038
Click here for more info

June 8th & 9th, 1pm to 6pm: Salida Open House
We wish to invite all of our friends and loyal customers to our spring open house featuring the release of the 2012 Albariño, the 2012 Vino Blanco and the 2010 Vino Rojo. This is an exciting time in the history of Salida with our new partnership, as together we expand our exciting brand of Iberian style wines.
Click here for more info

June 23rd, 2pm to 5 pm: Basic soap making class for beginners
We will learn the basics of soap making and will create goats milk soap bars with organic ingredients. You will go home with your own soap molds and several bars of soap.Cost $ 35 per person, material included. Contact Karla to make reservations or 360-894-6038
Click here for more info

Triad Theater
Calendar of Events

Attention: There is a new website for Triad Arts Theater
Updates, calendar and more!

May 30th, 31st & June 1st: Grease Lightning
A live production by the Phoenix Rising School!

Coming Soon
• Big Foot Conference - First Week in June!
• Field Trip to James Gillland's Aceti Ranch!!! Another out of the box presentation by the Triad Arts Theater! Round Trip Ride on Luxury Bus to famed UFO Ranch of Researcher Founder James Gilliland. He will host the evenings events. The bus has a bathroom aboard. Box lunch, Continental Breakfast on Return trip will be provided. ONLY 45 Seats will be available! Aiming for last weekend of June!

More Info next week!


8.3M earthquake
Sea of Okhotsk, Russia
West Coast USA movement

RE: Rachel Maddow DENIES Weather Modification = Serious Misinformation

Food Watch

Vertical 'Pinkhouses:' The Future Of Urban Farming?

The idea of vertical farming is all the rage right now. Architects and engineers have come up with spectacular concepts for lofty buildings that could function as urban food centers of the future.

Click here to read full article

RSE Newsletter

Student Accomplishments: Linda Liss attributes casino wins to RSE techniques:
Click here to read article

Student Accomplishments: Renee Webb on her $10,000 winnings in 4 weeks:
Click here to read article

Science: “Could Humans Be Cloned?” – Ramtha spoke on cloning humans decades ago:
Click here to read article

CNN: "Proof of heaven popular, except with the church" & quotes RSE speaker Dr. Eben Alexander:
Click here to read article

Beginning Event, May 15-19, 2013, Event Links:
Click here to read article

Nature Watch

Amazon’s ‘invisible flying rivers’

See Inside a Chrysalis as it Develops Into a Butterfly
Watching a butterfly emerge from its chrysalis is enough to evoke wonder even from the most world-weary of souls. But rarely do we get to see behind the scenes of the pupa’s transformation. Current methods rely on dissection of the chrysalis, or at best, staining the critter (thereby killing it) and using X-rays to look inside. Now scientists have worked out how to use a CT scanner, used in medical settings for high-powered X-rays, to look inside a living chrysalis. And they’ve produced this impressive time-lapse video revealing just what goes on in that hidden interior. The pupae studied were Vanessa cardui, destined to become Painted Lady butterflies. Each of the nine pupae was scanned a few times over its 13-16 day pupation period. Because the insects are naturally highly tolerant of radiation, and the dosages were low, more than half survived to hatching.

Click here to read full article and for videos

Weather Watch

Active hurricane season on the horizon?

Oklahoma Tornado
A Little bit of Good News

We The People
Not 'We The Corporations'

CELDF Statement: A New Civil Rights Movement: Liberating Our Communities from Corporate Control
To protect small and family farms from industrial factory farms, over a decade ago a handful of Pennsylvania townships picked a fight with some of the country’s largest agribusiness corporations.  Recognizing that the state and federal government, rather than protecting them from factory farms, were in fact forcing them into communities, the townships took the unprecedented step of banning corporate farming within their borders. Thus began the journey to spark a new civil rights movement – one aimed at elevating the right of communities over the “rights” of corporations to use communities for their own ends. In a departure from the usual David and Goliath story, with one tiny community battling a giant corporation, today there are over 150 “Davids” in eight states that have followed the lead of those Pennsylvania townships.  Community by community, they’ve banned corporate “fracking” for shale gas, factory farming, sludge dumping, large-scale water withdrawals, and industrial-scale energy projects.

Click here to read full article

Living Off The Grid

Making a Living Out of Living (Off-Grid in the Wilderness)
A glimpse into two households living off the grid in the American wilderness.
When the sun sets on Charlie Larson’s cabin, he does not flip a light switch- his cabin doesn’t have electricity. It takes several moments longer to reach for his kerosene lamp, strike a match, and adjust the burning mantle to shed a dull light on the walls of the single-room cabin. A curl of smoke rolls inside the chimney of the lamp before the heat makes the fuel burn clean. Living by lantern light - the nearest power line nearly three miles away - can be one person's vision of paradise while another's anxiety-provoking nightmare. No TV? No microwave? No Internet? Nobody lives like that anymore, right? In a 2006 USA Today interview1, Home Power magazine's publisher, Richard Perez, estimated that approximately 180,000 people live off the grid in the United States. A number that's no doubt grown in the seven years since the article. Intervening years of doomsday predictions drove people into bunkers and the "do-it-yourself" and "green" movements turned people on to lifestyles of self-sustainability.

Click here to read full article

The Optical Illusions of Oleg Shuplyak!

Oleg Shuplyakis known for his oil paintings that are full of optical surprises. He is the master of carefully placing objects, colors and shadows that create small images 'behind' the second, larger painting.

Click here to see more

On The Lighter Side

The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


Phoenix Rising School

“I am 1,000 percent behind this school.” - Ramtha

Quilt 2 014The Fearless Quilt

In the 1990’s the “No Fear” logo frequently showed up on hats, shirts, bumper stickers and outdoor gear. That motto may seem an unlikely saying for a class quilting project but in the case of Ms. Megan and Ms. Sophie’s collaborative effort, it fits. Neither had ever made a quilt before, let alone with two classes of 3rd through 6th graders so taking it on meant a big leap into the unknown. “There’s been a lot of learning,” says Megan. “We’ve gotten major help from people with years of quilting experience.” The quilt, which includes individual squares designed by every student, will be auctioned off at the June 12th Art of Life event.

“I was thinking about making one because we were studying fractions,” says Megan. “Our book had quilts with eighths and fourths and you colored that amount to see how different shapes can equal the same fractional amount. Then Sophie and I collaborated on a unit featuring shapes and we talked about how geometry is used in real life. She came up with the idea, which had been in the back of my mind for a while. It was a great coming together.”

Click here to read full article and for photos

Art of Life 2nd Annual Phoenix Rising Auction and Celebration

Expect the unexpected at the 2nd Annual Phoenix Rising School Art Auction on June 12th. This great community event provides a showcase for local artists while offering grown ups and kids alike the chance to connect – or reconnect – with their own creative spirit. The featured artist this year is Olympia’s Heather Taylor, whose inspiring illustrations of the new children’s book Love is a Circle will be on display. Along the way the money we raise will go to support the Phoenix Rising School Art and Design Program. Join us Wednesday, June 12th from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. at the Lake Lawrence Community Club. Tickets are $25.00 unless you buy them at the door, in which case they’re $30.00.

The program, not to mention the décor, includes several mystery items. We could tell you about them but then . . . you know the rest.

Click here for more info and to get tickets

GreaseAdThe Phoenix Rising School Presents Grease Lightning

Move over, John Travolta: there’s a new Danny Zuko in town. As for you, Olivia Newton-John, the role of Sandy has also been taken over. Students at The Phoenix Rising School came up with the idea of doing a min-version of Grease, the popular Broadway musical turned film that dominated movie theaters in the 70’s and lives forever on cable. The cast will be performing three shows of Grease Lightning at the Triad Theater in downtown Yelm on Thursday, May 30th, Friday, May 31st and Saturday, June 1st. All proceeds will go to the expansion of the Phoenix Rising Art and Design Program. Tickets are available online through Brown Paper Tickets. For more information, visit contact Phoenix Rising at 360.446.1500 or

Phoenix Rising is a community supported school that strives for educational equity. Our goal is to make a quality private school education accessible to all children, regardless of income level. Hundreds of small monthly donations allow us to keep our tuition at 70% below the national average for a private school. We offer specific programs like outdoor education, a fully integrated arts curriculum and an innovative science lab for students ages 3 -12.

Who is the Phoenix Rising School? Click here to find out!

For more information about the Phoenix Rising School, click here:

Impact the future NOW, invest in our children TODAY!
Donate Online to The Phoenix Rising School

Ramtha quote copyright 2011 JZ Knight. Used with permission.
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