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Issue 326 In This Issue March 30th, 2013

Editors Corner

What will YOU do with your wild, precious life?  Diane Nyad had just turned 60 and could not forgive herself for all the countless hours she had lost in negative thought........  Why didn’t I do it better” she asked herself.  She found herself drowning in regret of her past and worried about the limited time she had left for a future.  Her mind was everywhere but the present until she discovered a remedy for her problem.  She decided that the only way to stay fully engaged in the present moment of her life was to commit her mind and body to accomplishing an extreme, elevated dream.  She knew it had to be so big that it required her utter conviction and unwavering passion.  She would have to be her very best every minute of every day.  Watch her tell her story here Click here and then ask yourself the question she poses, “What will you do with your wild, precious life?”
For the last few weeks we seem to be bringing you stories that challenge and inspire us to fully participate in life.  Perhaps some would say to make your life count, or make a difference in the world.
This edition of newsletter begins with a wonderful article shared from introducing a new book of Ram’s teachings called, “The Mind Gladiators of the Future”  written by Jaime Leal Anaya. The introduction to this book outlines three sections of the book.  I will just mention here the second section that addresses what it takes to become legendary beings and be remembered beyond time.  Click here to explore the rest of the story.
In our videos and articles this week you will find inspiring stories of genius women and men and their fabulously unlimited contributions to our world.  See the invisible bicycle helmet. Click here and the new airless tires that are coming on the market in August. Click here Both of these inventions are awesome new ideas that started as a dream, developed through focus and intention and now they have arrived in time.
Have you seen the “Speed Painter” yet?  This guy is amazing—watch him here. Click here  How about the four year old accordion player? Click here
Earth watch this week highlights stories of Aurora Borealis displays resulting from coronal ejections.
Click here and another titled Northern Lights Click here
What is causing all the sink holes that seem to be swallowing up random pieces of earth? Click here  There are lots of theories, what’s yours?
There is a lot of wisdom expressed in the stories of our newsletter this week, but none more simply spoken than this nine year old discussing the meaning of life and the universe. Click here
Europe is waiting for spring in the deep freeze.  Could global warming be to blame? Click here would not exist without the internet.  Danny Hillis talks about the history of the internet and has some important observations about its future. Click here For those of you who still don’t understand how the internet works, here is a great little tutorial that will fill in the blanks. Click here
Okay, let’s talk about GMO’s, Genetically Modified Organisms and our food supply. These stories are getting scarier and scarier.  Now the modified genes are able to modify the genes of the organism ingesting them.  Research has shown mouse genes were modified—I wonder why the whole world is not shouting “NO” to this chemical warfare?  The more I learn the more clear and present the danger seems to be. Are we poisoning ourselves and our children? Click here   When will the US wise up and outlaw GMO’s??  Wait, I know the answer— when we finally get off the couch and demand it!
The only solution is to grow our own food—seems like someone once warned me about this. If you are growing your own organic food you will appreciate this great list of natural pesticides. You will want to print this out and keep it for reference. Click here
This news article is a smack in the face.  It seems that the FDA, the US Food and Drug Administration has given a pharmaceutical company sole rights to an herbal remedy.  “The FDA’s action signals their role in facilitating Big Pharma’s takeover of the natural world’s largesse. Piece by piece, anything that holds any health value is being declared a drug.  Exclusive rights to that drug are then handed over to a private corporation. ” So many of our readers use and rely on natural remedies. We will be watching and following up on this story. Click here

Okay, the rant is over.  Oops, not just yet, I forgot to mention the new deadly coronavirus. It originated in the Middle East and appears to be stronger than the SARS virus. We are definitely going to need all of our powerful natural medicines to defend against the super viruses. Research is showing that viruses are not able to mutate and become immune to natural medicines because of their complexity compared to the one dimensional synthetic drugs produced in a laboratory. Click here

It seems like eventually we are going to have to choose sides.  I choose Mother Nature.  How about you?
Happy Easter to all our loyal readers.

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The Secret of Immortality
Adapted from the Introduction by the Editor to the new book of Ramtha’s teachings, The Mind Gladiators of the Future
Reprinted with permission from

Adapted from the Introduction by Jaime Leal Anaya, the Editor of the new book of Ramtha’s teachings, “The Mind Gladiators of the Future

“All the younger gods were for welcoming Psyche at once, and Hermes was sent to bring her hither. The maiden came, a shy newcomer among those bright creatures. She took the cup that Hebe held out to her, drank the divine ambrosia, and became immortal.

“Light came to her face like moonrise, two radiant wings sprang from her shoulders; and even as a butterfly bursts from its dull cocoon, so the human Psyche blossomed into immortality.”

This passage taken from the late 1800s work, Old Greek Folk Stories Told Anew by Josephine P. Peabody1, provides us with the perfect setting for exploring the myth or, perhaps, the truth behind the long-sought-after secret of immortality.

Time is invisible and an abstract concept but it becomes something quite real when its cold thoroughfare sculpts a very visible trace on our face and the body struggles, fatigued with age. The clarity and vitality that often escape us in the autumn of our life’s journey brings us face to face with its elusive but real presence.

During the times of the great Greek Epics — the stories of the Gods from Olympus, and that culture’s renowned thinkers and philosophers — the highest virtue a mortal person could strive for was being remembered. They hoped that their name and the conquests of their life survived in the memory of generations to come, in the future, for all time. Nevertheless, the poets in love with life, the heroes and dreamers never gave up crying out to the Gods and cursing them with rage for excluding us from the elixir of immortality, apparently reserved exclusively for the divine.

Click here to read full article

In Memoriam
Rhonah Harvey

Earlier this month a dear friend, Rhonah Harvey, passed this plane. Rhonah had so many friends all over the world, she will surely be missed. We mourn our loss, but we know her immortal spirit is already on another magnificent journey. Godspeed on your journey home Rhonah

Earth Watch

The facts behind sinkholes

Scientists link frozen spring to dramatic Arctic sea ice loss
Melting sea ice, exposing huge parts of the ocean to the atmosphere, explains extreme weather both hot and cold
Climate scientists have linked the massive snowstorms and bitter spring weather now being experienced across Britain and large parts of Europe and North America to the dramatic loss of Arctic sea ice. Both the extent and the volume of the sea ice that forms and melts each year in the Arctic Ocean fell to an historic low last autumn, and satellite records published on Monday by the National Snow and Ice Data Centre (NSIDC) in Boulder, Colorado, show the ice extent is close to the minimum recorded for this time of year. "The sea ice is going rapidly. It's 80% less than it was just 30 years ago. There has been a dramatic loss. This is a symptom of global warming and it contributes to enhanced warming of the Arctic," said Jennifer Francis, research professor with the Rutgers Institute of Coastal and Marine Science.

Click here to read full article

Peru declares environmental state of emergency in its rainforest
Government reports high levels of barium, lead, chrome and petroleum-related compounds in region that is home to oil field
Peru has declared an environmental state of emergency in a remote part of its northern Amazon rainforest, home for decades to one of the country's biggest oil fields, currently operated by the Argentinian company Pluspetrol. Achuar and Kichwa indigenous people living in the Pastaza river basin near Peru's border with Ecuador have complained for decades about the pollution, while successive governments have failed to deal with it. Officials indicate that for years the state lacked the required environmental quality standards. A new law published on Monday that sets out, for the first time, environmental quality standards setting acceptable limits for contaminants in soil, may be a key advance, say officials.

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Arctic Ice Breaks Up in Beaufort Sea

Aurora Borealis

Northern lights: spectacular footage captured in Iceland

3 Minute News

3MIN News March 29, 2013

On The Lighter Side

'Speed Painter' Takes Stage in 'Anderson's Viewers Got Talent'

Hank Williams Jr Hunter Hayes Jambalaya
Hank Williams, Jr. Brings a 4 year old accordion player on stage to perform with him. This little boy is so unassuming and unaware of his amazing talent.

Good Deeds

Tchaikovsky Flashwaltz at Hadassah Hospital

Something Worth Knowing

Extensive List of Organic Pest Control Remedies
You can make your own organic bug spray from kitchen leftovers! Simply save your onion skins, peels and ends then refrigerate in an empty margarine-sized tub or ziplock bag until the container is full. Once you have enough, place the onion pieces in a pail and fill with warm water. Soak for a few days, up to a week. You can keep this on the patio in the sun to steep but this is optional. After one week, strain the onion bits out and store the onion water in spray bottles. Bury the onion bits around plants that are prone to aphids, spiders and other pests. Just spray both house and garden plants with the water to fight aphids and pests. You can also mix your garlic trimmings in with the onion pieces, bugs hate garlic too!

Click here to read full article

Should you tell stores your ZIP code?
Privacy advocates say no

Science Watch

Mind mapping: Inside the brain's wiring

In The News

‘More dangerous than SARS’: Scientists warn of deadly new coronavirus
Chinese scientists have said that a new coronavirus, which has already killed 11, appears to be deadlier than SARS. The new virus, originating in the Middle East, can affect many different organs and kill cells more rapidly than SARS. The infectious disease strongly resembles Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), which killed 800 people in 2002 and 2003 in a global epidemic that originated in China, infecting around 8,000 people. "The SARS coronavirus infected very few animal cell lines. It was finally traced to bats and civets. But we may have a very hard time, as this new virus seems to be much more promiscuous," Yuen Kwok-yung, a microbiologist at University of Hong Kong researching the new virus told South China Morning Post. The virus, which is believed to originate in bats, can also infect different species including monkeys, pigs, civet cats and even rabbits. This makes it hard to trace sources of human infection, the researcher said.

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World Watch

Germany faces coldest March since 1883
Complaining about the weather has reached epidemic proportions in northern Germany this "spring." And with good reason. With Easter just around the corner, meteorologists are telling us this could end up being the coldest March in Berlin and its surroundings since records began in the 1880s. The poor Easter Bunny deserves our sympathy. Whereas in recent years he has grown used to dodging daffodils, lilies and tulips as he carries his cargo of eggs and chocolate to homes across northern Europe, this year the rabbit will find himself confronted with ice slicks, snow drifts and bundled up humans in foul moods. Easter, after all, may be upon us. But spring weather most definitely is not. Biologists are warning that the Easter Bunny's wild brethren, European hares, are having trouble keeping their broods warm and healthy in the unseasonable chill.

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TED Talks

Danny Hillis: The Internet could crash. We need a Plan B

RSE Newsletter

“Scientists link frozen spring to dramatic Arctic sea ice loss”
“Produce picked from the tundra: Welcome to climate change in Greenland”
Experts: “Arctic change reverberates around globe” – Ramtha on this subject years ago:
Click here to read article

“Northern blizzards linked to sea ice decline"
“Heavy snow has farmers worried -No. Ireland” added to Ram's quotes:
Click here to read article

"Blizzards, 60mph gales and panic buying: 36 hours of snow chaos on the way" - in UK, added to Ramtha's prediction
Click here to read article

“Reported meteor lights up East Coast” – Ramtha’s prediction of “signs in the sky”:
Click here to read article

RSE’s advertisements in prominent Puget Sound newspapers
Click here to read article

Something to Contemplate

Making Money and Living the Lie
Compromise. That’s what it’s all about, eh? We are taught from early on that the only way to get along is to go along. Meet halfway, in the middle. Don’t be such a stickler. Nothing is so sacred or important that it cannot stand a little compromise. And just where has this type of thinking gotten us? Just how willing should we be to compromise and lay our values down on the altar of coexistence? Just how much compromise do we have to accept to feel that it is okay to allow others to put poison in our food, to spray poisons on the land that we are supposed to be stewards of, to poison our animals that trust us to take care of them, to drop poisons from the sky, to put poisons in pills and vaccines that we are ordered to get if we want to keep subsistence jobs working for people who would rather see us dead than alive because we are just a statistic and replaceable, and to poison our very water supply? We are dying, and it’s our own fault. We are compromising our way into extinction with only ourselves to blame. But it’s okay if we keep believing the lies. If we keep hiding our heads in the sand and accepting the falsehoods that make us feel good, eh?

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We do love to hear from you especially about community events that you think our readers ought to know about. So, thanks and keep the info flowing.

April 9th, 7pm to 8:30pm: Free Class - Radiant Health with Essential Nutrition
Want to put some extra vitality in to that long life to plan to live? Energize your mind and your body with the powerful natural medicine in essential oils and doTERRA nutritional supplements. Repair your DNA from damage caused by environmental toxins, GMO exposure and stress. Boost your body’s ability to absorb the nutrition in the foods you eat. Promote cellular respiration for stamina and strength you need for your busy life. Come learn about essential oils and the science of Life Long Vitality.
Location: 17008 146th Ave SE, Yelm, WA 98597
For Directions call: Anita Marriott 360-894-6754 or email

Triad Theater
Calendar of Events

March 30th: Educational Film Study: Godspell & Last Temptation of Christ & Jesus Christ Superstar
• 2:00 Godspell – an adaptation of the musical, in a modern-day-song-and-dance recreation of the Gospels – great musical!
• 4:00 Last Temptation of Christ – award winning 1988 fictional drama, directed by Scorsese, starring William DaFoe, Harvey Keitel, and Barbara Hershey, shot in Morocco – depicts the life of Jesus Christ and his struggle with temptation – departs from the commonly accepted Biblical portrayal of Jesus’ life, and is NOT based on the Gospels.
• 6:00 Jesus Christ Superstar – Andrew Lloyd Webber’s rock opera – focuses on Jesus’ last week of life (according to Wikipedia) - very loosely based on the Gospels – features political and interpersonal struggles not found in the Bible.
• Suggested donation - $5 per study or $10 for all 3

April 5th @ 7pm: Film Studies: THE WHALE RIDER!!!
THE ultimate movie of a girl's journey to be recognized for who she is in a male dominated Tribe of New Zealand.

April 19th & 20th @ 7pm: James Gilliland UFO Weekend
Lecture and under-the-stars dinner and UFO gazing. (tickets go on sale first week of April at Food Co op and Lemuria)

April 21st @ 2pm: Mid Eastern Drum Circle's first event
New people welcomed!

April 26th: French Eric's and his band, the Spiritual Gangsters in Concert!

April 27th: Advanced Conversations with Miceal
More info:

Coming Soon:
• Premiere Art Films: Girl Rising and Serius
• Regular evenings of Gertrude's Garden Party
• Bettye's Writers Circle Meeting
• Acoustic Open Mic Night featuring Bob Corl

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Email Jayne at
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Remedy of the Week
DDR Prime

DNA Repairing Blend, The Oil of Transformation
Emotions Addressed: debilitated, discouraged, toxic, stuck, burdened by family patterns

DNA Repairing Blend works emotionally as well as physically with the cycles of life and death and personal transformation. By putting off the old we become free to experience the new—this is transformation. DNA Repairing Blend Supports the body’s sick or damaged cells to either transition to death, or to transform, repair and renew. Through the help and support of this blend individuals can assist their bodies, cells, energy and emotions in returning to a balanced, healthy and authentic state.
DNA Repairing Blend is particularly supportive in releasing all types of negative famly patterns which are recorded in the body itself (in the DNA). It is especially suited for those who struggle with debilitating circumstances, as it helps to relieve feels of doubt, disbelief, despair, and burden. It teaches individuals to reclaim their life energy and to believe that change is possible. DNA Repairing Blend supports the process of regaining health and vitality by encouraging the release of the old, the birth of the new, and the cycles of life, death, and rebirth.

For more information about doTerra essential oils, contact Anita Marriott, 360-894-6754 or
Now in Australian contact Deb Stenton at

Monsanto In The News

Obama signs 'Monsanto Protection Act' written by Monsanto-sponsored senator
United States President Barack Obama has signed a bill into law that was written in part by the very billion-dollar corporation that will benefit directly from the legislation. On Tuesday, Pres. Obama inked his name to H.R. 933, a continuing resolution spending bill approved in Congress days earlier. Buried 78 pages within the bill exists a provision that grossly protects biotech corporations such as the Missouri-based Monsanto Company from litigation. With the president’s signature, agriculture giants that deal with genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and genetically engineered (GE) seeds are given the go-ahead to continue to plant and sell man-made crops, even as questions remain largely unanswered about the health risks these types of products pose to consumers. In light of approval from the House and Senate, more than 250,000 people signed a petition asking the president to veto the spending bill over the biotech rider tacked on, an item that has since been widely referred to as the “Monsanto Protection Act.”

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Health Watch

FDA Gives Sole Herbal Product Rights to Big Pharma
An extract from a South American tree known as dragon's blood is now classed as a drug and the FDA has handed sole rights to a single pharmaceutical corporation. The drug, which is made by Salix Pharmaceuticals, will be sold by Napo Pharmaceuticals of San Francisco under the brand name of Fulyzac. The generic term for it is crofelemer. It will be sold as a treatment for the diarrhea that's a common adverse effect of harsh HIV drugs. The tree is botanically named Croton lechleri and called sangre de grado in Spanish and Portuguese, long known to have several health benefits, extract from the tree is commonly available in health food stores around the world. This, though, is likely to change in the face of the FDA's action. It signals their role in facilitating Big Pharma's takeover of the natural world's largesse. Piece by piece, anything that holds any health value is being declared a drug. Exclusive rights to that drug are then handed over to a private corporation.

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Phony Organics | How to Find Food That's Really Organic

GMO Watch

Brand new GMO food can rewire your body: more evil coming
It’s already bad. Very bad. For the past 25 years, the biotech Dr. Frankensteins have been inserting DNA into food crops. The widespread dangers of this technique have been exposed. People all over the world, including many scientists and farmers, are up in arms about it. Countries have banned GMO crops or insisted on labeling. Now, though, the game is changing, and it’ll make things even more unpredictable. The threat is ominous and drastic, to say the least. GM Watch reports the latest GMO innovation: designed food plants that make new double-stranded (ds) RNA. What does the RNA do? It can silence a gene. It can activate a gene that was silent. If you imagine the gene structure as a board covered with light bulbs, in the course of living some genes light up (activation) and some genes go dark (silent) at different times. This new designed RNA can change that process. No one knows how.

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Nature Watch

Not Just the Bees: Bayer's Pesticide May Harm Birds, Too
Once again this spring, farmers will begin planting at least 140 million acres—a land mass roughly equal to the combined footprints of California and Washington state—with seeds (mainly corn and soy) treated with a class of pesticides called neonicotinoids. Commercial landscapers and home gardeners will get into the act, too—neonics are common in lawn and garden products. If you're a regular reader of my blog, you know all of that is probably bad news for honeybees and other pollinators, as a growing body of research shows—including three studies released just ahead of last year's planting season. But bees aren't the only iconic springtime creature threatened by the ubiquitous pesticide, whose biggest makers are the European giants Bayer and Syngenta. It turns out that birds are too, according to an alarming analysis co-authored by Pierre Mineau, a retired senior research scientist at Environment Canada (Canada's EPA), published by the American Bird Conservancy.

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You Decide

Mysterious purple spheres found in the desert spark speculation

Space Watch

The ALMA Movie - In Search of Our Cosmic Origins


9 year old discusses the meaning of life and the universe

Diana Nyad: Extreme swimming with the world's most dangerous jellyfish

Technology Watch

Airless Tires
No more Fix-a-flat, no more air compressors, no more spare tires, no more auto jacks, no more tools rattling in the trunk.  Will it reduce the price of cars? Will it reduce the cost of roadside service? Will some business' s go out of business?  Coming soon!  They have been testing these for several years now.  Resilient Tech was developing them for the military.

Click here to read and see more

How the Internet works

The Invisible Bicycle Helmet

Get Used to It

Bloomberg: Police Drones are Here, Get used to it!

Zen Gardner

Change Your Thinking, Change The World
Isolation.  Retreat.  Quiet solace in a meditative moment.  And for what?  One idea behind the ancient Tibetan practice of Tummo reveals exactly why. It allows you to be hollow and empty of energy taxing emotions and thoughts; in other words, to be clear. The process of Tummo ends in the physical production of heat.  Tummo leads to the physical overcoming of the conditions of temperature.  This happens to be a nice skill atop the cold Himalayan mountains, but operates as much more than that.  It happens to exemplify the very reason for meditation.  A major part of the process serves as a potent component toward self-development, one that Tibetan Buddhists and your average Joe on the street can readily identify with and immediately benefit from. The meditative aspect so clearly illustrated in Tummo and suggested in many other practices is to imagine clearing all emotions and thoughts to the point of being hollow save one small flame. 

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Phoenix Rising School

“I am 1,000 percent behind this school.” - Ramtha

wax museumBringing History to Life
Whatever you do, don’t call Abraham Lincoln “Honest Abe”.  ”I hated that name!” says Lincoln, a.k.a. Pyrenees, the student representing him as part of The Living Wax Museum, a 3rd and 4th grade project that had Thomas Edison rubbing shoulders with George Washington last week, not to mention two different versions of Sacagawea taking turns telling their story to visitors. Students in Melody Rae’s class wrapped up a unit on biographies that included reading, writing a report, and creating project boards by literally becoming their biographical subjects – costumes and all. “It’s nice for them to dive into a character and fully learn about them,” says Phoenix  parent Anita Marriott, who was visiting “Laura Ingalls Wilder.” “It’s a great way to learn.” Margot Losa’s daughter Azura became Michelle Obama for a day. “It’s delightful, ” says Margot. “So much focus and energy was put into it. The kids are so proud of what they have to present and what they made.” Congratulations to Melody and her world-famous class!

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Who is the Phoenix Rising School? Click here to find out!

For more information about the Phoenix Rising School, click here:

Impact the future NOW, invest in our children TODAY!
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Ramtha quote copyright 2011 JZ Knight. Used with permission.
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