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Issue 359 In This Issue December 21st, 2013

Editors Corner

Have you ever wondered if WiFi can affect plants, and maybe other living things? A small group of girls in Denmark noticed that when they slept with their cell phones on near their heads, they had trouble focusing the next day. Because of that, they did an experiment. They tried growing multiple trays of a herb near a pair of wireless routers to simulate the signal from a cell phone. Click here

Speaking of plants, did you know there is a movement towards building subdivisions around farms? I think this is a wonderful idea in that the community can help grow their own food and this fresh food is practically right on their doorstep. Click here

Did you know their is such a thing as a black rose? They are rare, but they exist. They grow in the tiny Turkish village of Halfeti. They start out a dark red in spring, and turn black during summer. Click here

On a slightly different subject, you've most likely heard about the polar ice caps melting, but did you know that East Antarctica is sliding sideways? Click here

Also, scientists believe they have found a large mass of heated rock underneath the Antarctic ice. Click here

Here's something that is not on this planet. We have a stunning picture of the center of a very large storm on Saturn. The center of this storm is the size of Australia, and overall it is wider then 2 of our planet earths. Click here

While we are on the subject of stunning pictures, we come back to earth with a video of "Enchantments". This is apparently a 25 mile long hike from start to finish and is located in Washington state. You can camp on this trail, but only if you first obtain a permit, which apparently can take up to a few years to get. Click here

Well, that's it from me for now. Merry Christmas and, as the Rainier Vail Neighborhood Group says, Happy Holidays to You!

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The Secret of the Spanish Mystics
Interview with SuperConsciousness Chief Editor Jaime Leal Anaya
Reprinted with permission from

Within the modern spiritual movement it is not easy to find a book that deals with Catholic figures other than Jesus and even harder to see that such work is a byproduct of actual research from the documents kept by the Catholic Church.

I believe that the divulgation of eastern traditions and their leading figures in the west has been very helpful in broadening our perspective on spirituality. At the same time, I think it is of great value for us who were brought up within a culture dominated by the moral values and spiritual practices of Christianity to be exposed to a different look at the lives and knowledge attained by some of the most outstanding men and women within the Catholic Church. This is important in order to fully embrace the idea of spiritual realization as a universal message available to all human beings.

The book, The Secret of the Spanish Mystics and The Creative Power of the Word, is the product of the passion of a young and inquiring mind that wanted to know the truth about those extraordinary tales his mother would tell him about the Spanish Saints.

Led by destiny, SuperConsciousness’ Editor, Jaime Leal Anaya, had the opportunity to study at one of the most renowned Catholic Universities in the World: Saint Patrick’s College in Maynooth, Ireland. There he had access to some of the original documents kept by the Catholic Church and some of the world’s most prestigious theologians.

This work is the result of many years of research and is now being published to a general audience. Leal Anaya wants to remind us of the real message behind the life of Jesus and the work of those who embraced it as their own path and risked their lives to share this knowledge with others.

In this interview for SuperConsciousness, Jaime Leal Anaya shares with us his journey of discovery and spiritual evolution and the role that his Catholic academic study has played in it.

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Happy Holidays to You
Season's Greetings & Best Wishes For a Prosperous 2014
Rainier Vail Neighborhood Group (RVNG)

From all of us at RVNG to all of you. 
Wishing you a wonderful holiday season filled with love, joy and magical moments.

2013 has been an amazing year - thanks to each and every one of you!
Thank you all for your generous contributions.

Do visit our web site for the latest thermometer update!!! 
It is very exciting thanks to us all.

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In The News

Can WiFi Signals Stunt Plant Growth?
A Danish science experiment by a group of 9th-graders has gained worldwide interest and may have us rethinking the proliferation of wireless devices  in our homes. Five girls from Hjallerup Skole, a primary education school in Denmark, began the experiment after noticing that when they slept with their cellphones near their heads overnight, they had trouble focusing the next day, according to Danish News site DR. The resources weren’t available to conduct an experiment around wireless signals affecting brain activity, so instead the girls decided to monitor the growth of plants near WiFi routers – and the results were a bit shocking. Six trays containing the seeds of a garden cress herb were placed in a room without a WiFi router, and six trays were placed in a different room and next to two WiFi routers which, according to the girls’ calculations, emitted about the same type of radiation as an ordinary cellphone, reports DR.

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China bans West Coast shellfish after clams found tainted
China has banned shellfish imports from the West Coast after recent shipments of geoduck clams were found tainted. It's a move that now puts a multi-million dollar industry in our state at-risk. "The impact has been significant. Obviously, we've gone a week now without shipping into China," said Bill Dewey of Taylor Shellfish Farms. Taylor Shellfish Farms ship between 40 and 50,000 pounds of geoduck clams to China each month with a total $1.5 million in revenue, but now the company can't export any shellfish to China after officials there banned shipments from Washington, Oregon, California and Alaska. Geoduck sell for $100 to $150 per pound in China. And in the region, most geoduck farmers are based in Puget Sound, where about 5 million pounds of wild geoduck are caught each year. Chinese officials said two shipments of geoduck clams had high levels of arsenic and paralytic shellfish poisoning, or PSP. Washington state officials argue, however, that the shipments came from open areas in good standing with low test levels.

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Something Worth Knowing

Forget The Golf Course, Subdivisions Build Around Farms
For decades, housing developments in the suburbs have come complete with golf courses, tennis courts, strip malls and swimming pools. But make way for the new subdivision amenity: the specialty farm. It’s called development-supported agriculture, a more intimate version of community-supported agriculture – a farm-share program commonly known as CSA. In the planning process of a new neighborhood, a developer includes some form of food production – a farm, community garden, orchard, livestock operation, edible park – that is meant to draw in new buyers, increase values and stitch neighbors together. “These projects are becoming more and more mainstream,” said Ed McMahon, a fellow with the Urban Land Institute, who estimates more than 200 developments with an agricultural twist already exist nationwide. “Golf courses cost millions to build and maintain, and we’re kind of overbuilt on golf courses already,” McMahon said. “If you put in a farm where we can grow things and make money from the farm, it becomes an even better deal. We’re producing a small profit, that is then driving sales, and then tying into the local food movement. A lot of things are converging here.”

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TED Talks

Diébédo Francis Kéré: How to build with clay... and community

Space Watch

Saturn's bizarre hexagonal storm revealed in stunning new close-up images
IS it a blood clot? Is it a close-up of a rose? No. It's an intergalactic storm the size of Australia.

Red ahead ... the eye of the storm.

The roiling mass of geometrically-shaped cloud features in an amazing sequence of images beamed back by the Cassini space probe in orbit around Saturn. The colour-filtered footage shows the monstrous jet stream bouncing around a six-cornered formation on the ringed planet's north pole. With winds of more than 320km/h, the storm is some 32,000km wide. That's wider than two Earths.

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On The Lighter Side

The Lottery Illusion - Episode 3 - Nate Staniforth Magician

Washington - Enchantments
This hike is in Washington, in a place called Enchantments. It's about a 25 mile hike from start to finish. To even camp on the trail you have to have a permit, and the waiting list is HUGE.

Triad Theater
Calendar of Events

Thanks to all that participated in and came to our Sing-Along!
It was a beautiful night!  Check out the picture album on Facebook.

New artwork at the Triad!
Stop by and check out the beautiful new stained glass window at the Triad.  Paul Keeslar’s creation graces the side entry.  A very sweet gesture and greatly appreciated!  Click here

New video! “Yelm in the Spotlight 2” is on YouTube!
2nd in the series features clips from the Rainier Vail Neighborhood Group celebration - Claudia Simpson Jones conducting the Olympia Chamber Orchestra at the Triad (4:00) – Sustainable Thurston topic at the Regional Planning Council meeting  (8:27) – Nancy Hillman presents a SRO production of “The Wizard of Oz” (15:01)  – Spiritual Gangster (23:25) - upcoming events (21:57) – Maya Silliman in “Weather with Delores” (22:31) Click here

December 13th @ 7pm: Scott Mowry’s movie “A New World Coming” Phenomenal message and music!
A positive message of great promise, imagination, and most importantly…love!  It will move you, touch your heart, and it will raise your spirit!  $10 suggested donation at the door

December 14th @ 6pm: Advancing Conversations with Miceal: The Split Brain, part 2 Projection
You do not want to miss the end of this conversation! Who are we? What are we? What is it in our right brain that allows us to manifest? And what is projection all about? We will have a Holiday Celebration.  Bring your favorite holiday appetizer or dessert to share with everyone (enough to serve 8 people) $35 at the door or pre-register at

December 15th @ 6pm: Our Holographic Reality: Breaking Free from the Matrix of Illusion
Hosted presented by Scott Mowry Gain a deeper understanding of the matrix of our holographic reality...Buddhism teaches its followers about the illusionary world...learn how ancient Vedic teaching incorporate the hologram...delve deeper into the ancient Hawaiian healing art of Ho' with powerful tools...learn how to transcend your fears and phobias to live an entirely new life!  $25 suggested donation

December 18th & 19th @ 7pm “Wizard of Oz,” a Nancy Hillman/SRO production
The most beloved holiday musical of all time is moving on down the yellow brick road, coming Your way from the Standing Room Only Theater Company in Yelm, directed by Nancy Tribush Hillman, and featuring local actors Rae Simpson, Kieran Keeslar, Kate Simpson, James Page, Guy Simpson, Shelby Gebb and Jan Van Hess as the Wizard himself plus an adorable throng of StageStruck playactors as the Munchkins, poppies, snowflakes, witchlets and Ozzies.  This delightful show will include all the original Wizard of Oz songs as well as some musical surprises from Wicked and The Wiz.  Tickets available in advance at the Triad, Yelm Food Co-op, and Gordon’s.  $15 for adults and $7 for children for each night.

December 20th: Powerful Women in History with Miceal: Cleopatra & Christmas Toddy
Bring your favorite appetizer or dessert

December 21st: Concert! Performing: Silver Bullet – Pragmatic Chaos – Clarity – Children of Search

December 23rd: Acoustic Jam Night hosted by Bob Corl & Don Sunn

December 30th: Scott Mowry’s 2013: The Year in Review & encore presentation of The Real Story of Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from everyone at the Triad!

December 31st: New Years Eve Celebration

January 4th: Advancing Conversations with Miceal

For more details...
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Email us at

Community Calendar

We do love to hear from you especially about community events that you think our readers ought to know about. So, thanks and keep the info flowing.

Date and Time TBA: FREE Earthbag Structure Workshop
Come Learn the simple skills required to build YOUR OWN Earthbag
Safeplace for FREE!  Build your confidence by participating in this hands-on workshop where we will build an 8' by 12' earthbag structure.
When: Please send your email to to be placed on our sign up sheet. (You will be notified when the workshop will be happening - TBA)
Where: Close to Yelm (call for details)
Come for all or part of the free workshop!
This is a free workshop.
Call Linda Powell & Sheri Yeager of Transition Technologies at 360-458-7311
"earth turns to gold in the hands of the wise"
- rumi

Earth Watch

East Antarctica is sliding sideways
It's official: East Antarctica is pushing West Antarctica around. Now that West Antarctica is losing weight--that is, billions of tons of ice per year--its softer mantle rock is being nudged westward by the harder mantle beneath East Antarctica. The discovery comes from researchers led by The Ohio State University, who have recorded GPS measurements that show West Antarctic bedrock is being pushed sideways at rates up to about twelve millimeters--about half an inch--per year. This movement is important for understanding current ice loss on the continent, and predicting future ice loss. They reported the results on Thursday, Dec. 12 at the American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco. Half an inch doesn't sound like a lot, but it's actually quite dramatic compared to other areas of the planet, explained Terry Wilson, professor of earth sciences at Ohio State. Wilson leads POLENET, an international collaboration that has planted GPS and seismic sensors all over the West Antarctic Ice Sheet.

Click here to read full article

Giant Blob of Hot Rock Hidden Under Antarctic Ice
A big, hot blob hiding beneath the bottom of the world could be evidence of a long-sought mantle plume under West Antarctica, researchers said Monday (Dec. 9) here at the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union. The possible hotspot — a plume of superheated rock rising from Earth's mantle — sits under Marie Byrd Land, a broad dome at West Antarctica's edge where many active volcanoes above and below the ice spit lava and ash. The hot zone was discovered with seismic imaging techniques that rely on earthquake waves to build pictures of Earth's inner layers, similar to how a CT scan works. Beneath Marie Byrd Land, earthquake waves slow down, suggesting the mantle here is warmer than surrounding rocks. The strongest low-velocity zone sits below Marie Byrd Land's Executive Committee Range, directly under the Mount Sidley volcano, said Andrew Lloyd, a graduate student at Washington University in St. Louis.

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Science Watch

Does Age Bring Death? Not For All Species
Humans have a pretty straightforward view of aging: They're born, they mature, they gradually become weaker and lose fertility, and eventually, they die. But in nature, aging is far more diverse, new research finds. In fact, some animals are actually less likely to die the older they get — at least up to a point. "Evolution has come up with a huge diversity of different ways of arranging one's demographic schedule," said study researcher Owen Jones, a biologist at the University of Southern Denmark. The findings are intriguing, Jones told LiveScience, because classical evolutionary theory explains only one of these ways of aging.

Understanding mortality
Evolutionary theorists working in the 1950s through 1970s explained the familiar pattern of increasing mortality with age as a trade-off between reproduction and survival. If an organism only has a certain number of resources, it has to decide whether to allocate them to creating offspring (searching for mates, wooing them and mating) or to surviving for another year.

Click here to read full article

Scientists discover secret code hidden within human DNA
Scientists have discovered a secret second code hiding within DNA which instructs cells on how genes are controlled. The amazing discovery is expected to open new doors to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, according to a new study. Ever since the genetic code was deciphered over 40 years ago, scientists have believed that it only described how proteins are made. However, the revelation made by the research team led by John Stamatoyannopoulos of the University of Washington indicates that genomes use the genetic code to write two separate languages. “For over 40 years we have assumed that DNA changes affecting the genetic code solely impact how proteins are made,” said Stamatoyannopoulos, according to the press release. “Now we know that this basic assumption about reading the human genome missed half of the picture.” Scientists discovered that the second language instructs the cells on how genes are controlled, according to findings published in Science magazine on Friday. The study is part of the Encyclopedia of DNA Elements Project, also known as ENCODE.

Click here to read full article

eLife editor and Nobel prize winner declares boycott of top science journals
US biologist who won the Nobel prize in Physiology or Medicine this year, Randy Schekman, announced this week that his lab would no longer send research papers to the leading scientific journals like Nature, Cell and Science because they distort scientific process. He explained that pressure to publish in "luxury" journals encouraged researchers to cut corners and pursue trendy fields of science instead of doing more important work. The problem was exacerbated, he said, by editors who were not active scientists but professionals who favored studies that were likely to make a splash. In an article titled "How journals like Nature, Cell and Science are damaging science", published on December 9 in UK's "The Guardian", Schekman writes: "I am a scientist. Mine is a professional world that achieves great things for humanity. But it is disfigured by inappropriate incentives. The prevailing structures of personal reputation and career advancement mean the biggest rewards often follow the flashiest work, not the best. Those of us who follow these incentives are being entirely rational – I have followed them myself – but we do not always best serve our profession's interests, let alone those of humanity and society..."

Click here to read full article

Nature Watch

The Stunningly Beautiful Black Roses of Halfeti
Turkish Halfeti Roses are incredibly rare. They are shaped just like regular roses, but their color sets them apart. These roses so black, you’d think someone spray-painted them. But that’s actually their natural color. These stunning black roses would make excellent props in a movie about witches and black magic, or in a heavy-metal video. There’s something extremely attractive about them, in an intense sort of way. Although they appear perfectly black, they’re actually a very deep crimson color. These flowers are seasonal – they only grow during the summer in small number, and only in the tiny Turkish village of Halfeti. Thanks to the unique soil conditions of the region, and the pH levels of the groundwater (that seeps in from the river Euphrates), the roses take on a devilish hue. They bloom dark red during the spring and fade to black during the summer months.

Click here to read full article

Technology Watch

Andreas Antonopoulos
What is Bitcoin?


Mark Bezos: A life lesson from a volunteer firefighter

A homeless dog living in a trash pile gets rescued, and then does something amazing!

Woman Leaves Room Speechless: "I'm just a mom!" - One Of The Most Powerful Speeches Ever Made

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3-D Tissue Printing: Cells from the Eye Inkjet-Printed for the First Time

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Investment Opportunity
Great for Business Visa Application

5+ acres of Perma-Culture developed land in Yelm.  Has 'Agricultural' Building, well, bermed shelter/root cellar, fruit trees, veges, mushrooms, etc.  Purchase includes business, website, mailing list, products, land etc.  Down payment/ Initial investment needed $15,000 to prevent foreclosure Jan 2014.

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Send email for full details to or

New Home
93rd Ave, Yelm

Brand new home in a great location, close to JBLM & Olympia. Very private 1.2 acres & completely fenced. Really nice inside. Does not look like a manuf. home. Very open w/vaulted ceilings. Split floor plan w/lg master bedroom at one end & two more at other end of home. Large kitchen w/lots of cabinets, center isle, breakfast bar, propane stove, refrig. & dishwasher, open to dining room & lg living room. Nice finish: raised panel doors, black fixtures, etc. 2x6 wall construction. Hardi Siding. mls#13945  $189,900  Click here for more
"Voted Best Agent" many consecutive years - BO FOSTER 
- Signature Service Real Estate, Rainier

Get Building!

10 acres of very secluded, lightly treed property located off of Longmire Rd in Yelm. Long, private access to property. Surveyed. Wetlands delineated on survey.  Lots of building sites to choose from. Elevation is over 600ft. NO HOA! Owner is motivated, so make an offer. Please do not walk property without an agent. Thank you! MLS 503115 $79,000. 16926 Longmire Rd SE, Yelm 98597
Call Yelm Real Estate 360-400-9356 “Welcome Home”

Come Build Your Dream Home!

Two separate parcels for sale! Tucked away - enjoy the privacy and seclusion. Rural setting - located in the Bald Hills. Maximum of three homes in development. Black-top apron off road to gated entry. Properties have power and drilled wells. Nice soil. Good elevation. Partially cleared. Road maintenance agreement and CC&Rs.  One parcel just under an acre with septic design approved for four bedrooms.  Second parcel a shy three acres.  A unique place waiting for you!
RE/MAX Country and The Cynthia Schmier Team - For All Your Real Estate Needs 360-400-3475

Idyllic Estate
Spencer Rd, Toledo

Imagine driving down a long winding, tree lined driveway up a hill, ending at a sprawling cedar home that could easily be golf course club house, an idyllic retreat center or wonderful pacific NW home for someone to enjoy. 54+ fenced acres, much of it pasture w/5 separate fields occupied by a herd of cattle & dotted w/stately cedar groves & evergreens, yr round pond & abundant wildlife. Near to private. airport & fishing. Barn, fruit trees, generator wiring, great water. Call for full details.  mls#574352 $485,000  Click here for more
"Voted Best Agent" many consecutive years - BO FOSTER 
- Signature Service Real Estate, Rainier

Home for the Holidays!

Large, custom ranch style, self-sufficient home with attached apartment on 2+ acres plus an additional 2+ acres for building a second home! Hardwood oak flooring throughout the first floor, propane fireplace, and wood stove. Gourmet kitchen w/6 burner stove, maple cabinets, granite counter tops. 4 bedrooms plus library, immaculate grounds with orchard, lighted decks, stone patio, gardens, southern covered porch, barn and electronic gated entry. Very secluded. 570+ elevation. No wetlands. Generator included. A must see! MLS No. #486892. New price: $475,000
Call Yelm Real Estate at 360-400-9356  “Welcome Home”

Waterfront on the Deschutes River
Fly Fishing Haven!  $498,000

All rooms are spacious, well-planned and perfectly executed for entertainment.  Formal Dining.  Crown molding.  Plush carpeting.  Chandelier accents.  Sweeping stairway.  Rec room with antique copper colored embossed tin alcove.  Double sided fireplace with mantle from 1800s.  Master suite with Jacuzzi tub, walk-in double headed shower with rain.  Three balconies.  One with view and sounds of the river.  Fountains. Built-in BBQ. 6car garage with RV parking. Porte chere entry. Garden space with shed, greenhouse and raised beds.  Four bedrooms.  Three baths.  4,533 sq ft.  Elevation 386ft.  MLS#491704
RE/MAX Country and The Cynthia Schmier Team - For All Your Real Estate Needs 360-400-3475

Optimum Preparedness

Mylar Bags are true oxygen & moisture barrier bags so you can professionally package food for long term storage at home when used with our Oxygen Absorbers! We carry Mylar bags for 5 gal buckets, plus 1 gallon, 1 quart & 1 pint size Mylar bags as well as oxygen absorbers (we even carry gun & ammo Mylar bags). We've gotten in some great books on Medicinal Herb gardening/remedies. And check out the Gnostic Gear at – stained glass Blue Stars in 7" and 12" (Initiate Stars & Where the Blue Meets the Gold stained glass coming next week!). LOCAL PICK UP AVAILABLE FOR YELM/RAINIER FOLKS.

Teri Simpson 360-339-4329

Beyond The Ordinary Internet Radio

RSE students around the world feel connected to our Great School through Beyond The Ordinary (BTO)'s archived programs and Live Streams. We also attract the public with over 200 diverse Guests on numerous topics, RSE teachers and Students, plus Ramtha teachings broadcast in 4 time zones daily, and only on BTO thanks to the permission of JK Inc.! Over 1,000 timeless audio on demand archives, become a supporting Member and have access to all! Much to discover at BTO!
Contact us here
Your Hosts, Nancy & Elena

Nature’s Medicine

Essential Oils pass through the cell wall to kill viruses inside the cell and restore DNA to its original configuration.
Learn more about essential oils at:
Most Recent RSE Mailers

Ramtha's 2014 World Tour!

Dr. T in Rainier Jan 19th
Skin Growth and Blemish Removal

Dr. Tel-Oren, MD (Europe), CCN, DACBN, LN will be in Rainier Sunday January 19th 2014. He will be seeing patients between 9am and 3pm at the offices of Signature Service Real Estate, Rainier. By appointment only - Skin Growth and Blemish Removal - Gentle, Non-surgical, Painless, Esthetic, Guaranteed. Removal of most types of skin blemishes... Click here for more
Yelm Farm and Pet

If you haven't shopped at Yelm Farm & Pet lately, stop by and see what's new!! Now carrying Yankee Candles and Mo Mo's Hooded Towels!!! Large selection of grain free pet foods, Corn/Soy free chicken feed, and Organic feed in stock. Visit us at for monthly specials and store coupons. Shop local with a store that gives back to it's community.

We are now carrying a locally ground coffee!!!

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Most Recent RSE Mailers Cont.

JZ's Fresh Air II - Back by Popular Demand!

Phoenix Rising School

“I am 1,000 percent behind this school.” - Ramtha

Who is the Phoenix Rising School? Click here to find out!

For more information about the Phoenix Rising School, click here:

Impact the future NOW, invest in our children TODAY!
Donate Online to The Phoenix Rising School

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